The critics weigh in: Did New Moon suck or not?

*Spoilers all throughout, again. And seriously if you’re reading LTT but haven’t seen the movie yet you better have a GOOD reason. Swine Flu? Rob knocked on your door and said he’d be with you but only if you promised never to see one of his films? So if you haven’t seen the movie, best you skip on by. If you have, pull up your pencil & notepad, it’s time for a major New Moon-losophy:


I'm about to dissappear so that Chris Hansen can keep his career busy for the next few months

Dear LTTers,

Okay- Be honest, how many more times did you see New Moon? So far the record I know of at LTT is @Brookelockart who saw it three times. I’ve only seen it once, and I’m pretty miserable about it. But I promised my best friends I’d see it with them on Tuesday, so I guess I can wait until then.  In the meantime I’ve been thinking about New Moon a lot. I’d think that was weird except by now I know to just say “That’s Normal.” So at brunch today after I talked my husband’s ear off about what a great job I thought Taylor did and how I didn’t miss Rob at all but then loved him when he returned, I took the “I’m only listening to you now so that I don’t have to hear about it later, plus I know the more accepting I am of this the more guilty you’ll feel that we spent the whole time talking about you therefore you’ll be more giving in the bedroom” gaze on his face as totally normal, as well.

Since I finished re-reading New Moon on my plane ride home from Los Angeles and I can’t see the movie until Tuesday, I’ve been doing a bit of reading online to pass the time and get my New Moon fill. First I started with fan reviews.  They were basically the same- filled with “OH MY GAWD Taylor’s abs” and “I think I might switch teams” and “I’m most DEFINITELY not leaving Team Edward but dayyyummmmm can I stare at Jacob’s abs one more time?” Not to forget “Cathy Hardi you suck” and “MARRY  ME CHRIS WEITZ” sprinkled with a little “Kristen now that Nikki is out of the picture can WE be fake lesbians” and “THE ENDING.. AHHH” and “I can’t wait for JUNE!” (Does that basically sum up all the feelings?) But the critic reviews were a different story.

I stayed away from critic reviews before I saw the movie. I wasn’t going to, but then I remembered how I read a review last year before seeing Twilight that suggested that Cathy Hardi’s close up shots of Rob & Kristen’s faces were because they couldn’t portray the connection Edward & Bella were supposed to have well enough. I could never get that out of my head, and I think about it every time I see the movie (and tend to agree). So this time I stayed away from the reviews so I could form my own opinions. Obviously, I loved the movie and I’m looking forward to seeing what my 2nd-10th viewings show me (My husband said if I see it more than 10 times he’ll put me in an institution)

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This is the one time I had my shirt on in the movie

So… the reviews are a bit… harsh, to say the least. I think this section from the San Fransisco Gate sums up what most of the critics are trying to say:

So expect this film to satisfy its fans. Everybody else, get ready for a bizarre soap opera/pageant, consisting of a succession of static scenes with characters loping into the frame to announce exactly what they’re thinking. Then they spell out their personalities for us. Here is an emotionally tortured vampire. Here is a perky, friendly vampire. And don’t forget the vampire who is a dedicated physician.

Meanwhile, every so often – but never more than two or three times per minute – one of the characters makes a point of telling the perfectly nice, perfectly average teenage protagonist (Kristen Stewart) that she is the greatest thing on Earth. Sometimes it’s Dad who tells her. Sometimes it’s an enemy, who still recognizes our heroine’s amazing power. Most of the time, it’s some ridiculously handsome teenage boy. … And each time that happens, 500 girls in the audience scream.

Some themes emerge from all the reviews I read (I probably read 20 from the largest media outlets in the US)

  • Chris Weitz doesn’t do much for the action of the movie:

Director Chris Weitz proves that “The Golden Compass” was no fluke: He really is a non-master of action. His CGI werewolves, who look like they were designed by the animatronics crew at Disney’s Country Bear Jamboree, go at it in about three semi-OK bouts. (NY Post)

  • Kristen can’t act, followed by Rob and Taylor (who sometimes can). But Michael Sheen & Dakota Fanning can:

I can’t comment on the acting because I didn’t catch Pattinson, Stewart and Lautner doing any. They basically primp and pose through the same humdrum motions they did before.

Late in the film, a real actor, Michael Sheen (Frost/Nixon), shows up as the mind-reading Aro, of the Italian Volturi vampires, and sparks things up. You can almost hear the young cast thinking, “Is that acting? It looks hard.” (Rolling Stone)

In “New Moon,’’ she’s playing a spurned and devastated woman, and Stewart just doesn’t have the skill set to do much more than stare woodenly into the middle distance.
When he’s onscreen, Pattinson’s Edward is all emo posturing under a trembling bouffant – the actor suddenly seems to be embarrassed to be here. Lautner’s performance, by contrast, has the warmth of an actual human. (And, yes, when he takes off his shirt to aide the wounded Bella, the crowd goes nuts.)
Better yet, there’s Dakota Fanning, God bless her, showing Stewart how it’s done in one nifty scene as a vampirette with sadistic mental powers and old-school movie presence. (Boston Globe)
  • The movie will be LOVED by fans and will turn off outsiders with it’s slowness:

The Twilight Saga‘s second installment may satisfy hardcore fans of the series, but outsiders are likely to be turned off by its slow pace, relentlessly downcast tone, and excessive length. (Rotten Tomatoes)


I ruled it in this movie, even though I look like I'm feeling myself up here...

You know that Moon & I started LTT because we wanted an outlet to be HONEST about the Twilight world we love so much. We aren’t afraid to say what we think (and maybe hurt some feelings and step on some toes along the way) and aren’t about to stick up for everything that happens in the Twi-world and call it good when it’s NOT good. I need to see the movie a few more times before I can write a real review I’m happy with, and I know I love New Moon more than Twilight. Yet, I can already see some of the points these critics are making.

Fans WILL love this movie, I’m sure of it, because it’s like seeing the book acted on on screen! (Minus the photos & CD under the floorboard! I miss that part!) And I can’t see anyone who hasn’t read New Moon liking this movie. I didn’t think the movie was slow AT ALL. Then again, I’m a super-fan (ew. but also kinda true. sigh) And Kristen won me over with her portrayal of Bella in New Moon. It was a gazillion times better than in Twilight. I’m not sure she blinked or stuttered ONCE. However, that being said, I can see where some of the critics are coming from. She is, at times, one dimensional. Happy Bella doesn’t always seem too far off from sad Bella (minus the painful orgasms or sore back from the wrong sleep number) And don’t get me started on how I feel about Chris Weitz. Some of the reviewers honestly sound like they wrote their reviews after Cathy Hardi took them out for an all-you-can drink Happy hour special at the Venice Beach TGIFridays with their comparisons of her work in Twilight versus Chris in New Moon. Are they smoking the tree along with her? Chris wins over Catherine. Hands down.

All in all, Rotten Tomatoes gave New Moon a 29%! Yikes! Did these people SEE Twilight? Do they KNOW what a step up New Moon was? I really hope Chris & Kristen, especially, don’t read the reviews. If they do, they’re going to be writing to Moon & I BEGGING for us to make fun of Chris’ yellow pants more often and write a letter with explicit details on why Kristen is bad for Rob because it feels so much better than what people like Roger Ebert have to say (Ps: that dude is WAY too old to be writing reviews on love films for girls. How anyone in their right mind would think he could “get” New Moon? I have no idea…)

All I know is this: Despite New Moon rocking her box office numbers by DOUBLE (That’s right- 140.7 mil this weekend!), Cathy Hardi is printing out these reviews, making 100 copies of each, laminating them, posting them around her neighborhood and then handing them out on Venice Beach (with the help of Nikki Reed) along with free reefers telling everyone to “celebrate” with her!
Ignore the critics, Kristen, Chris, Rob & Taylor! All you need is us!

What did you think? Just a movie to be loved by the “fans?” Too slow? Are they right about Chris? Did Kristen suck as badly as they said? What about Taylor & Rob? Talk it out!

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  1. I saw it 3 times this weekend…

    Things that I didn’t like.

    -The score… ohhh dark scary ominous music, something must be about to happen. Especially at the part where Bella slaps Paul and the wolves fight. Cheesy.

    -Too many close ups. Pair that with the first point (and some of the cheesy lines) and I was seriously, seriously getting a “The Goonies” vibe from this movie.

    – I wish they would have put in the plane rides to and from Italy. I didn’t get enough tension building up to saving Edward. And I missed the chapters where Bella still thinks Edward is going to leave here, despite the fact she saved him.

    – Who the eff styled Edward– he looks old. Gah.

    -Agree with the comments about more happy Edward- wish there would have been more of that in the beginning.

    -I don’t know which guys there were but the two werewolves in the muffin scene cannot act. They looked giddy though the whole thing.

    -the passing of the months.. really? really that’s all they could come up with… the seasons changing outside a window. I think a black screen with the words Oct, Nov, Dec.. would have been more powerful than that.

    Things I did like-
    No blue tint, hooray for that.
    The Victoria sequence- her running in the woods.
    The soundtrack (not the score)
    Less blinking, thank god!
    It stayed pretty true to the book.
    The Volturi Scene/ Break Up Scene/ Birthday Scene
    Camera Shots/ Angles

    Overall really good. I won’t say I’ll be putting up any Chris W shrines anytime soon though.

    • Sad cookie…I thought Jared and Embry were perfectly over-enthusiastic and cocky….but then I am under the delusion that Bronson (Jared) and I are Hyper-twins…and truly biased towards the wolf pack LOL

      I think everyone would have expected the blank screen with the names of the months…thats how i thought he was gonna do it..but this was so much more powerful…like life goes on but she doesnt…

      Agree with the soundtrack though LOVED IT…though the ppl i went with did not…sad…

    • I agree, IWL. Loved Jared and Embry….I think even more than I liked them in the book. And I’m not biased towards the wolfpack as I consider myself mostly Team E (but with a strong leaning towards Switzerland).

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  3. I liked Twilight, then I read the book, watched the film again and loved it.
    But I can see what’s wrong with it so If I never read the books or got in to all this so much I might not have watched it more than.. twice 😉 haha ..

    I’ve only seen New Moon once and I thought it was amazing, the quality, the colours, the CGI even, the line between believable and joke cartoon wolves (or anything) can be so fine.
    I think Chris did a really great job! WAY, way better than Hardi!
    I don’t think it was slow at all… and having read the books, it could have been much slower! (something i actually like) but for obvious reasons, film needs to be faster paced.

    The bit that really pisses me off is of all the reviews i’ve read, even most fan reviews are people saying “i don’t think non fans of the books will like it”
    in my exerience i disagree, I went to see this with 3 people who haven’t read the books and they like it, i think the words “that was wicked” comes to mind! 🙂

    None of them are teenagers and two of them are men.

    I’m going to see it on Wednesday with my mom, in her 40s and my nan, late 60s (i’m 24). Neither have read the books, both have seen Twilight, we’ll see what they think.

    I think the acting all around was better (not to say the acting in Twilight was bad either) Kristen really did step it up, Taylor worked it out as Jacob, pre and post transformation and i think Rob is a great actor, i’ve seen most of his films not just the two from tha Saga and really rate him as in actor. Kristen and Rob especially have such a raw type of acting i think, it’s more i’m feeling this rather than, i’m acting this for you.
    I think Kristen has great chemistry with both Taylor and Rob, they’re just on different levels. (I also thought there was chemistry between R&K in Twilight)

    Don’t get me wrong, always room for improvement and there was still some cheese factor, but the books have loads of that so people should expect it if they’ve read them.
    i loved it, and don’t really have any complaints.
    Can’t wait to see it again,
    samrosey 🙂

  4. PS. i’m sure i’ll notice more watching second time around and once i’ve reread New Moon, might have things I missed which weren’t in etc.

    But i wanted to add, I loved the soundtrack/score. Seems like there really is a love/hate-marmite-divide going on..I got the ST when it came out and like it right away, but then loved it more after seeing the film. Also love the score, the meadow scene music is love! 🙂

  5. Saw it three times….going back next weekend. I should stop there, b/c that’s enough reason for the critics to go and put their heads back up their asses. But I have to put my two cents in. NM is not a movie for the critics. It’s for the FANS! And as such, it is awesome. I think that critics definitely went in with a chip on their shoulders, groaning about having to critique the newest tween craze. If they had actually read the books, they would see that the acting was spot on in most instances. The actors were trying to do the closest adaptation of the book as possible. There are very few movie adaptations that live up to the source material, and for me, New Moon did. Of course there were things cut for time that I missed, such as the CD that Edward made for Bella, Bella breaking all her CDs and ripping out the stereo with bloody fingernails. But I completely understood why they were cut. Otherwise, the film, in my opinion totally surpassed the hype. I loved everything about it…except for that God-awful outfit that Alice wears in Italy. That, I could have done without.

    • That “thing” Alice is wearing in Italy makes me think of something the old ladies at my church wear on a Sunday morning. Fail.

      • haha I live in Portland and the people who are all hippie, yoga, vegan types out here totes wear the smock look.

        It’s like she’s wrapped up in a Quiluete blanket with big 1960s buttons.

  6. Um, as of last night, I have seen it 4 times. Last night was an accident, though. I swear. I must go hide in shame now, especially knowing that there will be more.

  7. I loved New Moon. I think it was 100 times better than Twilight. Chris Weitz is my hero.
    I tend to not listen to what critics say. I never agree with them anyway, on any movie. I like to make my own decisions on a movie, and not have other people tell me whether I should like a movie or not.
    I thought Kristen’s acting was fantastic. After I saw Twilight, I thought, “She’s going to be great in New Moon.” And I was not let down. One of my friends called me as soon as she saw NM, and we both were all “Kristen was fantastic!”
    I’m trying to talk my sister into going and seeing it with me sometime this week. I’ve only seen it once, and she hasn’t seen it at all. I NEED to see it again!

    • Awesome! I got so wrapped up in this post, I forgot that I never listen to critics either!! I like to form my own opinions, thank you very much!

      I just saw it for the second time yesterday and am heading out for #3 tomorrow. Unfortunately, my friend and I got to the theater not quite as early as everyone else, so we got stuck in the front row, which wasn’t so bad because the abs were right there and huge, lol! However, during those wide shots that TS mentioned, we were definitely looking back and forth between the characters and my neck and back were hurting after the movie ended.
      BUT, it was just as good as the first viewing. Sure a few things could be a little better (more Volturi, etc.) but NO movie version of a book can ever get everything, and I remain thrilled with this one!

      Hellavu job, Chris Weitz!!

  8. woah! the comments here are so long. i don’t know if i’m gonna be able to read all of them. so i just decided to provide something for comic relief.

    point: i’d still totally watch NEW MOON over THIS!

    • They dubbed his voice. I wonder if they regret it now 😉

    • That was painful. I could only watch a minute. But since I used to train a Harris’ hawk just like that, I found it hot. Despite the mullet.

    • I only made it though 25 seconds and between the mullet and dubbed over voice, I had to stop. I’m still cringing. Someone pass the brain bleach.

    • Um, how wonderful was the Tamer of the Fire and the Elements wink at Rob. Is he American?

      it was dubbed? by daniel radcliffe?

      -If it weren’t for my sister I’d go mad.

      -Who does she want then?
      -Why do you ask so many questions [she wants me, idiot. We’ve been doing it for months.]

      Is this Brokeback Mountain? Eric giving Rob [dragon] head? The king thinks he did it for him and the devil’s advocate should “open his eyes and let his suspicious mind take a holiday”?

      Um, when does part 2 come out?

      • um.. sorry ’bout that ladies!

        what have we learned today??

        kstew is not the only one who looks bad with a mullet. ’nuff said.

  9. I only noticed “A White Demon Love Song” in the closing credits.

  10. I read the reviews first. Which made me sad, but I tried to go into the movie being a bit objective because I didn’t want to love it just because it’s Twilight.

    I’ve seen it twice and I’m still not convinced the reviewers weren’t being extra harsh. Personally I think they were particularly hard on it because of the hype. Serious Twilight backlash, not to mention their lack of information regarding the series. One review I read called Victoria Edward’s scorned ex-girlfriend. WTF?

    Yes, I believed that Kristen’s acting was questionable, but it was less offensive than in Twilight. Rob did okay, but was laying on the angst a bit thick. Taylor was incredible. He had some awkward moments, but overall he made Jacob his own and came off completely loveable.

    I’m really gonna need the wolfpack to be a little more buff for Eclipse….sorry guys. Lay off the muffins.

    • Are you serious re: the scroned ex-gfriend? That is hilarious. I have read similar reviews/interviews where the people obviously haven’t seen the first film or know the story line. It’s like, duh, it’s a SEQUEL.

      • It’s obvious that she’s not his ex-girlfriend in this film. Laurant says it [out loud] that it’s a mate for a mate.

  11. Is any one else in a state of non commital-ness about their love for NM?

    I was so shell shocked after waiting for god damned ever to see it that my opinions went into meltdown.

    I love the e-mails to Alice, I love the months passing shot, I love the Thom Yorke Victoria/Cliff dive montage but I missed B/E dialogue at the end too much, that’s my fav bit of the whole series and the ending felt so rushed.

    Maybe I will love it more when I go again tomorrow and my expectations are in check. I tried to lower them UC and Moon, I really did but boys in books are better.

    • Yes, I agree. The emails to Alice were an incredible way to introduce Bella’s feelings. Major win, IMO.

      Agree that the post-Italy stuff fell short. It ended way too quickly.

      I did like it the first time and loved it the second time. Do give it a chance. 🙂

  12. I’m a fan so, obviously, I loved New Moon, although I think that it missed the ending, but “chasing Victoria/ jumping off the cliff/ doing CPR on Harry Clearwater” scene made it up for me, I’d give Chris an Oscar only for this scene. The holy trinity are the best people in the world, abs are great, the Volturi are sweet, etc. etc.
    BUT I dragged some friends to see NM with me. They haven’t read the books (only seen Twilight) AND are not Rob’s fans, so their opinion was like “yeah, the guys (abs) are nice but that Edward Patterson dude is more a model than an actor, he’s always brooding and soooo depressive, doesn’t act much, only takes nice poses to show himself, Bella chick is fine but damn unlucky with guys – what’s the main point again?” And of course I got a lot of comments on wigs/ make-up/ lenses and CGI wolves. Teenage fan-girl that lives in my head considered ending the friendship at once, but as an adult I realize that everyone has a right to have their own opinion and some of it MIGHT actually be true (not the Rob-part).
    I’ll just make them read the books and they won’t escape it (him) 🙂

    • Make them watch some Rob interviews… I didn’t love him in Twilight, but once I watched the Ellen Show I was SOLD!

      • Not all of them understand English, so I’m watching all the interviews and quoting the best parts to them in Russian. Unfortunately, I’m not a Rob look-alike, so it doesn’t sound that adorable 🙂 BUT VF photo-shoot did it for most of them.

  13. Hey ladies!!! Im in NYC and I saw New Moon this weekend…and of course being the Twi-hard that I am I LOVED IT ( Though TEAM EDWARD will always be in my heart I was Purring along with the Girls behind me when Jacob took off his shirt ) but I have one question.. Did NYC get an edited version of the movie? I felt that there were alot of screens cut out…. IDK if it was bc I was expecting alot more from reading LTT or NMM but I felt a little cheated as if once they got to the point they speeded it up… where was the bribing of the Guard? or the freaken out Bella did when she saw edward after her 14hr nap..? UC you saw it in Calli and answers for me? ;(

    • Bribing of the Guard? What do you mean?

      • Do yah mean where alice has to wear the tan glove and sticks her hand out of the car window and gives that traffic controller officer dude cash so that they can drive inside??…

        Idk, I don’t think it was in there or am I being dellusional??

      • Alice Bribes the guard to get into the city when they are in italy… I really do think we got an edited version

  14. Hey everyone! Have been so swamped in RL, but…I FINALLY saw the movie on Sunday afternoon and I am basking in the glory. A few funny moments for me –
    – The music seemed overpowering sometimes; too loud for the scenes
    – The poodle wig was every bit as craptastic as I imagined.
    – Sam holding up his fist while Jacob & Paul were fighting. I had this mental image of an interview I saw one time about how on concert days Celine Dion never speaks aloud, she only motions yes or no to her husband with her fist and she held her fist up JUST like that. When looking at hot men, I do not want to be reminded of freaky Celine Dion.
    – The maternity clothing on Alice. Seriously, coming from someone who 8 months post-baby still would like to hide in maternity clothing…if I had a body like hers I would be wearing nothing but dental floss. ALL THE TIME.
    – The grey suit and brown shoes. WTF?
    – I can’t believe they got rid of Rachelle Lefevre for Eclipse. That deserves a quadruple WTF!?!?!?!?!? Oh, and I want her hair. There’s no way a cheesy-ass wig from that hair/makeup department will ever measure up.
    – The people didn’t even make it into the Volturi room before they started screaming!
    – I knew that Twilight looked “blue”, but when they showed the flashback scenes, it looked like Elmo needed to explain to CH what the R & G meant in the RGB color model.

    Well…that’s enough of the pity party. I really did LOVE the movie and want to move to Georgia PRONTO. But…that is for another post!

    • Alice’s maternity clothing? You are so effing right. I don’t get it. We didn’t get one peek at that awesome black ensemble with the tie from all the promo pics. Effing wardrobe teases they are.
      And I had twins 10 months ago. I feel ya, hun. I really do!

    • “it looked like Elmo needed to explain to CH what the R & G meant in the RGB color model.”


      Did they not reshoot that meadow scene? Their legs looked less…awkward.

    • “The people didn’t even make it into the Volturi room before they started screaming!”

      Totally!! And I was looking around for that woman Bella describes as… if I remember correctly… something like “small, scared looking and holding a rosary” because I just that would have been fun to throw in there.

  15. Any* Sorry

  16. hey. Where can we find out what Jacob said in Quileute right before the almost kiss?


  17. the thing is, to me the problem is the source. don’t get me wrong, i have all 4 books, read it more than once. but it is so vain and cheesy it’s ridiculous. and all the movies are going to be ridiculous too. i love the books because for some reason you just can’t put it away, you just have to know what’s going to happen, but i hate the dialogue, and bella, and even tough i’m team edward i kinda hate him too. and i hate breaking dawn with all my forces. i saw new moon 3 days ago and some parts we’re unberable to watch. edward’s catwalk? what was that? and why we’re they talking when they should be having sweet moments togheter? and the total cheese/anti-climatic talk before the big kiss in italy? ugh. that said, i will watch it again, countless times. i dont know why. i hate myself.

    ps.: i still love rob regardless.

    • Totally agree. And New Moon is my least favorite book, just because Edward and Bella are so completely annoying to me. Even in my teenage ignorance, I’ve never been so foolish. But I watch, I love and I buy merchandise. I’m still not sure how I got so hooked.

  18. I didn’t think I would, but went 3 times over the weekend, so I obviously enjoyed it as I believe any fan of the books will. Even my husband who went with me once said he liked it and thought it was better than Twilight.

    It’s not perfect, but I never expected it to be – Alice’s future vision of Bella and Edward was cool..except for clothes and I thought Edward would look a little happier; elevator scene was…ah…kind of awkward; a couple of elementary aged kids skipping along with the group to be consumed by Volturi really kind of creeped me out.

    I thought all the actors gave solid performances, especially Kristin and Jacob. Jacob’s pre-transformation scenes with Bella gave me warm fuzzies.

    I read the critics, but mostly ignore them because they almost always over analyze and don’t often just look at the entertainment value of movie, besides beauty is in the eye of the beholder and New Moon to me was very pleasing to the eye.

  19. I saw a review that the critic asked “Why bad movies like NW gets so much money and and Almodovars don´t?”

    Now, since I am a fan I don´t agree with the critic, I Loved NW and don´t think it is bad (I can acree that it has flaws, alright). But I can answer her question easily: Well, because most people goes to movies to have FUN and not to be abre to write a philosophical tome about all the meanings hidden on the plot, acting and the directors view of the story. blah blah blah

    I Know that there are some scenes cringe worth (the flashfoward of vamp bella). But mostly it was much better than the first one and it is faithful to a story that also has flaws, but that is hell o´fun to follow.

    Now about the acting and Rob… I guess that I also think that Rob´s Edward was way too serious at the beggining, but do you remmenber the end of Twilight? Edward seemed very angsty. Rob said in interviews that he did it conciously since to him Edward still thinks his relationship with Bella is doomed. If we watch any interview with Rob talking about Edward’s mood and state of mind in NM we can get that angsty perception of NM’s Edward. Now, he also said that NM is what makes Edward get past this and accept his relationship with Bella as what it is: A rare gift! True love isn’t easy to find, and he had to almost lose it to get THAT.

    So hopefuly, Eclipse’s Edward will be happier… (well, there is always some angst in the Twilight Saga, so we should not wait too much fluff anyway).

    Ans since I’m writing (and that is a miracle ’cause I know my english isn’t that great… sorry) I guess a MUST say that I’m very TEAM EDWARD, so I can proudly say that I never waver to the DOG. I also think that Taylor is good, but not great, need to learn a bit more acting, specially the angst moments.

    Loved Rob, but there was not enough of him, and the visions didn’t do it for me.

    Loved Kristen

    Loved all the Cullens scenes

    Loved the Volterra scenes, the fight was great.

    Loved the CGI wolves, and I guess I could like Jacob WAY more if he never phased back.

    Loved the Victoria scene.

    Liked the end, but it way too rushed for me to love it. But the very end is genius!

    That´s it.

    • Almodovar’s films don’t gross a lot because they feature things like a guy impregnating a girl in a coma, stockholm syndrome, and jamons representing tits and ass of a 16 year old penelope cruz. And they’re in Spanish. A lot of people I meet hate reading subtitles. Which is silly, but their prerogative. I love Almodovar.

  20. Fear not, oh actors and fans of New Moon! There are some reviewers out there who don’t have their heads so far up their own asses that they can’t appreciate a film for what it is.

    I happened to catch the beginning of At the Movies on Saturday night, and both of these “middle age” dudes, as they call themselves, enjoyed it and said to “Go See It.”
    I just Googled them and there is a clip of their review on the website. Check it out!

    • “Torn between two hunky supernatural boyfriends and feelin’ like an emo fool, Bella hops a plane to Italy to save her man.” An emo fool, FTW.

      “The Volturi, who are basically vampires with tenure.” I wonder if they had to apply for it?

      “It’s a movie that turns everyone watching it into a teenage girl.”

      I like them. They have great talent voices.

      A.O. and Michael, thanks for saying what we couldn’t say: The Stephenie Meyer books are truly terrible. They are terrible.

  21. It was pretty obvious that they had a much bigger budget for New Moon than the original Twilight, which made a big difference in a lot of the action / special effects scenes

  22. I am feeling so on my ownsome here..can I confess that I am now officially jealous! This movie sounds so incredibly awesome.. HUGE.thank you’s to all that have put such great comments here for me to try and get a visual….I would really be going crazy if I had NO idea of what/how the movie was…I am literally hanging on to each of yours words. Keep it coming..plz…oh and if you already know every line from the whole movie feel free to spill…I will take it all in…yup that’s what she said…

  23. All i have to say is that We are the Fans. We are the Rob.

    And the critics are not.

    So no one really gives a shit about what they liked or disliked.

    Because we are the ones who decide how successful or unsuccessful this movie is.

    Screw them.

    The movie rocked.
    The end.

  24. I saw it twice and loved it even more the second time. Honestly the second viewing was even more emotional for me than the first, mostly because for most of the film you could have heard a pin drop. There were a few cutups in the audience at the very beginning, but for the most part the audience was super engaged and attentive for the rest of the movie.

    Suffice to say I really, really love this film (in spite of its flaws but, in this superfan’s opinion, there were not many) and the critics can kiss my ass 1,000 times:

  25. I have no one to share my thoughts with so I am writing here. Needed an outlet! I think New Moon was very true to the book – too true, in fact.

    Anyway, here are a few of my observations:

    – The background music / score sucks. I think that is why I wasn’t completely and entirely swept away with the E/B break-up scene and the E/B reunion scene. The score could have been more dramatic, conveyed more emotions and with more crescendo when those 2 important scenes were being played. It sounded monotone and “thin” the whole time. Definitely liked the score of Twilight better. The song, Possibility, fitted the ‘”months” scene perfectly, though. I actually felt the sadness and numbness while watching that scene.

    – Kristen Stewart played Bella really, really well. She carried the entire film all on her own. I just wished she shed some tears when she reunited with Edward in Italy – after she pushed him inside, before they kissed. Could have been more dramatic that way. Otherwise, she was good. The “months,” the nightmares and the email scenes were my favorite scenes of hers. Heartbreaking! Oh and the cliff scene – even the little smile she made just before jumping. So exactly like how I pictured it when I read the book.

    – I wish CW made the Edward Bella intimate scenes longer. I didn’t mind that Edward was gone for most of the movie but I thought the bedroom scene after they reunited in Italy should have been expounded to better convey how much they mean to each other to the audience. It felt rushed. Didn’t quite show the devotion and the love they have for each other clearly – as it was in the book. If you’re seeing New Moon without having scene Twilight, you wouldn’t understand why Bella chooses Edward over Jacob. It makes Bella appear shallow because based on the film, Jacob is the better man. I suppose that was the entire premise of the storyline but still…another 2 or 3 minutes of E/B discussing their feelings for each other couldn’t have possible hurt.

    – This is going to sound pathetic but I sort of feel the kissing scene between E/B when they reunited in Italy were too chaste. I mean, you see each other for the first time in 6 months with one almost committing suicide and you kiss each other that way – too tamely? It could have been a little more passionate, a few seconds longer and with a little bit more dramatic background music. Granted they were in the middle of the Volturi lair but still…that was a pivotal scene. It needed tiny bit more emphasis.

    – Not going to dwell on Edward’s horrible wardrobe and make-up. Enough was said about them.

    Needless to say, I loved the film. Saw it 4 times now! Haha! Of course, I will still watch it some more even with all my little complaints above. Edward Cullen and Bella Swan”s love story is epic! They will be remembered in years and years to come…definitely this generation’s Gone with the Wind’s Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler!

    Oh and lastly, Edward walking towards Bella in the parking lot = HOT!!! Robert Pattinson is the perfect Edward!!! 🙂

    • I agree with almost everything you say: the reunion scene was nothing like what I had imagined, and the scenes after they came back were too short to portray what they go through together. And Edward walking towards Bella in the parking lot was the ONLY Edward-moment in the whole movie that I thoroughly enjoyed. Look at his smile, knowing that people are staring at him. That bashful smile is ALL Rob!! 🙂

    • I’m going to disagree on the Score. It could brought a little more at certain times, but on the whole I liked it.
      I honestly can’t even remember a score in Twilight…but then I’ve been trying to forget everything else about it.

  26. I’ve seen it three times so far. 2 more scheduled this week. Funny thing is that the more I see it, the more I love it and want to watch it more, however, the more I see it, the more things I notice to make fun of. There are quite a few moments of “the only reason I love this is because it is Twilight-related” but it is such a HUGE improvement over Twilight that one can’t help but be blown away. It captured so many moments of the book just as I had imagined them. And I thought the emails to Alice were a good way to hear Bellas torment. The cliff diving scene was excellent (and I have to brag that I called the song choice for that when the soundtrack came out). Can’t type much more on my phone without getting the evil eye from my boss. I could talk about it all day (and night). Bottom line- I absolutely loved it! Great representation of the book and endless fodder for LTT and LTR posts!

    • For the love of the duck?

      I, too, loved the emails to Alice. Great device to share Bella’s thoughts. So sad, with the undelivered message notices. Stupid Edward, taking himself AND her best friend away!

      • Indeed, agreed. (haha ryhmes)
        Yeah, but if I was Bella, seeing all of those unsent messages, I would give up, and write in a diary or something coz it was obvious she needed a vice. But honestly I just wouldn’t be Fagged, having a whole bunch of unsent messages sitting in your outbox.

  27. Sorry, but I have to get this off my chest now, and I have no one else to talk to, so I will just spill it, and read your comments later, okay?

    So I liked New Moon, sort of.
    I really liked the Bella-and-Jacob story and how that was portrayed! I really loved what Taylor Lautner did with Jacob: his mental transformation must have been just as hard as the physical one, and considering his age I am all the more impressed! If anyone could make me switch teams it would be Taylor, bringing out the warmth and the genuine friendliness in Jacob.

    Kristen Stewart did an equally great job with Bella and her depression and the changes she goes through, and she won me over again. (Ok, maybe not the shrieking in bed, that was a little far out maybe?)

    Every scene with Billy was pure gold – that man is the new love of my life! And Rachel – I miss you already! Menace never looked so good!

    I liked the Volturi, and look forward to seeing more of them in Eclipse. But, now I have some questions…

    You can tell that New Moon is a bigger production than Twilight. That is good as far as the cimematography and the scenography goes – very beautiful, Chris Weitz! But I hated, really hated the schmaltzy romantic fill-in soundtrack, that killed the mood and over-emphasized all the Dramatic Moments. Why couldn’t they just let the good songs get more space instead of killing them off all too soon?

    The biggest raspberry goes to the make-up and wig department. How could they dress up Jackson and Nikki in those god-awful, stiff-looking wigs? How can you make beautiful people look so ugly??

    And what is with those horrible yellow contacts, that make the whole Cullen family look like bug-eyed monsters? Please compare pictures from Twilight and New Moon. What happened?

    And finally, what did you do to Edward??!! Not only does the tweed and the jackets effectively kill off the teenager forever, and the yellow bug-eyes make my own eyes water just to look at him, you have painted him with a thick white layer of makeup that makes him hold his face still all the time, because every time he tries to smile, there are deep creases in the make-up that make him look all of his 108 years.

    And whatever the lipstick is, red or white, he doesn’t like the taste of it, because he is moving his tongue uncomfortably over his teeth every once in a while, to unstick his lips from his front teeth. Never a good sign.

    After Twilight, I thought that Rob had never been more beautiful than he was as Edward. (Swoon.)The only times in New Moon when I didn’t feel like crying while Edward was on screen, were the moments when I could glimpse Rob beneath the make-up. Rob, come out of there, and please, please take Edward with you!!

    • I think its very difficult to make Rob up – he has already a pale/ pink colouring naturally, it becomes a challenge for the make up artist to find a suitable base for him – so don’t blame the make up artist blame Rob’s parents.

      • But it worked in Twilight, that is my point!!!! Why couldn’t they just do it right the way they did then??

        And don’t blame Rob’s parents. For anything. THEY MADE ROB!!! 🙂

      • To be honest I think he’s aging and maybe they thought the extra layers might maintain the look of a 17 year old. You have to admit that Rob looks a bit more “mature” than he did when they were making Twilight.

  28. I’ve seen it 4 times

    my friend emailed me the link to watch it online!!

    im too poor to keep going and going and going

    lol… thats bad but normal i think

  29. Ok. I agree that it rocked over Twilight in the most epic way. But I do see some of the issues the critics had. I saw it twice this wknd and liked it even more the 2nd time, but I took my dh that time instead of my girlfriend. Having never read the books, he had to throw in some guy commentary that was similar to what the critics have said. 1st, KStew does blink and stutter and do that odd, mouth half open face a lot. Dh turned to me at one point to ask, “Does she have Terettes (sp?)?”
    When the Cullens vote at the end, his joke was, “Look! It’s Survivor!” and just for me, b/c my mom has this awful habit of ringing us at inopportune moments, when Jake is about to kiss her and the phone rings, he cackled loudly, “It’s your MOM!”
    Every time Edward came on screen, the dh would grimace and lean forward in his seat. I didn’t get it. Why is he scooting up if he hates Edward? Finally he turns to me and says, “That guy is a professional mumbler. I can barely understand a god damn word he’s saying.” Oh, must be b/c I have most of these lines memorized.
    Most of these things (except KStew’s blinking/mouth issue) I can live with and would not let bother me, but I am a superfan, too. Others, it annoys. Big time.
    The two scenes I, as a fan, had serious issues with? That Edward/Bella floating/half dead water scene. That time I turned to dh and said, “Look, it’s Titanic! “Jack, I’ll never let go!”
    The other was Aro seeing Alice’s vision of Bella running around as a golden eyed vamp in some Sound of Music knock off. WTF, Alice?! For Real? I would have rather seen Bella bagging her own buck in the woods from Twi again that that scary childlike shit. It was like a pediphile’s wet dream. Yuckers.
    But the rest of it rocked. Big time. Chris Weitz for president. Beautiful color, better acting all around (even KSTew, most of the time), and the best funny scene and a needed break from all the heavy with Mike and Jake at the theater. “She’s buying my ticket.” “Oh. She’s buying it.” LOL >3 Even the dh loved that scene and cracked up!

  30. I’ve seen it three times now. Going again tomorrow night before the Thanksgiving travels. I leave Wednesday for Denver to stay with my sister until Saturday or Sunday. I’m driving with my parents. I’m sure I’ll have withdrawls while being away so I gotta see it one more time before I go.

    After returning from LA I’ve been camped out with the DVR, I’m not even half way through the stuff yet. I calculated I set the sucker for at least 37 hours of coverage. Whoas!

    Anyway, yep, seen it 3 times now. I thought Kristen was amazing, really brought the depression of Bella to life. I was incredibly impressed by her. The breakup scene didn’t effect me emotionally, the screaming in the sleep and Charlie coming in after did. Broke my heart.

    Best line “Never trust a vampire, trust me.” LOL!

    I was wondering how I was going to do with this film because I am Team Edward and Team Rob and I can’t stand the little twerp that is Jacob Black, so I was really worried I would go insane for 45 minutes without the Cullens but the film was fantastic, I even liked it better than Twilight and didn’t think that would ever be possible for me to say. I thought Taylor was fantastic and the film moved really fast and was enthralling and exciting and Chris Weitz deserves a free dumpster coupon with my name on it! Fabulous!

  31. For the record – I had no less than 5 solo unicorns in my theatre on Friday morning at the 9:45am show. They had the same idea as us – take the day off work and go see the flick when the kiddies are stuck in school (and in their case, when they are not likely to be spotted). And they loved it. And we (the rest of the 20-40’s year old women in the theatre with them) loved them for having to balls to show up. gave New Moon a fab review and a B+. I think some of these critics just can’t come to terms with liking a teenie bopper box office hit. Obviously if grown men are having to “sneak” into the morning show to avoid embarrassment, then the critics are probably on that band wagon too. Or maybe we all truly did lower our expectations after the train-wreck that was Twilight? I don’t care – it was a darn good flick. Not gonna win any Oscars, natch, but I don’t care because I was utterly entertained.

    But, seriously, the sequence with Victoria running through the woods to Thom Yorke’s Hearing Damage? THAT’s what I envisioned for the Twilight movies – goose bumps, dude. And a great interpretation of Harry’s heart attack – huge thumbs up to Ms. Rosenberg for figuring out how to streamline and actually improve the story there. Mr. Weitz brought beauty back into this saga – striking scenery, sinking Bella in the ocean, that totally bad ass crow flying in forest while Victoria is running. It all made me forget that the CGI wolves were a little on the cheesy side. It’s the little things that grab us. Mr. Slade, please take note!

    • YES!! That Victoria running scene, Harry’s heart attack and Bella’s jump was one of the highlights of the movie!! It was just visually stunning. And they couldn’t have put it with a better song. Loved loved love it!

  32. I saw it *whispers* four times.

    I personally think they all did amazing….!

  33. Okay wow Dakota Fanning being a real actress fine yah she’s good but what was so great about her full five lines in New Moon as compared to the lead characters? Um I thought Taylor did a really good job considering it was his first large movie role, he had a lot of pressure on him, and I thought he got Jacob just right. As a Jacob lover I thought he did good I would have been very vocal if he was bad. No matter how rock hard his abs were lol. Rob was just Rob, Never thought he was that amazing or that bad, for some reason I wish we could get to know Edward better in the books he seems more accessible he smiles a little more. Rob just seems in a bad mood all the time. And Kristin well she didn’t stutter or blink to much so it was a win, I think her and Taylor had good chemistry. Chris did so much better than Hardwicke no doubt. And what does Ebert know anyway? He isn’t a 17 year old girl or a woman and probably didn’t read the books so really who cares.

  34. i took my 13 year old daughter and 2 of her friends to the midnight showing of new moon, and a rerunning of twilight before it. the mood in the theater changed drastically when new moon came on. during twilight, everyone was laughing and joking about how horrible it was. but when new moon started, everyone was silent. no one moved or made a sound when edward left, except for a few giggles at the people who were crying. I have to say that i wasn’t thrilled with new moon though. I had to get up and go to the bathroom shortly after bella and jacob fixed up her bikes, and i didn’t return to the theater. I stayed out in the lobby and talked with the people working there. I just didn’t feel compelled to go back. I loved the months going by, thought it was beautiful and sad. but other than that, i wasn’t impressed. as i’ve told everyone who’s asked, what i saw of new moon was a million times better than twilight. and i’m positive i will go back and see it a second time (already have plans with the same people i saw twilight with). as much as i was looking forward to seeing shirtless jacob and edward, i think the overwhelming presense of hostile twi moms turned me off the movie. and as a twi mom myself, i have to say some of them are a little over the top.

    • You didn’t go back in? ::does not compute::

      I can’t leave ANY movie and not come back in. I just have to see the whole thing.

      You missed all the fursplosions, the kung fu line, Victoria chase scene, ALL of the Volturi? The Volturi! Oh my god. How?

      ::looks around worried I’m being punked::

      • i know, i’m concerned about myself. i just got out of the mood. i don’t know what happened. i’ll blame it on the mean moms, the fact that New Moon was my least favorite books (and not because of Jake, I LOVE Jacob.)the lack of sleep, the bad popcorn. i’m really starting to kick myself for not going back in and missing all the wolves and Volturi. I did go back for the last scene in the woods between Bella, Edward and Jacob. That was fantastic. I can’t wait for June. Eclipse was my favorite. And like I said, I’m going back next week to see it with friends my own age. maybe that will make it better for me. If not, I’m just going to sit in my room stare out my window and wait for June.

  35. is it weird that in my theater here in brazil there were more guys than girls?

    i was like “WTF? am i in the right movie?”

  36. MidCyn – I just sent you an e-mail with some clips. Hope you enjoy!

  37. I never have and never will listen to the critics – everything they love I can’t stand, and everything they can’t stand, I adore!!
    A review is only that person’s personal opinion on something and I have NO idea why anyone listens to them anyway. If someone told you pizza was awful, but you liked eating it, would you stop eating it just because they don’t like the taste?! Nope!
    Besides, isn’t a critic only someone who never made it as an actor?! :p

  38. Greetings UC!
    I got to say, I seen it today, (twice).
    And .. Taylor had to carry it. He was ok. for a newbie.
    Rob, delivered his tortured scenes like he was… constipated.. (ouch).

    On another note, Rob had A LOT of chemestry with Taylor Lautner , more so than with KStew!
    I and a buddy seen it twice and its true!
    keep the ending scene in mind (when the two of them have that talk in the forest). Rob has chemistry with Taylor the Wolfboy.

    God, Taylor was very mucho caliente! (hot).
    (Legal in Georgia eh??). too bad!

  39. Knock Knock on computer screen….anyone home on LNM??

    • MidCyn – I’m home! Did you see the clips I e-mailed you?

      • Yes Ang..I just did..HUGE SMOOCHES…and and and JODIEO sent me a whole clip from the movie..cried and almost most died at the same time!!!! Just what I needed…how do you guys seem to know when things are so bad and then find a way to make them soooo good…. I wish I could hug you both right now!!!

        • awwwww….I feel hugged!

          I PMd snmlamb and she sent me a link to a place you could see the full movie. Looks like you have to join something though. I will investigate and will share when I figure it out.

          are you feeling any better????

          • ARE YOU SERIOUS????? Don’t play with me girlfriend…weak heart and all!!! 🙂 Still sick but I did call the doctors, she wanted to see me tomorrow but I have to go to a Workmans Comp board apointed Ortho Doctor …over 2 hours drive away and sick I think I am alittle afraid to see my doctor…gonna give me shitz about my hoping to feel better by Weds. cause she said she would see me then…so want to be better for the holidays….
            Do you really think that link is gonna work…I am not sure I can even dare to hope!!!

          • MidCyn – I’ll investigate tomorrow… too late for me now to figure out if I’m killing my computer or signing away my first born if I “join.”

            I know the ortho visit will be yucky to go to! But let’s hope it’s at least helpful! I really hope they can provide some help!

          • @Ang…if you want DM me the link on Twitter..using Stareide…the other one doesn’t work for some reason, either I forgot the password or something happened when the acct. got hacked…
            The appt. tomorrow unfortunately is NOT meant to help…he is only going to give the Board HIS opinion of my spinal/neck and shoulder injury…he won’t offer any treatment suggestions etc., waste of time, energy, gas and stress…I just wish that WC would spend the money they waste on these independent doctors or doctors that will actually fix freakin frustrating….

          • @MidCyn – I will e-mail you the link. I don’t twitter. 😦

          • @Ang…that will be great…I don’t like the Twitter thing either..I swore I wouldn’t go back on after the hacking thing…but that shows you how desperate I am to see NM….tee hee…I took the chance and then couldn’t find her under the screen name she posted…
            Did you think the link looked suspicious? She said she has watched it a bunch of times?

          • MidCyn – No, it didn’t look suspicious, but I think you have to join or sign up on the site to access movies. I didn’t want to sign up for anything until I checked it our further! But, def. check it out. I think it’s completely on the up and up.

          • oh, and MidCyn, someone told me that I’d get completely obseesed with twitter and that I shouldn’t do it. I can barely keep up with LTT…and also keep my job and a partially active social life. 🙂

        • @Ang..I went to the site and of course I tried reading all the stuff and it looked legit….but how can it be? It said stuff about copyrighted material and the movie isn’t out yet…so I don’t know…I don’t want to do anything that will get me in trouble…I mean its soooooooooooooooooo tempting to actually have the chance to see the movie…but how can it be legal??? I am so torn…the angel and the devil on the shoulder debate?
          TELL ME WHAT TO DO???

          • Hold tight! I will check it out now!

          • @ANG…luv’s you so….holding tightly to computer!!!!

          • wow – I did it! I’m watching it now!

            just make sure you don’t accept any charges, etc. I’m watching for free. It did offer me membership options though. I’ll e-mail you instrucitons for what I did.

          • @ANG…..WHAT ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TELL ME YOUR JOKING!!!!! It is legit? Can we get into trouble???
            OMELE…IT CAN”T BE TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SHAKING!!!!
            Does it download to your computer or you just watch it and its gone???
            I am like going crazy with excitement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • MidCyn – Just sent you an e-mail with instructions! Let me know if this works! I’m crossing all my fingers and toes.

            And ouch, that hurts! But I am so doing it for you!

    • Hey Midcyn and Ang…sorry i was a no show today..the comments were a bit too much for my little hamster brain and…hope u guys are doing ok..will defs see ul tom…i have work (EPIC FAIL) so ill be on a little later than usual…

      muah! i miss ull….sad cookie…

  40. JODIEO……….I LOVE YOU………..I am crying..happy tears…but crying nonetheless…..HOW CAN I EVER THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME SEE THAT……..YOU ARE THE BESTEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVES YOU LIKE ONLY A CULLEN CAN…wait does that even make sense??? I don’t care seeing even that small scene has made me crazy happy!!!!

  41. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better…oldest daughter just came home and said “Hope this cheers you up” hands me the book companion to the movie….I so almost dropped…..she is not even into Twilight….the pics…OMELE….le sigh!!!! I almost feel like I belong back here at LNM right now….

    • awww! 🙂 Do you not want my guide anymore 😦

      • TS Dont be ridiculous!!! I just love the pics…swoon!!! How are ya sweetie?? Haven’t had much time to talk to ya lately…been missing you muchly!!!
        BTW…do you remember what my Twitter name was? I thought it was Midnight_Cyn but it wouldn’t let me log on but it did let me me with my old sign on Stareide??? How weird is that…I wonder if it had something to do with the acct. being hacked???
        Luvs ya!

        • I only remember Stareide. I don’t think I ever added your other one because I couldn’t remember if you were twittering or not. And I don’t really twitter much myself.

          I’m doing well. My cold is on it’s final leg. I’ve discovered Charlie Bewley to make my heart thud. And I still have Burke to come home to at night. Wait, what?

          I’ve missed you. Thought about needing to send you that disney/orlando info. Whoops. Will try to do it soon! What time of year are you looking at?

          • TS…I was thinking like March….or April…I don’t know if you are familiar with a hotel that we stayed at alot when the kids were was right near Disneyland and damn if I can remember the name of it…I want to say Sonesta..but I think I am pulling that out of my was only about 15 mins. from the park and they were condos….but haven’t been there in years so I have no clue where to send them…but close to the park. I wish I could have them stay IN the park so they wouldn’t have to do the car thing..but I think that would be too expensive…any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

        • Hey, MidCyn & Co., I’m off to bed. Enjoy your new book, MidCyn. we’re all jealous.

          • Good night sweet dreams and all that…don’t worry..I am just gonna drool over the pics in the book… 🙂 Made me wanna see the movie even more if that is at all possible….

    • I am totes jealous of you! I don’t have the companion book. That is cool!

    • ::Drool::

      My hubby actually got me the book for our anniversary! I was flooored, as he generally detests all things Twilight due to some jealousy issues or something LOL Every once in a while though, he surprises me. Then Saturday when he offered to go to the movie with me, I almost fell over. Of course, I didn’t mention I had just seen it hours before! Back to the book though- great pics in it! It got me through the wait for the movie!

  42. MidCyn, TeamSeth, JodieO or who ever else is listening…:-) I am seeing NM again tomorrow with my unicorn in training. The process is going well. Watching Twilight with him was awesome! I typed up the experience to share with illegal. If anyone else in inerested I will gladly share.

    • Me! Me! Oh pick me! I want to go for a mustache ride!

      Definitely send it over. I advise you carry through in haste, we do not offer second chances.

    • ME too….me too!! :0

    • OK Ang..fess up….how many times is this??? You know the rules…only 3 times til I get to see the movie!!!! I wanna goooo…said in the most whiny of voices… 😦 IT WOULD BE SO COOL TO GO WITH YOU….take me in your pocket plz!

      • OMC…that Oh My Cyn…I sooo need a Pocket Cyn to take with me. OK, you’ll be in pocket!

        This will be my second viewing. I am not breaking the rules!

        • Ok then enjoy! But I am keeping track with a post -it!! Just laughed so loud reading your unicorn story…seriously didn’t realize how loud I was…woke up the hubs…who came out thinking I was crying??? I am like how the hell could you mistake a laugh for a cry and he sleepily (word?) mumbles…”Well who the hell laughs like that in the middle of the night? By themselves, damn you scared me” turns around and goes back to bed….Oops…couldn’t help but giggle…(I’ll tell him in the morning if he asks that he must have been dreaming) LOL..I mean…LOS (laughs out softly)

          • LOS – that is rich! I am silently chuckling myself at the moment.

            Sorry I caused you to wake the hubs. But isn’t my unicorn lovely? I feel so lucky to have him.

          • Yes it is so cute…like guiding him gently into the Twi-world…I can’t wait to talk to my son this weekend and ask him what he thought of it…I want to find out if he wanted to see it or he is just so in love..gag…that he went for the fiancee…will be very interesting to hear what he has to say.
            I have to say I was impressed with your unicorns remarks…can’t wait to hear part deux….LOS

  43. i really like this part:

    i think the bella/jacob/edward scenes are my favorites… that’s why i’m SO excited for eclipse!

  44. See, by now there are too many comments to read, and maybe someone said this already, but:
    These movies are mainly made with the books’ fans in mind. “Only if you’ve read the books, you will understand”? Well, yes! That’s the whole point.
    And I am completely aware of Summit trying to attract new audiences, but you are not going to lose time explaining things readers can comprehend because they have read to the people that hasn’t. You will have to cut back book moments that make it a good movie for the fans, and the results will be what Twilight was.
    I have not idea about been a movie critic, but I really hope these people have at least read the books before watching the movies…you can’t critic a book adaptation without reading the book, right?
    I have seen the movie twice (something I have never done before) and I loved it every time. I never think of these movies as Oscar material, but as a way to re-live the most amazing and charming love story I have ever read…
    If you are not capable of recognizing how the acting improved, then you are either blind (with all the respect) or just a 13 year old girl that can’t see beyond the fantasy of these movies.
    Anyway, the critics can kiss Chris’s a$$, because he is my new favorite person in the world for making me(all of us) happy and creating such an amazing movie…THANKS OH-GRACIOUS-DIFL!

  45. I have seen it four times!

    I thought it was AWESOME!

  46. At the risk of being stoned to death, I must admit be being in the “not impressed” camp.

    I love all the twilight books and New Moon is my favourite – maybe that set me up for heightened expectations. I just felt it all seemed a little flat. I’m wondering if it’s a Chris W thing? I can’t help recalling that I felt the same about the Golden Compass – loved the book, and the movie looked beautiful but was fairly forgetable.

    Am I alone here or did other people deeply, deeply wish there could have been more of the “post volturi audience” part? The part where all the tourists are ushered in and Bella realises what’s going on is probably the most chilling, genuinely scary part of the whole series – I love when she says “All those people – ” The disgust Edward & Alice show for the whole thing sets them so apart. Also it’s the REAL reunion, because prior to that the danger wasn’t over. That little part where Edward is comforting Bella before they escape the Volturi headquarters is so tender and so right after all the break-up stuff – I was gutted that it wasn’t there. Don’t get me started on the whole proposal speech…. I know everything can’t be included, but when you think of all the fairly insignificant scenes that were slavishly there (like both scenes where Bella goes to the movies) at the expense of doing really critical scenes well, it’s just so annoying. I really hope Eclipse is better. I wish people wouldn’t knock Katherine Hardwick so. Twilight had it’s faults but it had more heart and atmosphere than this in the first ten minutes!

  47. Team Seth: Big applause!!!!

    You said it! Al of what I’m thinking – and more! Thumbs up for you girl!

    I’ve only seen the movie once, and really.. It. was. great! But I kind of missed out on a lot of it b/c I got more distracted by Taycob than I’d expected!

    So I have to see it a couple of times (or like ten times) before I really can “evaluate” it.

  48. Hi!
    I just wanted to say that I have a very GOOD REASON as to WHY I haven’t seen NEW MOON yet 😥
    It’s still not released in my Country :””( It will be released on Thursday .. At least I don’t have to wait another month like they did with Twilight Anyway I just wanted to say hi and I’m book marking the New Moon posts .. I’ll read them latter ..Promise 🙂

  49. I have seen the movie all of FIVE times now since friday – I seriously considered going again an hour ago, but it would put me reaallly close to being late to work. So I guess I’ll have to wait till tomorrow. I went Saturday with a borrowed kid, and then my hubby came home and actually ASKED if I wanted to go see it again. How could I say no to that?! Did I mention that I just got back from seeing it? HALE NO! Some strange cosmic twist of fate actually made him offer to go, so I jumped at the offer. Guess what? He didn’t hate it! He totes agrees it was better than Twilight, although he wasn’t nearly as overwhelmed with its awesomeness like I was. I didn’t get nearly as many snickers out of him as I expected either. That says a lot right there!

    Anyway, I keep picking up new things each time I see it. But I still love it completely. Sure, there are the corny parts and off lines here and there (I can’t help but crack up when Jacob tells Alice “Don’t get me angry… or things are going to get really ugly” He should have just stopped after “Don’t get me angry.” The point was made already! Plus there was an unaturally long pause in dialogue when Alice said “I’m not going to hurt her” or something and Jake says “Sure, you’re just an innocent Cullen.” A little slow on the uptake) But there were sooo many good points too. I am blown away by Kristen in this one, and I totally didn’t expect to be. She totally got the pain and despair- I was worried she couldn’t pull it off. I love love love the letters to Alice- awesome idea, and the circling Bella for the months going by. Edward’s apparition came out awesome as well. And Charlie… who couldn’t love him? I do wish there was a little more “happy Edward” at the beginning though I understand his whole inner-turmoil. It just would have made the change in him and his absence a little more extreme. I also wish their reunion scene hadn’t rushed into the “why I left” stuff- if they had left in the “this is heaven” part first, it would have been better. I was also wishing they wouldn’t have made them just hold hands while going to the Volturi chamber. Seriously? Bella was all clutching on to him for dear life, even though her teeth were chattering for crying out loud!

    Personally, I liked the cheesy vampire-Bella scene. Totes cheesy, yes, but she always had those “Anne of Green Gables” flashbacks when she pictured them. It wasn’t quite the same, but I still dug it. Plus I probably wore a dress like that at some time, so that automatically makes it cool 🙂

    I wish that she hadn’t told Jacob “I love you” at the end. She could have said “you’re my best friend” or something like that. It makes it more dramatic in Eclipse when she realizes she DOES love him. So how are they going to do that now? I don’t know. Just a disappointment there.

    Overally, loved loved loved it! And my hubby voluntarily went to see it, so it just makes it that much better. I will guarantee I will see it at least a handful more times. It’s a sickness, I know. I’m sure I’ll hide most of those trips from hubby, as he is already starting to mumble about how much this movie has cost us LOL. I keep telling him I’m just doing my part to make sure they rake in enough money to justify making Breaking Dawn!

  50. I hated New Moon and will never see the movie again – the pink glow that where all over the screen / wheres in Twilight it was silky blue – I hated the make-up that was smeerd on Edward and his family – the looked like drag queens – Summit and Chris Weitz slaughtered New Moon and I will not spend a cent to another Twilight movie before they haul back Cathrine Hardwicke to do Breaking Dawn – NO way NO how

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