And even MORE Imma contest entries!

Dear Imma contest entrants and LTT-ers,

I know what you’re thinking “Wow, UC & Moon are SO lazy. They took advantage of the “Imma enter a Twilight contest contest” entries & have now posted them THREE days in a row as an excuse for a break from blogging.” And you would be right. We did this. Because bloggers are people too. And sometimes we get busy & need a break. Plus we’re lazy.

Since there were SO many good entries and since only two special folks could win AND since  we just happened to create fake categories that just happen to fit perfectly with some of the entries we’ve created fake prizes to show you just how much we love you. Cause we care. Sometimes.

Time for the funny…

Best entry featuring an American more popular in Germany than his home country

Kendall – You win the complete series of Baywatch on DVD and a private performance of “Hooked on a Feeling” by the Hoff himself! Lucky.

Best entry featuring an infomercial host who’s now in jail

JodieO – you win a free palm reading session with Jackson. He may not really be able to read palms but he definitely see’s a 100 Monkeys concert in your future

Follow the cut to see more entries!
Best use of random dialogue that Mel-Mel threw into the Twilight script that wasn’t really necessary

Egregarious_gurl- You win an customized copy of the Twilight DVD. The entire movie is tinted, what else? PURPLE

Best entry featuring the pubic hair of a man we don’t know

You're welcome. I censored. Click for the real thing

You're welcome. I censored. Click for the real thing

Cledbo – You win “tuck” lessons from Salvador Dali’s ghost

Best entry featuring an inanimate object as the main character

Egregarious_Gurl – You win a rare opportunity inside Rob’s hotel room to dig through his trash. Find us something good to blog about!

Best reference to LTT “character” who isn’t actually in the Twilight movies or books

Calliope– You win a date with Big Daddy AND KFed. To McDonalds of course. Congratulations!

Best Reference to that poor chap Solomon Trimble. Who?

LeeLou– You win a small role in a major motion picture. It’s going to MAKE your career. All your hard work and yearning for stardom will FINALLY come to fruition. Oh wait. Never mind. We take it back.

Best plea to Stephenie to finish Midnight Sun

Alice- You win a copy of the DVD “Midnight Fun” (which may or may not be pornographic)

Best entry mentioning Kimbra, the hand model, who does interviews. Which is weird. She’s a hand model:

Team Seth- You win one day as the LTT hand model. We’ll use your hand for our “STOP the nonsense. Bring back Buttcrack Santa” campaign.  PS: We don’t pay royalties either

UnintendedChoice & theMoonisDown

Okay, we really ARE done posting these, but haven’t even shared ALL of the funny ones! Check out ALL the entries (minus 3-4 which didn’t make it up do to technical fail) here: Twitter set, Text only and Email set

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48 Responses

  1. Midnight Fun! LOL

    Stephanie, Please…….finish it because I want a hard bound (thats what she said) edition for MY collection.

    You ladies (and unicorns?) are so funny and clever with your “Imma” captions. Thanks for the laughs.

    An old HS friend has just watched the twilight DVD and is now compelled to read the books. I never thought I would know a “virgin” after all this time.

  2. The hand model! LOL

    Oh my, I can’t believe that is KFed! Srsly, I’m gonna sue my gossip magazine for withholding that. It doesn’t always have to be the girls to be on full post-break-up cellulite display.

  3. OK. Love the Miss Cleo one! I used to have an obese cat named Miss Cleo.

    &&& You gotta admit that Buffalo Bill’s tuck is a lot more disturbing than Robs. Seriously.

    “It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again!”

  4. Good Morning everyone..I was more prepared today and put the coffee down/moved Blanket Rob/didn’t eat breakfast/and made sure hubs wasn’t in the room for my laughter outburst!! These are all too great/disturbing/hilarious/obscene/wish I hadn’t looked/hilarious!!!
    I vote for a contest a month! Sorry UC & Moon…but this is just toooo much fun…and IMMMA thinkin you 2 are the least lazy people I know…thanks for putting this all together!!!!

  5. holy shit. i can’t believe you guys have posted three of mine! i feel really special. and jodieo, i love your miss cleo one! so cute. enjoy your well-deserved break, ladies.

  6. These are really good! Congratulations! Have a nice weekened, whatever is left of it.

  7. Oh, drunk Rob, how I love you!

    Is the link to the Twitter entries broken for anyone else?

  8. So much awesome!

    Love the one with the Hoff and Cledbo’s with the Tuck. Brilliant. Well done, ladies.

  9. The Tuck!!!!



  10. The “Tuck” one was the best! What do you mean, Moon and UC by “pubic hair of a man we don’t know?” Buffalo Bill. Silence of the Lambs. Dude. Most disturbing serial killer EVER! The first time I saw Rob’s tuck, my mind immediately went to Buffalo Bill.


    • Whoa…way too much info…I guess I missed the whole p.h. statement…. 🙂 Robs tuck???? Never mind..I think I want to remain blissfully ingnorant… 🙂

    • I was mortified when I first saw the tuck, I regret looking at it! You would have thought that would hurt!

      • I saw the movie – it’s even more disturbing in motion!

        • @Ang -OMGosh you did? Hahaha, I haven’t seen it, I don’t wanna! You must have gotten that on netflix right?

          • Actually, it’s not on dvd yet. I saw it in a theater! It was at a place that shows a lot of limited run films, and it was only there one week. I almost didn’t notice, but I happened to be on the theater site looking for something else when it caught my eye. Critics panned that movie, but actually I thought Rob did a good job playing Dali, who by all accounts I’ve heard was a pretty strange guy. Very un-Edward!

          • Oh right! I am chicken so I haven’t even ventured out to look for Little Ashes! Dali is very eccentric, you can see it in his paintings, my parents had some prints of his artworks in their house. They’re a little disturbing but he’s a very good artist.

          • I’m DYING to see Little Ashes. I went to my independent film rental store here and was like, “Do you have Little Ashes?” and the guy’s all “The one with that Twilight kid?” “Robert Pattinson, yeah” and was like DESPERATELY trying to think of one of the other two characters’ names (isn’t the guy from Y Tu Mama Tambien who is Gael Garcia Bernal (swoon) in it?) but couldn’t. And he said, “It’s not out yet.” and then I was like, “Um, do you have Twilight?” I was so first hand embarrassed ‘cuz it’s such an indie film shop…like over 500 cult classic horror films or something ridiculous like that. Sections organized by director, and suborganized by Hollywood and Independent directors. It’s intense.

          • Oh yeah, and they totally had Twilight…still in the New Releases section 😀

          • TS – Bernal is one of the people in Little Ashes! Truthfully, while I am Twi-obsesssed, it’s not the kind of movie I typically flock to. I see almost every independent movie that comes to town! I drug my friend who usually goes with me to these types of movies to Little Ashes. He didn’t want to see it, mostly because he thought the only reason I wanted to see it was because of Rob. Only partly true. 🙂 Anyway, he actually liked it too and has agreed to watch my Twilight dvd with me prior to the release of New Moon. I’m trying to create a unicorn!

          • BTW – I saved Little Ashes in my netflix queue before I saw it in the theater. It still has an “unknown” release date. Hopefully it will get out there soon! I think it could have been edited a little better. Some sections were a bit hard to follow. But all in all, I thought it was pretty good.

          • @TeamSeth – Hi..*waves*

    • I tried very hard not to look at the uncensored Tuck up there but I gave in and did. *shudders* Why must I do things I will regret later?

  11. I found a site where you can go see a bunch of these. Some are Twilight related, but most of them aren’t. They are still hilarious though! It’s

  12. These are awesome! Love them all, especially the dumpster Imma.

  13. OMG what happened to Kevin Federline?

  14. thank you for being lazy and sharing all those great entries. you are keeping me from mopping my kitchen floor.

  15. Guess he’s a comfort food eater.
    Sorry… forgot to say great post – can’t wait to read your next one!

  16. Is it wrong that I’m on Team Kanye in the thought that “chapter 13 of Midnight Sun would be the best letter of all time?”

  17. Kanye popping out of the dumpster = photoshopping genius. Well done!

  18. These are awesome! Keep showing them!! Great use of that idiot (Kanye something). I like the dumpster and Midnight Sun the best (c’mon Steph – pretty please??).

  19. *does jig* yay you posted one of mine!

    The most gross and disturbing one but…still! It made me laugh.

    I actually can’t believe no one else went for it – this says a lot about the disturbing place that is my mind…

    Love the dumpster!

  20. That picture of Anna Kendrick haunts me. It feels me with such irrational jealous rage!!

  21. The dumpster and the hand model crack me up! And I didn’t even google the Kansas dumpster sex thing. Just seeing Kanye in that dumpster… epic!

  22. Midnight Fun! Imma read that!

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