Twilight museum of art (and crap)

Dear Fans of LTT and Fans of art,

We spend so much time making fun of things on LTT that I bet most people think Moon & I are the meanest people in real life. We’re not usually. I thought it was time to celebrate some of the beautiful things that come out of the fandom. Cuz there are some. I’m being serious. Don’t think that I’m gonna pretend like they’re great & then show you the most second-hand embarrassing art EVER that surely would star in the “Second-Hand Embarrassing Art Museum” in Manhattan (that doesn’t exist… yet)

Let’s stroll together through the Twilight Museum of Art….


This scene found on google images beautifully depicts the theme of racism throughout the Twilight Saga. Wait. Were you aware of those themes? That instead of being a story of girl stuck between vampire & werewolf it’s really a story of a girl choosing between those paler than her or darker than her? Me neither. Okay, so maybe that’s not what the artist was trying to say, but isn’t art in the eye of the beholder? That’s what I saw here, but I still think it’s beautiful!

Alice_by_RinianAlice, drawn by Rinian, looks as cute as I had pictured her while reading the series. I wish I could be best friends with a cartoon character

eclipse___Tied_Up_by_shirohatoLOVE this picture of Bella and the two different colored ribbons representing the choice she has to make. Also love that she seems like a ballerina because, I don’t know about you, but I could’ve used less of a klutzy Bella.  By shirohato

Rosalie__s_Unhappy_Ending_by_Eclipse_AwayThis is my favorite piece that I’m sharing with you on our journey through the Twilight museum of art. The artist explained that this is a representation of Rosalie’s unhappy ending. If you look closely you’ll see her ghost in the picture, too. I have goosebumps. Found here on deviant art

bellaedwardThere is so much Bella & Edward art out there. Mostly because there are so many great pictures of Robert & Kristen together- so people just use their pictures as inspiration. While often times they can be good (although mostly they’re not), I love this because it’s the artist’s vision of Edward & Bella. Plus added with the quote from New Moon (appropriate placed- not inked in an armpit or doodled on the back of a minivan) it’s incredibly powerful! Found here

See! Wasn’t that fun!? To take a walk through the Twilight art gallery and, maybe laugh a little less, but instead be inspired!? And Look at me! I am being so nice today. Come on- you have to admit it, you like nice UC….

Fine… it’s hard for me too.. I’ll cave… after the jump, enjoy the good stuff….

I believe all the images in the nice rooms in the Twilight art gallary were found on deviant art. I’ve been pretty impressed. Until I saw this one:


And I was confused. Cuz it’s kinda good…. if it’s supposed to be a drawing of the artist’s man. But it’s not. It’s supposed to be Rob during that V-man photoshoot where he holds the fangs. And in that case….. it’s not good. Cuz it’s Fatward. Moon thought he looked like Rob after a 6 month bender on hot pockets and coca-cola. Or that he looks like a mix between Rob/Jared Leto/Michael Buble plus an extra 40 pounds.

edwardfingernailsFeel like getting sexy for your date night with Fatward? Don’t forget your Edward Cullen press on nails. (thanks Nancy!)

edwardshrineFeeling bummed because Rob hasn’t been seen much this week? Missing new stories about Edward Cullen? Light a candle in your new Edward shrine (available on Etsy- THANKS Sabrina!)

honeymoonbellaEnding with a bang. Yes, today in our very own Twilight art gallary, we have a LIVE model dressed as- you guessed right- Bella during the Isle Esme honeymoon (note the bruises & the feathers & the “I just got laid” haze in her eyes) This beautiful gem was found by our very own Myria at the ever so 2nd-hand embarrassing, TwiCon.

Well, I feel well-rounded today! A little bit of good heavily outweighed with the very bad!

Happy Saturday- gotta run to a nail appointment. I’m getting really classy today because I’m having the technician airbrush Edward on MY nails!

❤ UnintendedChoice

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-Convo I had with Moon Friday morning: Moon: “Can I DO Rob Saturday morning?” Me: “Fine.” So get over to LTR. Cuz Moon DID Rob

I don’t usually link to the ‘bad’ art I post, but if you are the artist and would like me to link, let me know!

43 Responses

  1. oh dear sweet lord. The chick in the blanket has lost her marbles. I can’t even begin to understand what made her think this was a good idea. And fatward is by far my fav! When I clicked on the after the jump link that picture filled my iPhone screen and made me laugh out loud at first it loaded slowly and I thought maybe it was going to be okay then cheeks loaded and it looked like rob was storing acorns in those cheeks for the winter. These are always my favorite posts.

  2. Hahahaha I knew you couldn’t go through a post without a little bit of sarcasm.
    I ❤ LTT

  3. Ohh dear lord…the Edward shrine!

    I can’t believe she added fake flowers that look even more fake than actual fake flowers. I can’t help but wonder, where do poeple find this stuff?

    Ow and I bet the candle makes him sparkle. Shiverrrrs!

  4. The sheet girl is right up there with the pattinson pants lady.

  5. As crude as it sounds, I about lit’rally lost my shit with the lady with the bruises. Doesn’t she know they are supposed to be Robward Finger-shaped? She should have used her Robert Pattinson Stalker approved hand mold, made surreptitiously from that Planet Hollywood thing, for better accuracy. Effin’ amateur.

  6. When I clicked after the jump, I literally jumped back from the screen and shouted. Scared me like one of those emails that you stare at for a few seconds and then they do something scary to make you jump. Fatward frightens me.

  7. Sheet lady is just . . . sad.
    And “Fatward”? Looks nothing like Rob! Did they really think it did? Good drawing, though, apart from the obvious.


  8. Thanks for sharing the awesome artwork, lol. And being ever vigilant reminders of how this Twi-obsession can easily slide into certifiable insanity. I think we all owe you a lot for that kind of therapy. You’re like, our Carmen (from WA, of course). We need the tough, sarcastic love.

  9. Fatward! lol priceless

  10. If only I could get my husband to pose for such a elegant picture too! I know all I would have to do it is too draw some messy hair and TA DA, hed look just like the true hot man of my dreams (don’t tell) Robward!

    That shrine…seriously? I am sadden by the lack of use of the lilys that make all Twifans sqweal when we see them. I mean those purple/blue faded flowers from the grandmas basement were the best they could find? And for that I am truly 2nd hand!

    Oh the sheet girl…you knew that we pictured Bella to look just like that after a hot night of bumping uglies with our sexy husward. The feathers placed in just the right spots….and are those bruises you have too? It seems as though you got a pretty good beatin’ if you know what I mean…wink wink, nudge nudge!

    Thanks UC for the beauty of the art that we Twifans have come to love!

  11. *speechless*
    The depths to which we human beings can sink.. Ooo, in this moment I do wish I was a vampire, because you sure as hell would never find Edward producing some of this demented kind of artwork. (Fatward, yikes! Shrine – oh, sacrilege! And I am so sick of manga-eyes cutsies!) Why can’t someone try to show us what Edward was drawing in WA, by the way?

    Times like these I feel that fandom must not be for me, my stomach is too weak. Sheet-lady, get dressed and go hide in the closet! And put those feathers back where you found them!
    Now I must go get a drink……

  12. ACH! All those pretty ones and then . . .FATWARD STRIKES BACK.

  13. OMG, Oh no she didn’t!!! WTF? I am going to sit in a corner and cry. I have no words….

  14. Dear god. Can you imagine poor Rob’s face if someone came at him with Edward fingernails? The poor guy would never come out of his trailer again.

    I’m in love with the disco shrine. I just might have to get my very own glitter glue and letter beads for that one.. Wish I’d thought of that before I went to NYC. If I’d prayed hard enough at my altar I could have gotten lucky!

    All joking aside, that painting of Rosalie is spectacular. I would actually buy that and hang it in my house.

  15. WTF?!?!? That “Bella” on Isle Esme chick… insane, just no words. The bruises and everything. Wow, speechless

    I could be wrong here but did she even go as far as to wear the bracelet that Jacob gives Bella? I think we need an HQ of that pic to zoom in, I’m also curious as to how close her wedding ring looks like to Bella’s.

  16. That was an awesome drawing of Rosalie. It took me a minute to find the ghost of herself, but find it I did. And the Honeymoon Bella? She should be totally ashamed.

  17. Fatward looks like the oversized lovechild of Jake Gyllenhaal and Jared Leto. More to love, I guess.

    Honeymoon Bella should walk around with some “bad” chicken, that’s the only way that outfit could be any better.

  18. those are soo good! before the jump. haha.

    and summit launched a new website for new moon, it has everything on it. and some parts for the new movies too i think. at least that’s what robsessed says.

  19. Questions:

    1. In the first one, who is the seventh Cullen?

    2. In the B/W sketch of Edward – why does he look like Simon LeBon of Duran Duran?

  20. I spy, with my little eye, another “post-Coidal” Bella. (courtesy of Robpattznews)

    If they made an anime Twilight, I’d so watch it. Sigh.

  21. OMG one more crrazy bella with feathers at Twicon :
    Via Twitter of RobPattzNews

  22. Why is feather head standing in front of the elevator? Does she think she looks good enough to go somewhere? She could of at least put her hair down and hid her face in it.

  23. i CAN NOT find rosalies ghost and its driving me crazy. can anyone tell me about which quadrant of the picture its in? somebody give me a hint!

  24. It’s right next to Rosalie’s face. And it’s just the same face floating to the right of her head. You need to enlarge the picture to see it. See?

  25. I sent the link with the Robward press on nails to my boss and she actually thought I’d wear them…!! I was surprised! I wonder what other freaky things my co-workers think I’d do. Am I too far gone?!? Is that normal?

    I told my boss that, yeah, sure I’d wear them…
    In my room.
    By myself.
    And then catch my reflection in a mirror and weep.

    Only at that point am I going to allow an twi-intervention.

  26. And here I was being all embarrassed for being photographed pinching a cardboard Edward’s nipple…silly me! The load of crap that was TwiCon and it’s sad vending area and peoples costumes were way more embarrassing. It seems that dignity (mine included) was checked at the door *hanging head in shame*

  27. omg, i’m laughing so hard i’m almost crying…

  28. I….don’t know what to say. Cullen Press-On Nails? Really?

  29. I am super excited you showcased that “Alice, drawn by Rinian” – seen it before and loved it then, so it looks even better hanging in the LTT gallery!

    Great post!

    >that 2nd hand embarrassing Blankie Bella gives me the giggles and the head shakes each time I see it!

  30. Yay for the Alice one! I love it each time I see it!

    Oh Blankie Bella Broad, you make me giggle and shake my head in 2nd hand embarrassment shame every time I see your picture….

    Here are my Top 3 (that are not featured here)




    Favorite family portrait:

    ***I will not take credit but cannot give credit because I don’t remember where I got them***

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