Shh, we’ve got a secret to share… and it might involve Jacob Black

Who are you people?

Who are you people?

Dear LTT/LTR-ers and Team Edward members-

I’ve got a secret that I’ve been hiding for a while. It’s not something I tell other people I usually hide it away and tell people what they want to hear cause really who wants to hear this dirty tale? No it’s not an addiction to Rob Porn and no I’m not hitting the sauce or smokin’ the mary jane, and no I haven’t turned into a crazy Pattinson Pants wearing Twihard. Nope it’s an entirely different secret all together.

But I couldn’t handle the secret anymore… I just had to share with someone else and risk ostracizing myself because I couldn’t take it anymore! So I asked UC to sit down and brace herself cause what I was about to reveal was quite heavy. And what ensued reads like two addicts discussing their secret tendencies for the bad stuff…

Moon: i picked up NM again
Moon: bella said “holy crow” in the part i read last night
Moon: im having team jacob tendencies but i think its cause i havent read about edward in forever
UC: i’ll be honest… i’m loving him these days too
UC: i dunno why
Moon: seriously, I’m so glad you said that!! I felt like an outcast!
UC: i dunno why… but we are

Forget cliff diving! Let's go skinny dipping!

Forget cliff diving! Let's go skinny dipping!

OK OK OK!!! Yes, I’m secretly loving Jacob and I can’t stop. Don’t look at me that way, I can see your disappointed eyes through this letter! So why is that? Why do we feel like we’ve betrayed Edward? And why is Jacob looking like such a possibility these days? Do we have a classic case of the wandering eye? Have we gotten a little too comfortable in our love for Edward that seeing Jacob again shines a new light on the situation? I feel like initially you’re so blinded by how lovely, and beautiful, and hot, and perfect  Edward is that Jacob just comes off like my good buddy from gym class. But now that we’ve been going steady for a while, you start to look around a little and see Jacob again and notice that he’s not only your pal but actually that amazingly hot, nice guy who might be the quarterback of the football team that you overlooked in your initial Edward-lust.

Omg, is it November yet?

Omg, is it November yet?

And I’m sure seeing Taylor at Comic Con didn’t help, nor did those picture of him with Taylor Swift, or that official picture from the set of him and Kristen in the truck, or reading the part in New Moon where he jumps into her window to tell her he’s trying to “keep his promise” or the part where Bella chooses to let him drive away after she spots Alice. So what’s a girl to do when she’s questioning her team allegiance?

Well… how about question it some more, keeping reading New Moon, count down the days till New Moon is released and OD on some Taylor and wonder if Team Edward will ever forgive me…

We’re not cheating on you Edward, we just want you to know you have some serious competition!


PS I just figured out I’m almost 10 years older than Taylor. That’s just wrong and also weird that I never realized that before.

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Switch to Team Jacob in the Forum and don’t feel bad about it!

Pics from someplace I can’t remember and Lion & Lamb Love

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  1. I’m having some naughty thoughts about Skinny dipping with Taytay/Jake or whatever..actually thinking that I like Jake better than Taytay, the sarcasm can be HOT!

    But I’m still team Edward all the way!

    PS, won’t be on much today. was up really late and now have a crap load of work to do.

    • Missed u too, my Twitter-licious fake lez life partner. Should have sent ya a DM…I like to be mysterious. Or is it, disorganized? Either way, good to be back with my peeps! xo

      • Aww, Pros, my “twitter-licious fake lez life partner” you truly do rock my world. And I hope you had an amazing vacation.

        At least me staying away from the boards today allowed me to concentrate on a presentation and kick ass giving it this afternoon.

        Gooooooooo me!

  2. When having inappropriate thoughts about Taylor, I just pretend he’s Jacob. That way, he’s at least 25 and totally legal. Problem solved.

    And re: Jacob in the storyline—I may be Team Edward, but I think that Jacob Black is one of the most pivotal and well-developed characters in the Saga. The boy gets it rough. Yeah, he pulls some annoying antics and is hella jealous, can’t deal with Bella’s choices. But dude….she basically wants to die and for Edward to turn her into a vampire. This is insane to him, so he pulls out all the stops. He’s trying to save her life. Plus, since he’s putting himself out there as an alternative, his ego is being crushed pretty badly.

    And I know a LOT of people were annoyed by Part II of BD…from Jacob’s POV, but I think SMeyer must have had a blast writing him–he’s hilarious! It’s her funniest content yet. Just the titles had me, literally, laughing out loud.

    • I know- I was so annoyed to go from Bella to Jake, but he IS hilarious- the chapter title!? ahmaazzing

    • dude he is SO crushed in the saga. i love him so… he totally lays it all on the line to have her trample him on her way back to edward.

      and i too love the titles from jacob’s perspective. good for smeyer. i think she might be secretly team jacob but won’t say

  3. Hm, I have to admit I always liked Jacob better. Edward is just too perfect for me. Jacob is just so much more alive and actually does things spontaneously. Edward is too smooth, too controlled to be really fun. But that’s just my opinion and usually nobody can understand my point of view.
    Doesn’t change that I totally love me some Rob though. Even though, he isn’t really Edward to me either. Not perfect enough.

    I guess I just made a lot of enemies…

    • we love confessions!

    • this is my confession! theme music to todays post? USHER!!!

      and thank GOD rob is not perfect like edward. whew

    • Ok, so, phew!, I’m glad someone else thinks so!
      “Edward is just too perfect for me. Jacob is just so much more alive” – I totally agree, and this is why I Love Jacob. His aliveness shines through the page, and so does his warmth. And in my head, he’s 25 and the hottest thing on Earth, so the warmness goes other places too . . .
      However, since Taylor is about the sweetest little darling alive and also about five years old, I will always be Team Rob because, well, I don’t live in Georgia, and I like my men born before 1990. And Rob is never perfect . . . and I like it . . .
      (But, secretly? Team Jacob. 4ever.)

  4. Ah, don’t sweat it, love!
    I, too, am digging Jakey.
    Does the fact that I call him ‘Jakey’ give it away??
    Anyways, absolutely HATED the mongrel til the end of BD where I decided that I could forgive him now that he was over B. Then I read through the series a couple more times and kinda started to really love him! Ed will always be my first love, though. I find Jake to be more of a (and this is gonna sound super-crazy) “brotherly figure”. For reals. Do y’all get what I’m saying??? No?? Didn’t think so. Oh well.

    Anyways, Team Edward, woo! (That works, right??)

    Jayde xox

  5. Are you kidding me? He rocks! He’s the underdog and everybody roots for the underdog…not to mention he’s 17 (damn it!!), hot as all get out, 17 (did i say that already? I can’t get over that fact!!!)!!
    Edward will be my first but Jake can be my “next” and then back to Edward…it’s all about variety!! 🙂

  6. Weeell, it’s only normal when your real boyfriend is a bit of a sullen wet blanket to start eyeballing the fun buddy who happens to be hot.

    And Moon, being 11 years older than Rob, I feel your weirdness about the situation. Trust me, you will overcome this obstacle.

  7. All I got to say to you Moon is that in Georgia, Taylor is legal thus Jacob being a go.

    No risk of Chris Hansen coming for you.

    Seriously, Taycob is getting better on a daily basis…it must be all the Fil-A-O-Fish that he’s eating. That Omega-3 really does a body good.

    • *booking flight to georgia*

      OMEGA THREE!!!

      and dude uc and i were just talking about how he gets better every day. thats just CRUEL!

  8. Moon, I am with you.I understand. As for ogling at taytay…i keep reminding myself..he’s 17, he’s 17, he’17..just 130 or less days to go to be 18..till then he’s 17, he’s 17…..

    *I am still Team Edward.*

  9. I don’t know ladies, I may have been giving you that disappointed look… I won’t judge though. There are those times where you sit and consider what would happen if Bella did fall for Jacob and Edward completely left the picture. Would I still feel the same way about Edward if that had happened. And Taylor IS a pretty sight to see. Fortunately, I’m only 2 years older than him (I’m 7 days older than KStew). So it would be alright if I did fall for him.

    I feel while I’m sitting in the theatre at midnight on November 20th, there will be a point in the movie where I’m going to question my Team allegiance. For now I’m going to stay true to Team Edward, but I guess it would be ok if I switched to Team Jacob because That’s Normal.

    • Thanks for reminding us of our own saying 🙂 That IS Normal!

    • it’s SOOO normal. let’s get a team edward and a team jacob shirt, cut them in half and sew them back together so we can wearing it on premiere night. half edward/half jacob cause we gotta be ready for whatever happens

    • “There are those times where you sit and consider what would happen if Bella did fall for Jacob and Edward completely left the picture.”

      Ummmm if that happened there would be no “Eclipse” or “Break Dawn” and if there is no “Eclipse” or “Breaking Dawn” there would be no Compromising nor any Feathers…. no Edward.. BAD… bite your tongue.. or your hand since you are typing!

      Perish the thought.. UGH… I need a drink.. thank goodness you were only musing… and the other two books have been written

      OK OK .. kidding people… … but really.. no Edward.. no feathers… that’s all I’m saying 😀

      • Oh the considering only takes about a minute and then you’re like, nope definitely need to keep Edward in the picture. Perish the thought if Eclipse and Breaking Dawn never happened *cringe* And you’re absolutely right Isle Esme = NECESSARY

        And Moon I like your half and half t-shirt idea. But I have to say I wouldn’t be able to cut Robward’s face in half. Could not do it.

  10. I’m more adoring Taylor than I am Jacob. Never liked Jacob and probably never will. He was too much of a brat and inconsiderate toward the Cullens. Even in the end I still didn’t grow to like him much. But Taylor, he is the sweetest, most down to earth, steady head on his shoulder of a 17 year old guy that I’ve ever seen! And how cute was he pouring water for everyone at Comic Con! I’m not to the lust stage, just the friendship stage with him. I don’t need Chris Hansen knocking on my door. But he is a total sweetheart!

  11. YES. ladies you are finally starting to see with clear eyes. Team Jacob! 🙂

  12. Yeah I’m the oddball because I’ve been Team Jacob since my first reading of New Moon. I still don’t understand why everyone hates him. You can love Edward without hating Jacob. Bella did, lol.

    I saw the movie first and I was Team Edward for a full three months, then I read the books and changed allegiance. My old ass has no shame. Bring on the juvenile.

    • Pinky, I’m with you on this! I read Twilight first and then watched the movie. Loved Edward, even cried when he left her in NM. However, the more I read the more I looked forward to all things Jacob. I know some people are going to hate me for this but I loved the part in Eclipse when he comes to the school to “rescue” Bella. Edward, imo, was getting just a wee bit on the possesive side. Maybe it’s because I’m older and see the characters from a different point of view. I didn’t mind seeing Bella end up with Edward, I personally don’t think she deserved Jacob but I would have like to seen him fall in love with someone else besides Nessie. That still creeps me out! I guess that’s why I’ve re-read all the books except the end of BD. Just don’t think Meyer gave Jacob the proper ending. Well, I’m babbling, but I guess that’s what us “old” people do! 🙂

      • I don’t know why I’m revisiting this post, but I’m glad I did. I totally agree with everything you wrote, meznok, especially the part about Bella not deserving Jacob and Meyers dropping the ball with Jake’s love interest. Perhaps our perspective does come from being older.

  13. i’m with you, moon. yes, disappointed looks if you must, but even as i was reading — even my FIRST time through — i was sometimes torn. still team edward … but especially now, just having finished “new moon” for the second time, my soft spot for jake (see, flying my flag as a closet wolfgirl by calling him “jake”!) has only deepened.

    but the real kicker, as mentioned by jena, was taylor at comic con! i know it’s not fair to judge rob and kristen as people by their “performances” in interviews and such horribly artificial situations — and that doing so makes me just as bad as the paparazzi and the rest of evil pop-culture-dom — but I CAN’T HELP IT. rob and kristen … awkward, sarcastic, toolish. taylor … open, genuine, charming, sweet, huggable … need i go on?

    {reading back over this, marveling at the seamless transition between “jacob” and “taylor” … it’s sick how easy it is to forget that they’re not the same. hmmmm … twilosophy topic?}

    • confession.. i LOVE when he kisses her…. AH!

    • did i?!! i was trying to keep it “jacob” specific but taylor really helps out the jacob visual.

      uc- the kiss in eclipse?!

    • I don’t hate Jake… I get him.. and I love that he cares for her.. but if you look at the books as a whole.. I think the reason his attachement to Bella is so strong is for the future.. I mean come on.. she provides him with the love of his life.. I think that Jake needed Bella… as much as she needed him.. I don’t fault him for taking a shot… Edward was you know.. nada… so Jake saw it and took it.. I would have been ticked if Bella was wishy washy about it.. she was willing to try to be happy with Jake.. but she never stopped loving Edward, and Jake knew that.. he knew she would never be his completely… he’s pretty perceptive for a 16 yr old… That’s fiction for ya! 🙂

  14. I don’t judge, Jacob is pretty adorable in NM. Even SMeyers says on her website, that you should read NM twice (lol) or you will miss what a great character he is. The first (lol) time you read it, you really just skim thru it, because you want to know if Edward is coming back,( too true) …..So when you read it a second (lol) time, you get to know Jacob a lot better. He is just a kid, after all, so I cut him some slack for being a bit of a brat sometimes. I may or may not have read NM four (lol) times.

    As for Taylor, I am indifferent, perhaps it is my elevated age…*coughcough*, but I have also not caught up on the ComicCon adorableness yet, been out of computer commission for a couple of weeks on vacation over here…I may revise my opinion.


    • it’s LA PUSH BABY!!! you’re the home of jacob! 😉

      and um yea you should check out CC

    • I’m in complete agreement! I’ve read NM twice and I want to read it again! I love Jake now. I admit first time around I was rushing to get back to my Edward, but I took my time this last time and really fell into some hardcore animalistic love (harharhar) with Jacob and the other wolves. Screw it…. I’m TEAM WOLF!!!


  15. S’ok, Moon. I switched teams this weekend, too. It’s fun to mix things up.

    Not the Typical Fan…..

  16. Never been on Team Jacob. Never will.

    But Taylor was hot in those pics from last week–kissing the female Taylor, that is. Yep. Hot.

  17. After the 4th or 5th time thru NM, I admit I was definitely feeling something more for Jacob too! Yes, it could very well be that I have become so comfortable in my love for Edward that Jacob kinda became the “shiney new toy”.

    While I def. think taytay is a real cutie and has some abs I’d like to run my hands over *yes, I said it*, I don’t think he’s got anything on Rob …so my affections for Jacob are strictly in the book.

    I am 100% Team Edward 🙂

  18. Okay, Taylor is adorable, but more in a little brother kind of way. Maybe because I have a little bro that’s 15 and he has friends that are 17. I just can’t do it! It’s just not hot for me. It’s seems creepy. Adorable, but not hot.

    And really, REALLY, I’ve never been on Team Jacob. Never. I swear if I could have jumped through the pages of Eclipse I would have slapped his little ass back to the bonfire in Twilight.

  19. Moon- You outed me. How dare you.

    I will always and forever be Team Edward. But I might dabble in a fantasy or two about Team Jacob.

    That’s Normal

  20. I, too and 100% Team Edward, but…DAMN, GINA! THOSE ABS! Sorry, was I shouting? Anywho, the abs are sexy, Taylor is cute as a button, he seems polite and mature for a 17 year old, and I would like to be is friend (and occasionally lick his abs from the bottom of the V to the very tip top), but that’s where it stops for me. As far as being Team Jacob, I can totally see it for you guys, and I’ll admit I leaned toward Jake after the 2nd (and 3rd and 4th) readings of the Saga, but I’ll always come back to Edward.

    • DAAAAYYYUUMM GINA! girl you got it right!

      and yea i think it’s about rereading the saga and figuring out how awesome jacob can be and were just blinded by it originally.

  21. Yes! It is too easy to get caught up in the whole of team Jacob while reading NM and Eclipse. I mean, Edward is hot, duh, but basically here is this guy telling Bella, I love you more than my own life…buuut….don’t touch me….and I won’t touch you. Then on the flip side is the beefy, muscle-y, protective Jacob who is like Bella, I love you, now lets go mug down and you can feel how hot I am!

    I mean, after all the frustrations of no smexy-times between Bella and Edward, here comes along the all too willing Jacob and I kinda found myself all like, hit it girl! Edward’s not here and that is your free pass, no??

    • no joke! get yours!

    • Well said! I’m re-reading NM right now and keep thinking, WHY is she not hitting that?

    • I mean seriously in real life she would have hit that. She’s distraught because Edward left and some hot muscled honey starts sniffing around and showing her some love.

      Real-life Bella would have hit that and posted pictures of her and her “new man” on Facebook all boo-ed up in hopes that Edward would see what he was missing.

  22. I can’t do Jacob (heh). He seemed to exist for the sole purpose of promoting the idea that a woman needs a man in her life to be functional. Also not crazy about Jacob kissing Bella against her will (and Charlie laughing about it). Maybe David Slade will frame it a in a way that doesn’t look like an assault. /feminist rant

    That being said, Taylor Lautner helps make sense of the fact that Bella might have ever considered Jacob an acceptable replacement for Edward. I’m very nearly twice his age and don’t harbor the slightest bit of guilt fir my wanton Taylorlust.

    • Oh thank god, I thought I was the only one who literally cringed when I had to read not one, but two, Jacob/Bella kisses. Just awkward!

    • No feminist rant about Edward NOT ALLOWING Bella to do stuff and go to La Push?
      That was annoying.

  23. First things first… you put an “X” over Rob’s face.. uhhhh I think like you broke a commandment or something… that is just wrong on so many levels… (Giving Moon the hairy eyeball stare)

    OK OK.. back to the topic at hand.. I’ve read the books, more than once.. I’ve listened to them in my car on CD too.. sometimes you just need it, you know.. anyway.. “New Moon” is my favorite book of the series… the emotional rollercoaster that SM takes the reader on in the book is amazing… OCTOBER… NOVEMBER… DECEMBER…….Brilliant!

    When I read the book, I fell in “AHHHH he loves her so much” love with Jacob.. sort of like in a “If only Edward didn’t exist… I could totally love you” kind of way. By the end of the series, all I could think was “Bella is one lucky Biatch!” She gets them both.. who is that lucky? seriously? WHO?? That’s fiction folks 🙂

    I’m really looking forward to the movie because I want to see Jacob.. he wasn’t enough of a presence in Twilight so you don’t really have a relationship vibe from him and Bella yet… and the few glimpse we have gotten of “New Moon” look fantabulous!

    As for Taylor.. he’s adorable with a 1000 watt smile and for his age.. very very professional… great with the Q&A’s… his parents should be proud… but I draw the line there.. and it’s his age…. or mine.. probably mine.. good GOD!

    I am in no danger of becoming obsessed with him.. can I admire him.. yes, heck yeah.. I mean nice looking is nice looking… but it’s like walking along, minding your own business and you see him.. and you think to yourself “dude nice body, great smile”… and then you notice the taller, leaner, older, smoldering gazed…. f*ckhawt guy standing next to him.. and BAM!… your head whips around and suddenly you need to head to the east side of town… where they are heading… because the west side just isn’t as pretty anymore..

    I can’t be team Jacob… but I will route for his happiness from the side lines.. because he deserves it after everything Bella puts him through…

    It’s ok… indulge in your Jacob fetish… you’ll be back to the Edward-side.. they all come back… as with your post yesterday… the whole imprinting on a baby thing… kinda freaks the team members out 🙂

    • ‘ and then you notice the taller, leaner, older, smoldering gazed…. f*ckhawt guy standing next to him.. and BAM!… ‘

      LMFAO. This is TOTAL. WIN.

    • “First things first… you put an “X” over Rob’s face.. uhhhh I think like you broke a commandment or something”

      lol I think you’re right!

      • Yes, Moon. Fall to your knees at your Edward alter and beg forgiveness, and he may just take you back…and then sweep you off your feet, and take you to the bed and….sorry, too much fanfic.

        • Don’t worry Moon.. I’ll take your penance for this one.. it’s the least I can do for all the hard work you do on this Blog 😀

  24. I’m just strickly talking about the character Jacob (I hadn’t even watched the movie or knew who played him yet when I read the books so I wasn’t picturing Taylor), but I just wanted him OUT of the picture. Wait, let me clarify–I thought he was great as Bella’s BFF, but I wanted it to be platonic, and as I read more and more I really hoped it would be platonic. I was relieved when Jacob finally imprinted so he could leave Bella be, because he is a good guy and I did want him happy off with someone else.

    I literally had a knots in my stomach when I read about her locking lips with Jacob (don’t make fun of the fact I’m so lame, but I was screaming betrayal inside!) and I nearly died when I read the sleeping bag scene because poor Edward wasn’t even hostile to Jacob–though that is all part of his character, that he wants the best for Bella and he doesn’t think it’s him. Sorry, I get really torn up when these triangles form. I don’t know if anyone else watched Buffy, but I was equally perturbed by the Angel/Spike deal.

    It bugs the hell out of me when the female protagonist in any story is all la-dee-da living her life, when all of a sudden not one but TWO amazing guys come into her life, and she goes back and forth between the two (and in other stories she either ends up alone because she wants to be “liberated/independent” or she chooses the “practical/safe” pick–though technically in Bella’s story neither Edward nor Jacob is really the safe pick). Luckily in the saga, I did realize after I finished all the books was that Bella was solidly unwavering about her feelings for Edward, and Jacob didn’t really sway her romantically. I’m always and forever Team Edward!

  25. Hey Moonie! This….

    PS I just figured out I’m almost 10 years older than Taylor. That’s just wrong and also weird that I never realized that before.

    ….welcome to my world chicka, except make it Rob, and add six more…you can still live with yourself, trust me.

    I like em tall, and lanky…no Tay, Tay for me girls. And while Jacob banter is loads of fun, I’m not leaving my first love for some abs! ;P xo

    • Sing it Sister! I love me some Robward. (you would take a nice lick of those Tay Tay abs, given the chance, though, right? [good banter])

    • I hear you!! I just couldn’t… he’s a good kid.. but I’m sorry just no match for “The Man”.. I am devoted.. hopelessly…

  26. Alright, alright, alright.

    I’ve always considered and proclaimed myself to be Team Jacward. I’ve never, ever felt the hate some people seem to harbour against Jacob. The whole time I was reading the books, my instinct was ‘aww, why can’t she have BOTH of them?’. I liked everything about him and have never once seen him as a brat. Even when he kisses Bella in Eclipse. That’s one of my favourite scenes in all the books. I thought it was cute and necessary, and was never mad at him for it or mad at Charlie for laughing about it. Everything about this felt right and natural.

    Yeah, I was creeped out by his imprinting of Renesmee (but in my everyday life I pretend BD doesn’t exist anyways, it makes my life a whole lot less anger-filled), but when I think of Jacob, I don’t think of that part. I think of how he was Bella’s ‘own personal sun’ (one of my favourite quotes and metaphors in the series, I think it’s beautiful), the guy who made her loosen up a bit, who made her have real, good ol’ fun. I think of the good-hearted, playful kid who would’ve been PERFECT for Bella, if Edward hadn’t been there. *sigh*

    And I loved his POV in BD (when I allow myself to think of that…that… book). It allowed us to understand the Quileute and wolfpack dynamic, which was well developed imo.

    But I do love Edward as well. *sigh*

    In real life, I’m Team Rob x 472347983748937247999993, but I have to say that I love Taylor for being so energetic and well-spoken and super cute. The body’s great, true, but I’m not into buff guys (which is why I’m Team Rob, duh). And the age doesn’t bother me at all, I’ve already accepted that I’m a 23 year old cougar.

  27. We’re done!

    PS he’s hot, and I should love him, but I can’t…It’s Eddie all the way for me. Taycob can’t drink.

  28. i’m just happy i’ve never picked a side.

    i won’t be surprised if “newton and yorkie” are super hot in nm. shhh.

    (yeah i know, not gonna happen).

  29. Thanks for the honesty Moon and I figured as much, after I read your Comic Con recap. Sounds like LTT will soon be Letters to Taylor, lol. 😉

    Altho I am absolutely Team Rob all the way, I don’t believe that just because you like Rob, you should therefore hate Taylor. Taylor is obviously the most confident & media- friendly amongst all the Twi-cast, but I don’t mind it because he does still come across as being sincere (which I do appreciate). And yes, he is attractive – pretty impressive what he did to bulk up. I think R/K are really grateful to have Taylor around to carry the load of the media duties, and Taylor is only too willing to accomodate. So win-win for all.

    If anything, the only thing I didn’t like so much about Taylor was the end of the Selena episode — that is, if you believe Lainey’s version of the story (that Taylor dumped her after Summit / his family / management team told him to). Esp since I thought they were a pretty cute couple. Oh well, young love!

  30. One last thing tho — while am really ok that you’re Team Taylor — didn’t like the crosses over Rob & Kristen’s faces. It was too Perez-like to me (not sure if that was the point & I missed the joke), but just my POV.

  31. Jacob’s BD titles, FTW! Loved them. And I’m starting to feel a new fondness for Taylbait the closer NM gets to the theatrical release. He’s a cutie-pie. I don’t have to choose, do I? A girl’s gotta have options.

  32. Oh man oh man! This is the post I’ve been waiting for! I just read the books for the first time about 2 months ago, and initially I was absolutely annoyed by Jacob. But as I read through Eclipse, I started to turn. The scene that really got me was when Bella finally realized she was in love with Jacob and everything she could have had with him. And gradually I have become 100% Team Jacob. Although I still love Edward, I just love Jacob’s character, even the parts of him that used to annoy me.

  33. Re: Jacob.
    All I can say is “Bow -Wow”..

    I think the reason you all may groove on Jake (not only is he a hunk of beautiful brown manly man and BTW HIS PECS ARE REAL ( NOT painted on.. how humiliating that must be for Robbie).. ahem..

    BUT also Jacob’s character when all is said and done…. is a Dog (if you want to get technical.. ok then Wolf) He’s a wolf.

    Jake’s a wolf, part of the dog family… and I Iove dogs!. But Jake could never compete with my Pedro (I have a miniture english bull terrier).

    Bow-wow yippi yo kai yea.
    giddy up.


  34. Yeah, Jacob is so nice, until he threats Bella, in Eclipse that whe n he is gone to battle, that is the last time she is going to see him and he was going to die, to convince him to stay by kissing him, that was more manipulative that what ever Edward ever did.
    Jacob is too inmature!

    Now about Taylor… eeewww: he is 17, he is short and he has his body too ripped for his age… not my taste at all, and he is only competition for Rpatzz in the teen demographic; Rod doesn´t have abs, but he has an interesting personality.

  35. Me again, I remembered an interesting quote Rob said… something that he never trusted to be “adored by fans” because we women are very flippant in our crushes… He is so right!!

    Give us a new actor made into product and we will be deviating our eyes toward the new shiny object.
    Taylor is a cute kid, well spoken and he seems mature for his age, just not my taste; just like nor Edward not Jacob are characters to fall in love with, I find fascinating how people get so caught into the fantasy world and there is this thing of Team Edward and Team Jacob, when both characters are very fraught… and as Edward always repeated, actually the best for Bella to have a normal life was a normal human being, not Edward or Jacob.

  36. I’ve always instinctively cheered for the under dog, so Team Jacob here. Plus, I love the name Jacob. Named my son Jacob. True story. I swear not after the character though (my son is 1 and I read the series in March). But I love stocking up on the the Team Jacob merch–I’m a proud momma.

    Anyhoo, after I saw this, I am officially recruiting new members for TEAM RILEY

    I nominate myself chariman of TEAM RILEY.

    • I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW! Can I be Vice-Chairman? lol

      Man, is he hot. My FB status at the moment is ‘oh hello there Xavier Samuel’. lol.

      He is pretty. Damn.


    • Eye candy… Bring em all on.. but Rob… he’s my one.. never been one one before like him for me and never will be another.. but I’m all about the eye candy.. so sign me up…

  37. Team Jacob in Twilight.
    Team Rob in RL.

  38. Yes, yes, of course Jacob is an attractive character, with his warmth, his humour, and the way he unwaveringly supports Bella although she ditches him all the time. And I was really glad that they did get their smouldering kiss in Eclipse, even if Steph of course had to two-time it and make it into a painful, heartwrenching experience at the same time. Go Bella! Save your cake and slobber it too!

    But, let’s face it, Bella would never have been happy sitting in the garage on the res, watching Jake re-building cars and drinking beer with his hairy friends, and taking care of the kids in his father’s shack in between doing the laundry and the cooking. That would maybe chime in well with the small-town-girl-persona, but Steph has written her as a reasonably smart and emotionally complex character too, and she just needs more. Edward-more.

    I agree there’s one huge difference between Twilight and RL: I could hold Jacob’s hand, not Taylor’s, he looks WAY too young, but in the end I would always be looking over my shoulder, waiting for the vampires to come home.

    • I guess that’s one of the other reasons why I wish Bella would have chosen Jacob, is because I would have been so very happy with what you described (sitting in the garage on the res, taking care of kids, doing housework). I am an old-fashioned girl like that, and of course when reading any story told in first person, it’s easy to picture yourself as the narrator. But I understand that Bella’s character is not me and she had her own reasons for making the decisions she made. Doesn’t change that I am Team Jacob though 😛

      • I agree, Lyndz. That old-fashioned stuff sounds kind of ideal to me.

        I’ve had those hot, mysterious, brooding, and dangerous boyfriends and trust me, when all of that wears thin and the real reason behind all that angst comes to light it’s not pretty. I see Edward and I see unnecessary drama and I also hate being cold, so that whole fantasy does nothing for me.

  39. I am totally feeling that too! Isn’t it weird. I think it is the “new” body that Taylor has been sportin’!! I am soooo much older than him, but I can’t help but just adore him right now. I still love Edward, but man oh man….

  40. In the beginning, I was totally Team Edward! The second time I read the books, I realized that New Moon was my favorite in the series. When my friend pointed out she didn’t like it as well because Edward was so absent in it, I wondered why it was my favorite. While I love a sad, sad story, I think the main reason it was my favorite of the four is because of Jacob Black. He’s such a great character. Where Edward is so intense, Jacob is just fun. I also have felt like I’m betraying Team Edward, because I do love me some Edward. I can’t wait to see New Moon……because i also love me some Jacob. 😉

  41. I’m completely team Edward for Bella but when I re-read I sort of got irritated with the controlling and patronising nature of Edward and wished she ended up with Jacob for the freedom he allows her. But seriously, who would turn down an unattached, shimmering teenage vampire?

  42. Jacob does look better with some weight on. Nice abs “blah,blah, blah. It did fill out his face and gave him a more mature look, but I can’t get past that he is an annoying kid. I just can’t take his “kiss ass” interviews. Maybe if you gagged him and turned the lights out.

    • “I can’t get past that he is an annoying kid. I just can’t take his “kiss ass” interviews. Maybe if you gagged him and turned the lights out. ”

      lol! I was thinking about that the other day, how Taylor is so totally smooth in interviews, saying all the “right” things, must be a studio’s dream!

      While Rob – at least used to – blurt out all kinds of weird stuff in interviews (wasn’t he reported back as “resisting media training” during preparations for launching Twilight? That is so funny, and so sweet!) which makes him so much more interesting to watch.

      Yes, I would also like to hug warm Jacob in bed at night, I have cold feet, but I think Edward would be the challenge I need. Love the books and the music! The possesiveness I could take out of him. He just needs a tough woman’s love! 🙂

  43. About frickin’ time Jesus! I’ve been Team Jacob since New Moon, and I’ve started listening to the audiobook (makes me hate driving less) and I’m reminded why – I can never forgive Edward for leaving her so cruelly. NEVER!

    Plus I have no problem ogling Taylor – it’s about time women do what men have done since the (breaking) dawn of time!

  44. I do not get what people like about Jacob so much. My friends have tried and tried to tell me what it is they like about him but I just can’t get over the fact that I wanted to SPIT at the books while reading them due to his cocky, immature, jealous, meat-headed ways. And my stomach literally turned when he raped (yes, RAPED) Bella with his nasty hot dog mouth in EcIipse. I can’t stand that character – A.T. A.L.L. Of course I’m just talking about JACOB, not Taylor. Maybe Taylor will make Jacob less of a shithead in the movies. I hope so. Anyway, I’m highly disappointed ladies. *gives you both a harsh bitch slapping*

    • Lmao, “…nasty hot dog mouth” lololol. Didn’t realize that’s what it sounded like as I was writing it lol

  45. Dear Moon,

    Do not feel ashamed my sweet Moon. I have been Team Jacob ever since re-reading New Moon. (and the Taylor being half naked doesn’t make me feel guilty for the non-allegiance I have for Team Edward right now) Don’t get me wrong, I still have the deep down love for Edward. That will never fade. That love is just being over shadowed by my lust/love for Taycob (or Jaylor…whichever you prefer).

    Since reading New Moon again I’ve come to realize what a good friend Jake was to Bella. He was there for her and still loved her even though she was in love with Edward. How can you not love someone like that? He’s an amazing friend. He’s a super hottie. And I heart his face (and abs, and shoulders, and pecs, and lips, and hair, and bright shiny teeth, and laugh, and deepening voice…..and…and….and….the pics of his peen through his workout pants).

    That is all.


  46. just reread breaking dawn.. and you will fall out of love.. i promise. . you know jacob black becomes a whiny little coward.. for a while.. and personally i don’t care to be too involved with his childish inner dialogue.

    • my mom is reading BD for the first time now, and she just said “i finally got through the wolfy talk” (aka jacob’s book) lol

  47. […] looks baby face here Kristin: i think I might…just a leetle…be hot for him UC: umm hi. we are too Moon: yes he looks young! Kristin: i know you are too- and I resisted. But now. with this pic. I […]

  48. hi Moon dont feel bad about it just do like me and become TEAM SWITZERLAND why u have to chose when u can have them both!!!!! XD

  49. I know what you mean. I was full-on Team Edward. Then I re-read New Moon. I thought I was Team Jacob. It’s gone now, thank god.

  50. My friends always hated me for this but since I read the series I was always Team Jacob and I am so not saying this because Taylor is so smokin hot. Nope I was really genuinely team Jacob crazy. And well my friends treated me like I was crazy. I just was never a Team Edward girl. Anyways after Taylor my die hard Edward friend has happily switched teams and I am the one with the last laugh!

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