Jimmy Fallon is SUCH a Twilight fanboy!


Dear Jimmy Fallon,

First off I heart your show! If anyone had to take the late night spot of my beloved Conan, I’m glad its you. While your hair doesn’t stand up to the fabulous red heights of CoCo’s beautiful soft serve ice cream cone of a hairdo, your humor does. I cant tell you how many times me and my friends yell out “BOTHERED” on a daily basis or “hungerectomy” (when you get your hunger removed, naturally) or “snacklish” (I learned my first word in Snacklish: it’s BOTHERED!) and beg everyone we know to visit Robertisbothered.com just so they can participate in the awesomeness of “pumpkins are dumb fat squashes!” Now, we originally thought you were jumping on the Twilight/Rob bandwagon because it’s the (sorta, if you’re a major nerd like us) hip thing right now and heck, if we’re all honest anything Twilight will get you mad viewers.

But I was so wrong.

but really what's it like being with EDWARD CULLEN?! Does he really sparkle?

You didn’t make Robertisbothered.com or have Taylor and Kristen on your show just because you wanted viewers. You did it cause you’re SUCH A FANBOY!!! It’s alright to admit it, I watched your interviews with both Kristen and Taylor and I could see it in your eyes. You had the look of a Twimom who’d been standing in line at a Hot Topic for 10 days just to get the new Jacob doll or to get your DVD signed by Bob the Electrician #3 on the film. Trust me, I’m a seasoned professional Twilight outer, I can see this stuff a mile away.  So when you started acting all nervous and dorky (more than usual) around Kristen I knew you had it BAD. You talked about the good stuff like Bon Iver (though KStew didn’t know the backstory) and you had her throw footballs at plates (aka what the UC & Moon’s talk show would consist of) I just wished you had freaked her and Taylor out with some super creepo detailed fan questions such as:

  • “So have you thought about how you’re going to act out a half human, half vampire baby is eating its way out of your uterus?
  • Seriously, fade to black?! Don’t you agree Kristen, Stephenie Meyer is such a cock block there?!
  • Taylor, you’re gonna imprint on a newborn baby, don’t you find it funny that after protecting you for the last year, Chris Hansen is gonna be chasing after YOU now?! Cause I’m dying thinking of the irony here.
  • So what’s Buttcrack Santa really like!? SPILL!

Read the rest and watch some videos of awesomeness after the cut

[clearspring_widget title=”Taylor Lautner Mini-Bike Race (11/19/09)” wid=”4727a250e66f9723″ pid=”4b0ba0d264b74a7d” width=”384″ height=”283″ domain=”widgets.nbc.com”]

While I wanna think you’re Team Edward because of the whole RIB thing, I question your team allegiance after seeing you with Taylor. When you challenged Taylor to racing those little crotch rockets and yelled “Let’s Do This!” it was like a siren call to me. Obviously, you stole the screener copy from work and have memorized all the best lines. I mean, the “Let’s do this!” line from the movie within a movie, Facepunch?! That was just classic. I’ve already adopted it myself. If you start saying “My kung fu is strong” I’m naming you Unicorn of the year and then asking your wife if she’d be interested in a polygamous marriage, Big Love style. I hope Conan doesn’t mind! Cause I just might be switching to Team Jimmy.

Let’s Do This!

PS I’m still holding out for the ultimate Robertisbothered featuring you AND Rob Pattinson, I mean COME ON! I hope your talent booker is trying like HALE to make that happen.
PPS Because you don’t already have enough to do, can you maybe host SNL this year, cause that would rule? Ok, now I sound like a fangirl. I’m done!


(no, really now I’m done)

What do you think of Jimmy? Did you see the Twi-gleam in his eye during the interviews? The Twilight is strong in him, I do think. Are you a Robertisbothered.com addict like me?  Do you think candy corn is the middle finger of Halloween candy?!

Like only Jimmy can…
[clearspring_widget title=”Taylor Lautner Interview, Part 1 (11/19/09)” wid=”4727a250e66f9723″ pid=”4b0ba2a8a14650ef” width=”384″ height=”283″ domain=”widgets.nbc.com”]
Like each one of your abs had a close up and a line!

[clearspring_widget title=”Taylor Lautner Interview, Part 2 (11/19/09)” wid=”4727a250e66f9723″ pid=”4b0ba428067c3aab” width=”384″ height=”283″ domain=”widgets.nbc.com”]

See the rest of Kristen’s interview with Jimmy over on his blog since their video widget is jacked and won’t post to WordPress right now! Oh the fun of blogging!

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  1. “Taylor, you’re gonna imprint on a newborn baby, don’t you find it funny that after protecting you for the last year, Chris Hansen is gonna be chasing after YOU now?! Cause I’m dying thinking of the irony here.”. WIN

    “crotch rocket”. WIN and my new favorite noun.

    These interviews were awesome, specially Taylor’s. It gave us a glimpse of whathe will be like once he gets off the Summit script. nom nom nom!

  2. Okay so down here we don’t get these late night shows, much.
    I think we get Letterman on regular TV (what a friend calls “Poor people’s TV”) and the others on pay TV.
    And I haven’t watched him parody Rob.
    But I DID watch him with Kristen and OMG, one of the best interviews EVER!!
    I think the fact that he was fanboying was what made it better.
    Way cute.


    • i thought it was my imagination since i had 3 beer before watching it. I thought i was so obsessed with sex and all that stuff that i was seing what i wanted.

  3. So glad that LET’S DO THIS is stuck in someone else’s brain. I thought Jimmy was going to cry with excitement when he realized Kristen could really throw a football. I think he was mentally plotting how to get her on his show as a weekly recurring guest.

    You won me over a few months ago, Jimmy. These two interviews only confirmed I was right. You are as nut-sack crazy as I am!


    • he NEEDS to interview her every week! she needs it too!

      • yes! it was the best kristen-interview ever! she looked AMAZING and the story she told about martha stewart dreaming about rob was hilarious – loved jimmy fallons fanboying and his comment on martha “we made some crafts … then we made out for 25 minutes…”

        and kristen throwing ball in that outfit – MAJOR GIRLCRUSH.

  4. Fangy is bothered because she has nothing to add to this awesomeness. Great post Moon!.

    Have a terrifical day ladies!


  5. I was giggling during the entire Kristen interview and saying “he so loves her” over and over. It was such a good interview.

    And the Rob is Bothered skits totally crack me up. I randomly say bothered in a (crappy) british accent all the time now.

    • Haha, I think the best part about the Robert is Bothered skits is how bad Jimmy’s British accent is. I say “bothered” all the time now in the Jimmy voice, too, and sadly, no one knows what I’m talking about…

    • I thunk the skits are funny. I kept waiting for it to come up during Kristen’s interview. It would have been so awesome if they had taped one together to f*ck with ROB’s head.

      I love that Kstew totally outed Martha Stewart for dreaming about her boyfriend…. Err costar. I think she did that to mess with Rob because she never talks about other people.

    • its all about BOTHERED!!!

  6. Fallon had the best interviews in my opinion, they were freaking awesome and the look in his eyes was total Fanboy.

    If TBTB were smart they would have put Rob on Fallon instead of sending him to Letterman which was total fail.

    I ♥ you Jimmy Fallon, you and I can watch Twilight any day of the week

    • OMG…. I’ve been debating on what were my favorite interviews, and I’ve got to say that Jimmy’s interview with Kristen is the best by far. I’ve always loved him, and when Jimmy said that they should be “besties”, I was beaming!!

      I also thought that it was about time that someone asked these people about their thoughts on the soundtrack. Jimmy was so cute when he started gushing about the movie, and wanting talk to her about specific scenes, but didn’t want to ruin it for fans that had not seen it yet. He is the best!!

      Kristen’s throwing arm was great!!

      • I think Jimmy takes the prize for being the only interviewer to bring Kristen out of her shell. She actually seemed to be enjoying herself (a little)!

    • Yupp that Letterman interview really made me sleep. Total fail!

    • Fallon is perhaps the best interviewer I’ve seen in a while. I watched a lot of spots this week (ya know, with the movie out and everything…) and his made me laugh the most. That and Kimmel. When he had all three of them on. But yeah, Fallon is awesomespice!

  7. Taylor on Jimmy was by far one of the best appearances in all of their million mile press junket. Summit would do well to remember that when Eclipse comes out and they are trying to book Rob on shows hosted by guys who were funny and hip 25 years ago.

    • Morning JodieO…see you later today! 🙂

    • What, like George Lopez? (sorry, some radio station was saying that the new non-white man late nights may be just as much of a fail because Lopez is still old even though he may draw in a dif. set of viewers)

      • I guess. I’ve never actually seen his show, but it stands to reason that an old guy is old whether he’s white or not. For the most part comedians seem to be generational. Old people love Bob Hope, fresh young hipsters… not so much.

    • But Rob wears Tweed and he’s serious.

    • Did anyone catch him on Conan last night, cuz it was pretty funny as well. No mini-bike racing, but Conan tossed grapes that Taylor caught in his mouth. It was pretty impressive.

      And they showed a clip of him as a kid doing some extreme martial arts. WOW.

  8. I’m not an adict like you, but Jimmi Fallon was great. I loved his fanboying – cute..

    I’ve only seen the twi-interviews and loved them – loved the smile in his eyes.

    And the race with Taylor – Priceless – Super funny! I love that he actually did that. That a grown man does a thing like that on tv (with style i might ad) gives him a big star in my book:-)

  9. Squee! I love the “Robert is Bothered” segments, especially the one about Snickers ads. I was hoping against hope that Rob would go on Jimmy Fallon, so Jimmy could embarrass him with it or some silly game like he played with KStew. (Wheel of Carpet Samples, perhaps?)

    Of course, I was also hoping that Rob would go on The Tonight Show with Conan, so I could melt into a pile of fangirl goo. Alas…. sometimes dreams go unfulfilled….

  10. Little crotch rockets… I just LOLgasmed.

  11. i LOVE when jimmy gets his twi fanboy on. did you see when they were throwing hot dogs at giant cutouts of rob, kristen, and taylor? jimmy’s wonderful.

  12. Morning everyone…have a great day! Off to the drs…see all later this afternoon….don’t do anything too exciting while I’m gone… 🙂

  13. I went to both tapings for Kristen and Taylor, and that’s also when I realized he’s like, an ACTUAL fan of the saga! And you think he said “besties” with Kristen enough during the actual interview? He said it at least another time in between takes of shooting promos because he seemed that pumped up. And when Taylor was on, before they started filming Taylor helped him fix up his hair after the bike sketch! Very cute.

    • I loved the brief moment of freakout on KStew’s face when she realized that Jimmy just said, “We should be besties!”

    • Thank you for giving me that Taylor visual. And yes, I am green with envy that you got to see all of that in person. The way he leans down to clap Jimmy’s hand combined with his hearty laugh is just precious.

      Oh, yeah and Kstew was great too. I love that she can throw footballs (apparantly with accuracy) with Taycob and she can brood while playin the guitar with Robward. If this turned into a real love triangle the magazine sales alone could end the international recession. DO IT! DO IT!

    • I was telling Fangbanger the other day we should be besties, and I thought, “Man, I sound just as creepy as he does, so I hope maybe it also sounds kind of funny, ’cause he was hilarious!”

      Jimmy is definitely on my “C” list, along with every single guy mentioned on LTR today. The “C” list b/c there’s one guy each on my “A” and “B” lists, and I’m married to one and obssessed with the other.

    • SO jelly sparkle!!!

    • you DID?! lucky lucky you! was kristen as petite and beautiful irl as she looks like in the clip? *fangirling hard* *must go over to robsessed for a while so I don´t switch to team bella*

  14. BTW… If I hadn’t seen NM for the second time last night I would have totally missed the “Let’s do this!” reference. (did anyone else think of Guy Richie during that bit?).
    Anywho… After my second viewing, I can officially state I LOVE THIS EFFING MOVIE!!!! There was so much that I missed the first time around.

    -Rob’s performance was so much better the second time around. The happy/sad Ed was much clearer.
    – Taycob had tears in his eyes during the run away together conversation. I didn’t think his performance could get any better, but he somehow pulled it out those yummy jorts.
    – The wig department wasn’t a TOTAL fail. Embry’s wig was beautiful.
    – Taycob chews his nails and has stubby little fingers. (That should help make waiting for Feb. bearable) I am looking at you IWL!
    – The bad seed of Port Angeles has changed in one year… They used to be drunk, psycho and hot…now they are drunk, psycho and bloated, old, bald AND old. WTF.
    -NM is suppose to be two hours and ten minutes long, but once you adjust for all the slow motion stuff is really more like an hour and a half. (I want those 20 mins C-DUBS… I NEED Those 20 mins!) *a la Rob talking about biting*
    -I dont know how he does it, but Billy Burke just gets better with each viewing (for Twilight and NM)
    – After seeing the Lovely Bones trailer, I’ve decided I want Peter Jackson for Breaking Dawn. He can make the VampBella of our dreams come to life. Think about it. Ok…I’ve Hogged enough space here. UC/Moon thanks for the outlet and in the words of our founding (or is that fondling) father “I feel a little bit coming out of my pants”

    • Sigh… you had me at “Billy Burke just gets better…” 🙂

      • When Charlie tells Bella at the end of the break up sequence that “He’s not coming back”-ugh, that’s when I got teary. Love Billy Burke…

    • all that hard living as aged the riffraff apparently. i love your peter jackson idea! if cdubs won’t then i’m definitely on board with that!

      • Me too! Peter Jackson would be total win.

      • Except, remember King Kong? He has a creepy love of giant insects and real yucky special effects. Think of what he might do with the “giving birth to the monster baby” scene?? I think I may not want to see that movie…

    • I thought I remember them saying that was Embry’s real hair and that they cut it for the film. I could be completely wrong, though. It’s hard to focus on others when Taycob’s there flexing.

    • Also…
      -If Jennife whatshername can get a golden globe and an Oscar for singing one song in Dreamgirls, then Taylor most certainly can at least get a nomination from either or both for transforming his body and acting his little Jorts off before the effing age of 18.
      – Lastly, I think it’s ironic that Rob and Stewey got all the acting questions and he got all the muscle head questions and he walked away with the whole thing….while looking 108 degee hot as Hale…with steam and all.

      • Amen! They totally slept on Taylor. He was just barely 17 during filming and he put his all into that role. Funny thing is by the time they start press for Eclipse they’ll still be asking him about his damn workout regimen.

        • You slept on who? When? Does IWL know? Do you have pictures? Hee hee

          • I’m appalled at where my mind went with your statement. That’s been happening a lot lately. Prior to New Moon my love for Jacob was pretty PG. God help me now I have actual fear of Chris Hansen and not even the pretend, haha LTT-kind.

    • I didn’t even hear the “Let’s Do It!” in the actual movie until the third viewing, but I noticed that it was the tagline on the movie poster. Which I felt would be super hilarious and obscure. Sort of like Gambling Goods and LSD movie poster.

    • The bad seed of Port Angeles has changed in one year… They used to be drunk, psycho and hot…now they are drunk, psycho and bloated, old, bald AND old. WTF.

      Edward goes and gets the guy arrested in Midnight Sun. Then feels good about the fact that Texas, where he’ll be tried, gives out the death penalty (though not for rape, Stephenie!). Carlisle does the dirty deed of knocking him out and throwing him in the ditch next to the Portland police dept. because otherwise Edward would’ve killed him and let Carlisle down.

      I loved that they actually got a neon sign that said One Eye Pete’s.

    • I like the Peter Jackson idea for BD, too. (Again, if CW is not available). Much better than the Tim Burton suggestion that is floating around. That I could not handle…not for a Twilight movie.

      • Tim Burton? Are you kidding me? Worst.idea.ever.

        • Even though I do agree that Tim Burton directing is a horrible idea, I can’t help but wonder who Johnny Depp would play…

          • Even getting Johnny to be in the movie would not warm me to Burton. And that’s saying a lot.

            But you do have me thinking about a role for him, now. The only character I’m psyched to see cast for BD is Garrett. Oh, maybe Benjamin, too.

          • Pretty sure Helena Bonham Carter would be a Transylvanian vampire. Female or male. And in her spectacular wackadoo way, she would make even Jasper’s wig look better.

          • Haha! He’d definitely be in it somewhere – maybe as Buttcrack Santa’s pirate chocolate factory running cousin?

          • Yeah, Garrett better be hot since I’m going to have to make out with him as I’m going to be playing Kate.

          • TS – you ARE Kate. For real. If anyone else is cast, I will protest with 1,000 of my friends. Trust.

        • Both Ashley Greene and Jamie Campbell Bower like the idea. Ugh! http://www.aceshowbiz.com/news/view/00028980.html

          • Am I the only one who loves Tim Burton?

            He would totally make Breaking Dawn look awesome.

            Throw in Johnny and my idol, Helena, and the weirdness of the book would be unknown because every freaking movie he does is weird. That is expected. It would be tough for a normal director to pull off the birth of a vampire baby. Seriously. I do not want this look to look lame. Weird is good with me.


          • @Fang..no ur not…I ❤ Tim Burton so much its Creepily cute…lol
            yeah yeah thumbs down away! Wont make me change my mind…bahahaha

          • Tim Burton is cool. He has his place in HW. His place, however, (IMO) is nowhere near a Twilight script. BD is weird enough. No need to amp it up any. Again IMO.

      • What Peter jackson for eclipse, oh yeah just remembered the birth scene he would be perfect!!!!hahahah

      • I love Tim Burton, but he better stay the hale away from my beloved Twi-series.

    • I bite my nails and have stubby fiingers too!!!! (bad fangirl for not noticing that)
      Oh Em Gee….Tay u and I should be besties…im a crack up and ill race u on those bikes anyday….dont be surprised if u fall in love with me…God may have not given me the looks but he did give me a killer personality…(in my own mind)
      Lets hang out…have…fun…
      *mouths* call me
      someone mentions my name and i write a BFF letter to Tay…Im ridiculous…

      • You could bite each other’s nails for foreplay or is that furplay. Bow chicka bow bow!

        I know, I know, I get the cheese AND porn award for the day. What an odd combination.

    • Peter Jackson for Breaking Dawn – YES! He’d get the scope of it and and he has the experience with creating characters like Gollum that we would need for Renesme! That thought actaully makes me excited for Breaking Dawn and not dreading it.

      • But what if Andy Serkis plays Reneesme and she ends up looking like Gollum?

      • Gurrrl… Did you just equate Renesmeto Gulum??? Oh no you didn’t! Forgive her SM, she does not know what she is saying.

      • My hub and I have made a tradition of watching the LoTR trilogy before every Thanksgiving. I am making another plea for Peter Jackson for BD. I don’t know who he uses for CGI, but if anyone can do Renesmee justice it’s PJ. Gollum never looked fake for a minute (for me, anyway). i would love a PJ take on Twilight. Still, CW would be my #1 because he’s the DILF that keeps on giving. But (if he’s not available) give me PJ.

  15. Jimmy had his eyes on what? Amazing. Still new moon made a ton of bucks. The acting stinks but hey it proves pretty rules over acting ability. http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/

  16. Jimmy Fallon jogged right by me at a breast cancer fundraiser race last spring and I didn’t take my chance to tackle him & tell him how awesome he is – such a mistake.

    I loved the press junket, but I’m a little relieved it is over – I can’t dedicate any more time to sitting in front of my TV & computer watching the twifecta on talk shows. Need to buy some food for Thanksgiving. And do some wash. And pay a few bills.

  17. after watching that race, my love for them both has increased tenfold at least. p.s. hey @illegalwolflover, guuurl. did you see that spread-eagle?

    also, can i just say i’m tired of twilight stealing all of my frequently used sayings? first it was “i know, right?” and now “my kung fu is strong”!?! not fair; i say it all the time and now it’s gonna be yet another twilight quote, as though my conversation wasn’t already peppered with them! i swear to god, if someone says “i do what i can” in eclipse, i’mma lose it kanye-style. or not.

    • or keep on keepin’ on. I tweeted that to Cudmore yesterday. Hopefully he’ll take the advice, but yeah.

    • Oh Lordy lordy I did see…and the slide across the finish line…and the tight shirt. and his big hands and the hair and the teeth porn…Jebus Weitz…the teeth porn…
      stop STOP!!!! …He and I are BFF’s and I will not look at him that way…

      *peers through fingers* hot Dayum….

      • I replayed that slide across the finish line so many times my step brother asked me why I kept watching that part. I told him that something was wrong with the video…and then I plugged in my earphones and watched it about five more times, lol.

      • I hadn’t even read how you felt about his teeth when I suggested you bite each other’s nails. Gah!

        • Yeah…ive got a thing for that…I wanna touch them…withmytongue….*slaps hand repeatedly*
          perve perve perve
          Think i need to look through same-age ROB porn….mmmmmm so legal….
          okies back to Tay…lol

  18. Absolutelyvlc asked me to tell everyone she misses you! She’ll be back on LTT soon. She sees New Moon in “one more sleep” and will rejoin us then!

  19. holy crap! i had to comment yet again because i just went and watched the kristen videos and now i HAVE to see her and Martha Stewart – does anyone know when this airs, or if it already did? i can’t believe Martha told her about that rob-dream! i’m on the floor.

    • I know… I thought the same thing. It wasn’t on air, that’s what makes it so funny and odd that she would tell Jimmy. It was during Martha’s segment on the Today show…. The were both there and the talked during commercial. I think it’s hilarious!

    • Yupp when she told Jimmy about that I was just like.. she did what ?! And he’s so down to earth in her dreams?! I think Kristen was kinda pissed that Martha only wanted to talk about Rob with her… HAHAHA
      God that woman is really funny…

  20. Jimmy Fallon has a late night show?

    I’m a total pop culture fail.

    So, in light of today’s sort of far away from the extreme NM hype and responses, I just want to let everyone know that I’m coming off of it, too. I pulled out the NM soundtrack from my car’s stereo after 1.25 months of straight listening (mostly to Grizzly Bear, Editors, Thom Yorke, and The Meadow). I replaced it with the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack (highly recommend both soundtrack and movie) and discovered Mumm-Ra, which I’d already discovered but didn’t know that I had. So, now i finally have something other than pocket Alice and Twilight Scene-It to add to my xmas list.

    Also, I have lots of work to do at work today, so I’m going to be hiatus the rest of the day until like 5pm EST. Sos and have a good day!

    ps-IWL, I’m going to tell you my 2nd hand embarrassing thought from last night after we hung up with each other (virtually). But on gmail later.

  21. All I can say is that I had the PLEASURE of been in the taping of the show where Taylor was the guest and I got say that Jimmy is way hotter than Taylor …. I mean Taylor is all cute but he isn’t as built or tall as he looks in the movie… He looks his age 17 and since I don’t like younger guys he just didn’t do it for me …. On the other hand I also met Rob that same day on the Today Show and I totally agree with you girls he is so much cuter and handsome in person very polite and sweet i’m definitely Team Rob 🙂

  22. okay…. I have only seen the movie once (I know… tragedy. but i’m seeing it again tonight) WHO says “Let’s do this!?” Sounds like Mike.. is it Mike?

  23. Fallon is definitely a fan boy, and it’d be great to have Rob on the show. They are both so awkward and adorable; the conversation would be painfully hilarious. Rob could even join him in a cooking segment, of course it’d be more like microwaveable meals, but still I’d at least find it entertaining. It’s the simple things for me, I’m easy to please. Just Rob sitting there and I’d probably be happy.

    • Thumbs up for that! I really think that would be great. It would be the best interview of all times, thats for sure!!!

  24. Dear Moon,

    I swear you get better and better every day. I LOVE Jimmy Fallon. I know a lot of people can’t stand him, but I think he’s hilarious and adorable. He was so incredibly awkward with Kristen at first, you could totally tell he was fangirling. I was seriously hoping for a Robert Is Bothered skit with Kristen, but no dice. Sad panda.

    Truthfully though, I think those were some of the best interviews they did. I love JF’s goofy demeanor. I’m still sad that you’ve stolen my precious Conan away from me to the West coast, but I hereby swear that I will go to a Jimmy taping! AND TOTALLY RUB IT IN YOUR FACE.

    Kidding. I’m not that mean. But I will totally squee in the audience.


    • Heyyyy! I haven’t seen you in awhile (I don’t think so anyway). Good to see you! 🙂

      • Why thank you. I was MIA for a bit because I only just saw New Moon on Monday night, so was avoiding the possible spoilers. FINALLY saw it, so now I can finally get back to my online addictions. Phew!

    • oh grrrrrlll you MUST go to a jimmy taping! i would DIE to go! and then we can switch, you go to coco i go to jimmy.

      i held out STRONG hope he would do a RIB w/kstew but NOPE. LAME

      and SOOO their best interviews. rob should have skipped LAME-O letterman and come over to jimmy instead.

      ps we’re a match made in late night talk show heaven!
      pps fingers crossed for a RIB in march 2010 for RM release!

  25. Gawd – love Jimmy Fallon and miss him so much on SNL, so these interviews are such a welcomed return to the dorkably funny. I watched both and you can tell in the interview with Kristen that he’s squeeing on the inside, barely keeping it in check. And with Taylor, they seem to both have a genuine good time and that’s awesome. The crotch rocket bit was friggin hilarious – I had to watch it twice! Taylor is such a good sport.
    Love you girls – keep rockin!

  26. First of all, I LOVE Jimmy. He has been on my ‘freebie’ list since the day he set foot on SNL. I LURVE HIM. Sooo…that’s where I stand….and YES, he is a total fanboy, and I did not even think it was possible to love him more, and now I do.

    Even to my husband, he is known as ‘My Jimmy’. It’s how we distinguish him from Kimmel.

    Mr LPB: “Are you going to stay up and watch Your Jimmy tonight because Bella is on? You are going to be tired!”

    LPB: I’ll take a nap at 11 during the news….

  27. Completely agree, Fallon is a fanboy, and now that you mention facepunch, my husband turned into a unicorn after watching new moon, he has asked me all about the books and is kind of wanting to read them, I think some things like Facepunch and funny things like that during the movie helped his transformation, I just can’t stop him from saying those lines now, I had a friend over on sunday, and he was the one who asked what everyone thought about the movie, I don’t know if i should be proud or scared.

    • LOL, I don’t think you need to be scared. I wouldn’t go as far as saying my boyfriend is a unicorn, but he definitely enjoyed the movie (to both of our surprise) and I think the Facepunch scene was one of his favorites. Kudos to Chris for tossing in a few things throughout the movie that even most (non-unicorn) males could enjoy!

    • I wouldn’t know aswell Estrella. I once knew a boy that ‘totally got what you girls are talking about’. He was a HUGE rob fan, but not in that kinda creepy way but in a kinda ‘I get what girls like about him’ way. Still kind of freaky…
      But anyway if it’s your husband: Keep him. That truely sounds like its going to get funny…

  28. I think that the Jimmy Fallon interviews were the best appearances that Taylor and Kristen made. Maybe it was b/c they were at the very end of all the press stuff and it was a relief, but they both seemed so lighthearted. And damn, Kristen throwing a football with accuracy in stilettos and a micro-minidress…I might switch out Rob on my freebie five for Kristen.

    • random: I got my unicorn to start saying “fursploded”. He says it everyday as a greeting to me. “Hey! How are you? *FURSPLODE*” hehe

      • How did you do that? Mine told me on the weekend that on holiday we will have a media free holiday as well and just totally hang out and not turn the computer on once. I sheepishly smiled and thought ahhhhhm just a quick peek on ltt once a day for 5 hrs won’t hurt right…..

      • This is weird but after watching New Moon, I mentioned to my mom that the wolf’s “fursploded.”

        She gave me the oddest look and said, “Is that anything like ejaculating?”

        I died. Embarrassment and hilarity ensued.

        True story.

    • I know, right? It was totally the stilettoes and minidress that sealed it for me. I’m joining the fanclub.

  29. Wow, though I love Jimmy I missed all of this. And seeing as I don’t have speakers on my computer I can’t hear either. Total fail on my part.

    And yes, Jimmy DOES need to go back and do a staring role on SNL….it would actually be funny again.

  30. I love how Jimmy talks about Taylor’s abs in all the interviews! He loves those abs!! I think he has a little man crush on Tay Tay.

    • I totally agree with u on that. But like everybody talks about his abs. It’s just more interesting when a boy does (especially when that boy talks about it with sparkling eyes and apparantly happy)

  31. I can’t wait til I get home after work so I can watch these vids… already saw the first Rob is Bothered and can’t wait to see the others!

  32. Loved the potential interview questions!

    Yes, Rob on SNL doing Robert Is Bothered with Jimmy. Ultimate orgasm.

  33. OMG, I am FAIL, I haven’t seen Robisbothered.com and just snorted out loud in my living room. I also lost it when Tay ran into the wall in the hallway and his helmet and mic pac fell off…damn dish network for not giving me local channels.

    Melissa is bothered.

    • Well it doesn’t work in germany aswell so I rely on people putting it on youtube so I can watch it.
      Yeah, was quite funny when that happened; he so behaved like a little boy there… (‘the little boy that he actually is’)

    • him totally eating it on the bike was amazing!!! this is why jimmys show is legit!

      they update with new RIB’s regularly… stay tuned!

  34. The teeny tiny motorbikes that Taylor and Jimmy rode around was priceless! I was laughing so hard I was crying, then had to rewind it and watch it again….and again. Rob needs to get on Fallon! (that’s what she said)

    Kristen did such a good job this time around with her press, she was happy and relaxed and came across much better this time around. I ♥ her!

    • I totes agree with you. I was laughing so much too and since I was in the living room in front of my laptop cracking up the whole time my parents where all like ‘wtf is going on girl?’

  35. Jimmy:”You got jacked”
    taylor: *deep sigh*… “I got to wear littto jean shorts”… JORTS!! JORTS!! JORTS!!
    i wanted him to say it so bad (thats whats she said, maybe?)
    thats normal, right?
    course it is!!!

    anyway, he was too precious!!
    I love him even more!!

  36. “oh you sneezed let me take my shirt off” ROFLMAO…
    makes for happy hay fever alright….

    Dear Tay, I know I already asked you to be my BFF so Imma tell you something real exciting. Illegal’s great American Twi-venture is officially ON!!! So come June we can throw the pigskin around, have lots of protein shakes, experiment with our friendship and ride little pocket bikes….and yes I AM an awesome dancer… how ever did u know? Cant wait to stalk catch a glimpse of u…(but nothing else cause I’m a chicken) in 2010…

    p.s.Jimmy Fallon I ❤ you for making him ride that bike…in a tight shirt…I offer you my lifelong servitude and also some candy hearts…maybe we'll see each other on my Twi-venture and then I can say I touched you who touched Tay…Hansen cant touch this! LOL

    Good morning everybody!!!!

    p.p.s. im serious about the trip..parents said yes!!!squeeee!!!!
    happy explorer cookie…

    • I’m happy you get to do this huh… You’ll have lots of fun thats for sure.
      I was cracking up the whole time watching this video in front of my laptop and my parents where all like wtf? HAHAHA

    • candy hearts reference FTW!

    • “Illegal’s great American Twi-venture is officially ON!!!” <– 😀

    • “Hansen cant touch this! LOL”.

      That’s all made of gold and win with a scratch and sniff of freesia.

      And also, I think they just hired a taller bodyguard for Taycob. Have you seen his body guard. He’s pocket sized. What the Hale?

  37. I’m glad that you girl pointed this out. I was watching his interview with Kstew and thought he had the hots for her, then I realized that he really IS just a unicorn.

    BTW: I am still waiting for the LTT/LTR community’s response to Kstew’s blabbing the fact that Martha Stewart dreams about Rob! We should make some Robporn for Martha!

  38. Can anyone believe its 6 pm in germany right now?? So late again. And the fun is just starting…

    I am more excited than when I won the christmas hamper at green frog video hire! totes random but so excited I have lost all control and have locked myself in the cupboard so I cannot inflict grevious bodily harm on anyone whilst squeeing biting shaking but hey totes normal right….. I think of it as twi-tourettes (sp?) will all be ok tomorrow night gonna be a good good night I got that feeling BABY ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    • I’m excited for you. I can’t wait for you to come back and give us your thoughts 🙂

    • I almost wish I still had my New Moon movie virginity. It was that good. I’m so excited for you! I’ve done it…er…seen it 3 times now and there’s nothing like your first time. Use protection….and by protection, I mean earplugs for all the queeing fangirls.

      • I’m in germany. Zay are very vell behaved here!!! Zere vill be no screaming Ja!
        Am going home for christmas (NZ) so have to wait a week to see it in Eng.

        I am so excited and am going to not be able to stop myself droning on and on. I cannot imagine crying at the break up scene – didn’t cry in the book was more mad than anything, and cannot imagine becoming team jacob – he absolutely does not do it for me, so we shall see.
        Can I just ask one question though, one of my fav parts in the book is when Alice is talking to Charlie and he tells her how bad Bella was – please please please let that be in the movie. xxx

  40. Dear santa(i dont usually make so many posts like this but the teeth porn is making me feel all giddy and warm inside,,,,yes…just like christmas….)

    Ive made my list and I’ve checked it twice…
    for christmas I’d like

    – lots of money so I dont have to dumpster dive with Rob…(erm ok scratch that…maybe i didnt check it after all)

    -One pocket bike or crotch rocket(see below)

    -One lifesize Taycob in tight shirt on said crotch rocket…that sounds dirty…sorry….

    Feel free to reduce clothing if shipping get too expensive…yes considerate is my middle name, So is Pervert…lol

    your friendly neighbourhood Illegal

    (random much? freaked out cookie)

  41. I love Jimmy Fallon. I actually (don’t hate please) love him more than Conan. The whole robertisbothered.com thing is genius. Fantastic.
    I think I just died laughing rewatching that race between Taylor and Jimmy. Ohhh Lordy.

  42. I love Jimmy! And I love Moon! I was a little nervous about Kristen going on his show (awkward + awkward = AWKWARD) but they both did a great job! I think it’s my favorite interview that came out of this whole thing.

    I have to say, when the NM reviews starting appearing and the majority of them were not-so-nice, I got a little nervous. But then I watched Jimmy gush about it for ten minutes straight and I knew if he loved it, I would love it. He put my heart at ease. Thanks Jimmy!

  43. It’s lunch time right now and I could go for a Hungerectomy. BOTHERED!

  44. Facepunch Let’s Do This is just awesome sauce. My husband even worked that one into announcements at church Sunday morning for my and the BFF’s sake. He rules.

  45. The Jimmy interviews were the best! He is clearly a fan and I love how he gushed all over these kids. Stewie was fantastic and seemed to be having fun in spite of her cold. Plus her throwing arm (combined with her fierce fashions) impressed the HALE out of me. I missed Taylor’s interview on tv but enjoyed these videos. He definitely has a sense of humor and it’s fun to get a sense of what he is really like.

    P.S. On a completely different topic, when Newton, Bella and Jacob watched “Face Punch” in NM, did anyone else notice one of the male voices (in “Face Punch”) sounding VERY familiar? Because it reminded me a lot of a certain DILF. Will have to research this detail further by watching yet again. 😉

    • You are, wow, just wow. I can’t believe you noticed that…MUST investigate. Trick some other more hardcore psycho fangirl blog into doing it for us.

      • Yeah I have a lot of untapped fangirl potential (read: am cuckoo!). Not sure there is a more hardcore psycho DILF fangirl blog than this one, though. Guess I will have to research the other pro-CW blogs too. P.S. I luff him.

  46. haha i love this post- your website is great. can’t wait to follow you. some how you got linked to my blog katiehope.wordpress.com i think because i put up one of those “bothered” videos as well…

  47. Does someone else feel kinda empty now after this rush of videos from the New Moon promo is over ?

  48. TAY TAY has tweeted too!!
    Go and see at: http://twitter.com/Twilight

  49. I love Jimmy Fallon every since SNL. His interviews were great with Tay and Stew. Stew seemed relaxed for the most part and looks to be having a bit of fun on this press junket. They were also funny on Kimmel.

    Though I cannot watch the Bella punching Paul scene without hearing Gerimano(sp?) spanish translation in my head anymore.

    What’d juo do?
    What’d did jI do?
    Slap. Ay dios mio!
    Look a Doggy. Woof. Woof.
    Not Doggie. grrr
    I is Chupacabra.
    {Jake Run}
    I hep juo. I chupcacabra too.
    Chupacabra fight. Grrrr

  50. I’m loving Jimmy Fallon!

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