FanFiction and Twilight: Do we or Don’t we

Confession found on (click)

Confession found on (click)

Dear Twilight,

I’ve learned a lot because of you.  I know that despite not having a real celebrity crush for 25 years of my life, it just took a book about vampires & an attractive male lead to bring out my inner teenager. I learned that people other than my geeky cousin can find friends on the Internet & that most some people aren’t weirdos. And I learned what in the world FanFiction was. That’s right- up until we started LTT & LTR I had never even heard of Fan Fiction.

I know you’ve probably been wondering why Moon or I have never discussed FFic on LTT. We’re grown-women. We say bad words & talk about naughty things- why aren’t we openly discussing how turned on we get when Jasper makes Bella feel attracted to him and then they get it on while Edward and Esme do it in the kitchen after he reads her mind and sees that him preparing a morning omelet makes her hot? Welllll…I’m kinda ashamed. And for a long time I pushed it off even thought we were getting emails with FF links sent to us on a daily basis. Then finally, after reading Breaking Dawn my 3rd time through and getting frustrated w/ SMeyer’s Fade to Black, I looked up some good ol’ Isle Esme FanFic. And man, was it good! It’s my “thing” that I do when a TwiVirgin finishes the series. I send her an e-mail with the link and a simple “You’re welcome.” No explanation. They thank me. Always.

Now words like “Wide awake,” “lemons,” “unicorn,” and “Domward” are regular parts of my vocabulary. Seriously. Oftentimes 10 times a day I’ll yell, “DOMWARD, I’m Wide Awake & I want some lemony unicorns.” No I don’t. And I’ve probably read a total of 3 FF since my initial jump into non-fade to black territory (and started and never finished countless others). I think most (not all) FanFiction is horribly written, most is incredibly cheesy, most say “unconditionally & irrevocably” way too often, and most are a waste of time. But the select few I’ve read that meet my strict “This Twilight FanFic better not suck” guidelines have been amazing. And I don’t regret reading them (even though I’m still ashamed.)

wideawakeI’m not going to review the FanFic I have read- there are plenty of other sites for that. I’m not even really going to tell you what I have read cuz it’s not really important, but I am going to explore the FanFic phenomenon with the help of some amazing LTT readers.

After the jump, check out the survey I did with: Brooke, Mrs. P, Veddersgirl, Kristin, Too_Far_gone, Marta, Gozde, Vickyb, Jbell, Southfriend and Moon PLUS some special FanFic thoughts from two girls anti FanFic: janetrigs & limeslice

Part One: The Survey w/ FanFic readers

Q: Did you read the Twilight books before the movie came out?

A: 8 people did, 3 people did not

Q: If you read the books before the movie, did you read FanFic?

A: Everyone said no! Until Moon got mad that I didn’t include her in the survey & she submitted her answers. Turns out she read N’Sync FanFic back in the day (I will allow a moment for you to laugh at her) Too_Far_Gone explains how she got into FanFic:

I did not read FF until I had already read the entire Twilight series about 5 times and feeling completely cock-blocked by SMeyer. I mean, I must have read the scene where Edward hitches Bella’s leg around his hip about a zillion times. Then I realized that I was being completely pathetic and was like “move on to a REAL BOOK you assclown” and I started reading Mansfield Park by Jane Austen. About 100 pages in, I realized that Mansfield Park has no vampires, and I gave up immediately. At that point I was already on twitter and someone was losing their complete shit over another Wide Awake chapter, and I was hooked. I started reading Wide Awake on a Friday night after I got home from work, and I didn’t stop until Saturday morning when I had read all 39 chapters that were up at the time.

officeheader final

Q: Have you read any other FanFiction other than Twilight?

A: Five girls have and six have not. Mrs.P has read some funny GoldenGirls CrackFic, Marta accidentally started Dawson’s Creek FanFic once and Southgirl adds:

No but I’m a weird one and probably would, if I knew how to go about searching for ‘worth it’ fanfic. I’m a fanfic snob. I want a plot, not just smut. I want proper grammar and sentence structure, too. I hate all the little ‘fanfic-isms’ and actually have a running tally in my head of the most overused phrases. If I read them in fanfic my opinion of the author and story immediately drop.

Q: Do you picture Rob as Edward in Twilight FanFic?

A: Four girls do and six do not. No, you’re not crazy, someone forgot to answer. I won’t tell you who except that I will- it was Too_Far_Gone & I’m going to assume her answer is “Yes” and that she sees Rob in everything she does. He’s the old man giving her a sticker at Wal-Mart. He’s the guy at the dry cleaners, He’s her pastor… It’s okay, Too_Far_Gone. That’s Normal.

Q: Are you ashamed of your love for FanFic?

A: Everyone said no except for one person! (It wasn’t me! I dind’t participate) I loved so many of the responses for this question:

  • No, It’s healthy (Marta)
  • Sometimes I’m ashamed, like when I’m reading stuff on my phone- but it’s helped my sex life, so the shame doesn’t last long (Mrs.P)
  • I’m not ashamed- not even when kids are crying because they have to have cereal again for dinner (vickyB)
  • Absolutely not. Is anyone ashamed from watching a movie with a really intense hot sex scene? (The movie Unfaithful as an example). Sure most of the good fanfic is much more graphic, but if it is written well, the Lemons move the story forward, express desires and emotions of the characters and are just frankly HOT. (Brooke)
  • Totally Ashamed (Anonymous)

Then I asked the girls to list their top 3 fav FanFics. I was surprised at how many I haven’t heard of!  Unsurprisingly, “Wide Awake” won by a landslide (I’ll admit to reading that one- although I haven’t read the updates yet). “The Office” came in second with “Art After 5” coming in third!

tsbannerPart Two: The Non-FanFicers

I asked each person to explain why they won’t read and if they think they might give in eventually:

Janetrigs, lover of DrunkRub, hater of FanFic:

I do not read FF and do not ever really want to. It’s not that I think there is something wrong with FF, I think it’s just not for me. So, I’ve compiled a list of reasons why I don’t read Fan Fiction. Some are serious and some are silly, but they are nonetheless the reasons why I still hold that FF purity ring!

I do not read Fan Fiction because:

  • I like to read fiction that has been fully completed (that’s what she said)
  • I am an impatient bitch that does not want to wait for a new chapter of something I am reading to come out every week
  • I like to hold the book in my hands while reading, it’s old school, but I like it
  • I stare at the computer screen all day at work, altering subcontract agreements, reading LTT/LTR blogs and Twitter, why would I also want to stare at the screen even longer than I have to to read stories?
  • I want to pay attention to where I am walking and not be too distracted, e.g. From @Brookelockart >>PSA: walking through the city during Friday rush hour while reading fan fic can be hazardous

At this point I will not give in, on principal. Give me my cold hard books that are fully completed (that’s what she said, I think). I mean, someone has to represent the opposing view and call it the lawyer in me or the Political Science undergrad major, someone has to stand tall for the minority opinion!

Limeslice (who made sure to say she means no offense to FanFic readers!)

Why I don’t read it:

  • I just think reading fan fiction would make me feel “dirty,” and not in a good way, hah. I don’t know if dirty is the right word – I just have a gut feeling that it would be more than a little embarrassing. First-hand, to boot. Plus, I don’t feel like I need more out of the characters – I know, I know, the fade-to-black killed me too – but I feel like my own imagination serves better for those characters than reading porn about them written by someone other than the author (though we all know SMeyer is probably ghost writing tons of these – am I right or am I right?).
  • I already feel like Twilight has consumed an area of my life (although it has had lovely consequences!), and I pretty much refuse to let it enter my sex life! Plus I feel like I make fun of the characters too much to be able to take any twi porn seriously, hehe.
  • I can’t tell you how many times some of my LTT friends have confused plot points of FF with the actual series – yes, hilarious. No, not something I’m eager to do!
  • Finally, and most important to me: Maybe I’m weird, but I never saw Edward as a hyper-sexualized character (in the porn-explicit way.) Obviously parts of the books were SO hot, but to me it was hot because of the restraint (the anticipation is hotter than anything sometimes). Reading explicit sex scenes with those characters would just go against my concept of them, and feel wrong. (I know Rob told me to “feel like it’s wrong,” and I do, Rob! I DO!) I understand the point is *imagining* these characters doing something completely different, but I don’t really feel the draw!

Will I ever give in:

No. Holds no interest for me. (Although I know of a few former purity ring holders who have tossed theirs out for FF!)


Phew! That was long. And Fun (that’s what she said) So to recap: I’ll probably read FanFic from time to time (Moon too- she’s read less than me- only 1.5 maybe) although I’ll continue to be ashamed.  Although, I really relate to that PostSecret card above.  Call me a prude, but I’ll take a classic love-story and a story of restraint over a smutty one any  day!

Now leave me alone, it’s 4am and I still have 3 chapters of my latest FanFic to finish before I go to bed. Who needs sleep?


FanFic-ers: Comment with YOUR survey answers- and share your favy stories

Non-FanFic-ers: We wanna know why and if you think you might give in to the peer pressure!

Thanks to all the ladies who participated. Shout out to MrsP, Brooke, VeddersGirl, DanySpike & Too_Far_Gone who have a FanFic Blog you should check out!

The Forum has a great FanFic section where tons of writers hang out!

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146 Responses

  1. I watched the movie first.
    I had never read fic (or heard about it) before.
    Strictly Twi Fic.
    I picture mostly Rob. However, Rob in WA will look a lot different than Rob in TO. does that even make sense? lol
    I’m not ashamed either. A story is a story. However, when I first heard of fic I thought it was “so stupid” and never understood why people would write it. I laugh at myself now.

    My list is rather long. Most of what I read is AH AU and canon pairings. However, I read two B/J’s.

    Wide Awake (my first, possibly the reason I read so many. I was at first, in search of something as equally great, to only end up loving way different fic’s just as much, but for different reasons.)
    The Office
    The Sub/Dom-soon The Training!
    Tropic Of Virgo (which is excellent!)
    Nothing Left To Lose
    Behind Enemyy Lines (completed)
    Mirrors (completed)
    Gemini & Gypsies (which is AGs 2nd fic that has barely started)
    Hiding In Plain Sight
    Hydraulic Level 5
    Mr. Horrible

    I’ll stop there, lol.

    • I forgot to put The Sub/Dom in my favs! 😦
      Tropic of Virgo, HL5 and BEL are on my to-read list too. I don’t know where to start lol.

    • Here aresome others that I love:
      I love the Dom/Sub also
      There is a fairly new story called The Caged Bird (it’s about 10 chapters in) the writing is really good.
      Edward Wallbanger – really funny so far but only about 4 chapters in.
      And a completed one – Boycotts and Barflies – it was a sweet and funny E/B story

      I have heard some things about “the lost boys”, has anyone read that one?

  2. Wow, I wrote a TON. Sorry, haha – I commend anyone who actually read all of my thoughts. And thanks for the shout-outs! Glad to see I’m not the only one.

  3. I finally caved last night and started WA to see what all the fuss is about. I thought I’d just “check it out” around 11:30 before heading to bed…at 2:30 this morning I had to force myself to close the computer and go to sleep. I leave to go on a girls camping trip this weekend right after work…and I’m crossing my fingers I get cell reception at our campground in the middle of nowhere so I can “check my work email” this weekend. The other girls are huge Twilight fans, but no WAY am I admitting this to them!

  4. Ugghhh I have argued many times with my Twifriends/HP friends (who happen to be the same 3 girls) about Fan Fic. I am not a fan; I’ve never read any, and I don’t plan on it.
    To me, it’s not “real” unless it was written by the author (to which one friend responds “None of it’s real, it’s FICTION”). I don’t want to get the stories confused in my head. I don’t want to know someone else’s version of the story, because to me, that’s not how it happened, and that’s not how it was ever meant to happen.
    I think it’s a little bit different with fan fic like those about Isle Esme. I haven’t read these, but it seems a little less “fake”…Isle Esme DID happen, and we don’t know what exactly happened there, so I feel like fan fic about this wouldn’t be as bad since anyone’s version could be the correct one. It’s when fan fic changes the story or the relationships or speculates about the future that I don’t like it. To me, the story and its characters were created from the author’s mind, and her or his vision is the only true one and the only one I want to read.

  5. Of course I read fanfic! What else is a girl to do after having read the series like 3 times, only to discover that you truly haven’t missed anything (no missing pages …I checked!) and that that one Eclipse chapter where Edward is almost giving in (there was probably no need for clarification) is as good as it gets.

    Yes…Eclipse is way hotter than breaking down…I mean… needing to seduce your own husband and getting pregnant…*facepalm*. That was NOT my idea of a sexy honeymoon. May Stephenie rot in hell for this!

    I’m sorry…I get carried away at times…Love ya Steph!

    not …Burn thy shall!

  6. I read all the books before I saw the movie, but didn’t start reading twilight FF until after I saw the hotness that is Rob Pattinson on screen.

    I have read and written FF for many years and for many different fandoms including Twilight, but no one in my real life knows about it because on some subconscious level I’m totally ashamed of it. Like, probably-will-never-tell- anyone-about-my-writing ashamed of it. There’s really no reason to be embarrassed either, a lot of FF writers are really talented. I just don’t want to explain that I’d rather stay in to write or read about AU, AH Edward (whom I do picture as Rob) than go out…which I’ve done.

    Currently, I’m only reading Twilight stories due to time constraints, but I had to quit early on in the obsession because of the sheer volume of stories that I had to sift through to get to a good one. Like, hundreds of updates a day, and I can’t keep up with that. There are a lot of repeated plot lines and just plain bad ones out there. Summaries are totally deceiving, too. A story where Edward works in a deli that Bella happens upon might sound really cool, but it could turn out to be real crap. 🙂

    I am definitely a ff snob: I can’t deal with grammatical or spelling errors and I usually avoid non-canon couplings. I usually don’t want to read about Edward with Alice or Bella and Eric Yorkie, unless they are used randomly or as devices to eventually get E/B together.

    But, if there was one about Bella and Butt Crack Santa? Well, maybe I’d reconsider.

    I don’t only read the smutty ones, and I have to say the Office is my fav because it is hot, has a great storyline, and has phenomenal character development. Another that I’ve recently been impressed with is Edward Wallbanger. What can I say, I like Slutward. I only go to, don’t know any other sites, and have only recently become aware of terms like canon and lemons, but yeah, I totally love reading FF.

  7. I read the books, got wayyy fustrated by the books, saw the movie, then discovered FF. My life will never be the same. I am now a computer whore ravishing every FF that I can. The Twilight series is like Wine Coolers; Good FF’s are like crack.

    Wide Awake is my fav, also The Honeymoon, A Life Extraordinary, and Let your Light Shine. I have 25 others on my list to read. I seriously need to quite my job so I have more time to devote to FF. Pathetic. I feel guilt for being so being behind in my reading.

    I ALWAYS picture Rob, 100%. I never picture Kristen. Have no idea why. Rob has given me many a happy endings.

    FF has helped me rediscover my inner sex goddess that had long been buried inder 10 years of stress and marriage. My hubby does not like all the time devoted to reading FF but loves the benefits he is receiving.

  8. I love fanfic for over a year, nearly two now and found it when I was bored one day. I’m addicted and have over 300 favourites which are a mixture of Twilight and Maximum Ride. I also write fanfiction so I am completly addicted. I’m not ashamed of my fanfic addiction and I always tell people about it though they think I’m crazy. lol.

  9. I have never heard of FF until months after I read Twi. I didnt read any for a while. I of course had to read about Isle Esme. Then I kept hearing about WA over & over, and I tried to read it a few time, and got sucked in. After that I wanted another good one so I read Scotch Gin & The NEw girl and i LOOOOVED I am on The Office..but I hate unfinished stuff…all well if it written well I’ll read dat shiz!

  10. Survey answers:

    Q1: Yes, I had read all four of the “Twilight” books before the movie came out.
    Q2: Yes, I started reading “Twilight” fanfic because of a *physical* need for Edward and couldn’t wait 1.5 months for the movie.
    Q3: Okay, this is gonna date me, but I started out reading “Star Trek” fanfic eons ago, Kirk and Spock friendship (as opposed to K/S yuckiness) being a fave. I’ve also participated in “The X-Files”, “Pride and Prejudice”, “Moonlight” (LOL! another vamp) and “Star Trek: Voyager” fanfic fandom.
    Q4: Hell to the Yes, I always picture Rob as Edward even when the author tells me to not picuture him or worse still, actually suggests some douchebag who is not Rob as Edward.
    Q5: No, I am not ashamed of my love for fanfic and will willingly share my love with random strangers if they show even an iota of interest.
    Q6: Top three fanfics? Not possible. I could list three but then I’d be all verklempt over leaving some off the list. Current faves: “Hydraulic Level 5”; “In the Blink of an Eye” (Edward leaves, Bella cliff dives and ends up a paraplegic and married to another man! Unfreakingbelievably amazing story); “Behind Enemy Lines” (Balticward — ’nuff said) — in fact, ANYthing by adorablecullens; “Sanctuary” (Priestward! How could I forget?); “Deconstructing Dracula”; “The Lost Boys”; “Coming to Terms”; “Wild Swan”; all those stories mentioned above and I could go on and on. I know, I probably read too many and you might think I’m indiscriminate in my reading, but I assure you, I’m EXTREMELY picky about what I read. For fic recs I have two very reliable sources — The Lazy Yet Discerning Ficster and The Perv Pack’s Smut Shack. These two sites have rarely steered me wrong.

  11. I didnt start reading the books until after the movie hit theaters, BUT neither did I see the movie before I had read at least the first book.
    And then it was all pretty much downhill from there…I had to go out and buy all three of the remaining books, like, rightnow and read them all in a matter of days, even with work and school distracting me. And watched the movie over 4 million times, even though it largely sucks. Someone needs to bottle that shit, whatever makes this so addictive; its marketing gold.
    My fanfic cherry was popped on Ugly Betty fanfic, or specifically Gio, fanfic. I had started reading that a few months before, and even writing it.
    I didn’t really start reading Twilight fanfic until someone linked me to Wide Awake in the beginning of this year. My interaction with Twi-fic was still pretty limited to whatever this one friend kept suggesting, so I ended up reading Scotch, Gin &The New Girl as well. It was only after that that I began my foray into Twi-fic unguided.
    Whether or not I picture Rob as Edward is highly dependent on the individual fic, and I cant really explain this. But to this day, I still dont really think of Rob when I’m reading Twilight. Conversely, I picture his face as Wide Awake Edward, but attribute the personality to someone completely different. Its very strange.
    However, my particular poison is Jasper (in case you couldn’t tell)…and my major jones for Jackson Rathbone leads me to picture him in *everything*- the actual book series and every fanfic I come across him in, whether he’s portrayed as a sensitive Southern charmer, a crazy-ass drunk, the snarky best friend or a badass player out to bang Bella and ditch her. I’ve come to the realization that I will read anything out there with Jasper in it at least once (less sure about Jackson fan-fic though; that seems kinda creepy or too far gone or something), and every different Jasper just feeds the monster more. It doesn’t matter how OOC he is, or how much sex he’s having (although generally, the more the better, since I’m thinking of Jackson and thats the only way I’ll ever be hitting that, LOL) or any of that. I love it all. And I’m not even a little embarrassed to admit that yes, I read it, and yes I write it.
    No, I do not yell out ‘Jasper’ in the middle of sex with the DH, and no it doesnt make me feel dirty. Its just like….reading a romance novel. (if there’s even sex involved- not every fic has a citrus scent, and some of them are better without it) Its something you do to pass time, or stay busy, or escape life for a few minutes. You can read about feeling and not have to think.
    Not all fanfic is dirty, and not all fanfic is good. And there is good non-dirty fanfic out there. Its just reeeeeally well hidden. My largest bitch about fanfic is that people really ought to know how to use spellcheck, or what the fuck a comma does, especially since computers can do every damn thing for you these days. Bad grammar, nonexistent punctuation, butchered spelling, and shitteous sentence structure are just ridiculous, especially when people are out there offering to read your crap and fix it up for no cost (Betas) Sometimes I have to walk away from it for a little while, but I always finish it eventually.

    Wow, that was a long ass post.

    • Yes! Jasper! I just got into minisinoo’s awesome stuff on her Medicine Wheel site – stories for ppl of color finally, too.

      I love her portrayal of Jasper as realist and ultimate empath.

  12. I saw the movie, then read the books in about 5 days, became totally obsessed googling, when I found your site, which led me to the famous “TwiPorn Library”. Since then, I can not stop, I read til dawn.. and yes.. my sex life has improved too.. my favs are “Let Your Light Shine”, with its second part “A Life Extraordinary”, “The Office”, “Blood and Lust”, and I´m about to start “Wide Awake”… and yes, I don´t like to mess with pairs, I like Edward and Bella, etc.. I am TOTALLY addicted.. some people know, some don´t.. it all depends.. my hubby does…

  13. Unless my “find” function is off…

    Why hasn’t anyone mentioned Buried Among the Begonias yet?!?

    If you like the Office and Angstward/Darkward, BAtB is shiverylicioius.

  14. I, too, am a FF snob and most of it is poorly written, not well constructed, nor intriguing. Thank God for AG and Wide Awake, that had me up for 2 days, burning the midnight oil.
    For me, I loved “I Love LA”. It is well written, a great concept and that girl has a great imagination. It was a bit weird reading Rob smut as opposed to Edward or Domward smut, but she kept it very entertaining.
    The Dom/Sub was weird to me but at least had a story line. I’ve started several others but most seem to be ramblings or fantasies of seemingly middle-aged women who aren’t getting enough on their own…

  15. I’m not gonna lie. I’m obsessed with fanfic. And apologies to Stephenie Meyer, but more than half the fanfics I’ve read are better written than her books, esp Breaking Dawn… I reccommend FF to all my Twifriends. Mind you, I was a fan of FF wayyy before Twific. I’m an orginal HanFic girl. And for you HanFic virgins out there – that would be Hanson Fan Fic. Oh yes. I went there. And it was gooood.

  16. after reading this on friday i googled the ‘wide awake’ fan fic and read it all over the weekend, so loving bad swearing edward, so much so i am going to reread as i usually miss stuff when i read a book first time round. Cant wait its just amazing… (just always picture rob in his leather jacket)

  17. girls girls girls. I have become an FFF! That’s an FF Fanatic! Never even heard of it til Wide Awake was mentioned, thank goodness, on Twicrackaddict’s blog. Then I got burned by reading incomplete ones, although I do enjoy getting emailed updates of my faves now that I did start them.

    But, the point…… is what you need if you like it complete! So check it out, it saves me. There can still be some bad ones with over 1000 reviews. I try to stick to the ones with over 2 or 3000, but I haven’t found a community for those yet. You need to move the rating to M manually if you want the lemony ones, don’t forget.

  18. Long time lurker, first time poster here 😀 As a single mother who works two jobs, my time online is rather limited and I rarely find the chance to get through all these hilarious comments, let alone put forth my own two cents (which is okay since my cents are of little value anyway lol). And I realize I’m literally months behind on this one, but I felt the urge to put a certain FF out there just in case it hasn’t already been mentioned. If you haven’t read “Let Your Light Shine” or “A Life Extraordinary” by LolaShoes on yet, I insist you give it a chance!! I honestly have read through these stories almost as many times as I have the original books. Even more shocking, is that since discovering her stories, I actually have a hard time going back to SMeyer’s tale! I know, I know, I should be shot right?? Once again, I’m not sure if someone else has mentioned these or not but if you find some extra time, I beg of you to give it a chance. If this woman ever has her work published one day, I would be first in line to purchase a copy lol.

    And I’m spent 😀 Hopefully I’ll find it in myself to dedicate more time for commenting on here. You guys never fail to brighten even the crappiest of my days!!

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