Losing our Twilight (movie) virginity

Remember seeing this everywhere? (With the old release date!)

Remember seeing this everywhere? (With the old release date!)

Dear Twilight,

There’s nothing like your first time. The nerves, the jitters, the excitement, that nauseous feeling in the pit of your stomach. And then it’s over and suddenly you know what everyone has been talking about. You are no longer a virgin. A Twilight Movie virgin, that is! What did you think I was talking about?

We’ve talked about our first everything’s on here… first time reading the books, first time seeing the NM trailer, first time seeing each other in years, there’s a first time for everything BUT we’ve never talked about the first time we saw the movie in the theater. And it just so happens the other day UC and I were having a conversation about just this subject and here’s what we had to say…

UC: In August after I finished the books I found out it was going to be made into a movie and i was PISSED that it was being made into a movie b/c i knew it would suck. I saw ‘that girl from that movie with adam brody’ and then Cedric as Edward and was like “what the?” i will NOT watch this.” but duh.. time went on
Moon: Hmmm Adam Brody… how about when you went and saw it?
UC: I found 4 random people to see the movie with and then had drinks at pf changs after and stayed quiet while they talked about how Edward was NOT cute enough and how cheesy it was and i just had this FEELING
Moon: (like the black eyed peas?)
UC: (yup, like that)

Follow the cut to read the rest of our first time

And this one... with the new date

And this one... with the new date

UC: and was like.. i need to see that again. So I did 2 days later and then the next day at work, i believe i did nothing but watch videos of Rob. It was like meeting a new boy in high school
UC: i seriously had that feeling in my belly.
Moon: Oh I know that feeling, I think I googled Rob while IN the theater and my life has never been the same since that feeling!
UC: You know that feeling? It’s like I wanna DO stefan from vamp diaries. cuz he’s hot.. but i dont’ have the feeling
Moon: seriously, do-able but no where near THE FEELING you get from Twi or Edward
UC: What about you?
Moon: Yea, I didnt make it till Thanksgiving when I was originally going to see it with my Mom and cousin. (Well, they didn’t know they were going to see it, I was going to try to convince them. Didn’t take much as it turns out). I made it ONE DAY after Twilight came out and was dying. So I went and saw it BY MYSELF on Saturday!
UC: you Did NOT! I had no idea!
Moon: YES I DID!! i went at 9 in the morning the next day! And i thought it would be an empty theater cause I was going so early but it was FULL. I sat by myself between some crazy teen twihards and their crazy twimoms in super embarrassing shirts. The movie hadn’t even started and they were flipping out. And I was like wtf is the big deal people?! Calm down! (Oh little did I know) Then finally the “Twilight” screen came on and everyone lost their shit screaming. At 9 in the morning! I was like what have I gotten myself into? I sat there and fell in love with the story all over again by myself in the middle of the theater. Then I wrote about it on a blog I had at the time cause I had no other outlet to post about it on. And then you and I started talking about our mutual OCD for Twi and well the rest is history.

Awww sweet, sweet memories! I can tell you I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be here today while sitting in that theater early on a Saturday morning almost a year ago. But boy, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I do know that seeing New Moon will be a different story altogether. I will not be alone for sure as there is already a group in the double digits I will be seeing New Moon with! I’m so excited to see what this year’s “first time” will be like.

So what about you? What was your first time seeing the Twilight movie like?

Everytime is like the first time!

PS 38 DAYS!!!!!!!

See what UC’s got cooking at Letters to Rob today.
First time in the the forum?

Remember this… creeeepy music beginning! I always smiled when James says “You brought a snack!” Awww, makes me smile now watching this.

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  1. aww… i’m ashamed to admit it… i didn’t see it in the theater.

    it was my choice. i was like “pfffff… i’ll wait for the dvd…”
    but wound up watching it off the web, then *BOOM*! i was HOOKED! and as soon as it was available my hubby bought me the blue-ray and i bought ALL the books!!!

    ahhh… the rest is history…

    “i know, right?”

  2. Awww!
    I remember my first time.
    I’d heard about it but didn’t remember it at the time.
    I saw the trailer and thought it looked a’ight.
    Then bestie friend took me because I was home by myself.
    I still remember it: New Year’s Day 2009, night session and it was cloudy and I got a cold.
    In the middle of summer. FML.
    But I digress: I only saw the movie because of Rob.
    I’d seen pics of him at the HP5 premiere and was STUNNED at how effable he looked but didn’t dare tell my friends because I thought they’d give my shit because according to them I have “weird taste” in boys.
    Anyways. It was weird seeing it without having read the books.
    It was harder to understand.
    And then I made my friends go with me for my 19th b’day back in Feb.
    Best. Birthday. Ever.


  3. Like most first times, mine was a disappointment. Everyone sniggered when Edward ran up the mountain (including myself) and when I left the cinema I just wanted to cry becuase I was so disapointed that it was no where near as good as I imagined the books and a lot because Rob played Edward slightly differently to how I had imagined him (Edward was a LOT more confident bordering on arrogant in my mind – hey, it’s how I like my men).

    But I still had THAT FEELING and I went to see it again a couple of weeks later and totally LOVED it. My expectations weren’t as ludicrously high as they were the first time and I got to enjoy it for what it was, Buttcrack Santa and all.

    I think the moral is if you stick with it and keep trying, you get there in the end. 😉

  4. I had never heard of Twilight when I went to see the movie. I laughed most of the way through it. I didn’t think Rob was that cute.

    2 weeks later I read the book. Fell in love. Watched Rob interviews. Fell in love. Decided he was cuter than I originally thought. Fell in love some more. Found your site. Became obsessed!!

    • my thoughts exactly…

    • My first time was pretty similar except I read the book about 4 months later and completely fell inlove! Then I found newmoonmovie.org and then letterstotwilight. Life hasn’t been the same since! Ha

    • Yep, me too. Except I had read the first two of the books in quick succession and was in the middle of the third book. In my mind Edwards was so much more handsome and self-assured.

      But I watched the movie a few times and like you watched the interviews and a year later am still Robsessed. And I’m not some young schoolgirl so it’s 1st hand embarassing.

  5. My first time seeing twilight – was completely tainted.
    I went with a friend who hadn’t read the books, and thought the entire movie was batshitcrazy, and she proceeded to slag it off throughout the entire duration of the film. I pretended I didn’t like it either, and stayed silent when she said Rob didn’t really do anything for her. *crickets*
    I was lying Rob, you DO do things to me, MANY A-THING.

  6. My first time was moooonths after everyone else discovered Twilight… I got hooked on a the books by a friend in April, and as soon as I finished them, I started searching for the movie. Although my friends who had seen it assured me that the movie was not that great, I wanted to see it nonetheless. However, here in Belgium we had to wait until mid-July for the dvd to come out, and I’m not so handy with downloading stuff from the internetz…

    In comes Alice to save the day (she’s my internetz-dowloads-dealer). I saw the movie with her for the very first time, and nearly laughed my ass off at all the crazy stuff (Buttcrack Santa? Berry cobbler?) and was to-tal-ly disappointed that the meadow scene wasn’t like in the book… but I also got ‘the feeling’, and i must have watched the movie a dozen times in two weeks’ time. I can recite it now, line for line.

  7. I have seen the Twilight at the end of July for the first time. I was still hesitant because I don’t like vampire movies. (I am very scared usually..) I had no idea what it was about and why everybody was so obsessed about it. I have seen pictures of Robward all around the internet, people were drooling on him and I was like “I don’t understand the taste of this new generation, what is so special about him???”… (I am 29 by the way..) Anyway, coming to the day I first watched Twilight… With my brother and my husband, we were searching the movies we can watch together and Twilight was their choice. I was mummblin myself if I get too scared I’ll go to bed.. The first scene Edward appeared I told them that all the teenage girls were drooling on him and I don’t understand them.. (What an understatement…) We were making fun of this fact alll together… As we were watching the movie, my verbal and bodily reactions against Edward and mostly Rob started to change… Around minute 30:00, I started to say “Actually, he is kind of special you know..”.. Around minute 60:00, my reactions were “I have never seen such a cute smile and the way he looks kills me…” At the end of the movie, my only reaction was “I understand all these girls.. Oh my god, he is out of this world…” Since then here I am robsessing, obsessing… The rest of the story is pretty much the same with everybody else’s story. Next 3 days, I watched the movie 6 more times, memorized every look, every smile from Rob… I learned actually this was an adaptation from a book series. I got the books, read all four and a half in one week… I hated them but they were giving me the opportunity to fantasize about Rob in many different ways. And I watched every single youtube video and read every single interview of Rob… So the Twilight was only a door to Robuniverse for me…

  8. I finished Twilight and New Moon while being on holiday in April. It was horrible, since I had no internet. It was just me and two finished books by the end of day 5.
    Twilight was no longer playing in theatres and since I had no intention of waiting until the release of the dvd, I made the Mr. find it online on the exact day we returned and after he had been driving for 8 hours. I can be very relentless when twilight is concerned. Meanwhile I was already swooning over Robward online. A few hours later the Mr. was sound asleep and I might have watched it 3 times in a row. I hated the fact that they cut the meadow and thought the movie was rather crappy. But I fell in love with the cast and the atmosphere. The ‘feeling’ was definitely there. And the more I watched it, the more I was starting to enjoy all the sloppy stuff. Twilight is like this thing I had with the traumatized dog I bought. The fact he was wasn’t ‘perfect’ made me care for him more in a way.

  9. I sadly was part of the NTA (Not Twilight Aware) population when the movie came out, so I lost my Twilight movie virginity at home with the DVD. I had just read the whole series in three days and luckily the DVD released that week. I was already a Rob fan, having seen HP and having felt guilty about twinges in my tingly place about an underage wizard, so seeing him over the age of 21 was a good thing. I thought the movie was good the first time I saw it, but I was disappointed with the meadow scene and the running up the mountain…and dear lord, the spider monkey line. But on the whole I was happy they at least didn’t follow the clothes from the book…THANK GOD. I really like KStew as Bella (please don’t hurt me) and Billy as Charlie is my fave part. Alas now, when I watch it, I cringe more, but I’m looking forward to NM. I bought my midnight premiere tickets and found some other twidorks to go geek out over it with me. I’m making up for missing it the first time around.

    • i really like her as Bella too. i can appreciate all her backward stammers and clutziness.

      i-i-i, i mean… sh-sh-sh-she’s, you-know, like, um… i great interpretation of the character!

    • “…I was happy they at least didn’t follow the clothes from the book…”
      Bella’s khaki skirt that she wears on ‘special occations’. Geez.

    • I think Kstew is an awesome Bella. I had Netflixed the “Adam Brody” movie and liked it. I thought, “hey that’s the kid from Panic Room!” I checked her IMDB and at that time, saw that she was in production on a vampire movie with that kid that played Cedric Diggory. I shook my head and thought “oh Lord…girl’s gone and ruined her career with a vampire movie.” Then I started to google Rob and ran into the Twilight Tuesday interviews…my life has never been the same since July ’08.

      • I love how everybody here refers to it as the “Adam Brody” movie! I saw that and liked it too! I’ve actually seen KStew in a lot of movies. I like her as Bella too. She really is a lot like I see Bella when I’m reading.

        • I don’t even know what the “Adam Brody movie” is! lol!! And I definitely haven’t seen the HP movie with Rob (not even on YouTube) because I haven’t read HP at all and I’ve only seen the very first HP movie (back when it came out in theaters).


          • @myria101 – LOL It’s a movie called In the Land of Women. It’s a chic flic.

            I just recently watched all the HP movies on dvd so I could see the Rob one. I’ve not read the books, but I felt like I couldn’t just watch part 4 for Rob – had to see all in the series. Fun to watch. But Cedric is no Edward!

      • Agreed, Bella is supposed to be slightly socially retarded and shy…how else would you play that? Stuttering and winking works for me.

        • I love KStew’s adaptation of Bella.

          • OKay, I watched the Panic room this weekend and she blinks and studders in that movie.

            Okay I get it….. Shes eleven and working with THE child star (Little Foxes- anyone?) Jodie Foster.

            Then I went straight out and rented “Adventureland” and she blinks and studders in that one too…..Um, yeah…
            I saw the Adam Brody movie when it first came out on DVD and was …eh. Same thing.

            She seems t-to have only one…..um……… range.

            I like Kstew only for the reason that he wanted to do the movie was because of her.

  10. I was dragged along by my ex bf and his friend on the opening night to see this ‘cool new vampire film’.

    Thought the film was so-bad-it-was-good, but couldn’t keep my eyes off Rob. I didn’t even realise he was English til the guys told me after, which is strange as his accent really did kinda suck. Strangely, the guys really liked the film and asked if I’d read the books… so there went the rest of that week.

    Then came the googling, youtube searching and general web stalking, then came the fanfic… I sometimes wonder what the heck I’d do with my time had I not gone to see that film?!

    My lunch break would definitely be lacking in laughs without you guys x

    • So wait a sec… your ex bf got you hooked on Twilight, As in, a boy and another boy DRAGGED you to the film? Really?

      • don’t be too shocked. my hubby was the one who introduced me to it. (the movie) (i know, i know… *GASP*) but he thought it looked like something i would get into… i mean, after all… it’s targeted toward teens & i haven’t been one for a decade, so i really appreciated the intro! he really held out on reading the books, as i recently detailed, but know we both love the movie and he understands my obsession w/ the books b/c he couldn’t put them down either!

        ain’t love grand?!

        • can we arrange a husband swap for the week on Nov. 20? kthxbai.

        • Wow, I’m amazed! My bf refuses to have anything to do with ‘that stupid sparkly vampire’ and rolls his eyes every time I’m doing something Twilight-related on the internet.

          • i think that “real men” are secure enough in themselves to accept the world of twi-dom. (ha-ha) (not saying that yours isn’t secure)

            maybe male denial is really a cover-up! (unicorn wanna-be)

            HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! – zing!

        • My hubby was also the one to introduce me to the Twilife…but not in a “we agree it’s awesome” sort of way.
          The kiddies were in bed and we wanted to watch a movie. I believe his exact words were, “Wanna watch Twilight? I think it’s about vampires and cops.”
          I agreed. Then we laid on the couch and heckled poor Edward and Bella through the whole thing. We agreed that it was the most awful teeny-bopper vampire movie ever.
          Then, at 11 that same night, I suddenly remembered that I needed milk from the store. I came home with a gallon of milk and the Twilight paperback.
          Five days and four gallons of milk later, I’d read all four books and was hopelessly obsessed….and my husband still thinks I’ve lost my mind.

          • OMG! Love the necessary gallons of milk to get the books!

            I accidently bought Eclipse in Spanish & immediately ran back to the store to exchange it. My brother was with my and said “As if you can outrun me.”

            True Story.

      • Yup!

        The ex’s friend teaches 9th grade, so he even knew the what the books were about.

        Just wanted to point out, he was already an ex long before we went to see the film! x

  11. I have to admit, I’d never even heard of Twilight when I went to the cinema to see the movie (Twilight isn’t a real big thing here in Holland). I was just bored and called a friend if she wanted to go the movies, to a vampire movie! We were both sceptical of what to expect, but the first time Edward entered the screen I was “OMG he’s cute”. I left the cinema thinking ”I have to see that movie again”. So the minute I got home, I texted my friend, who I see most of the movies with, ”We have to go to the movie Twilight! Hot guy, amazing eyes!” So two days later I went again. Luckily she loved the movie as well. A day later I found that the movie was actually based on a book. So we went to an English bookstore in Amsterdam, because well…you just have to read in English or else it will suck. By the time we both finished the books and saw the movie 5 times. We were obsessed!!!

  12. I have to admit that I had never heard of Twilight, Stephenie Meyer, or any of the craziness that went with it. I saw the trailer and thought “that looks good. I like vampires…” Then, nothing. I didn’t go to see it until my daughter had her birthday in December and I took seven 12 years olds to see it. It was okay, I didn’t immediately fall in love with Edward Cullen. I bought the books for my daughter and she never read them. So about a month later my husband lost his job and we were devastated! So instead of drinking myself into a stupor (as one would normally do) I read Twilight. And when I was done with all four in three days, I read them again. And again. I spent two weeks on the couch reading so I wouldn’t have to think about money or jobs or any of that.

    By the time the movie came out on DVD I was completely hooked with the books, and was SURE the movie was way better than I remembered it. When I finally got the DVD I watched and watched and sure enough, the movie sucked. I cringed at Buttcrack Santa, and the tree climbing, and the stuttering and blinking. However, I did love Rob as Edward more and more! I agree with Shleeigh, Edward was way more confident in my head than in the movie. I think we can all agree with that. All in all, not a very exciting loss of Twilight movie virginity.

  13. The first time I attempted to watch Twilight, I got to the sparkly part & said “Never again.” Boy sparkling = bad idea.

    Then & read the books in July… Now I have watched it more times than should be legal. I can’t imagine liking that crap w/o falling in love with the books first.

    • OMG, I had totally blocked the sparkly part. Ahhh, some things can not be unseen. Pass the brain bleach please.

  14. Wow! Just watched the trailer for the first time. Yes. I am, in fact, far behind schedule & not the biggest fan OF ALL TIME!

    But that trailer made the film look a lot better than it actually is. Just saying.

    • Agreed! In fact, I actually remember sitting in the cinema and seeing the trailer (I had Twilight to read and hadn’t started it yet) and I turned to my friend and said “I’m going to get obsessed with this.” HOW RIGHT I WAS.

    • Agreed, the trailer does make the movie seem a lot better… that’s why I’m still holding my breath for New Moon. The trailer’s great, but what does that tell us?

  15. oh .. My first time *dreamy* … Actually I had a cold
    and I was like .. What’s the big deal about this guy ?seriously .I was probably the only one who didn’t think he was THAT good looking ( I was wrong .. I admit!) . two months later I was crazy about him ..Staying up all night and day .. checking blogs watching videos ..consuming the house’s internet limit .filling my hard disc with pictures videos and everything Rob related . It was crazy ..

  16. I lost my v card with my neighbor. We both cringed through most of the movie and didn’t think Rob was all that great. I nearly had a fit during the lame “meadow scene” when he placed his hands on the rock and missed. Edward would never miss. But…
    Then Rob got out of the car with his shades on and we were gone! Left for dead by the hawtness that was Edward. There was my cocky image from the book.
    We turned to each other at the end and said “That kinda sucked. Why was Bella so depressed and a blinking spazz?” It would have been better with a different Bella.
    I told my mom that I needed to go Christmas shopping so she would watch the kids and then went and saw it again. She asked where my purchases were and I told her that I just couldn’t find anything and that I may need to go again.
    I liked the movie much better the second time. I loved getting that tingly feeling again when the DVD came out. I watched it with my pastor’s son and family. He asked me why I was figiting and my face was all red when Rob entered the cafeteria. I had to fan my face and he knew I had the panty sweats. Um, first hand embarassed?
    Anyway, like most of you I didn’t enjoy losing my movie virginity. It was just like losing that other v card. Built up in my mind to be something awesome but turned out to be rather dissapointing in technique. I’ve learned to accept and love the movie for it’s bad thrusting action because at least I was getting some action.
    I wrote all this on an iPod so forgive my mistakes. Do I get fan points for a Stephenie Meyer long novel?

    • “I told my mom that I needed to go Christmas shopping so she would watch the kids and then went and saw it again. She asked where my purchases were and I told her that I just couldn’t find anything and that I may need to go again.”

      HAHAHAHA! That is funny.

      And watching it with your pastor’s family is priceless.

    • Panty sweats? Love it.

    • Hahahahaha! Great v-card story!

      “Edward would never miss.” So true!! That scene just all around bugs me.

    • “Then Rob got out of the car with his shades on and we were gone!” Yes! That’s ‘my’ Edward right there – I’m glad someone else had him cocky in their mind too!

    • I went to see it (the second time) by myself while I was supposed to be Christmas shopping and my mom kept my son too! It was me and two other TwiMoms in the theater. Maybe they were supposed to be shopping as well.

  17. This is a bit embarrassing.

    I drove three hours to go see it on the Friday it came out with my friend who got me hooked on the books. The movie started, and I started swooning over Billy Burke. We both swooned together when Edward walked into the cafeteria… and then proceeded to hit each other on the arm and go “what the hell?” every time the movie screwed something up. EX: What about Jasper’s ability? (Seriously, WTF?) When it was over, we dissected it some more and my friend (who went to film school) decided that it was shot like a bad 90s music video. Needless to say, we were both a bit disappointed.

    Oh, and we totally saw it two more times in the theater the next day….

    What?! Rob’s hot! ….and the baseball scene gets me every time… and dammit that copstache is sexy… sigh.

    • Yep I went to go see it on the Friday it came out with my fellow obsessee and we held hands the whole time because we were so Rob-lusty. Then we went to go see it Saturday…then movie hopped and saw it again. Three times in less than 24 hours! I just HAD to see the cafeteria, the sunglasses, jasper and bat, the kiss, and the prom again!

      • Yes! I’m glad to know I’m not alone!! And the sunglasses… sigh… I think we saw it the third time exclusively for the sunglasses…

        • New moon is going to kill my wallet. I just know it. There are just going to be too many muscles and jaws flying around for any other possibility.

  18. I saw it over thanksgiving weekend by myself. God, that was an awful awful weekend. Going back to my happy place now.

  19. So far I’m the only one who lost her viriginity at the midnight showing! Didn’t have a clue what Twilight was but my sis-n-law called and asked if I wanted to go with her and my niece (who was 14) to a midnight showing of vampire movie. I am like wtf? I don’t like vampire movies! Is it scary? But I was up for it and went. My niece and her friend made Team Edward shirts and were talking about being someone’s brand of heroin and again I am like wtf is all this stupidity??? Ha ha little did I know. But I enjoyed the movie enough to go straight to Wal-Mart after the movie at 2:30am and buy the book!

    Now my sis-in-law and I are probably more obsessed than my niece who hasn’t even finished all the books!

    • KIDS! seriously.. kids aren’t as obsessed as we grown-ups are.

      (ew.. when did i become a grown-up?)

    • Yep, most defs hit the midnight showing! Take the screaming of the nine am showing and triple it. Include screaming for every new character introduced (even Billy). I love midnight showings. They are a totally different experience than anything else. So of course I had to go see it two more times in a week… 🙂

      • I so heart midnight showings. It’s just this amazing group experience that you can reproduce any other time you watch it. Just LOVE them. I think that’s why Rocky Horror Picture Show is always shown at midnight (that and people wearing lingerie into the theater in the middle of the day might be considered odd)

  20. For the longest time all I knew about Twilight was that it was the movie that replaced Half-Blood Prince’s opening weekend and that people kept saying it was “The Next Harry Potter”. And I resented it.

    OK, fine, two months later I’ve read the whole series (still don’t think it’s on par with HP) and I’m dying to see the movie. I go by myself on a bitterly cold night and the errands I had to run didn’t take me nearly long enough, so I have to wait in the theater lobby for about an hour listening to the claw game screaming “STEP ON UP AND WIN A PRIZE! *HONK HONK*” every 40 seconds until I want to commit violent acts against it.

    I settle myself into the drafy theater and a group of 20ish girls sits behind me. A few of them are from That Church (the one where women aren’t allowed to cut their hair, wear make up, or wear pants, but the majority of 14-year-old girls already have at least 1 baby) and one of them screams “IS HE THE DEVIL!?!” when Voldemort comes on the screen during the previews. Turns out, I’m going to be grateful for this girl because thankfully she was WAY louder than me as I guffawed my way through the movie. Carlisle’s entrance, “spider monkey”, “personal brand of heroin”, Edward running up the hill (just like the yodler from The Price is Right), the face-off in the baseball field. Yes, I admit I laughed my ass off. I kept looking around at the rest of the audience, mostly couples and really REALLY wanted to ask them men, who sat stony-faced, through it all how they liked the movie. That god awful, 2nd hand embarrassing movie.

    PS. I saw it again the next night, and the week after that.

    • “Edward running up the hill (just like the yodler from The Price is Right”

      I’ve been trying to place what that scene reminded me of and you are spot on! Hilarious!

    • LMAO! Love “Is he the devil!?”

      I have more nightmares about Voldemort than anything else. That is my unnecessary confession of the day. lol

    • @JodieO Ha! I was in a hurry and didn’t read any comments before I posted mine. Now I’m reading them all and I love that I’m not the only one who was bitter when Twilight replaced HP!

      I actually loved the movie from the first time, but I have to agree that the spider monkey part always makes me cringe.

  21. Confession…I never saw the movie in the theater. One of my BFFs was obsessed with RPattz and I kept wondering what the big deal was? I must have seen every bad picture of him and none of the good ones. Another friend sent me the books and I thought, what is with these people? I’m never going to read this shizzz. Well, shit fire and burn the matches, I read the first book and approximately 1 week and a lot of ignored meals, laundry and general interpersonal interaction later, I finished them all. The movie had already left the theaters and the DVD had not come out yet ,so I searched for the trailer on the Internetsss and I was hooked at “What if I’m the bad guy?” I was in a bad way. BFF #1 told me about this site and the rest as they say is history. I’m now skulking around the office trying to avoid detection!

  22. well since i am who i am i was so anti reading and seeing the movie because i was soo pissed that they pushed back the harry potter movie. then my friend gave me the book and told me to just read it. i took the book home with me and it sat on my kitchen table for about a month and a half. i ended up taking the book with me while i waited to get my oil changed. i was kind of embarrassed to be sitting in a full waiting room reading some teen book but after that fateful day i was unable to put it down. i think i finished it later that day and then read it again. we waited to see the movie somtime in the middle of january. by that time it was only showing once a night. i think we squeeked by because i think the next week it was out of the theatre. but when we saw it the theatre was maybe half full. we were kind of had the same opinion of edward that your friend had that edward wasn’t cute enough, emmet wasn’t big enough, alice wasn’t petite enough, rosealie wan’t beautiful enough, and bella was just plain awkward. needless to say we were kind of dissapointed with the movie and all the plot holes that they have to fix for this next movie. but we won’t miss new moon we may wait to see it after all the hype dies down. because i refuse to sit in a theatre with screeming kids.

    oh well now we are obsessed.

  23. Months before the movie even came out I already had NO intentions of seeing it. I was pissed and pouty that Twilight had taken the day that Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was supposed to open. Yes, I channeled my inner toddler and tantrumed about it for weeks! Ha!

    Then a couple of weeks before the movie came out I caved and decided to go ahead and give the book a try. Done and done!! I gave it to my bestie and pleaded with her to read it so we could go see the movie together. She finally gave into to my whining and was unconditionally and irrevocably hooked! We then saw the movie together almost 20 times before it left the theater! It was crazy! We would leave work early, go in late, and call in sick to go see it! To say we got THE (ROB) FEELING is an understatement!!

  24. This is so embarassing……I hadn’t even read the books. My kids insisted that I go see it. I had only seen ONE trailer and my comment about that was, “Isn’t that the kid thay played Cedric Diggory? And why is everything blue?”
    Then 2 of my friends dragged my butt to see it on a Tuesday night 3 weeks after it opened. As soon as that boy walked into that cafeteria, I lost my damn mind and haven’t been able to find it since.
    From the 5 trips to the theater…AFTER I downloaded a bootleg copy onto my puter (I just couldn’t get enough of the sheer magnitude of Rob on the Big Screen), to the multiple copies of the DVD I purchased so I wouldn’t miss any special features, to the HOURS and HOURS (and days and weeks and months) I spent googling and youtubing, I learned a lot about myself.
    Now that I know what I’m capable of (spending the kids lunch money on movie tickets, lying to friends and family in regards to my whereabouts, etc…) I’m desperatly trying to remain calm and not go so ApeSh** over New Moon.

    My guess is that I’ll have, at the very least, 10 viewings under my belt by the end of the Turkey Day weekend. God, I need help.

  25. I didn’t see it until is was ALMOST out of the theater…literally it was less than a month before the DVD released.

    I had bought the books, got drunk reading Twilight. Called my friend and told her, her taste in books was complete crap. She told me to go see the movie it will make it better. I scoffed. Waited almost a week and then went to the movie. On a Thursday, late show, alone with 10 other ladies in the theater. They were drunk and I wish I was.

    I texted my friend that the music was good. The chick playing Bella bothered me. Alice should be smaller. Jasper shouldn’t look so pained. Edward…REALLY???? (I had pictured him more HotAlex (with short hair) than Rob). I laughed at places I shouldn’t have (Hallo) I got excited in the right places (James *you brought a snack* I like my boys BAADDDDD)…

    …then I found LTT/R and I completely fell in love.

  26. I too went and saw it by myself the first time! I had seen the trailers on tv. I talked about it with my roommate, saying how it looked like a good movie and it’s actually a book series. I decided I really wanted to read Twilight before I went to the theatre to see it. I remember buying the book and starting to read it. It was a few days after my grandmother passed away in the beginning of November and I had to travel to Florida for her funeral. Well I finished reading it and knew I had to see the movie and read the rest of the books. I went on the 21st to see it because I couldn’t wait, sat by myself, and loved it. And the rest was history. The second time I went with my cousin on thanksgiving. This year I already have friends who want to go. Can’t wait, 38 days!!!

  27. I saw it the day after it came out. I scoffed at my friends who went to the midnight showing the night before asking them why a group of hot girls in their late 20’s were going to see a teenage vampire movie. Went to work the next day and all of the mac girls were a buzz about the movie my bff (who worked with me at the counter) went shopping after work in downtown Seattle and she still wouldn’t shut up about how much I would love it and said I will pay for you to see it right now… It was nearly 11pm and no cinemas downtown had a showing that late. We finally found a showing 20 minutes away and I agreed. The next day at work I totally acted like it was the lamest movie I’d ever seen but then another “friend” of mine told me he would take me to see it. I saw it 7 times and didn’t pay for it once. Haha. I bought the book after the second viewing and rest the entire series over thankgiving (happy Canadian thanksging btw) and the rest is history. I may have failed two finals that semester because everytime I sat down at the computer I found myself at YouTube watching ron interviews. Whoops.

  28. After months of denying that anything could be as addictive as this “pre-teen vampire series” (that’s what I called it before this very weekend last year when I first broke down and bought Twilight at Logan Int’l Airport), I found myself flying through the books as if my life depended on it, watching and re-watching the trailor online until the movie came out (cue the awesome erie music!). Then we went to see the movie and at I squealed like a 12 yr old girl at a Jonas Bros. concert! I felt so silly; I had butterflies in my tummy and had these conflicting feeling of complete mortification from even being in this theater with little girls swooning over someone who actually said, “You better hold on, Spidermonkey”, along with OMG OMG OMG he’s so HOT!!!!! It didn’t take long for the latter feelings to prevail. Now I’m happy to join the throng of teens and pre-teens and their twi-moms in the theater next month when NM comes out. I promised myself that I wouldn’t watch the trailers (too much) and seek out still photos from NM, because I did that with Twiilght and I think it sort of ruined the effect of seeing the movie for the first time. Alas, I have already thrown that promise to the wayside and look up new things daily!

    I wish so much that they could remake Twilight now that they have some money to throw behing the films. I love Twilight for what it’s worth, but it really could have been SO much better. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed harder when I first saw EC “run” up the mountain, or when KStew’s robotic line “Your hand is so cold…omg what is going on?” was delivered, or just Jasper’s general appearance…..all hilarious moments that could have used some finessing. But, I squealed on the phone the entire way home with my sisters who also had just come from seeing it in a different state.

    I wish Stephenie would write more on Twilight…..a new series based on Renesme, finish Midnight Sun? Something….please SM….I’m reading the series for third runthough in a year now!

    A final comment….if my husband finds Twilight in the DVR one more time I’ll be divorced!

  29. I read all of the books first and was crazy fangirl excited when they announced the film, but then real life got in the way and I kind of forgot about it all *blushes*.
    Remebered just in time to convince my then best friend (male) to blow off our work’s christmas party and go see it on the opening night. He knew nothing at all about it and couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about. I wasn’t instantly crazy about Rob, he ws a slow growing obsession.
    Bought the DVD the day it came out but didn’t watch it for a long time. Have watched it about 4 times now though and the Robsession is still going strong!
    Can’t wait for NM but have a feeling I will be seeing it on my own, unless I can convince my cousin or step sister to go with me!

  30. Well I had read the books ages before I heard they were making a movie out of it and my first thought upon hearing they were making a movie was “oh boy, that’s gonna suck”, so I decided I wasn’t going to go pay to see whatever piece of crap Hollywood created. The trailers came out and I snickered whenever I saw it. A girl at work was reading Twilight and was excited to go see it, but I remained a Twilight snob and refused. I was also worried that it’s crappyness would bleed into my book readings and ruin Twilight forever.

    But, she saw it….and I was jealous….BUT I still refused to go pay to see it, so I somehow found it on the internet and watched it. Not ONLY did it give my computer a virus (what does THAT tell you), but I HATED it! I didn’t really get that “feeling” either. I thought it looked like some hour and a half long emo music video. I still have only seen it all the way through once, even though I own the stupid thing.

    But I have MUCH higher hopes for New Moon – even got a group together to go see it opening night. Chris you better not disappoint me!

  31. Ok no fair…you all know my story…so what can I add.??.I thought about this hard this morning and I guess all I can say is that I may watch the movie every night like the first time…(I know your jealous admit it) but the funny thing is which parts stay.with me, even for alittle while, ….the first time HE comes through the door in the Cafe, sparkling Ed ( I STAND FOR THE SPARKLE !)…the kiss and for some reason Charlie and the gun scene…(probably because that is something my Dad would have done) and of course the kiss oh and the part that Bella bends her neck back so it looks like its gonna break and I always ALWAYS think HE IS going to bite her…EVERY TIME…I admit..I LOVE this movie for all the wrong reasons, but I don’t care. Every night I get to fall asleep or lie awake and watch it with all the excitement of the first time. I guess it really doesn’t matter that I don’t remember most of it …probably a good thing..but I get to keep the emotion of it…yes it makes me feel good, more so than I like to admit. I love that it has changed my life, brought me even closer to my daughter, allowed me to meet some of the most awesome people in the universe..and that I have a place to go everyday and be “with them” …I have a voice again, I have determination and a sense that anything is possible if you want it bad enough…..I am laughing and trying to be a part of something again for the first time in 3 years..I LOVE MY Blanket Rob and can admit it! Ohh I have to go and put on one of my Twilight Tee’s …I just feel the need…….

    • Fake lesbian kisses to you – we love ya!

      • Smooches Sassy…forgot the vocab part….I love that I have a whole new language (most of which I never get…but say anyway) !

    • “I LOVE this movie for all the wrong reasons, but I don’t care.”

      MidSin – Don’t we all??? Actually, I know what is going to happen everytime I watch it, but that doesn’t keep me from swooning like it’s the first time EVERY TIME Edward walks into the cafeteria. There’s just something about that moment that is like the first time every time!

      • Yes I agree! I never fail to swoon at Rob, especially when he walks in the cafeteria and the restaurant scene!!!!! I know I probably act like a 14 yr old but that’s okay :-).

    • As much as I make fun of the movie, and as weird as I thought they made poor Rob look as Edward (I know, I know.. shame on me!) I always swoon during the biology scene and the hospital scene. His sly little smile just kills me. Which is why I also fall asleep to the movie every night. =) I just wish the van’s screeching tires weren’t so loud. Wakes me up every time.

      • LMAO!!! Your right..those damn tires..everytime..worse w/the head phones on..scare the crap outta me…
        His eyes…they get me every time and I LOVE his half smile…I just love him…and I want him sneaking in MY window…and that kiss in the hospital ” ok I am just getting carried away now….sorry! 🙂 (broke a sweat)

        UC & Moon….how about A Favorite Line in the Movie and why day….???

  32. I can’t believe this craptastic movie has completely overturned my life in the last ten months. All I remember is that my teenaged cousin was talking about reading the books and was excited about seeing the movie. She was a little bummed because she said the only black guy in the movie was dressed really corny, had a ratty dreadlock wig and a terrible Ja-fakin accent. I hadn’t even seen the trailer, so I had no idea what she was talking about. I saw a snippet on E! (Edward’s bedroom) and thought that Edward looked weird. I even thought to myself that it was strange what kind of guys young girl’s were into these days because that Dude’s head was LARGE.

    Fast forward to about three months later. I was bored and nothing else was playing in the theater, so I checked it out. I cringed throughout the whole movie and thought that I would completely slither out of my seat when they raced up that mountain. I was so embarrassed for everyone involved. But there was something about that dude with the LARGE head that made me want to come back again and again. I waited patiently for the DVD release, watched it about a 100+ times before I finally broke down and read the books.

  33. I also felt like a creepy old man and totally watched it by myself in the theater. My husband refused to go so I went on a rainy day. I actually enjoyed the movie the first time I saw it even though I didn’t know anything about Twilight and had never read the books.
    The first thing I told my husband was that I was “really impressed by the music choices in the movie.”
    So in reality- while I already had a huge crush on Rob from long ago, it was the surprisingly good score that got me to thinking there was more to this teenage vampire series.

  34. I saw it about 5 times by myself, in the cinema. Same with Little Ashes. None of my mates would come with me 😦

    First time was with OH, and we liked it okay.

    A month later, read the books, fell in love with “Edward”, YTed Robert, fell in love with Robert, saw the movie another 6 times 🙂

    But the first time…….fell in love? Not so much. Weird!

  35. My first time was in December 2008. Finally I was in my Christmas holiday and I had lunch with my best friends. One of them went back to work and the other, my friend Paola, said: Let’s go see a movie (and she was very insisting)
    Lets watch “Twilight”, she said, and I was like: what?, Yes, Twilight, they say its the “it” movie of the year, is abot vampires. My only response was: Ok.
    So, we went, and Dear God, I just remember saying: That’s Cedric, and went :0
    And then Paola said: I knew it, knew you would fall for Him!
    So, I laughed, I felt butterflies in my stomach, I blushed, and I stopped thinking about my work. which is good.
    From then until now … is a loooooooooooooooongggg story.
    I will never forget that first time.

  36. I saw it by myself the first time too! I was visiting my sister for Thanksgiving and my boyfriend had promised to take me once I got back in town, but I could not wait, so I went at 1 PM on a Saturday, hid in the back, and watched the magic that was Buttcrack Santa unfold before me. And then I went back to her house, downloaded a pirated copy, and watched it like ten times before he actually took me to see it.

    And I totally pretended I hadn’t seen it when I got back home and he took me…good thing I had seen it before (and could recite back most of the movie in my mind), there were some truly obnoxious tweens in the back who kept on talking during the “best” lines.

    Luckily, this year, I specifically requested not to be on call so that my friend (who I lured to the dark side of Twilight so that I could have someone to share this with) and I can see the midnight showing and then go to work at 5 AM the next day. Not smart, but this is what Twilight does to you.

  37. I was head over hills for Twilight long before the movie came out. I had read the Saga in July because MTV had started to pimp the movie. I actually started to read the books because I liked the casting of Rob and Kristen so much *ducks head*.

    I went to the theater BY MYSELF at midnight to the very first showing because my bff wanted to wait until “a more reasonable time.” Pfft! (She and I saw it together on Friday night and then I saw it with my sister on Saturday afternoon.) Anywho…I thought it was cheesy, but I totally didn’t care. I could not explain it to my husband why I wanted to go back again and again (5 times in all). That first time I turned into a total teenager. When Edward walked into the cafeteria, I actually giggled (keep in mind, I was by myself….and 29 years old). I just couldn’t reign myself in. I smiled like an idiot all the way home (listening to the soundtrack, of course) and couldn’t wait to see it again later that same day. I will also have my New Moon cherry popped in the same fashion. None of my RL Twilight friends are as nuts about it as me. Is it normal that before Twilight I would have been mortified to go see a movie alone in a theater and now I can’t wait to go on my own to New Moon?

  38. awww, i love all these stories! when the movie came out, i was oblivious to the books and the craziness. i had seen the trailers and was not impressed, but my mother wanted to see it, so i took her. overall reaction = “meh, wasn’t QUITE as bad as i thought it would be…” everyone was easy on the eyes and billy burke cracked me up. but i didn’t feel a strong desire to see it again or anything. then christmas came, and guess who wanted the books? yeah, so dutiful daughter that i am, i bought her all four. they sat on the coffee table and stared at me until my husband went to bed, and then; bored, i picked the first one up. i’m a fast reader – blew through all four in three nights, and then suddenly, i had to see the movie again “to see how it compares now that i’ve read the book” so i downloaded it. and watched it again and again and then pretended i hadn’t seen it so i could get my husband to watch it with me (he loled all the way through)
    and then when it came out on dvd i bought two copies (one for mom one for me) and watched it again. and again. x infinity. it’s like my own personal brand of heroin. not sure exactly when i got hooked, just woke up one day with the shakes.

  39. Losing mine was awkward at best. And yes, I am talking about the movie.

    I didn’t see it in the theater because I didn’t read the books until this summer. As soon as I finished Breaking Dawn, that night I ordered Twilight On Demand. My friend told me it wasn’t as good as the books so I was prepared to be a little disappointed. I laughed through the entire thing like it was a friggin comedy. No lie. CRACKED. UP. And said “wtf” like 40 times at things like Buttcrack Santa, etc. But I’ve seen it another 6 or 7 times since – most of those times with a stomach full of vino yay! – and now I do love it, but I still think it’s pretty terrible :X

    I won’t be seeing New Moon on opening night. Sad panda. But at the same time, it’s my own choice – I simply cannot put myself in the middle of the crazy tween screamfest that it’s guaranteed to be. Now, skipping work the next morning to go to a 10am show is another story….

    • Haha – I am seriously thinking of taking off that Friday, so that I can watch the midnight showing, go home and catch some sleep, and then come back and watch it the next morning. And then lather, rinse, and repeat.

    • I’m totes skipping out on work on a weekday morning when all the screamers under age 18 will be in school.

    • I’m totally taking off work on that Friday so I can go see it during the day. Hoping and praying the tweens will be in school and don’t have the same idea I have. Parents… make your brats go to class. =]


    • I’m taking off of work too. I just had this vision of my workplace being like a ghost town on the 19th and 20th.

    • I keep saying that I will have to wait a few days to see New Moon because I don’t want to be in the theater with a bunch of screaming teenagers. But it suddenly occurs to me that maybe what I am most afraid of is that I’ll be overcome and reduced to acting like one of them!

    • “and now I do love it, but I still think it’s pretty terrible ”

      God’s truth, right there. Amen, sista. Er…Brother. : )

    • I’ll be seeing it on that Friday as well. I don’t have a boss to lie to, however, so I will have to lie to my mother in order to get her to come over and watch my kids for a few hours. If I can get her to let them spend the night … then bully for me. I’ll get to see it more than once.

    • I feel so much better knowing that I’m not the only one who’s considering skimping on their responsibilities for a vampire movie. Of course you lovelies would understand me.

  40. Didn’t see Twilight in the theatre (don’t strike me!!). Saw it when it went to DVD. LOVED the movie (again, don’t strike me!) and then went and read all 4 books.

  41. My “How I Fell” letter told most of my story, but I will add that after skipping the movie in theaters and finally reading the books, I was almost frothing at the mouth to watch the movie. Though I was prepared for a not-quite-Oscar-worthy experience, I had to have faces to picture in my head when I dreamed about my new friends and myself strolling through the meadow, hanging out at school, and watching movies on Bella’s couch.

    My HILF, light of my life, bought me the DVD the day before my birthday, March 22nd. He can take a hint. I’m sure he was hoping it was a little more “30 Days of Night,” but he was still man enough to watch it in its entirety with me. I still feel personal shame from my lack of discipline, because I was THAT KID who shrieked at my siblings for peeking in closets before Christmas, but I opened my present and watched it the night before my birthday.

    Now here I sit, my midnight showing ticket purchase confirmation growing dog-eared in my wallet as I look at it each day.

  42. OME…just watched the You Tube thing….I sooo love it…I don’t think I have ever seen that before…(who am I kidding probably have it saved somewhere on the my computer) but I really don’t think I have…anyway thanks Moon…I am under the weather today and I just may sit here and play that over and over…is it sooo wrong that it feels sooo good to love watching it!!! Its the last line..”YOU ARE MY LIFE NOW”.. Heavy sigh!!!

    • You too! Me too! I’m sick again too!

      Love that line you mentioned and how he was touching Bella’s face while she sits in the car. That was a beautiful moment. My other favorite is the scene from the restaurant:

      “I don’t have the strength to stay away from you anymore.”

      I think I know the dialogue in the whole movie by now!!! That’s scary!

      XO and get well soon! Hold on tight to Rob blankie!

      • SB…sorry your sick!! 😦 Mine is my own fault…have let the abscessed tooth get way bad and now my jawbone is all infected and swollen…sooo dumb…but really can’t afford the dentist…that is why I tried to pull it out myself to begin with…and my Dr. won’t refill my antibiotic cause she told me she would only do it once until I could get to the dentist…I am screwed…

  43. I hadn’t read the books when the movie came out, and I remember the hype with people saying oh this movie will rival Harry Potter earnings for first weekend out, and I was thinking OH RIGHT, like anything could EVER be as big as Harry Potter. Pssh.

    When I finally got around to reading the book in mid January, after being embarassed to have it next to my bed for a month, I finished the book on a Sunday afternoon, and without moving from the couch, opened my laptop, found the nearest theater, and said to whoever was around, “I’m going to the movies tonight!” No one I knew over the age of 14 had read it, so I was Totally Alone. I went to a 930 show on a Sunday night and there were exactly 4 other people in the theater. Two couples and me. There was no sqeeing, and I tried to keep my gasping to a minimum when Edward came into the cafeteria.

    I loved the movie when I saw it, I like to watch things filmed in this area, I thought the ‘scenery’ was really beautiful. heh. I really did love it that first time. I was completely entranced.

    Then the first week in Feb, Mr LPB went on a week-long ski trip, and I may have spent the entire time googling all things Rob and Twilight. I like to think that is when I found LTT/LTR, but did not become a regular reader until mid-late February, and started commenting in March I think. Oh, I was so innocent last year at this time….what the frickety-frack was I doing with all that free time?

    Lurve you all,

  44. I swore I was going to limit my LTT time today because I have a ton of work to do! But reading this has got me all giddy thinking of my first time. 🙂

    I also didn’t see it in the theater (which now bums me out). In fact, I was pretty obvlivious to anything Twilight-related. I had one friend who told me she had read the books around the time the movie came out. I saw the commercials for it, but wasn’t that intrigued. Then I saw Robert Pattinson on the Oscars in February. And I thought, “Is this the vampire guy? He’s hot!”

    The dvd was out soon and I watched it with my friend (who I had found out hadn’t just “read the books” – she was in love with Edward!). Then I got the books and started reading. Then I started scouring the Internet for anything related to Twilight/Rob/etc. The rest is history.

    I now own all the books, the movie, the movie soundtrack cd, the movie score cd…Let’s just say I get a lot of e-mails from amazon saying “we think you might be interested in this.”

    • Haha. Internet cookies. Teehee. Wide Awake cookies.

      Gah. I just relived the moment this past weekend when my super-hip 15 yo niece rolled her eyes at me when her sister mentioned watching Twilight with me. Said I was “such a dork.” Totally lost 4.5 cool aunt points Saturday.

      • I metioned to a friend about all the Twilight-related e-mails amazon sends me now. He said “You are just a heartbeat away from getting an e-mail alerting you to the new Jonas Brothers release.”

        Not funny.

    • The reason I kept going back to the theater (other than the fact that I loved the movie) was because it was Rob on a huge screen. I couldn’t get enough of just looking at him. I think the first 10 times I saw the movie I only watched him when he was on screen. Then I was like “hey, there’s other hotties and other stuff going on… stop with the tunnel vision, Myria”… that’s when I finally saw Jackson in the cafeteria twirling the toothpick. Damn. lol

      • You’ve just made me realize that I have that tunnel vision problem. I need to watch it and force myself to not look at Edward! Who knows what I am missing?

        • Watch it again and look around. Do it! DO IT!! (Ima watch it tonight)


        • Who’s Jackson? And why’s he twirling a toothpick?

          JK. There are mutliple hotties. It’s just that, for me, it’s kind of like being faced with an assortment of candy. You have some of those hard, gel filled strawberry candies, you have some Reese’s Pieces, and you have some Jelly Belly jellybeans. And the jellybeans sparkle. Or maybe they have sexhair. Or maybe they just taste like lilacs and honey and sunshine.

          Regardless, you just have to stuff your mouth full of jellybeans and hope that you can slip some strawberries and Reese’s Pieces in your pocket for later.

  45. I actually saw the movie for the first time this past January. I hadn’t read the books yet, but my friend kept telling me “you HAVE to read them… they’re SOOOOO good” and I was like “meh, maybe one of these days.”

    Then, one day while I was at the store, everywhere I looked there was Rob’s face on almost every rag mag cover. I was like “who’s that guy cause he looks pretty tasty.” Well, we all know who he is now.

    So, I finally made plans with another friend who wanted to see the movie and see what all the hype was about. I had a small idea of what the story was about because of the other friend telling me I HAD to read the books. We were a little late and had crappy seats like on the third row, but when Edward walked into that cafeteria my heart stopped. That first week I saw the movie in the theater 5 times and watched a bootleg copy online on the days I couldn’t go to the theater.

    I honestly couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the movie because it’s definitely up there. Some nights hubbs and I would come home and HE would ask me if I wanted to watch it. We would watch the regular and then turn it on again with commentary immediately following. He’s burnt out with watching it, but I’m not.

    The next day after seeing the movie the first time I went out and bought Twilight the book and haven’t looked back.


    • After reading over some of the other “first times” it makes me really sad that I’m one of the few who loves Twilight flaws and all. I love the sparkle (even the tinkling noise), I love the “jizz in my pants” classroom scene, I love the stutter and blinking of Kristen, I love “hold on tight spider monkey”, I love Buttcrack Santa, I love orgasmic Bella after she’s been bitten, I love the parts where Rob and Peter break the fourth wall and look directly into the camera, I love everything about it because it’s MY Twilight.


      • When do they look into the camera? (like I need another excuse to watch it again.)

        • Rob breaks in the “what if I’m not the super hero? What if I’m the bad guy?” scene in the cafeteria. Somewhere around there he laughs and leans against the sneeze guard.

          Peter breaks when Laurent is at the Cullens house and is explaining to Edward about James.

          They’re both very brief.

          • Thanks for the excuse to watch it again/homework assignment. Plus, my husband seems to always find little quirks in movies, so maybe he won’t ridicule me again.

      • @myria101 You aren’t the only one here. I love the movie and all it’s flaws. The first time I saw it though, I do have to say I was a little disappointed as I had just come off reading Twilight and was on a total high and experiencing Edward euphoria. There are tons of embarrassing things that take place during the movie, but that is what makes it so endearing. Kind of like Rob, so many times there are things that he does or says that is so wrong but you just can’t help yourself – you continue to fall deeper…this is what the Twilight movie does for me each time I watch it.

        • See, I had nothing to compare it to so I think that’s why I fell so hard for the movie. I didn’t read Twilight until the day after I watched the movie.

          • I loved the movie the first time I saw it in the theater, and the second and the third! It is the ONLY movie I have ever seen in the theater that many times! I accidentally told someone I loved it after I saw it the first time, and they were like “WHAT? that movie was terrible!!” And then I realized how TRULY alone I was, and kept the crazy to myself. Which finally drove me to the internets, and, well, all of you people, my kindred spirits!


      • Don’t feel sad! I love Twilight the movie, flaws and all too! I was more critical on the first couple of viewings because I was disappointed by certain book scenes I love that either didn’t make it into the movie at all or were combined with other moments that didn’t flow right to me. But then I found I could appreciate it more if I really separated in my mind the idea of Book Twilight and Movie Twilight and stopped trying to compare the two!

        • Don’t try to compare. They are what they are because the movie is “based on” the book. It can’t be an exact interpretation. For example, the meadow scene.

          I love the meadow scene in the book for what it is. I also love the meadow scene in the movie because of the tug-of-war between Bella and Edward. I mean, how boring would it have been if they were just sitting in an open field the whole time in the movie? Her slipping on the rock to get closer to him, him jumping across on boulders, him ripping trees up by the roots in front of her, launching himself into a tree to escape her nearness and then pinning her against the mossy boulder … omg, it was perfect for the movie.

          The meadow is my favorite scene in both the book and in the movie BECAUSE they’re so different, even though they make me feel the same way when I watch it on screen or when I read it on paper.

          • @myria101 Sorry, going to comment again to something you said in your first post (obviously, I don’t want to work today). You saying it’s “MY Twilight” is so right on. Both the books and movie affect people in different ways. What one moment/scene is to some may be nothing to others. It’s owned by each of us so differently and I think that is what makes it so special. Sorry again to post, but what you said really was poignant – maybe you weren’t trying to be, but you were!

          • Meadow – book and movie are one of my favorites too. I think my biggest “you’ve got to let go of the book” moment in the movie is the scene in the hospital. That’s one of my favorite book moments. I don’t mind the stuttering, etc. so much. The shortened nature of that scene just lost some of the tenderness for me. And Bella seemed hurt worse in the book and needing more TLC from Edward (and the pain meds). But of course, they had to shorten a lot. Otherwise it would be a 6 hour movie!

            And let’s face it, if we didn’t all love the movie – in our own way – we wouldn’t be here!

          • @ Kendall – No I’m just very possessive. Everything is MINE. jk!

            You’re totally right though. I know that I can’t change anyone elses opinion on how it affected them, but the way that it affected me is mine and mine alone. We’re all different. We all see things differently. I’m not judgmental when people complain about certain scenes. I state my case and they can choose to see what I saw or completely dismiss it. I’ll listen to your views if you’re willing to listen to mine. Ya know what I mean?

        • Flaws….what Flaws??? Twilight has flaws…no way!!!

  46. I never saw it in the theater. I rented it from the RedBox and watched it with my hubs. I guess I will have to wait until 2025 when they come out with Twilight: The Special Edition in which they computer generate a flashback of Buttcrack Santa and actually put in important stuff, like Alice’s backstory with James and the character of Jasper.

  47. i love when we discuss stuff & share our “testimonies” about Twilight. Amen.

    I will confess that those 4 random girls I went and saw Twi with on opening night (but NOT the midnight showing) DO NOT KNOW about this blog! I think they’d be like “what? But the movie SUCKED” haha..

    Moon. I can’t wait to see New Moon with you. And our double digits worth of LTT/LTR pals too. PS- anyone else gonna be in LA and want to see it with us? EMAIL US!

    • I WOULD GO IN A HEARTBEAT…someone knock me out…put me on the RIGHT plane (yah I know some of you woud like to send me someplace far away) and then wake me up IN THE THEATER after the promos..and I am good to go…. 🙂

    • I WISH! Maybe we can go see it when I’m in NYC for Christmas. That is if it’s still in theaters by then. lol!

    • Agh why do I live on the East Coast! LA is clearly the place to be. UC you should plan a Philly NM-watching too!

    • I wish I could go with you girls!! Maybe any London LTT/LTR readers wanna go at some point we can get together – then we can go to a pub and bread it down Vanity Fair Style and talk about what gives us Cullen Smiles and if we know any Unicorns…

      • Uh, I would go to London just for that. I love London. I love pubs. I love Twilight. Sounds like a pretty sweet vacation if I do say so myself.

        • I am HOPEFULLY going to the NM premier here in Knoxville!! We just held the registering for it this weekend and I will be walking around with fingers crossed on one hand for about 3 weeks! Keep me in your thoughts girls….and the occassional guy!!

  48. Aw Moon, I never did see the trailer! Aw that was so great to see it! God how dreadful is Cathy the cougar at slapping scenes together there?! I still love the movie even if it is really really bad. Its a kind of magic.

  49. OFF TOPIC: Confessions: SO WRONG… I am squirrelling (hope thats a word) to buy a newer computer so my first time (again) watching Twilight will be on a much bigger screen and in anticipation of New Moon!! WHY? Because I will not touch that money and go to the dentist to have an abcessed tooth pulled) !! 2) I would give anything to be able to go to the premiere of NEW MOON with a bunch of you!!! xoxo…****NOTE: I readily admit to being on pain meds today…so do not hold me responsible for anything I post!

    • WHAT?! GIRL! Go get that tooth fixed! You’ll feel better!

      • I finally made an appt…ONLY because I can’t stand it AND the dentist my daughter goes to actually has a free first visit…I know they won’t be able to do anything except antibiotics till my face goes down so its should be fairly inexpensive…trying to figure a good explaination as to why I tried pulling it out myself…lol…any idea’s???

        • Maine ingenuity.

          • ROFLMAO…seriously……that was such a JODIEO. answer see why I heart you!!!

          • Ok, seriousy, isn’t brain damage one of those excuses you can trot out for anything? If not, what’s the good in having brain damage???

            Why did you try to pull out your own tooth?
            Brain damage.
            Why are you watching Twilight at 3AM *again*?
            Brain damage.
            Why didn’t you do the dishes?
            Brain damage.

            And if anyone starts to argue your excuse just start to cry. That’ll keep it fresh.

          • @JodieO…OK I am seriously in agony from laughing so hard!!! YOU ARE NOW OFFICIALLY MY TWI-SISTA…That was so friggin funny…….here I have been spending the last 3 yrs trying to so hard to hide the fact I have braindamage and you are like..”Ok, seriousy, isn’t brain damage one of those excuses you can trot out for anything? If not, what’s the good in having brain damage???” ONLY YOU COULD COME UP WITH THAT ONE!!! STILL LAUGHING AND CURSING AT THE PAIN YOU ARE CAUSING ME….I SOOOO HEART YOU!!!

          • Heart you right back! Glad I could be of service. =)

  50. I confess. My first introduction to the Twi-World was seeing bumperstickers on MySpace. I was like, “Oh, this is some crazy teenage hype thing. It’ll pass.”
    So then, in March I went into a Blockbuster in the next town over looking for a copy of “Purple Rain” (yes, I’m a Prince fan, get over it). Twilight was playing on the TV in the store. The guy at the counter was like, “Have you seen it?” He convinced me to rent it just to see what all the hype was about.
    I wasn’t entirely impresssed with the moviemaking, but I was a little intrigued with the story. A friend at work turned out to be a fanatic and loaned me the books when I mentioned it. Let me just say, in the month that it took me to read all 4, I had a Twi-ligious experience. I was so caught up in it I was looking for hidden meanings and clues… to what I don’t know.
    Then I realized after watching the movie again, “OMG! This movie sucks!!” I wanted to throw my DVD player at the wall! I was so mad!!
    In protest, I didn’t watch it again until August. Meanwhile I read the books a second time (as I bought them at a used bookstore) and absolutely fell in love with Jacob. (the first round I hated him) I still can’t explain my team conversion, but I am solid Team Jacob now.
    I was googling twilight pics and found the ‘anal’ comic strip on LTT and I was mad! ‘How could they say such things about such an incredible story?!’ But then I saw that Steph had seen the site and loved it and I thought, “Must not be so bad.” Now I’m in love with the relentless humor.

    And so as Stealers Wheels (right?) sang, “Here I am, stuck in the middle with you….”

    • ‘Stuck in the Middle..’ is one of my secret faves. I also converted to Team Jacob after reading the books. Movie Edward sucked me in, book Jacob made me fall in love with the series.

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