Twilight Moments that have shaped us (Oh, we’re interviewing Stephenie Meyer)

Dear LTTers,

There are those moments in life that shape you- Graduations, Weddings at young ages, anniversaries, pregnancies by vampire husbands, beautiful children’s births, children biting their way out of your womb, Children moving out of the house, your ex boyfriend falling in love with your newborn child…Moments that are Epic– Getting our first commenter on LTT was one like that. To this day we still refer to Christa as our “Fanbase” & our #1 fan. Then there was the time when Sam Bradley commented on a post where we made fun of him. That was before we realized that wasn’t a big deal and could draw his moles from memory.

Big day!

Then there was the first day we suddenly had over 200 readers on the blogs. And then we met you. And you. and you. Then Stephenie said she READ US which we’re still questioning and sometimes fear that her mentioning “LTT” really meant “Linux Trace Toolkit” and her bro & webmaster, inspiration for small wolf, Seth, just threw it in there to make a dorky computer joke (Linux is something the geeky cousin tried to get me to understand once)

Then there was RobstenGate in August, seeing Rob on Ellen in November and that moment during karaoke night when I visited Moon in LA last fall and everyone was singing “We are The Rob” and I just FELT it. What’s “it?” I don’t know- you just know it when you feel it. Those moments shaped us.

And then stuff like this happens and we question once again if Seth, the inspiration for the small werewolf, is taking his anger out at his sister for naming the weakest werewolf after him (But Seth, he does get some one-on-one with Bella & saves her life!! (Ugh.. I think… Note to self- re-read Eclipse before meeting Stephenie)) and punks us YET again & makes it all up. But it looks like the little hat spoke. And shit just got real because I just programmed “Interview Stephenie Meyer in an undisclosed location” into my calendar.

Hey guys,

I want to do something different with publicity for this movie release. For Twilight, I did the normal press junket, for New Moon I got to go on Oprah. Both of these were fun, exciting experiences. However, they both had the same drawback—the interviews were designed for a very broad audience, and because of that, most of the questions were about things you guys have known the answers to for years. I feel like all of the basic questions have been answered, and for Eclipse I want to focus on the more specific questions of the readers. To accomplish that, I’m hosting my own mini-junket with a few fansites. It will be held on Friday, June 18th, the week before the L.A. premiere.

Unfortunately, I can’t talk to every single site, and I want to keep this as low key and enjoyable as possible. So I put all the U.S. fansites in a hat (for logistical reasons, we had to keep this in the country) and drew out four names.

The names I drew were:

* Twilight Series Theories (
* Twilight Source (
* Twifans (
* Letters To Twilight ( <——HOLY CRAP THAT’S US!!!!!!!!!

Each of these sites is invited to send two members of their staff (or one member and a guest) to our fan-centric mini-junket. You will be contacted shortly by my assistant, who will give you all the specific information. In the event that any of the sites is unable to send representatives, I’ve already drawn four back up sites, which I will post if it becomes necessary.

I’ll answer all of your questions (and your readers questions, if you want to poll them) about the Eclipse Movie, and the Bree story, as well, which will have been out for a few weeks by then. We’ll have lunch, hang out, and hopefully have a fantastic time. I hope you all can make it!


WHATTTTTT? Are you SURE!? And have you really read our site? We’re not your “What happens when Bella gets her period” kinda question askers (oh wait- we ask that all the time. Should we push her for the REAL answer “I didn’t think about that one- give me a break” since none of us believe that “the blood is dead” crap? ) And Steph we’ve joked from time to time that you have a thing for Edward and therefore for Rob (but then again- who are we to talk? We run a Rob site) so are you sure…We get to meet YOU?

To repeat the majority of the conversations Moon & I had over chat yesterday afternoon:


After the jump. Read some of the MANY responses we’ve received since yesterday:

Almost immediately after we heard the news, Moon sent an email to her close friends & family with this subject:


The first responses to the news were overwhelming and funny. Which is to be expected.. you are the funniest Twilight fans in the world, you know:

tiffanized @letter2twilight Is that Rob’s hat from Bel Ami she drew the names out of?

mylifeontwi @letter2twilight congratufuckinglations

JodieO @letter2twilight I am so 2nd hand excited for you right now! That’s way better than the 2nd hand embarrassment I usually get in Twiland!

twitstwilight @letter2twilight I’m so happy for you guys! You’ll ask the best questions and SM will rue the day she picked LTT out of that Bel-Ami hat!

There was the realization that we’re gonna have to BRUSH up on our Eclipse knowledge & be well-acquainted with the Bree novella

UC's big ass, gay smile

Calliopeblabs dearest @letter2twilight … member how you were so (not) excited about that bree book…. better get to reading skanks.

marah: i’m glad you got picked, when you have such clear disdain for the bree book. this should be good.

killerwardsmuse @letter2twilight Can you puh-lease ask her what the f*ck is up with Bree? You’re the only ones with balls to do it.

People had suggestions on what gifts to bring Stephenie:

PinkFluffGirl PLEASE make her a shirt that says “That’s QUEEN COCKBLOCKER to you!!!!”

clarks2 @letter2twilight Remember, nothing says “We’re gonna ask the tough questions” like tweed. Tweed & a They’re Not Bears! tote bag.

It didn’t take long to read suggestions on what to ask involving… who else…? Rob!

tiffanized @letter2twilight Can you smuggle a note to her for Rob from me? I want to be the first person to ask you that question. There will be more.

greenleafgirl Wow! Congrats to @letter2twilight 4 the score of a Twilifetime! I hope U ask her if Rob is cut or intact under the jorts u know SM gave him

ordinary_girl84 @letter2twilight – ask about jorts, NO – ask about buttcrack santa, NO – ask if she’s “accidently” walked in on Rob naked!

ItalianGirl: This is so exciting for you two, but I swear, the day you get the email to interview Rob, you will immediately respond “Yes” But say “However we need 3 tickets. We have an assistant, Italian Girl.” I WILL be going with you. I don’t care what I’ll have to do. I’ll wipe your asses if it means I get to be there.

We wouldn’t think it’s love, though, without the hate:

InspiredbyKstew WTF The kristen haters @letter2twilight Won SM’S competion!? What a crock!!

WeFartRainbows #TeamWFR thinks a better site than @letter2twilight should’ve won. L2T are full of shit.

(I think you understand why these two don’t need a commentary or rebuttal. The brilliance of their comments & twitter names just say everything)

Moon- about to barf with excitement in the work elevator (is she wearing a beanie? HOLLA!)

Then there were all the other “normal” question suggestions. Well, LTT-Normal. Which we all knows is the most normalest of all:

Awesome Teen Mag: Is she going to fly you to her house and you’re going to get to meet Seth and all of her other Twi-inspirational named siblings and children and husband??? Are you going to get to tell her that there are shades of lipstick besides red that might be equally becoming on her? Will you apologize on ALL of our behalves for Oprah’s insanely miniscule one-on-one time with her? And dude, for the LOVE OF GOD, get her to freaking finish Midnight Sun. I mean, if nothing else, accomplish that. And the lipstick 😉

ekels #AskStephenie Do you find yourself saying things like “Purple’s cool” and “Green is what? Good?” Cuz that’s normal. @letter2twilight

KStew411: You must ask if she lets her sons wear jorts. Congrats, @Letter2Twilight!

veddersgirl @letter2twilight I want you to ask SM if Edward and Jasper are finally get together in Eclipse. NM was such a let down. No #manlove. WTF!?

ekels @allryans Also, have u ever srsly seen a boy in khakis & a white sleeveless button down & wanted to hump him? #AskStephenie @letter2twilight

And of course… Midnight Sun.. Midnight Sun.. Midnight Sun

tiffanized @letter2twilight OH GOD. you have to ask her about Midnight Sun. All of your questions should be “So when are you publishing MS?

Then late in the day we received an email from a longtime lurker:

Dear UC & Moon,

I am beyond excited that LTT got picked. I’m patiently awaiting Steph’s sure to be classic responses to the totally absurd/raunchy questions I expect you to come up with. I know you’re probably debating how far is too far with our favorite lady… but I’m going to venture to say that she wants the outrageous. I don’t think her picking LTT is as “random” as she says it is. Deep down, she’s sick of answering the safe, easy questions from her usual hot-topic-worshiping, twilight-themed-cupcake-baking  fans. She’s ready for the kind of questions only a  NORMAL modern twentysomething girl would ask. I.e. When writing “the leg hitch” did Paco or whateverhisnameis get a little extra action?

Ok, so while I have total faith in you, I do have a word of caution. I know you two might be tempted to get into long indie girl discussions involving how awesome Metric and Vampire Weekend’s soundtrack songs will be, but I’m going to implore you to stick to the important stuff… like details on what kind of hotpocket is Rob’s fav and her opinion on whether to wear flannel lingere or just the sambas when you meet him behind the dumpster. All crucial questions.

Thanks for all the laughs,

WHOA.. I mean…. WHOA… We can’t stop saying it…. What ELSE could happen here on LTT? I mean.. we might as well shut it down now… it can’t get much bigger than this!

UC & Moon

So excited to get to see our friends at TwiFans Allison & Kim again as well as meet some new friends from Twilight Series Theories & Twilight Source!!!!!

And… on a sappy note…. we love you all. We wouldn’t blog every day without you all. Our site would have never gotten to this level without you all. Therefore, you are just as much as part of this as we are. Sure, we’ll be the ones in her presence, laughing with her & making up inside jokes that we’ll talk about for years to come, but you’ll all be with us in spirit!! We wish we could bring you all- especially that girl who says we shouldn’t meet Stephenie Meyer since we hate Kristen. She’s funny. We’ll be asking your input for our interview for the next month, so start sending in & commenting with the best suggestions!


Don’t forget we have our 20 years from now contest going on until Thursday. You can win a tshirt from our brand new LTT_LTR store! Be creative! Some of the best entries so far are from people who “thought outside of the box!”

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTR, The Forum, Twitter

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  1. 2349195kjadf;lkja1398719237a;dlfkja;sdjfa;egj;lkjsdflkj

    PS Tired of hating, today I abhor you.

  2. You guys are so gonna get tickets to the Eclipse premiere! OMG, how freaking awesome would that be?

  3. Still peeing my pants in excitement over here! YAY! I am also skeptical that the hat trick was totally ‘random’. Your blog was right on top, you just know it!

    Obviously you need to ask a lot of questions about Midnight Sun, and maybe a few about Eric Yorkie for me. Like why did she never describe him as Asian?

    Also, could you please keep a file of all the tweets from the haters and publish them all one day? Those are some gems, there. hahahahaha! Jealous much?

  4. I was squeeing in my head when I read the Twitter news yesterday. I felt proud. I want to pat you two on the head and say, “Now you girls go ahead and remember to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and don’t use curse words. Let’s try to keep the ‘that’s what she said’s to a minimum when the Queen Bee speaks, ok? Make mommy proud.”

    Anyone else afraid that there will be 800,000,000 more commenters soon? Not that I wouldn’t be happy for LTT, but the kids are our of school soon. oooooh boy

  5. This reminds me of the time in college when I drew the hot guy’s name out of the hat to do focus groups with me. But y’alls is a hundred times better because y’all are cool enough to actually speak to SMeyer instead of just staring like a mute!

    I am so excited for y’all. Y’all deserve this. All the hard work, it’s all coming together. First SMeyer, next Big Daddy!

  6. That’s awesome for you ladies. I wonder if she’ll accept/appreciate some good natured razzing.

  7. Tha’ts amazing! So excited for you guys!

  8. Are you gonna ask her about the wardrobe choices in the book?

    kahki skirts
    red blouses
    beige leather jackets
    sleeveless shirts

    I wouldn’t.

  9. Oh, and don’t forget to thank her for the “fade-to-black.”


    If it weren’t for that cockblock, we wouldn’t have all the inspiration awesome fanfiction.

    And where would we be then?….

    • I want to know if she reads fanfiction. What kind of music plays int he background when she’s reading the “backdoor” scene from CW&IA? Did she run out and buy Agent Provocateur after reading The Office? Did she cry reading WA? We NEED to know!

  10. Oh my goodness… I’m so glad I clicked on your Twitter link yesterday! I’ve only been to Stephenie’s site to read Midnight Sun #FanFail
    I even outed myself as an LTT girl yesterday to my 1 Twi friend because I was bouncing up and down with excitement for you! Hopefully she’ll start reading now.
    PS- You guys are THE BEST! I might not even still be in the fandom if it weren’t for this blog. I thought the other Twifans were too weird but here is where I learned #ThatsNormal and we’re not all 13 year olds and “TwiMoms”. THIS is most definitely why SM handpicked you! Congrats!

  11. Holy freaking crap! I think I would piss my pants if I were you right now!

    You totes have to bring her something from the LTT/LTR t-shirt store. The “fade to black/sad” one would be a good choice. Or since you’re talking Eclipse, maybe “Leg Hitch 2010”..
    You should wear “Tweed Serious” shirts so she knows you mean business.

    Ask her if she’s cringing as much as we are in anticipation of the Breaking Dawn movie(s).

    Squee! Holy frickin’ crap! 🙂 I’m so jealous! Why didn’t I think to start a Twilight blog?

  12. I’m so unbelievably happy for you guys!! I only ask that you try to get in more questions than the people at TwilightSource because they’ve already interviewed Stephenie Meyer for their Imprint podcast. Which brings to mind the question of just how “random” was this drawing afterall?

    You girls are amazing and you’re going to be great!!


  13. Okay 2nd comment now, after I’ve had some coffee and feeling less hateful. I’ve been thinking about your questions and THE interview.

    While I would love you to ask about Midnight Sun, I do think that that is a cookie cutter question that everyone from Oprah to the other bloggy site Secret “Contest Winners” will ask Ms. Meyer.

    I would of course offer up my solution to getting over the interview jitters, two or three shots of liquor so you both can be just slightly under the influence. Thinking UC can go in talking about gentrification and Moonie Pie can….well I don’t know what you do while tipsy, but I think it would losen you both up to ask the hard hitting questions that are more interesting than, why haven’t you finished that one book, or does Ron smell? I don’t know what these questions will be, But I do know what ever they are, they will be marvelous, hilarious, snarky, witty, and just the kind of thing that has kept myself and many others coming back day after day. You will ROCK IT. Can’t effing WAIT!

    • Also please ask SMeyer if she can get my fur kid, Sydney cast as DEVIL BABY. She’s way cuter than real human kids, and you know it. Plus she’s potty trained!

  14. I was practically jumping up & down with excitement for you when I heard this – SO AWESOME!!!!!!

    Congrats – I’m so happy for you guys!

    Cannot WAIT to hear all about it. Gah!

    : )

    • Do you think the Twitarded site was in the hat??

      Yikes, I shudder to think what might have happened if you guys were picked. You JJ and LKW would have a LOT of splain’n to do.

      • Okay, that would have pushed me over the edge, if both LTT and Twitarded were chosen. Holy shit, my head would have exploded from all the awesomeness.

  15. It couldn’t have happened to two better bloggers!! I’m certain that “hat pull” was not totally random.

  16. Where the eff did my comment go?! Dang it all to hell.

    *annoyed sigh*

  17. Congrats!! You guys are so amazing, and seeing as she personally called you out on her site before… I don’t believe for a second that choosing LTT was a random act! I can’t wait for that letter! So excited for you lovely ladies! Thanks for keeping me connected to this fantasy land we all know and love!

  18. I was so excited and second hand thrilled for you two that I wrote an email to my LTT/LTR reading friends that said “UC AND MOON ARE GONNA MEET STEPH MEYER! OMG DYING OF EXCITEMENT FOR THE BLOG!” and accidently sent it to about 6 of my non LTT/LTR reading friends who have never read Twilight and don’t care to. At that point I had to explain myself, say that the writing on this blog is legit wonderful, and admit I had written a letter in and it was published, and you have a pod cast. It was awkward and awesome all at the same time. YAY for you guys I can’t wait to see the letter that’s produced from that epic meeting!

    And the new store is so much win! I LOVE these blogs!


  19. Holy freaking crap! I think if I were you I’d be about pissing my pants right about now!

    You should bring Stephenie something from the store. “Fade to -Black-Sad” would be a good one or since its Eclipse that is coming out maybe “Leg Hitch 2010”

    Maybe you should wear “Tweed Serious” shirts so she knows how serious you are about the interview.

    Ask her if she’s cringing as much as the rest of us “normal” people about Breaking Dawn transition to screen.

    I’m so glad you got picked! Holy frickin’ crap I’m jealous! Why didn’t I think to start a Twilight blog? 🙂

    *note if this posts twice I’m sorry. It said it did, but it never showed up*

  20. Probably you should each wear long khaki skirts and a blue gross shirt and walk into the room and at the same time say “Really?!?!?!?” That’s your first question.

    I can’t even handle this! It’s the freaking best! Yay you guys!

  21. i’m so fucking happy for you both!!!! i have no idea what you should ask her (other than ms questions), but i can’t wait for stephanie to meet you both. she will fucking LOVE you!

  22. I’m still so excited about this. I commented here late yesterday, but it went to the “next page” (after only 90 posts, how is that possible? Sometimes when there’s like 200 posts it’s only 2 pages!) Anyway, the write up said something about answering questions on the Bree book, so I suggested you ask this: Why didn’t you finish MS instead of writing the Bree book, a character no one even noticed or cared about?

    Anyway, I’m glad the inspiration for my name, Seth Morgan that is (too bad he’s married, eh), nuzzled his way into today’s post.

    That is all. 🙂

    Oh, and ZOMG YOU’RE INTERVIEWING SM IN LA IN A SMALL INTIMATE COFFEE SHOP SETTING!!!!!!!!!!!:udalfgdagmnj;ajkfgh;adjfk;ladkj


    *breathes heavily*


    JUICY questions, ladies.
    None of this “Why does Edward sparkle” business.
    We know that already, though, don’t we. I think you SHOULD ask if Rob is a virgin or not. UC–Im lookin at you girl.

    ❤ Ash

  24. We, your readers, are so blessed and lucky to have you two chosen! I love that we are all so 2nd hand excited, proud, and dying to hear all about.

    Ohh, and about Steph and the lipstick- maybe bring her MAC “Charismatic”. It’d look nice on her.

    …and maybe ask about Edward wearing khakis- bring a glittered up Pocket Edward with the pants painted beige and say, “Really?!”

    and know that she, and you 2 changed all our lives for the better!!!!

  25. This rocks so hard! Congrats!

    Get Rob’s phone number and post it. We won’t call. We SWEAR!

    • They should do that and it would be all Rob’s fault for saying that nobody calls him on Saturday nights. I think that is a problem that needs to be rectified… pronto!

      • We could each get a Saturday for the next what, three four years?

        We really should help him with that. It’s the benevolent thing to do.

  26. UC & Moon,
    No words. So happy for you two.

    Your interview will stand out…I have no doubt and just love you both.


  27. I’m a first time commenter ever on a blog, but I just had to tell you like everyone
    else how happy I am for you both. You are the first site I look at every morning.
    You both have made me laugh” out loud” . I was so excited last night when I
    found out. Just wanted to say how much I’ve appreciated your hard work and
    I’m glad you are getting a reward. I know you both will represent our fan base
    with class. May this be just the beginning of once in a lifetime thrills for you both.

  28. *sorry if this is a repeat, comment apparently didn’t take when I tried to post it before*

    Holy freaking crap! I think if I were you I’d be about pissing my pants right about now!

    You should bring Stephenie something from the store. “Fade to -Black-Sad” would be a good one or since its Eclipse that is coming out maybe “Leg Hitch 2010”

    Maybe you should wear “Tweed Serious” shirts so she knows how serious you are about the interview.

    Ask her if she’s cringing as much as the rest of us “normal” people about Breaking Dawn transition to screen.

    I’m so glad you got picked! Holy frickin’ crap I’m jealous! Why didn’t I think to start a Twilight blog? 🙂

  29. OMGoodness!!!!!
    I’m speechless ((which y’all best not be come interview time))
    I’m so proud to be apart of LTT and get to share to excitment!


    Break some legs don’t be nervous
    Don’t throw up & pass out…
    Take pictures

    Take her a sparklepeen shirt! And on the back put because I’m a cockblocker 🙂

  30. Oh! holy Hell! I feel like this is happening to ME! I have goose pimples all over thinking about the excitement that you were picked for this! It will be the best interview evah! Hands down! No doubts! (no pressure!!!)

    Congratulations!! Woot Woot!

  31. ok – i’m a total lurker but i just had to pop by and say congrats 🙂

    i totally squeeee’d (in my mind, being at work) when i saw the news on twitter – LTT/LTR makes me laugh every. single. day. there’s no way you were picked by accident 😉 between UC and Moon and all the witty/dirty/normal commenters it was bound to happen.


    p.s. suck it haters *muah*

  32. My question for SM would be, “When you see that Melissa Rosenberg has totally FU in translating Twilight from page to screen, why did you let it slide?” I know she probably feels a little out of her realm, but the shit (Twilight) is yours/you. Would you let someone modify your children? Then why in the hell would you let someone mame a story tha has touched so many hearts? Just some food for thought for BD.

  33. CONGRATULATIONS LADIES!!! You really do deserve it for all those nights you were up against your own self-imposed deadlines for coming up with something witty by 8:00 EST even though you might have been working with Pacific happy hour time. For every time you questioned why…. This is your reward. Congrats!

    This is how I think this went down:

    Steph (cause we hang out often) is obviously a big fan who admires from afar. However, I think upon the wonders that the BD Barbie novela and the Kstew/Bellushi entries she just had to meet you. So she deviced a scheme by which she could have your purple wit without the barriers of the interwebs. The hat is just a prop… It was always going to be you guys, because let’s face it, who else will tell the emperor he had no clothes…errr jorts.

    Things I have to know:
    -Does she talke any responsibility for the behavior she saw those moms display Oprah?
    -What are her favorite fanfics (she’s already confessed to reading them, so too late)
    -Which ffs has she written? (she’s already confessed to this as well)
    -how come everyone gets older in the books except Jacob? He never has a birthday! Thank god Taylor ages.
    -Do the wolves pick up sex pointers from Sam when they read his mind?
    -is Pancho a unicorn? If so which team is he on?
    -Is the fade to black on Isle Esme based on a
    true story?

    Sorry for the long post… Too much chai and excitement. CONGRATS!

    • “Does she take any responsibility for the behavior she saw those moms display Oprah?”

      LOL – would love to know her reaction to being asked that question.

    • “-Do the wolves pick up sex pointers from Sam when they read his mind?”


    • -Do the wolves pick up sex pointers from Sam when they read his mind?
      -Is the fade to black on Isle Esme based on a true story?

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  34. Ok first of all I have to say I felt like I too won something yesterday when you guys were picked! I am incredibly excited to read all about your adventures with the Queen of Twilight herself. No one deserves it more and I too can’t help but wonder how “random” that was when Stephenie picked your name out of it. She must have put the LTT slip of paper in the hat about 1000 times and the rest of the sites once. I am pretty sure Stephenie lurks here all the time and “Buttcrack Santa” is a part of her everyday vocabulary. But that’s why we all heart Stephenie.

    But I digress! Major congratulations! Also all of the clever twitters to you make me ashamed… all I tweeted was a congrats, should have thought of something else!

    Enjoy these next few weeks!

    • “She must have put the LTT slip of paper in the hat about 1000 times and the rest of the sites once.”

      Best explanation yet! She probably put in an LTT entry for every time they used the word “jorts” which of course would make them automatic winners.

  35. Gah, I’m so excited, I’m commenting like a motherfucker today. Moon and UC, are you guys still hyperventilating? I hope you guys get good and drunk celebrating this news.

  36. Dear UC and Moon,

    I am very very happy for you chicas.
    But I am happy for us aswell. Who would have been better to represent the Twi-fandom than the gorgeous witty girls you are?
    You and the other girls will fuckin’ OWN that interview and Steph!!!

    P.s. I’ll hate you already but if you get to see Rob I promise to hate you every day of forever =P

  37. This is seriously the best birthday gift I’ve ever had.

    We don’t even have to worry about you two fangirling and forgetting to ask the important stuff because you can just read your previous posts reminding what to do in such a situation.

    And this was so NOT random 🙂 Ms Meyer wants you to bring it on with the questions such as “did Jacob just think he liked Bella in the first three books because he was actually unconditionally and irrevocably drawn to the unfertilized eff in her ovary that would become the object of his imprinting, Reneeeeeesssssmmmmeeeee?”

    I couldn’t think of two more deserving and funny and brilliant and sarcastic and generally excellent Twilight bloggers to do this.

    Is it wrong that I’m almost more excited for this interview than I am for Eclipse?

    • “did Jacob just think he liked Bella in the first three books because he was actually unconditionally and irrevocably drawn to the unfertilized egg in her ovary that would become the object of his imprinting, Reneeeeeesssssmmmmeeeee?”

      hahaha – my thoughts exactly~ but wouldn’t that also mean he was all about the sparklesperm too?

      • Yeah, you know his blow up at the wedding when he learned they were going to have a “normal honeymoon” was reverse psychology. You know you want to do something way more when you aren’t supposed to be doing it.

      • Excellent questions!

      • I always thought it was the eggel in her ovary too… but i never considered the sparklesperm!

        Although hasn’t SM talked about the whole making a baby logistics before? Rosalie can’t have a baby because each month the egg changes in order to be released and obvs vamps can’t change… so no eggel for Rosalie and thus no baby.

        But sperm is made by the body all the time, like venom… so Jacob wouldn’t be drawn to SparkleSperm as it’s not been ‘produced’ yet… unlike the eggel which is waiting in the ovary to be called into action

        Shit if only we used our astronomical brainpower for good instead of evil, imagine how GOOD the world could be!!!!!

        THAT’S NORMAL!

        • oh man…. Mr. Pickle is going to give me so much shit for using the word “sparklesperm” hahahaha ><

        • You get an “A” in Twi-Science today!

          • I failed Biology at high school too!

            I remember my teacher practically begging me in my final year… what can I do to make this better for you???? Now we know: SPARKLESPERM!

  38. Long time reader, first time commenter.

    First, congrats. Very excited, esp. since I know you guys will be good to those of us waiting anxiously for the FULL REPORT. What did you eat, what was SM wearing, etc. You know.

    As for what to ask her, find out if she feels like Bella’s fashion sense was shaped by her (SM’s) years at Brigham Young University. As a fellow BYU alum (there at the same time as SM, though didn’t know her…it’s a big school), I totally recognized Bella’s style as mid-nineties BYU chic. The khaki skirt, blue blouse, etc. Lovely.

  39. SOOOOOOOOOO happy for you girls!!!! I’ve been reading your letters to Rob and Twilight for so long, and you are SO hilarious- I love it! I feel like my Twilight sisters are finally making it! haha! Watch me be really dorky here- UC even responded to a comment I made- so NOW I’m separated to Rob by only 3 degrees (comment was commented on by UC, UC to meet Queen Bee, and Queen Bee has obviously met Rob)….yessssssss…..

  40. I’m a long time lurker as well, but like many others today I just had to fangirl and say how happy I am for you UC and Moon!!! I can’t wait to read every part of your day with SM! I don’t have any funny questions to add, but PLEASE make her finish Midnight Sun. I don’t care what you have to do!

    And while I am commenting for the first time, I just want to thank you for being here and making my day! I have friends in twi, but they act like 14 year olds… Here I feel at home and love all your humor!


    • Hi ya. We all love not acting like 14 year olds here, and some like to act like drunken bafoons who can’t spell and NO I am not talking about myself.

      • Or rather we don’t like acting like 14 year olds. Eff I misswrote again. This is why I only fake blog.

      • srsly~

        i didn’t like being 14 or other 14y/o’s when i WAS 14.

        jane you don’t gotta lie to kick it, you were so talking about yourself and that’s ok – xoxo

  41. HOLY CRAP, NO WAY!!!

    I have never met you, but I sort of feel special that you guys are going to meet her.
    It’s a cousin-of-your-friend’s-brother-in-law situation.

  42. Okay, I’ve been reading you girls for over a year and not commenting because I felt I could add nothing to the cleverness and hilarity, (guess I have an inferiority complex like Bella) but today I just had to be a part of the epicness. I too cried tears of joy at the news. It’s like you’ve been called to the mothership!

    And don’t be fooled by that hat. Your names were never in it. That slip of paper was a post-it on her bathroom mirror that she contemplated daily while curling her hair….”How can I meet UC and Moon?”…and lo, inspiration struck! Hardly the first time she has used an over-elaborate plot device.

    Steph may be a little bit square, but she knows awesome when she sees it, as do I!

  43. Love it! I’m so excited for you guys! Congrats!


    It’s times like these that I wish I had a Twitter account. I didn’t squee out loud, but I did do some fist pumps in your honor!

    I’m so excited for you and for us!! Think of all the possibilities!

    I’m going to put on my tweed and think of some questions for you to ask….on that note, what sort of questions do you guys want to ask? Funny ones, tweed ones, ridiculous ones or a combination?

    Also, you should get some video of Steph giving a shout out to LTT/LTR. A simple “That’s Normal” perhaps.
    Ahh, this is so PURPLE!!

  45. Congrats!! You guys deserve it-these sites are by far the funniest I’ve read anywhere.

    Can you share a gripe with Steph for me please?

    She writes an awful lot about werewolf nakedness in BD but I feel like vampire nakedness got short changed. Does she feel guilty about this at all and how can she redeem herself? Maybe she could finish Midnight Sun (if she hasn’t already) or if she has, include a few scenes of Edward relieving his stress with extremely graphic descriptions (maybe you could have a few fanfics on hand for her to peruse for inspiration).

  46. This is amazeballs. I cannot believe it. I’m so thrilled for both of you and can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

  47. Wow I am soo excited for you both! Congratulations, you so deserve it cos we all know this is the best Twilight blog of all. You guys rock! xx

  48. I am SO MOTHEREFFINJEALOUSFREAKINEXCITED for you two! I feel like I “know” you two so well and I just can’t believe something so awesome is happening to someone I “know”!!!! *Fangirl squee*
    Ok, so everyone has already mentioned that you need to chain her to her desk and force her to finish Midnight Sun, but you could also ask her the important questions like, Olive Garden or TGIFridays? Jorts or Tweed? I mean seriously, the possibilities are endless! I’m so excited for you gals!!!!!! 🙂

  49. To borrow JodieO’s phrase- soooooo 2nd hand excited!

    Couldn’t have happened to two lovelier ladies! I trust that you two will ask all the important questions (I already commented on the Big Daddy suggestion, but I’d like to add a request for TayTay’s phone number).

  50. Congratulations! That’s amazing… Now, how to pick out questions?

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