Imma give you a Cullen smile this weekend!

Dear LTT-ers and Imma Contest Participants-

Yesterday we presented you with the winners of the Imma Contest and promised that all weekend we’d be bringing you the rest of the best from the entries we received. Since there were SO many good entries and since only two special folks could win AND since  we just happened to create fake categories that just happen to fit perfectly with some of the entries and since (this is a lot of since’s)  we don’t have real prizes for all these lovely ladies, we’ve created fake ones to celebrate your amazing-ness. Cause that’s what we do here.

So here we go…

Best entry sucking up to the judges

Team Seth you win one day in fake lesbianship with us. A threesome, if you will. Rob is gonna be jealous. So is Stephenie.

Best entry featuring a dead artist from Sun Records – It’s a TIE!!!

Alice and Bella from Not an Addikt – You win a tube of ointment for that burning ring of yours. Ouch.


@Chelseaheptig you win a lifetime’s supply of Dippity Doo hair gel and a peanut butter banana sandwich made by Edward Cullen himself

Follow the cut to see more Imma entries!

Best KStew Stutters Entry (and there were many!)

Andrea – you win speech classes with Dr. Carlisle Cullen in a dark intimate place that lasts for hours

Best Entry featuring the creator of Yo Mama from MTV

Bella from Not an Addikt – you win a chance to be the middle in a Fez/Edward Cullen disco sandwich on the dance floor. Now do the hustle!

Best entry that reminds us “to shut your mouth you’re catching flies”

Beth – you win a Kristen Stewart brand fly swatter. Trust us, she has one

Best entry referencing an 80s cult classic movie about a hairy teenager

Megan @ Twinerds – you will electrolysis sessions and a the chance to “surf” on top of a van with Taylor to “Surfin’ USA

Most disturbing entry featuring an older member of the cast

Jamie – you win a gallon of brain bleach and a bucket of UC and Moon’s tears

Best entry that reminded us to take Birth Control even if our boyfriend is a vampire

Just Erin – you win a trip to your happy place with Edward Cullen for an hour. No blood, no Renesmee’s, no chewing through your spouses abdomen to deliver your child.

Best entry that makes us want to repent and read the Purpose Driven Life again

Freya – you win a package of Breast Petals and a Victoria’s Secret Ipex bra. Perfect for hiding those “high beam” moments… unless that’s your thing. If that’s the case send them to Kellan.

Yup, those are just some of the other awesome entries we received for the Imma contest. Give these entrants a round of applause and the stink eye in some cases.

Love your faces and happy Saturday!

PS Didn’t win but still wanna get those Alice earrings or that Bella bracelet? Head over to our sponsor Bella Bejeweled and get your order in!
PPS Check back here ALL weekend for more of the best runners up in the Imma Contest!

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*EDIT: if we did not post your entry YET please don’t post it in the comments, we will be featuring entries ALL weekend! THX!*

63 Responses

  1. Too early to be laughing so hard….keep them coming ladies..these are priceless….Happy Saturday everyone!
    Could have done without losing breakfast tho…lol..thanks for the bloody visual…Yeah Team Seth…you so rock!!! Congrats all…

  2. Dude.
    These are all soooooooooo good!
    I totally get now how hard it must’ve been (that’s what she said) to pick the winners!


  3. OME totally missed..(wished I still had) lmao…nipple shot…either that or it just didn’t register in the brain with Kellan in the same shot…lost a huge sip of coffee over that one….still laughing at all these….UC/Moon you must have been splitting a gut all week…would love to have been privy to your texts/comments… share….

  4. Hahaha the venus flytrap is brillant!

  5. Seriously, how could you even choose? Did you just flip a coin? Those were some crazy hilarious entries LTTers! Excellent job! I am especially partial to Bella’s stuttering entry…I almost peed in my jammies from laughing so hard!

    That’s a great way to start the day! Thanks for sharing Moon and UC!.

  6. The Johnny Cash win is total win. “It burns!”

  7. JodieO….just saw the ones you sent me…thanks for making me laugh so hard I choked…so in recap….so far this a.m I have lost my breakfast, spit out a huge gulp of coffee…and choked laughing…not sure whether or not I need to Wash Blanket Rob, windex my cofffee table or shampoo the carpet….??? Plus the hubs is just looking at me like I have definately lost the few marbles I still had left…so perhaps I should also be vacuuming up those….going to be very busy….
    Have a great day everyone…will be MIA for most of the day..but will check back later tonight…
    P.S. Remember your promise, JodieO, Sassy, TS….I may need you to “be at the hearing” especially after reading all this before the appt. today!!! xoxo

    • No problem! Make sure you bring my email address to the doctor!

      Maybe before reading LTT you should just lay out some newspaper to protect the furniture and rug?

    • Take care of Blanket Rob first! I so need one of those. ha!

      • Blanket Rob …all washed and back on top of me where he belongs…and yes thatswhatshe said….lol….

        • Ah, you and blanket Rob – I ❤ you both!

          • Yes all warm and cuddly cause its freezing here tonight!!!!!

          • @Ang..heart you right back…I wish I could send you a blanket Rob…. 🙂 cause I can’t share mine..tee hee..

          • I may have to find a blanket Rob for myself before winter hits. Happy snuggles!

          • MidSin – If you see a reply from a different name telling you Happy Snuggles that was me. I thought I was being smart setting up a new avatar, but I somehow managed to reply here under a different name. I think I’ve got it figured out now!

          • @Ang..Love the new avatar!!! THAT IS HOW I FEEL RIGHT NOW….LMAO

  8. These are all hilarious! No wonder choosing a winner was so hard!

    KStew and Porky Pig? <— Priceless.

  9. These are amazing!!!! Good job girls! I don’t even know how I could come up with stuff like these!

    Happy Saturday everyone!

  10. That creepy birth scene poster is exactly why I’m scared of Breaking Dawn, the movie!

    • That (the birth scene) would be a perfet chance for a “fade to black moment”

      • Why don’t we just fade to black right before the moment Bella first becomes aware of the “little nudger” and then fade back in right before the Volturi arrive!

        • I agree! I don’t want to see the c-section performed by Edward on Bella!

          • Yeah, I would have a VERY hard time keeping the sexy image of Edward in my head if I have to witness that!

        • seems like i’m in the minority here, but i really want at least a glimpse of that scene. like it’s cool if it’s hazy and just a few flashes from bella’s perspective, but i would be really bummed if it just faded to black and we couldn’t see any of it. the added sex and horror aspects were part of what made bd maybe my favorite.

          • oh yeah, and the alien one was my fave, but they’re all great!

          • Actually, a hazy scene from Bella’s perspective could be ok, if done well. I just had this visual when reading the book that I don’t want to see on film – and this is coming from an avid horror film fan! I just don’t want to see Edward chomping into Bella that way.

          • Um, wait, doesn’t he lick shut all the wounds? Isn’t that kind of hot? Plus, i really want to see the other color of the spectrum, the one she doesn’t have a name for…

          • TeamSeth – you know, I wasn’t thinking about the wound licking. That was pretty hot! You guys are making me want to see the birth now!

        • ‘cuz then we’d miss the cute scenes with Seth!

          • I am sooo lost in this conversation…lol…

          • MS – Maybe it’s better to be lost in this conversation!

            TS – I wouldn’t want to miss out on any Seth moments. His scenes in Eclispe and BD are good!

  11. As I love Fez & now watch Handy Manny w/ my daughter to hear his, Wilmer Valderrama’s voice, I am very jealous of:

    “Bella from Not an Addikt – you win a chance to be the middle in a Fez/Edward Cullen disco sandwich on the dance floor. Now do the hustle!”

    You should def. share that prize!

  12. I think Beth’s Venus fly trap one is awesomesauce.

  13. All of these are made of win, but the Venus Flytrap one is the one that made me spit out my coffee. Awesome post! 😀

  14. LMFAO!!! It must have been hard to pick a winner b/c these are all freakin’ he-larious! Gah. How is it possible to have all this beauty, brains and humor all in one site? I really think we need to start discussing World Domination…or at the very least how to get Rob behind the damn dumpster in Nov!

  15. Hahaha, these are all great, but the birth scene from Alien, wow…dyin’ over here. And TeamSeth, love the sucking up one, had to be done :). Keep ’em coming, ladies! And second MS’s requests for the decision making texts, chats, those have to be brill!

  16. Wow. Hilarious! Freya’s high beams one is priceless… Well done ladies.

  17. Mr. Pig=WIN
    KStew’s stutter has quickly turned into my fave movie impression, barely wedging out “RUUUN FORRREST”
    and the Fly Trap? HA! That girl needs to shut it!

  18. LOVE the creepy birth scene!! That was disturbingly awesome!!

  19. Welll I survived!!! Just barely….ok truth…5 hours having my brain picked apart and as I feared Twilight made it in to the conversation…yup! He was asking what I had been doing to improve my memory and without giving the title..I told him about the reading/watching a movie/book and that I finished after almost a year. I told him not to ask me the title…he just comes out with Twilight…swear to God….and then he did this word thing were he gave me a letter and asked me to name as many words as I could that started with it.. M=Moonie, U=Undecided (which I had to explain to some degree that it was a name not that I couldn’t decide) W=Wolves, V=vampire…etc.. THANK C cockblock did NOT get tossed out there…but it was bad enough because at this point Twilight had not be mentioned! SO I will be expecting a Twi hard showing at my hearing…………..and how was everyone else’s day…???

    • @MS Wait, you have a hearing? Like you’re going to go to jail or something? Did I miss something? I haven’t checked my twitter or email today yet…

      OH! And I haven’t seen the slideshow. About to go do that now 🙂

      • No TS..W.C. is trying to drop me and so they are sending me to all these doctors and are putting me through hell…but I was saying that if that doctor writes a bad report and I have to go to a hearing …JodieO and others have volunteered to come and explain my “new language” and corrupted mind….LOL.

        • I see….

          if they drop you can you get medicare/medicaid/does your hubby’s insurance cover you/is this even relevant to WC?

          I’ll come explain. I guess I already said that and forgot that I had (you’re rubbing off on me!), but I stand by it still!

          • No I can’t get anything because I had the accident at work…my whole families insurance was through my work…so lost it all..I just get so frustrated because they have no problem spending money on stupid things, but they won’t pay for anything that will actually help the ortho bed the spine doctor ordered or the special glasses that the eye doctor perscribed etc.,…its like chasing my tail..
            sorry…its been a really long day…. 😦

          • @MS – Sending you hugs! Just think, though, if ‘cockblock’ HAD come up during your appointment then you’d have to explain where it came from and that LTT has taught you all kinds of other words and phrases and he’d have been so impressed!

            And I’d totally come in to defend you.

  20. I swear, the most clever women on the Internet read this site. ❤ it!

    • I totally agree with you DontQuestionMe (and with a name like that I guess I have to). Last night at wine we were discussing how coffeeshops now are all people on computers and how they used to be people talking and interacting. It went on into internet socializing and social media and isolation. I brought up LTT and the community of LTT-ers, and my friend asked, “Yeah, but do you feel like you know those people, or are they just names and comments?” And I thought about it, and thought about Cyndi mostly, but I was like, “Yeah, actually, I do feel like I know them. I know what they do for work, where some of them are from, what their personalities are like, what their humor is like.” She went on into online dating sites, and I didn’t have much to contribute as I’ve never used one and I guess a lot of people lie on them. But I realized how engaging this site is, and I think it’s because of the regulars and the humor (and the hot pics of Rob and Kellan and LegalinGA…not enough Billy Burke!). So I concluded that this blog, and probably many others, is kind of like a coffeeshop. We all come here to be entertained and to socialize…and hell, most of us are spitting out coffee, too.
      Okay, off emotional soap box.

      • Team Seth…you could not have put that better! I so agree with you. I have never been on a blog, chat etc., ever…until here. Yet I consider you all friends. One might ask “how can that be you don’t really KNOW each other”? Well I say we do! We do all that friends do together…we share great conversation/jokes/tears/sarcasam and most importantly laughter! Sure we may be separated by states/countries but we come here willingly to be a part of each other’s lives, and the common bond of all that is Twilight…yet its so much more…. we sincerely care about each other! No one knows that more than me and I personally value each and every one of my friends here…even when you do make me spit out my coffee…(at least I am the only one that can see it all down the front of my shirt…try pulling that off in a real coffee shop) I say yay to Twi-Cafe…I love ya all! ❤

      • Well said!

      • I love a little emo-moment from time to time! It’s definitely not just about twilight. It sure is great blogging material, but I would visit just as often if it would be letters to Ring of the Nibelungs . Mmmyeah, Rob is unnegotiable.

  21. Such great entries! So funny that I had to eat more Starbursts…now I feel sick. 😦

    I’m excited about my prize! When can I fly down, Moon?

  22. Team Seth – LOVE the “sucking up” entry! Stephenie Meyer with a Buttcrack Santa shoutout = WIN!!!

    • Thanks 😀 You wouldn’t believe how much digging it took to find Seth Morgan’s pic…and you can see what I assume to be his hot blond wife right by his side. (Totes jealous of her…er, what?)

      But, if you’re the Beth who did the flytrap one…Uh-Mazing! Such a shockingly large collection of Bella shots. You know, SM always says (like 5 million times) that she presses her teeth on the inside of her bottom lip, and Kstew is a total fail at that.

      It just gave me an idea for one too! To have the evil bunny from Monty Python Holy Grail on there! I wonder if in BD the movie Bella will still have rabbit teeth…

  23. holy cow, where did that picture of Gil come from?!? He’s hot!

  24. […] Imma give you a Cullen smile this weekend! Dear LTT-ers and Imma Contest Participants- Yesterday we presented you with the winners of the Imma Contest and […] […]

  25. Not sure which one I find more disturbing, Gil Birmingham or the Alien birth scene…

  26. […] Gil’s Twitter You’re so down with the kids you even have a Twitter, you PFach and Billy Burke help keep us up-to-date on not only Twilight news but also tweet some of your own personal pictures and hilarious happenings. Including one of our very own entries in last week’s Imma contest! […]

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