My Twilight confession (it just makes no sense)

Dear Twilosophy 101 Class,

A few days ago I was just sitting at my desk at work and suddenly overcome with emotion. Like I cried real, actual tears. Why? Oh, just “Flightless bird, American mouth” by Iron & Wine from the Twi soundtrack came on. Why in the world did that make me cry!? Because I started remembering how it used to choke me up, and how I used to listen to the soundtrack over and over again… Remembering the story- Remembering Bella and Edward…their forbidden love… and DYING to see the movie again!

Hey. I have a beard. And will make you cry with my songs

I’ve seen New Moon 4 times (I know, THAT’s it! Moon is killing me in the # of times she’s seen it!) It’s still in a few theaters in my area, although it’s not EVERYWHERE like it was…. but, honestly, I’m not sure I’m going to go see it again. I don’t NEED to see it. I NEEDED to see Twilight. I’d sit at my desk, I’d get all teary-eyed when Iron & Wine came on… and then I’d make plans to go see the movie.

It makes no sense.

It’s not rational.

Twilight isn’t good

New Moon is better (but still not very good)

So why am I choked up right now? Is it the reminder of how entranced I was a year ago by the phenomenon? Is it the remembrance of the hours I spent google-stalking Rob Pattinson and learning intimate details about all the cast members we hate slash love now?

The hype has died down. Forget for a second that New Moon has made almost 700 billion dollars world-wide- The Twilight movie’s hype lasted longer. Maybe it’s because they needed to make room for Avatar, but New Moon is disappearing in theaters all across the country. I think this time last year it was still going strong in theaters across the nation. Twilight wasn’t released world-wide all at once, so I suppose the hype and buzz just grew and grew into eventual explosion. New Moon feels like it all exploded at once on November 20th.

But why don’t I cry when I listen to the New Moon soundtrack? God knows it’s the most effing depressing thing out there. Bon Iver kills me when he sings with St. Vincent. Thom Yorke gives me butterfly feelings in my belly (get the soundtrack on vinyl if you have a record player- besides the fact that it’s annoyingly on 4 sides, it sounds so amazing!) but I don’t cry. There’s no ‘moment’ song like Iron & Wine’s song at the prom scene for me.

I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes, feeling like a crazy person (I am) because I’m crying over memories of a really bad movie and how it made me feel, and I’m wishing that its less bad but still sucky part 2 would make me feel the same…

Here’s to that mother effing leg hitch and whatever song comes with it that better make me cry a whole year later after I first hear it,

What do you think? Am I crazy? Feel the same? Self-conscious cause you know The Font is gonna read your comments?

Follow the jump for a special message from us!Moon and I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss the message we posted on our Twitter yesterday regarding Haiti:

LTT/LTR thoughts on Haiti……

As I drove my 1 hour commute into work, I was listening to BBC newshour and bawling as they described the scenes in Haiti and interviewed those who lost loved-ones. It was when I heard the voice of a little girl who doesn’t know yet that her sisters died because her dad can’t bare to tell her since both of her legs have been shattered and her head is split open- and she’s had no treatment- no medicine at all- that I started asking what I always do when tragedy hits: Why? Why them!? What is the point? How is this fair? Here I am, on my way in my warm car to a job that I got because I am an upper middle class American with a college education and money to pay bills. And I will spend my time today trying to figure out how to get other wealthy Americans to buy hot tubs. And I’ll laugh about Twilight and Rob while there is immense suffering only 1400 miles from where I live. How is that right? How is that fair? ….. It’s not. I only know that. I don’t know why. I don’t know how it will get better. I don’t know why I’m not suffering and they are. And I don’t know what I can do about it, 1400 miles away.

I feel guilty that I can’t do more… and then I remember that there are things I cling to in time of sorrow to uplift my spirit and get my mind off of the difficulties. And I know LTT/LTR is that for so many people….. So if you want to cry about Haiti, know I’m crying too… but if you need to ‘escape’ for awhile… well, we’re here.

Prayers for Haiti…… xo

Moon gets real today on LTR with some great resources to lend a hand to Haiti. Even if you’re not an LTR reader, check it out today!

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  1. Oh man, I love that Iron & Wine song so much – in fact, I just love Iron & Wine full stop. Get ‘Around the Well,’ the rarities and b-sides album, if you don’t have it. I think it’s better than the Shephards Dog which is the album ‘Flightless bird..’ is on. It’s full of more dreamy, acousticy goodness.

    I read a great book about music and it’s effect on the brain once – apparently music bypasses everything and registers straight in the emotional parts of the brain – so it’s no wonder a song can bring you to tears because it recalls all those emotions from before!

    • PS: When I watch Twilight I always have a HUGE smile on my face and feel like I’ve been hugged – I think it’s focus on just girl meets impossibly wealthy, cool, mysterious obnoxiously handsome boy, boy and girl fall in love and overcome intense obstacles in order to be together, simplicity of it that gets me every time! Twilight is a smaller, more relatable film for me.

    • Sam is the best!

      that is all,

      Love what you girls did today on LTR to try to help the people of Haiti.

      I wish that Rob would say something, I mean, so many people would probably donate just because he asked them to. It would be an excellent use of the power that he has right now over the media and millions of adoring fans.

  2. You’re not crazy (okay, maybe a little but we all are).

    I’ve been saying this since the first time I saw NM. Although NM was a better adaptation of the book, it didn’t make me feel anything.

    For all of it’s faults (and there were many), Twilight made most of us feel something. It was more romantic and passionate.

    • i agree 100%with you. NEW moon is my favourite book of the story. but the movie just do nothing for me. I know a lot of twifan trash H and Twilight but for me for now it”s The best movie. It has a charm, something romantic, gothic and sexual. New moon is more visually polish like an episode of OTH and that it’s not good for a book feel of teenage angst and sexual tension. That is why the story feel empty; The adaptation is close to the book at fault. But there is no intimacy like with twi.
      i watch neew moon twice; Hated the first time. the second time was less painfull. watch twi 6 times in theater and i don’t know how often on dvd. Not going to by new moon dvd. No kris and rob on the commentary to make fun of themselves equal no dvd for me.

      • I remember walking out of NM the first time and feeling so sad. I wanted to like it. I wanted to feel something, anything. But it just left me empty.

        The second time I saw it, I thought it was better. But it will still never compare to the Twilight feeling. I have Twilight on my IPod and I will watch certain parts over and over (the bedroom kiss, the prom, Bioward). I just can’t imagine putting NM on my IPod.

        • I walked out of NM sad too, which means that they did a good job conveying the heartbreak and Bella’s numbness. My problem is that we didn’t get Bella’s huge emotional revelation, “Wow, he loves me even though I’m plain and clumsy and human. He loves me the way I love him.” To me, that was the redemption of the depressing first 2/3 of the book. The end of NM, the reunion and wake up scenes, was so rushed that I didn’t get that uplift and the joy n requited love that I so desperately wanted to see. I walked out of NM sad, but I walked out of Twilight giddy which is why I saw it over and over. NM was a better movie and a better adaptation, but it didn’t hit that emotional high.

          • K stew is the one who should be given credit for iron and whine. She is the one who choose that song for the prom.

            Rob song was also an epic win when he suck the venom that was great.

    • Agree – Fans always say the reason they love Twilight is because it makes them remember what it’s like to fall in love for the first time. Well, more specifically, Twilight is the installment where the love all begins. The films are a lot different than the books but I think after awhile, you do get the same opinion of the film as you did the book. The first time I read New Moon, I was like shit – when is Edward coming back?? This Jacob kid needs to go away….ah yes, Italy…..get him!

      So yes, while I think New Moon was a great adaptation….it can’t be any better than the feelings you had of the actual book.

      Hearing Iron & Wine totally makes me daydream about the prom scene. I think that is my favorite part of the whole movie – well done Cathy!!

    • New Moon the movie ended my obsession with Twilight although not my obsession with reading blogs. I really think what was lost is a womans touch for New Moon. It was a great movie and more entertaining than Twilight, but it felt like Weitz really cut your ties with loving all things teenage vampire.

  3. Can the guy with the beard sing? He looks like Kenny Rogers. Or wolfman Jack. One of the two.

  4. Ure not crazy UC. I think its the same way I get all teary when I hear “You can do it (put your back into it)” cause it reminds me of my first crush who I adored for 3 years before he chose to date my best friend instead. *shrugs* but I’m totally over it (Why dood? why? why? WHY? Wasnt I good enough? Is it cause I wasnt pale and actually HAD a personality? Was it cause I wasn’t a…a…Bella?Whaaaaaaay???) See? TOTALLY over it.

    I guess I just didnt click with Twilight the way I did
    with New Moon and no its not cause of the abbage that came with the cabbage. I guess in a weird, totally IWL way, I found NM to be a happier, faster (hamster brain cant concentrate with too many crazy camera…ooooh squirrel!) brighter movie. Maybe it was all the pwetty colours, maybe it was the tomboy part of me that loved the action or maybe it was Jebus Weitz, the first time I actually gave a crap about a director.
    and yes songs from both soundtracks make me cry.

    Morning everybody!
    My prayers go out to the people in Haiti. Its like going through the news of the tsunami all over again…The hamster is depressed…

    • omg I totally sound like I’m dissing Twilight when I’m not…I LOVE Twilight…Just trying to explain why the hale I dont feel normal compared to you guys…I mean Iron and Wine just…le sigh…but I cant say no to NM…I’m so…weird….

      Ok Now I just sound nutsy cuckoo…I really should shut up…

      • yeah, i’m with you; dude. as soon as i get nm on dvd, i’m sure i’ll be watching it as frequently as i did twilight, if not more so.

        • Tell the truth EG… You are watching it already! ;).

          WL is totes hating on almost Jacobless Twilight. But she’s forgetting about “I totally rebuilt the engine for ya” bow chicka bow bow *flashes obsene amounts of teeth porn*

          • Whatevs Xy 😛 Are you trying to organise a fire and pitchfork carrying mob against me? …You know I’ve already professed my love for “SUSTSTRL porn”…and even though this might be hard to believe…I luuuurve Edward…Seriously…at times enough to overpower my love for Jacob…and then Jacob buys me pizza and says “You wanna go cliff diving? sure sure…” and I’m back…gotta love a guy who appreciates food and is good with his hands….*bow chicka wow wow ensues*

    • Whoa – this totally nails it for me. When my sister & I came out of NW (1 week after it was released because she had WORK COMMITMENTS! so I had to pretend I hadn’t already seen it the day it came out by myself like a ‘no friends Nigel’)

      where was I? Oh, she was ‘yeah hot guys but not as special as Twilight.’ For me, the filming in Twilight made me feel seasick, seriously.

      I also kinda have a thing for physical/practical type guys – tradies, cowboys, werewolves. And no, I am not talking YMCA here.

    • I don’t know what the hell was wrong with your first crush (OR your best friend), but I’m just gonna go ahead and say to him “Dude. Big mistake. Big.”

      And now that I’ve gotten Pretty Woman into my head, I may as well go ahead and say, “Edward? That’s my favorite name in the whole world!”

      Love you hamster.

      • In Pretty Woman Richard Gere played Edward Lewis

      • i completely ❤ you for referencing Pretty Woman… love that movie!

      • Are u calling me a….*whispers* skank? teehee…I think it was better that we didnt happen…He was shorter than me (yeah I’m shallow like that) and had the humour level of a highly un-amused ferret…also if we went out I would be living in….Canada…by…shit shit shit…

        *turns house upside down looking for his phone number*

  5. I feel the exact same way. Although I loved New Moon…it still doesn’t have the same feeling as Twilight had. Everytime I see Twilight I feel the exact same way I did when I first watched it. And it makes no sense! I know what’s going to happen, I know each and every line…but every time I hear the soundtrack and watch the movie it’s an eerie feeling. And it was terrible, New Moon was way better, but Twilight will always be the beginning. It will always be the starting point to all this craziness, it will always be like falling in love for the first time and it is why we all gather each and every day to talk about the books/movies/cast members.
    I feel I can’t explain it well no matter how I say it. for some reason, I would still watch Twilight instead of New moon even though New Moon is my favourite books in the series. I feel confused and I really hope that this is normal! :))


  6. I totally agree. Twilight was cringy and uncomfortable to watch but I loved it and went to the to see it 11 times because of something I didn’t know what but i just needed to see it over and over. I went to see New Moon 4 times and it was a better made movie but I don’t feel that I have to go and see it again. And the Twilight soundtrack still brings tears for me. The NM soundtrack is fabulous it just doesn’t bring out any emotion.

  7. First of all, I love that song. Love.

    Second, about NM.. your four times beats the hell out of my two. I feel kind of shameful now..

    Third, I have to reply re: Haiti. I spent the first hour of my morning reading the stories and looking at the pictures of the devastation in the newspaper, bawling my eyes out. I’m really glad I’m not alone in that. I was feeling guilty that I couldn’t really do more too, but then I realized that I can donate blood, which will help someone, even if it’s not someone in Haiti. So despite my paralyzing fear of needles, I booked an appointment. Noon today. Wish me luck 🙂

    • good for you for dontating. It may not seem like much from this end, but it’s a huge deal to the person who recieves it! Dont trivialize your action.

    • Thanks!

      A blood donation saved my life once.

      It’s always appreciated. 🙂

      • you dont have to respond to this as it may be highly personal, but how did it save your life once?

        • Well…

          I had my daughter at seventeen and was already anemic.

          I needed three pints of blood and thank God for it. I wouldn’t be around to annoy y’all if it weren’t for donors.

          Love you, donors! 🙂

          • wow. thanks for sharing fang. we’re so happy youre here to annoy us!! and i’m sure your son agrees! our daily blogging wouldnt be the same without your “cock-piercing” comments 🙂

        • My 6 year old son is anemic. He has had many blood transfusions in his life and each time I say a silent prayer of thanks for those people who take the time to donate blood.

        • Thanks for sharing, inspired to get off my butt & head on down to Red X and donate some red stuff. They are always campaigning for donors.

          ‘Sides, surely it would be the most logical place to run into a sharing/caring Carlisle type vamp?

  8. i know what you mean about the movie and esp about the music. even know when i hear music that i affiliate w/ a certian moment in my youth, it’ll bring back the same feelings… powerful.

    @Shleeeigh (the 1st comment)- i know exactly what you meant about music’s effect on the brain, my husband is a musician an even though he doesn’t feel like he can verbally express himself the way he wants, he totally does it through his music. not only what he plays, but what he chooses to listen to at different times…

    re: Haiti – that was really sweet, what you wrote. very reflective. most people never bother to reflect on what should make them grateful… even when disasters hit. there’s a scripture in the Bible (Ecclesiastes 9:11) that says “time and unforeseen occurance befalls us all”… and times we live in are fully described in 1Timothy 3:1-5 b/c it calls them “critical times hard to deal with” and Matthew 24:6-8 mentions “wars, reports of war, and earthquakes as being a beginning of pangs of distress”… it can be scarry and i agree w/ u UC, that we should be praying for those in Haiti. Thank goodness the day will soon come when “God will wipe out every tear from (our) eyes and death, pain and mourning will be no more” (Revelation 21:3,4).

    Sorry if that was too spiritual for some, but when disasters strike we all need comfort and answers. Who knows when things like “Hatit” could happen closer to home…

  9. Hola chicas!
    Aww, you are totes not crazy, hon!
    I get it 🙂
    And I’ve only seen New Moon twice.
    I’m devastated.
    Been absent because I’ve been working double shifts (wow, 6 hours! *eyeroll*) but I have been soooooo exhausted so early beds instead of staying up til 11pm . . .
    Missed you all!
    Morning lovelies 🙂

  10. UC, your letter almost made me cry. I LOVE the Iron & Wine song. When I would have the Twi soundtrack in my car for weeks on end, sometimes I would just replay it over and over. FB/AM is definitely a “moment” song. SIIIIIIIIIGH!

  11. You know what, you have totally encapsulated every feeling I have about Twilight and New Moon – event hough all my senses tell me that New Moon is a better movie, there is just something abot Twilight that GETS me, and there’s no way I can put my finger on it… But as much as I love New Moon, and as much as I’m sure I will adore Eclipse, Twilight will always mean the most to me… *sniff* awww, now I’m getting all reminiscent and melancholy. Time to listen to the soundtrack again…

  12. I cannot not love Twilight. Mr. Fang made me watch House before I fell asleep last night instead of Twilight.

    I love House! Hugh Laurie pwns.

    But I wanted to watch Twilight. I couldn’t fall asleep forever.

    I’ve said it a million times but I’ve only seen New Moon once. I’ve seen the Hillywood parody about 10 times. I’m pretty sure I’m loving Hilly better at this point.

    Twilight is like a first love that I thought was dog ugly on the first date. Then he gave me his journal and I went on another date and fell. Hard.

    Thank you, Twilight. You’ll always make me wanna cry when Robward sucks on Bella’s arm and Rob’s song plays. And I’ll always almost cry when I hear that song which is my ringtone.

    Let me sign…


    • Oh… I almost missed your double negative there… You are so clever SIK! I’m so glad that still love Twilight and that you are going public with said love.

      I for one am glad that now that the whole NM hype is dying down we can really see it with clear and objective eyes. It is an adeptly made film whose heartbeat was drawned out by the franchise money making machine.

      I think it’s high time we separate Coughwick from Twilight. Because by doing so we can look at it more objectively. Could Twilight have been better? Abolutely! But was it beautiful to look at? Yes! Did it make you feel? Yes! And that’s all good art is suppose to do. The fact that it also made some people moist is just a bonus… I meant like sweating, of course.

    • Yes. Only saw NM once. Didn’t care to see it more than that. Hillywood is the bomb!

      • I think that my comment made it sound like I hated New Moon.

        I didn’t. I loved it!

        It’s just I’m broke and going to the movies is expensive.

        But I will definitely buy it in March and watch it more than is necessary.

  13. I listened to NM soundtrack in my car the other day and it made me cry! “theres a possibility…..all that I had….” sniff sniff

    • No Sound But The Wind always gets me, “Our blood is cold, And we’re alone, But I’m alone with you…”

    • OH, Griff . . . I was doing fine until you started singing! I never bought the Twilight soundtrack – didn’t watch the movie until it came out on DVD. However, I bought the NM soundtrack the day it came out and kept it on repeat in my car until after I’d seen NM twice. The songs you and Shleeeigh mention had me so swept away I’m sure there were a couple of times I wasn’t focusing well enough to drive.

      That sounds irresponsible. Angsty Driving? Driving Under Emotion? I’m guilty . . . of being a sap.

  14. PS. Haiti makes me cry. I cried at work. The babies. I cry for the babies. Always.

    Donate 2 Haiti Earthquake Relief!! Every1 has $5 every1 got a phone! Text YELE to 501 501 now! U HAVE NO EXCUSE DONATE! 4 info (Via @Wyclef)


    Easy way to donate $10 to the Red Cross for Haiti victims. Text HAITI to 90999. It will add $10 to your cell phone bill which will be donated.

    Sorry if that’s annoying. I think it’s important.

    • Oops. I didn’t see that LTR was doing the same thing.

      Sorry. 🙂

    • See my post below re: text donations

      • I understand that and appreciate it.

        I do understand that doing anything directly brings faster results but I think that a lot more people would actually text something rather than going online and finding a web site.

        Just my opinion.

        JUST DONATE! Whatever, wherever. We should all donate if we can. 😀

    • Haiti makes me cry too. I cant watch the news anymore! Thanks for the donate ideas Fang.

  15. I love Iron and Wine and that song especially… I have no idea what the lyrics mean, but that seems secondary.

    I’ve been having the same feeling with the whole Twilight saga lately. Of course we knew at some point the obsession would pass… but since it endured way past our expectations, I guess we somehow forgot. I actually feel guilty when I catch myself thinking “move over Edward… hot blue alien coming through” (watch Avatar, people!). Like I’m betraying my imaginary fictional boyfriend…

    *cricket chirps*

    I may need professional help.

  16. No you’re not crazy.

    I’ve been trying to rationalize this myself. So many people say to me, “So which movie did you like better?”

    That’s like asking a parent which of their kids they like better.

    Neither of them are perfect and one child may do well academically and professionally (New Moon)

    While your 1st child is crazy popular and easy going (Twilight)

    But you still love them the same amount. Just in different ways.

  17. I’ve still only seen NM once (and I know I’ve probably said all this before), but there’s just something about Twilight that endears me to it more than NM will ever be able to. I think one of the reasons why I only saw NM once is because it didn’t give me that intangible feeling of thrill deep down in the pit of my stomach. Maybe it’s because of all the previews and set pics and speculation I saw and did prior to seeing it. Maybe it’s the same reason why feelings of first love can never be recaptured. But, every time I see Edward enter the cafeteria my heart still pitter patters a little. NM just didn’t do that for me.

    That said, I think it also has something to do with Samuel Bean. “Upward over the Mountain” makes me lose it every time.

    Wow, I’m all sad and nostalgic now… that’s normal.

    • let’s stay pur for eclipse and see if it helps. who’s with me?

      • I had considered not staying pure… but I think I can resist the temptation. *slips on Jonas Brothers brand purity ring* Avoiding previews is going to be rough, though.

        • I love the sentiment ladies… But hanging around these parts your purity ring stands the same chance as Taycob’s un-bodyguarded virginity at a Brazilian Twi-conference. Poof!!

      • as much as i like the idea, if i’m being a realist, i dont think i have the will power… “i dont have the strength to stay away from you anymore.”

        • You’re not alone. I don’t have will power when it comes to spoilers. In fact, if we don’t start at least getting some set pictures soon, I may spontaneously combust.

          • i always agree with your comments! You seem to verbalize my thoughts regularly. you may be my longlost twitwin. I, too, am too old for this!

      • I’m totally there with you Egregious – I consumed everything there possibly was to see for New Moon and as much as I insisted I was not spoiling it – I think I was. Well I have learnt my lesson! Pure For Eclipse! I’m not even going to listen to the soundtrack before the film – if they slip a scene in when I’m watching a interview, that’s OK. Apart from that – I WILL stay pure!!

      • I’m with you! And Fang! We can do this.

      • Ring firmly on here. I hate spoilers.

  18. Oh, you are not crazy! (We all know that you are normal, right?)
    I so share your feelings, about Iron&Wine, about the Twilight soundtrack and about Twilight being a film I love more than NM, all its´flaws considered…it just gives me that feeling that I can’t explain to the Font, the feeling that made me end up here. NM did not.

    I have been obsessed before, about Star Wars, about LOTR, about Narnia, but I am a grown up woman now, and this is different. This is, ahem, Serious. (No, not Tweed Serious! Heartwrench Serious.) And effing ridiculous at the same time, of course! 🙂

    The NM soundtrack: I have been listening to it every day now (I got it for my birthday. Finally.) and I almost cry every time I hear Slow life, and every time I hear No sound but the wind… And “everything ends” makes my stomach lurch, every time. Too true.

    That’s OK though. The Twilight series has made me feel “alive” (no, not with the Mike inflection, please!) heartwrench, sarcasm, tears and all, and I love it!

    Haiti – now that’s too sad for words. I am giving to the help organisations and praying – that’s all I can do, being cursed with a phobia for seeing and smelling blood. (Bella, I know how you feel!)

  19. I posted this over on LTR, but thought I’d add it here, too.

    Thanks for taking a time-out today to focus on such a sad and important issue, Moon & UC! There are a couple of different ways to donate money to the Haiti relief through texting, but according to an article in the New York Times today:
    “What people may not realize is that it could take up to 90 days before the money [from texts] actually reaches the charity….We’re advising people to follow up that $10 donation by going to the Web sites and donating directly.”

    The cell phone companies are trying to work on a way to get the money to relief efforts quicker than 90 days, but the UN and Red Cross and OxFam websites will be able to get the money where it’s needed quicker.

  20. I agree with moon. I’ve also seen NM 4 times now. I had an opportunity to see it again last week, and i actually TURNED IT DOWN!! I couldnt believe myself! I began analyzing why I’d do this? Afterall, NM was a much better made movie than twilight. In fact, twilight really sucked. However, i when i watch twilight, i STILL get those butterflies during the restaurant and bedroom scenes when edward is so vulnerable and beatiful. I dont get the depths of those butterflies anywhere with NM!!
    Iron and wine still kills me and makes me cry, in fact, MANY of the songs on the soundtrack do.
    Last night, i was having a conversation at work with a twivirgin! She’s just starting BD, and knows nothing about it! She couldnt stop talking about it and it was actually invigorating for me to talk about it with her!! I felt her excitement and remembered the feeling. Then i got a little depressed because i wanted to feel that newness all over again. We spent the evening downloading Rob interviews, and I got so much enjoyment watching HER as SHE watched Rob! She had that “glimmer” in her eyes with a constant smirk on her face. I warned her that I could see how she’s plunging into the depths of Robward fandom craziness, and that I’d meet her on the bottom.

    • oops, just realized that i wrote that i agree with “moon” instead of “UC”…who actually wrote todays letter.

    • “Then i got a little depressed because i wanted to feel that newness all over again”
      usualnurse – i totally get how you feel, i remember when i saw twilight and loved it, then i had the 4 books to read, then it was the hours on you tube falling in love with rob, then i found ltt and ltr and that took up another few weeks to read the archives, lead into the new moon media overdose. but know theres nothing new, and last week i did 2 things that i said i would never do. 1 watch the entire vanity fair video, (i was robsten for about 5 mins afterwards!) and 2 i actually succumbed to fanfic. (wide awake lived up to it’s hype big time) cos i really needed to see something new about twilight.

  21. New Moon seems to be pretty well on track with where Twilight was last year. It’s one year ago that I first read the books and first saw the movie. It had moved over to the second run cinema, which is where New Moon just moved to. It stayed in the second run cinema long after it came out on DVD, even. I’ll keep an eye on NM to see if it does the same.

  22. It almost never cry, only during that special time of the month. Those times I won’t let myself listen to certain songs/bands or get al cudly with cute babies since I might just be able to cause a flood like only Genesis and that other Alice can. *hears the screeching tires of her bitchy image drive away with the maserati*. Bitch.
    Are we professing our love for the Twilight movie today? I wouldn’t mind, it’s been a while. Promward, Kissward, happily jumping off Bella’s truckward. Those were the days…

    • I always cry. At everything. Expecially TV and movies. Even if I’ve already seen it. Case in point: Season 1 finale of The OC. When Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah is playing and Kirsten starts bawling – that’s when I start. Every. Time. Even though I have watched the effing season over like, 10 times.

      ‘Possibility’ makes me wanna cry.
      Nothing in Twilight though :/

    • Happily Jumping off Bella’s Truckward. I love him. Thanks for putting a name to my favorite incarnation.

  23. Flightless Bird does that to me, too. Actually so does the prom scene-I feel so melancholy after watching it. Because it’s the end of the movie? Because it’s one of the best scenes in the movie? Because I wish it were me? Haven’t figured that out yet.
    UC, your letter brought me to tears. have you read The Secret Life of Bees? There’s a character, May, who leaves notes in the cracks of a stone wall whenever something is particularly distressing to her. She can’t handle the sadness and cruelty in the world, and eventually commits suicide. Her character left such an impression on me-I sometimes feel like that, like I can’t take seeing any more suffering or cruelty. This is why I rarely watch the news anymore. Anyway, it helps to see so many people coming together to help.

  24. You are not crazy. Amazing music always moves me to tears. This song is one of them. I also still get goosebumps when I hear Carter Burwell’s Phascination Phase. The music of Twilight is a major factor in it’s inexplicable pull on me, as compared with NM. Also, NM was my least favorite book–yawn! At least Breaking Dawn was chock full of [unintended] hilarity!

    • I’m the same way with amazing music….sometimes i find it so painful it moves me to tears. all styles. all instruments. lyrics or no lyrics. doesnt matter. Whichever mood I’m in, I’ll find that type of music that rips into my soul to make me either cry, sing at the top of my lungs, dance around my kitchen, or go into a deep introspection. It’s power is remarkable.


    LTT has become one of my favorite morning rituals and one I’ve had to curtail for a number of reasons… Not the least of which is a crazy busy schedule. But each time I’ve tried to rationalize what is it about this bright beacon of hope/lust/snark in the blogsphere universe that calls to me I come across a statement or a joke by either UC/Moon or one of the countless funny commenters here that reminds me that there is kindness and mirth in the world… Even if it’s Twilight flavored. Today was no different. I’ve been consumed with worry and sadness by the plight of these amazingly unlucky people with whom my family and I share a special bond. So when I read UC&Moon’s comment on the earthquake I was once again reminded why I come here. (Thanks for reminding us that compassion and joy can coexist, ladies). On another note: When giving, please research your charitable organization for efficiency at Doing so can ensure that your donations really get to where you intend to quickly.

    Saddened, but hopeful for the rebuilding of Haiti,


    • Thank you for posting that link. I’m all for giving but it’s important to do a bit of research too, to make sure your money ends up exactly where you want it to. 🙂

      Well said “compassion and joy can coexist”.

      I think the LTR/LTT ladies have, as usual, nicely handled the merge of the reality of the world right now with our little Twilight/Rob bubble. Thanks!

  26. That song does that to me too. I don’t know why either. That scene was my favorite of the whole movie. I don’t think I have a favorite scene from New Moon. I watched Twilight last weekend and got that feeling, it was like I watched it for the first time again. And afterwards it was like I’d never seen New Moon. It was that feeling of longing for the continuation. I don’t know what it is, but that song is amazing.

    • I think you hit it-that feeling of longing for continuation. Even though Twilight was a crappy movie in so many ways, it has some of the most emotional scenes in the whole series. Edward sucking out the venom, the hospital scene, the bedroom scene, and the prom scene-it’s my favorite too. I am a sappy crybaby at heart and that scene was magical to me-romantic, tender, bittersweet because Bella does not get what she wants most. And in the background a beautiful song that left me with goosebumps. New Moon doesn’t really have any moments like that-even when Bella saves Edward it’s more suspense than romance.

      Twilight is my fave book for the same reasons-it was all about E & B realizing their love for one another and figuring out how to make it work. First love, nostalgia-hand me a tissue.

  27. That song was on constant repeat for me for a very long time. Like I had it on this one playlist 4 times (I think it only had 10 songs on it to begin with), and I would listen to it over and over. It’s my #1 most listened to song in my iTunes library.

    Why the obsession? Partly because it’s just a really amazing song. Iron & Wine makes some pretty effing awesome music. But I can’t deny that, whenever I heard it, I would play that scene over in my head and get that tingly feeling. It doesn’t really happen anymore. I can’t explain it either… I assumed it was just that my obsession was waning. Who knows. But the song makes me feel nostalgic, believe it or not. Nerd alert!

  28. hopefully no one forgets to vote for Rob every day till Jan 20 only once in 10 min. enough losses for him in other pools!

  29. I slow danced to that Iron and Wine song at my sister’s wedding. With my sister. I made the DJ announce it “To Bella, from your Alice”. It was our little Twilight tribute. I’m wicked lame. We probably mortified our parents.

    We ony danced together for about 30 seconds and then her husband rescued her and my bf came to dance with me. Then I kept leaning my head to the side, hoping he would bite… er… kiss my neck and say, “Isn’t it enough to have a long and happy life with me?” But he DIDN’T.

    p.s. – “Possibility” make me cry. For real.

    • Wicked lame? I think not. That’s wicked awesome!

    • HAHAHA – I love this! Ang is spot-on. You are wicked awesome!


      • Haha, thanks, ladies. I love it when you all make me feel Normal.

        Hey, Cyndi! 🙂

        • Hi was funny when you brought up possibilities..I was listening to it at the time…weird…but its nice the things you can do when the computer actually works!!
          How have you been? Love reading your comments btw! 🙂

          • I’m glad your computer works and you’re back! I’ve been ok. How are things with you? I hope you’re feeling well.

          • @KatieS…BTW I may love your name cause I may or maynot have a daughter with the same… 🙂 I am doing well..I am almost healed up from my Christmas night fallonmyfaceandmakeanassoutmyselfinfrontofthedaughterinlawtobe…. 😉 but still taking it slow and easy (twss)..
            Am loving the new computer so far, fingers crossed X, after a whole afternoon/evening with Dell Tech yesterday (have I said how much I hate Dell today?) it seems to be working!!! Finally!!

      • Hey MC. Nice to see you again.
        I remember the day after you got the soundtrack you listened to that song on repeat the whole day long. I went home and did the same. I think I’ve single-handedly upped the stocks in Kleenex listening to that song 😛

        • I don’t know we might be close to a tie in that whole kleenex thing..I still listen to it all the time but now with headphones cause the bird was starting to pick up the “sniffing” sounds…lol..pluse I can listen at night while the hubs is watching some Discovery thing… 🙂

    • Katie thats such a good idea! Imma do that to my sister at her wedding… nobody tell her! shhhh DONT TELL HER!

    • Awwwww Katie S that is the sweetest sis story. Totally NOT lame.

      PS- Possibility gets me every time too.

      • Haha, thanks. 🙂 I dont’ know what I’d do without my sisters. Or what I would do if they didn’t also appreicate Twilight!

        • I have a sister with zero appreciation of Twilight. I’m so jealous. My sis thinks I’m a freak!

          • I only have brothers. Brothers that call Twilight “That glittery vampire thing”. Then I just pretend that Victoria comes in and rips their heads off. (but not really, cuz I love my brothers. Even if they are Twi-tarded)

  30. I ❤ you. Give to Haiti.

  31. TuesdayMidnight pretty much nailed it. Twliight is that first love and the feelings it evokes: the excitement of the first time, the euphoria, the constant need to see that love over and over – everything is new and nothing will ever match it. That is Twilight. Sure, I got excited when I saw Edward strolling across the school pkg lot in NM, but it never, ever matched that first sight of him in the cafeteria in Twilight. It’s the same with the Twilight music, hearing those songs brings back those feelings and I relive it again and again. It all means more when you can tie a memory/emotion to it…Twilight, no matter how sucky the movie or soundtrack some say it is, will always do that for me.

  32. I love Flightless Bird and it does evoke a great movie moment memory that makes my heart warm! I listen to the Twilight and NM soundtracks a lot. Haven’t gotten tired of it yet! I think the only NM song that gives me an emotional movie moment memory is Possibility. Well, and Monsters…but the strut evokes a different kind of emotion, if ya know what I mean.

  33. As much as I love the Iron + Wine song and a few scenes in the Twilight movie, eg. the restaurant scene (minus the cat guy) and of course the prom moment, I don’t really have much of an emotional attachment to the movie. Maybe because I fell in love with the books before there was even any talk of making them into movies, and had read the books several times by then. I had a pretty good idea of how “Twilight” looked in my mind and was pretty disappointed by Cathy’s version. I wish I loved it, but I didn’t. I still bought the DVD, but I think the only time I watched the entire movie through on DVD was actually last weekend when I listened to the commentary for the first time (what a gem!)

    New Moon took my breath away because many parts of it were so much more like what I had imagined when reading the books, but I can’t say I have an emotional attachment to that movie, either, compared to the emotional attachment I have to the book.

    • On a slightly off topic note, and sorry but I am craving a sympathetic ear or two, I need to share an embarassing “Twihard outing” that I went through about 2 weeks ago yet for some reason the memory of it only caught up to me this morning when I was waking up. (Delayed embarrassment?) For New Year’s, I hosted a giant party with fiance’s and my friends. Amidst the buzz of the party, my Twiradar picked up on Twitalk. I scurried on over to a group of my fiance’s friends’ wives/girlfriends (“FFWG”) and mentioned in as calm of a manner possible that I, too, “liked” the books. FFWG #1 turned to me, excited, and said, that she’s a huuuuuuge fan, totally obsessed. We chat a bit, I discover that she loves Edward and Jacob (duh). I mentioned I especially love Jacob. “But the guy who plays him is like 15, so I feel bad” FFWG #1 said. “Oh no,” I automatically responded, somehow forgetting that I wasn’t talking to Ladies of LTT “He’s 17 but will be 18 in February…” —— crickets. crickets. awkward. Nervous laughter from FFWG#2. “Okay I think she’s a bigger fan than you are,” FFWG #2 said. I nervously mumble all Rob-style that I “only” knew that because I read some article somewhere… told FFWG#1 to remind me to send it to her, then I excuse myself to pour some more wine.

      Suffice to say that these girls have no sense of humor and FFWG#1 never asked for the article. I also discovered this “huge fan” hasn’t read all of the books and hadn’t seen NM as of Jan. 1. *sigh.* People just don’t “get” it.

      • HAHAHA!
        That’s hysterical! And possibly one of the worst ways to out yourself. I bet the looks on their faces were great!

        • The looks were sooo embarassing! I almost dread seeing those girls again; even though I’m sure they’ve forgotten, I haven’t!

      • “then I excuse myself to pour some more wine”…..more wine seems to be a popular “saviour” to RL Twi-guilt. I had a similar “outing” at a NY eve party and I just blamed it on the wine and said I was making a joke. ANd then I poured myself some more wine hahaha.

      • That is fabulous! Obviously not for you, but it made me laugh out loud for the first time today, so, thanks. Doesn’t it at least make you feel better to know that someone benefited from your humiliation? 🙂

        My oldest son outed me over the summer. My in-laws were having a discussion about books. And I when I say books, I mean actual literature, not the $5.99 bargain bin trashy novels I read. My son pipes up and exclaims, “My mom likes Twilight”. Everyone turned to look at me like I had two heads. I just kind of laughed it off and quickly changed the topic.
        I grounded my son for a week.

        • hahaha.

        • LOL! Your comment made me laugh. I’m glad that my moment benefitted someone!
          I seriously woke up this morning so embarrassed. I have no idea why it took 2 weeks for my “outing” to really hit me.
          I actually think it was because I was thinking of LTT while getting up and one thing led to the next. Often reading the posts on here is my motivation for getting up in the morning and getting to work on time. (Almost on time.)

  34. OK, I’m responding without reading comments, first, sorry if repetitive…

    I really LOVED Twilight the movie when I first saw it, and could not understand why people were so critical of it. Having spent the better part of the year hyper-criticizing it, I think I know, now, hahahahhaaha. (understatement).

    But, the reason I loved it the first time I saw it, (alone, almost empty theater, late Sunday night in late January) was how it made me *feel*. Exactly what you said, UC. Even though the lighting was blue, and the dialogue awkward at times, I was totally entranced by the forests, and hot kisses and amazing soundtrack.

    I think that the fact that Twilight had such a low budget, compared to NM, that it is just a more stripped down movie, with fewer effects, so the forest, music and hot kisses have more of a role. New Moon is a lot more ‘slick’, so there are more things to pay attention to, like wardrobe, special effects and spinning camera shots.

    Imma say it, and I’m ready for the thumbs-downers, but maybe Twilight hits you on an emotional level more because it is more bare, and less slick-ified. ??

  35. Ahh Twilight! You know my story, you know my love for Twilight runs deep and always will be for me # 1 no matter how good the rest of the movies/books are and I think its because its like the first date with what turns out to be the love of your life (sorry very strange mood again today) but srsly, you know that feeling you get in the beginning of THE relationship and even though the love continues and grows its never the same as it was at the start of it all. I love the hubs today as much as I did 32 yrs ago, but in a diferent, comfortable sort of way. (Hope this is making some kind of sense)…

    Haiti…I didn’t make any comments yesterday although it was a GREAT POST, but I DIDN’T want to laugh, I DIDN’T want to enjoy myself and I didn’t want to bring anyone down here cause this is “our escape from RL”…. but sometimes there is NO I secretly cried off and on during the day. The worst was when I served the hubs & I our “gourmet” dinner of Ragu and spaghetti along just as the extended version of the news was on….I choked on my food and couldn’t swallow and then without warning I openly sobbed. The hubs made no comment as he never see’s me do this, but I heard him set down his plate and then felt his arms around me. For just a few moments he allowed me to let the pain and sense of helplessness flow out of me. Then he went back to his chair and just said “I know”.. Later when I was “better” we figured out how we could scrape up as much money as we could to donate. Smart guy that he is, he knew that had I not had my accident I would have hooked up with some old buddies and already be headed to Haiti and in that was part of my sorrow. So before he went to bed he kissed me and said “We’ll find a way to help more and remember God is with them.”

    • MidCyn – Insightful as always! I love the analogy of Twilight being like the first date with the love of your life. *wiping little tear from corner of my eye*


      • Puppy smooches and hugs back!
        P.S. New computer is now working!

      • it’s the “butterflies”. I love the butterflies.

        • …Butterflys???? “crickets”…OH well.. I love butterflys!

          • I mean the butterflies – what you get on the first date with what turns out ot be the love of your life. I’ve never heard that refered to as crickets -but I guess that works too 😀

          • @absolutelyvlc: OMELE.. LOL..The crickets were a reference to the sound in my head while I tried to figure out “your butterflies:..but now that I really think about who ever really feels those butterflies…I remember feeling like my heart dropped into the pit of my stomach and pulled my lungs down there with it when I saw…Eddie…I mean “the love of my life”….

          • MidCyn and Abs…you ladies are killing me. I’m picturing Abs with crickets in her stomach when she first saw Edward…I mean, when she met the love of her life. 🙂


    • Well boo. I tried to send you hugs, but I think my comment went into moderation as a spammer. I spammed you with hugs!

    • aww… Cyndi that was lovely and touching. and it’s would seem that you have a loving husband. that was so sweet.

  36. all this twlight talk, i just went back and watched all my favorite scenes again. Sigh. what is it about this stupid movie that tortures me?

  37. I REALLY hope I’m not the only one who thinks Sam Beam is sexy. And his singing/songwriting talent is only half of it!

    True: that picture of him isn’t the best.
    True: his beard needs a slight trim.
    False: the belief that mountain men are not sexy in comparison to smooth shaven, girly men.
    Examples: Rob’s mop top and stubble, and Sully. Mmmm, Sully.

    • I could totes see being with the Beam. Especially if he played his haunting and soulful music for me every day. Facial hair is just facial hair. Genius is sexy.

  38. Me too – totally agree with TuesdayMidnight. But I think that’s kind of an endearing quality about the movies so far. Twilight is the intensity and euphoria of the very beginning of first love, just like in the book. I think that kind of crazy euphoria has worn off for NM, just like in any relationship. Thank god Chris Weitz did the story well cause if he destroyed it like Cathy the Cougar did the meadow, there was no “it’s-okay-cause-you-gave-us-rob-so-we’ll-forgive-you-ANYTHING” kinda love to save him from the wrath of twihards…

  39. I prefer twilight (yes..even i’m very dissapointed when i’m watching it for the first time)..but I never forget the scene where edward suck venom from bella’s hand with a beautifull, soulfull…deeper song “Let me sign”….. and
    I’m google it…whose the own beautifull, soulfull voice sings that song…that it’s… first love with Robert Pattinson (not edward cullen)….
    I fall in love with Edward when I read Twilight but I’m crazy fall in love with Robert Pattinson after watching him outside twilight…

  40. This is exactly how I felt the morning after seeing New Moon for the first time. After digesting it I was like wait where was the Edward and Bella romantic scenes I was hoping for? The hot pics of them kissing under the clock tower never showed up in the movie, they didn’t have the the plane ride home from Volterra, the proposal was in the woods 2 seconds after a fight?

    Cath brought the chemistry out in them in their actions. New Moon tried to do it in words and it just seemed like overkill. If you hadn’t read the books you would never understand why this guy would feel strong enough about her to say, “you give me everything by breathing”. In Twilight you could see it in that prom dance and kiss(love in the commentary when Rob says he looks like an anime character during that scene!)

    This morning I was trying to think of scenes that I would play over and over on the New Moon DVD and the only thing I could come up with was Edward walking across the parking lot to “Monsters”. Oh wait – Edward’s groans during the kiss out front of her house after the birthday party!!!! So I guess I do love some things but it just doesn’t have the same emotional pull for me that Twilight and the Twilight soundtrack have.

    I didn’t read the series for the first time until last February so I only saw the movie on DVD so I didn’t get to experience Twilight in the theater. Probably a good thing since I’ve seen New Moon 6 times in the theater! It’s just good to see that others are coming back around to appreciating Twilight again after the New Moon excitement has died down.

  41. For me personally, Twilight entailed so much more obsessive feelings because I had only just read the series for maybe a few months before it came out. The stories themselves were brand new to me, which was exhilirating enough. Then Twilight was released and it was exactly like an enormous crush – The flaws are there, you can see them lurking around in the periphery if you really want to, but you don’t want to – not yet. It was that same awe and longing that overcomes a person newly in love. Not to mention that at the time Rob was mainly known to me as Cedric (and not heavily in that movie either). So suddenly there was all this media and new pictures, etc. of him to see. Twilight just hits you like a bolt of lightning.

    And now a year+ later and we have New Moon, which I think evokes the kinds of feelings you might have for a person you’ve dated for over a year: You know them better, you know their faults and their strengths, you’ve had some rocky moments, and love them as a whole. Those butterflies in your tummy are not a sustainable resource…they are going to go away. But they make room for more permanent feelings of security and familiarity and thoughts of the future.

  42. i heart that song. hard.

    there’s something about when you THINK he’s just about to bite her that gets you. You want him to do it so badly…sink his teeth into her neck. He’s such a tease. It goes perfectly with that song.

    I love Twilight. Hard.
    I think non-twilight-fans who I’ve talked to like Twilight more. Guys do…I think. New Moon is a bit cheezy/TOO Teen girl screamy when you actually had to TRY to like Edward. You weren’t sure at first because he seemed strange and foreign and dangerous.

    They just kind of THROW Jacob at you with his shirt off in New Moon. He’s incredibly likeable. I think what we liked about Twilight is the chase. There’s a process of falling in love with Edward in Twilight that’s not there in New Moon. We kind of fall in love with Jacob but it’s so easy. There’s no challenge in New Moon…

    I love Twilosophy.
    Why buy the vampire when you can get the wolf for free?

    ❤ xo Speaking words of wisdom,

    • I guess thats the whole point of Jacob…He’s supposed to be easy to like (or love) What I always think is that Edward just hits you like a gale force wind, totally undeniable while Jacob’s like a security blanket…They had to make Jacob a lot more prominent in the film cause Twilight didnt really play out their growing friendship as much as they should or could have…(Thats why I love Jebus Weitz, cause he had to pack so much into NM just cause Twilight didnt)
      But I am extremely biased…and have the critical brain of a 5 year old in a candy store… 🙂

  43. Try the NM score…it makes me cry almost every time I listen to it! I prefer it to the NM soundtrack. It brings to life (for me) the emotions Bella, Jacob and Edward may have been feeling. I’ve seen the movie too many times to not feel a little embarrassed about the number (10)! But of course nothing will ever replace Twilight and its soundtrack…I equate it to memories of a first love and the feelings that went along with it! Please…just give the score a chance…I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

  44. Sometimes (like a time like this) when I hear a beautiful voice singing a song like Flightless Bird, I almost don’t want to know what that person looks like. Because from my Edwin McCain lesson, seeing a face that doesn’t match the voice confuses me, so thanks for that beard picture of Sam Beam. Thanks

    PS. This is totally true, I was at work yesterday and someone had pandora on and it started playing. My hands literally froze above my keyboard and I just zoned out.

  45. You can donate really easily to the Red Cross via your cell phone. Just text “Haiti” to 90999 and they will charge your cell phone bill $10.00. So, you can donate $10 just by texting (standard texting charges apply, I’m sure). Super easy to do. Also, they have a donation line to call if you want/can give more. They really just need money to buy supplies. More info here.

  46. Holy crap, best post ever!

    The emotional heart strings don’t get pulled in New Moon at all

  47. I will openly say that I hated NM. I thought it was terrible. I couldn’t get out the cinema fast enough. I checked my watch so many times… I couldn’t wait for it to be over. And I can’t for the life of me decide if it is because the film sucked (that script is…gah…) or because the content of the novel was never going to transfer well to film. Because there is so much music in NM, none of it, with the possible exception of ‘Possibility’, is memorable enough to stand-out as an effective use of a song in the same way that ‘Flight Bird, American Mouth’ or ‘Supermassive Black Hole’ or even ‘Full Moon’ works in Twilight. Not using the Twilight theme was also an odd decision – it’s so distinctive and powerful that it would really have enhanced several scenes within NM because audiences already had associations to that theme. Imagine Star Wars without the Imperial Death March. That was NM without the Twilight score. This would also have helped with the pacing of the film – some of which was rushed, some of which was drawn out, all of which adds up to an unsettling viewing experience. Then there is the wardrobe. Twilight made people want to own the peacoat or Bella’s jacket or the prom dress. How do you make Ashley Greene and Rob Pattinson look bad? Hire the NM wardrobe department. At the end of the day, there is a lovable B grade film innocence to the original movie, flaws and all. NM was actually trying to be a good film and it isn’t. That is pretty much why I have no desire to see it again. Ever.

  48. Not in so much of a mood to be snarky or talk about the soundtrack. (although I will say I had a moment with “Possibility” in New Moon. The song just gets me.) Anyway, hubs is going to Haiti for a few weeks with his job to help out in search and rescue. My mom is going down in a medical capacity. If I didn’t have 3 little boys, I’d be down there being the best little nurse I can be, too. The Red Cross and the Salvation Army are HUGE in helping out there right now. Give blood or money or find a charity like we have around here that’s taking down blankets and stuffed animals to the children. Helping out doesn’t have to be monetary!

    • It DOESN’T have to be monetary, Sparkle. Your family is evidence of that. Your loved ones are giving of their time and you are holding down the fort while they go help. That’s a huge contribution.

      • WORD! StothePizzo! That’s so true.

        Bless you and your family Sparklecakes.

        Another idea for a non-monetary way of helping with releif efforts is by volunteering time. NGOs or the local affiliates of international organizations may need assistance staffing phone lines during fundraising drives or organizing fundraising events in your community.

  49. brillinant letter UC. totally agree with everything.
    i was so disappointed by new moon, i thought i’d be seeing it everynight in a row for a week. i’ve only seen it once. maybe cos it’s my least favourite book of the 3 (i don’t count breaking dawn that should never have been published. well maybe up to isle esme!!) i thought the first bit did well and carried on from twilight, the strut across the car park, the shakespeare quote, the birthday kiss/rob moan. but the rest of it was a let down. twilight never fails to deliver. i can’t believe that chris weitz and the crew made robward unattactive and dul. maybe it’s cos he’s a guy? in fairess to the coug she got the robward hotness.

  50. If I admit I loathe this song…just find it wishy washy & feeble…will you all hate me?

    I have attempted to post this at a weird time though, so no-one may ever read this confession.*crosses fingers*

    • Just curious, which song is it that your loathing? And why would you think anyone would hate you for not liking a song? Never…that is what this place is for afterall..safely being able to post your honest feelings….so never worry about that! Now I may not luv you (for a whole second) if you said you loathe “my Edward” but truly it would last for only that one sec. and it would be all good again! 😉

      • Hey Cyn! The song I don’t like is ‘Flightless Bird American Mouth’ that plays while Bella & Edward are dancing outside at the prom in that gorgeous spangly thing…um, can’t remember the name of it. I was worried because lots of people adore it.

        You never have to worry about me not loving Edward…not gonna happen, despite being Team Jacob. Maybe I’m just Team Both.

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