FanFiction and Twilight: Do we or Don’t we

Confession found on (click)

Confession found on (click)

Dear Twilight,

I’ve learned a lot because of you.  I know that despite not having a real celebrity crush for 25 years of my life, it just took a book about vampires & an attractive male lead to bring out my inner teenager. I learned that people other than my geeky cousin can find friends on the Internet & that most some people aren’t weirdos. And I learned what in the world FanFiction was. That’s right- up until we started LTT & LTR I had never even heard of Fan Fiction.

I know you’ve probably been wondering why Moon or I have never discussed FFic on LTT. We’re grown-women. We say bad words & talk about naughty things- why aren’t we openly discussing how turned on we get when Jasper makes Bella feel attracted to him and then they get it on while Edward and Esme do it in the kitchen after he reads her mind and sees that him preparing a morning omelet makes her hot? Welllll…I’m kinda ashamed. And for a long time I pushed it off even thought we were getting emails with FF links sent to us on a daily basis. Then finally, after reading Breaking Dawn my 3rd time through and getting frustrated w/ SMeyer’s Fade to Black, I looked up some good ol’ Isle Esme FanFic. And man, was it good! It’s my “thing” that I do when a TwiVirgin finishes the series. I send her an e-mail with the link and a simple “You’re welcome.” No explanation. They thank me. Always.

Now words like “Wide awake,” “lemons,” “unicorn,” and “Domward” are regular parts of my vocabulary. Seriously. Oftentimes 10 times a day I’ll yell, “DOMWARD, I’m Wide Awake & I want some lemony unicorns.” No I don’t. And I’ve probably read a total of 3 FF since my initial jump into non-fade to black territory (and started and never finished countless others). I think most (not all) FanFiction is horribly written, most is incredibly cheesy, most say “unconditionally & irrevocably” way too often, and most are a waste of time. But the select few I’ve read that meet my strict “This Twilight FanFic better not suck” guidelines have been amazing. And I don’t regret reading them (even though I’m still ashamed.)

wideawakeI’m not going to review the FanFic I have read- there are plenty of other sites for that. I’m not even really going to tell you what I have read cuz it’s not really important, but I am going to explore the FanFic phenomenon with the help of some amazing LTT readers.

After the jump, check out the survey I did with: Brooke, Mrs. P, Veddersgirl, Kristin, Too_Far_gone, Marta, Gozde, Vickyb, Jbell, Southfriend and Moon PLUS some special FanFic thoughts from two girls anti FanFic: janetrigs & limeslice

Part One: The Survey w/ FanFic readers

Q: Did you read the Twilight books before the movie came out?

A: 8 people did, 3 people did not

Q: If you read the books before the movie, did you read FanFic?

A: Everyone said no! Until Moon got mad that I didn’t include her in the survey & she submitted her answers. Turns out she read N’Sync FanFic back in the day (I will allow a moment for you to laugh at her) Too_Far_Gone explains how she got into FanFic:

I did not read FF until I had already read the entire Twilight series about 5 times and feeling completely cock-blocked by SMeyer. I mean, I must have read the scene where Edward hitches Bella’s leg around his hip about a zillion times. Then I realized that I was being completely pathetic and was like “move on to a REAL BOOK you assclown” and I started reading Mansfield Park by Jane Austen. About 100 pages in, I realized that Mansfield Park has no vampires, and I gave up immediately. At that point I was already on twitter and someone was losing their complete shit over another Wide Awake chapter, and I was hooked. I started reading Wide Awake on a Friday night after I got home from work, and I didn’t stop until Saturday morning when I had read all 39 chapters that were up at the time.

officeheader final

Q: Have you read any other FanFiction other than Twilight?

A: Five girls have and six have not. Mrs.P has read some funny GoldenGirls CrackFic, Marta accidentally started Dawson’s Creek FanFic once and Southgirl adds:

No but I’m a weird one and probably would, if I knew how to go about searching for ‘worth it’ fanfic. I’m a fanfic snob. I want a plot, not just smut. I want proper grammar and sentence structure, too. I hate all the little ‘fanfic-isms’ and actually have a running tally in my head of the most overused phrases. If I read them in fanfic my opinion of the author and story immediately drop.

Q: Do you picture Rob as Edward in Twilight FanFic?

A: Four girls do and six do not. No, you’re not crazy, someone forgot to answer. I won’t tell you who except that I will- it was Too_Far_Gone & I’m going to assume her answer is “Yes” and that she sees Rob in everything she does. He’s the old man giving her a sticker at Wal-Mart. He’s the guy at the dry cleaners, He’s her pastor… It’s okay, Too_Far_Gone. That’s Normal.

Q: Are you ashamed of your love for FanFic?

A: Everyone said no except for one person! (It wasn’t me! I dind’t participate) I loved so many of the responses for this question:

  • No, It’s healthy (Marta)
  • Sometimes I’m ashamed, like when I’m reading stuff on my phone- but it’s helped my sex life, so the shame doesn’t last long (Mrs.P)
  • I’m not ashamed- not even when kids are crying because they have to have cereal again for dinner (vickyB)
  • Absolutely not. Is anyone ashamed from watching a movie with a really intense hot sex scene? (The movie Unfaithful as an example). Sure most of the good fanfic is much more graphic, but if it is written well, the Lemons move the story forward, express desires and emotions of the characters and are just frankly HOT. (Brooke)
  • Totally Ashamed (Anonymous)

Then I asked the girls to list their top 3 fav FanFics. I was surprised at how many I haven’t heard of!  Unsurprisingly, “Wide Awake” won by a landslide (I’ll admit to reading that one- although I haven’t read the updates yet). “The Office” came in second with “Art After 5” coming in third!

tsbannerPart Two: The Non-FanFicers

I asked each person to explain why they won’t read and if they think they might give in eventually:

Janetrigs, lover of DrunkRub, hater of FanFic:

I do not read FF and do not ever really want to. It’s not that I think there is something wrong with FF, I think it’s just not for me. So, I’ve compiled a list of reasons why I don’t read Fan Fiction. Some are serious and some are silly, but they are nonetheless the reasons why I still hold that FF purity ring!

I do not read Fan Fiction because:

  • I like to read fiction that has been fully completed (that’s what she said)
  • I am an impatient bitch that does not want to wait for a new chapter of something I am reading to come out every week
  • I like to hold the book in my hands while reading, it’s old school, but I like it
  • I stare at the computer screen all day at work, altering subcontract agreements, reading LTT/LTR blogs and Twitter, why would I also want to stare at the screen even longer than I have to to read stories?
  • I want to pay attention to where I am walking and not be too distracted, e.g. From @Brookelockart >>PSA: walking through the city during Friday rush hour while reading fan fic can be hazardous

At this point I will not give in, on principal. Give me my cold hard books that are fully completed (that’s what she said, I think). I mean, someone has to represent the opposing view and call it the lawyer in me or the Political Science undergrad major, someone has to stand tall for the minority opinion!

Limeslice (who made sure to say she means no offense to FanFic readers!)

Why I don’t read it:

  • I just think reading fan fiction would make me feel “dirty,” and not in a good way, hah. I don’t know if dirty is the right word – I just have a gut feeling that it would be more than a little embarrassing. First-hand, to boot. Plus, I don’t feel like I need more out of the characters – I know, I know, the fade-to-black killed me too – but I feel like my own imagination serves better for those characters than reading porn about them written by someone other than the author (though we all know SMeyer is probably ghost writing tons of these – am I right or am I right?).
  • I already feel like Twilight has consumed an area of my life (although it has had lovely consequences!), and I pretty much refuse to let it enter my sex life! Plus I feel like I make fun of the characters too much to be able to take any twi porn seriously, hehe.
  • I can’t tell you how many times some of my LTT friends have confused plot points of FF with the actual series – yes, hilarious. No, not something I’m eager to do!
  • Finally, and most important to me: Maybe I’m weird, but I never saw Edward as a hyper-sexualized character (in the porn-explicit way.) Obviously parts of the books were SO hot, but to me it was hot because of the restraint (the anticipation is hotter than anything sometimes). Reading explicit sex scenes with those characters would just go against my concept of them, and feel wrong. (I know Rob told me to “feel like it’s wrong,” and I do, Rob! I DO!) I understand the point is *imagining* these characters doing something completely different, but I don’t really feel the draw!

Will I ever give in:

No. Holds no interest for me. (Although I know of a few former purity ring holders who have tossed theirs out for FF!)


Phew! That was long. And Fun (that’s what she said) So to recap: I’ll probably read FanFic from time to time (Moon too- she’s read less than me- only 1.5 maybe) although I’ll continue to be ashamed.  Although, I really relate to that PostSecret card above.  Call me a prude, but I’ll take a classic love-story and a story of restraint over a smutty one any  day!

Now leave me alone, it’s 4am and I still have 3 chapters of my latest FanFic to finish before I go to bed. Who needs sleep?


FanFic-ers: Comment with YOUR survey answers- and share your favy stories

Non-FanFic-ers: We wanna know why and if you think you might give in to the peer pressure!

Thanks to all the ladies who participated. Shout out to MrsP, Brooke, VeddersGirl, DanySpike & Too_Far_Gone who have a FanFic Blog you should check out!

The Forum has a great FanFic section where tons of writers hang out!

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146 Responses

  1. My introduction to FF was thru Juno. I found the Juno-Mark dynamic quite intriguing and was curious to see if others felt that way (you’ll be surprised, quite a lot of people did) and in doing so, stumbled upon

    At the time, I thought FF was limited to movies … then I discovered that people wrote alternate endings to books as well. I think that because my initiation to Twilight was first thru the books (and I’m a late bloomer – just started reading late last year and only after a blogger I respected raved about the books) … I wasn’t really that interested in reading more unless it was written by Smeyer. Not sure why, maybe I thought she had copyright to it? IDK.

    What is most bizaare is that while I wasn’t interested in reading Twilight FF, I becamse hooked (still am) on RPF (Real People Fiction) about Rob & Kristen. Ok — I know Robsten is a polarizing subject, but can I just say that the quality of R/K RPF I’ve read is truly outstanding? Seriously, some of these writers are extremely talented, I feel like I’m reading works from the next big NYT bestselling author.

    Have read so much about Wide Awake but never quite got around to reading it. My first Twilight fanfic was The Sub … which I admit was quite HOT. I’ll prolly try The Office next.

    • I love me some R&K RPF, although sometimes I feel weird reading it… a little too much for me sometimes

    • AHA! Another Juno-Mark person! Do you remember any places you found fics with them other than FF.N? I’d love to know, as I’m having next to no luck finding any.
      (Sorry to completely be off the twilight topic, but i just had to ask.)

  2. Read Twilight after the movie, started on FanFic after reading the series about 3 times. I am a little bit of a FanFic snob and definitly have bailed on some due to their lack of good writing. While I do imagine Rob as Edward, it’s really not about progressing the Twilight series. I haven’t read any Isle Esme stories and the only ones I do read are where they are all human. Some of my faves – Wide Awake (of course), The Office, 15 steps (JJ from Twitardeds work in progress), The Sub, The Dom, Coctails and Dreams.
    This is definitely one of the good things Twilight has brought me. It’s like a nicer, more intellectual version of the man’s internet porn. Embrace your sexuality girls!
    Do I sound like Dr Ruth?

    • Yes I love 15 Steps too! But the chapters make us wait so long…::sob::

      I’m embracing, I’m embracing
      (and maybe a squeeze here or there)

  3. I didn’t give in to fan fic until about a month ago. I was about 3/4 of the way through Eclipse when I saw the movie and I had read the books so many times I was losing any excitement for them. I have never read fanfic before and I was embarrassed to even start. I started one story but was quickly turned off of it by the explicit sex and lack of forward motion in the story. THEN I FOUND WIDE AWAKE…and I was a goner…Spent all my time consuming it…It harkened back to the days when I lost my Twivirginity…I probably won’t read any others although AG’s new one may get a read eventually (when it has way more chapters)…I’m still embarrassed that I’ve read fanfic but I’m recommending WA to all my friends to read as well so I can talk about it with someone else..
    I TOTALLY see Rob as Dark Edward and it’s so freaking hot I can hardly stand it.

  4. Smut, smut and more smut. There can not be enough well written Twi-smut out there for me. I’ve been known to search the page for certain (ahem) keywords before I’ll even bother to read the chapter. If somebody’s not moaning by chapter 4, I’m out.

    The only thing I’m a stickler for story-wise is that the character pairings match the book. I can’t get into Bella with Emmett.

    • I agree. I don’t want to read about Edward and Carlisle getting freaky with Renee. It’s canon pairings or nothing at all.

    • I totally agree about the pairings. I can’t wrap my head around Bella and Jasper or Edward and anyone other than Bella!!

      • I read a fanfic one time and i was so sorry that I started it.I was scared for the rest of that had Bella and Carlisle smut and Jasper and Bella smut.It was really bad .I wont go into details because i dont want to remember pairings have to stay in canon for me.

  5. I honestly didn’t know FanFic was worth reading. I thiought that was just for totally obsessive fans. Oh, wait a minute. I am a totally obsessive fan. I might just go and try it out. Somehow I think I might enjoy it since my imagination is quite vivid.

  6. i read twilight before i saw the movie, but finished the saga by the end of the week. lol. after i had seen the movie 3 more times i started google image searching rob and twilight and came across LTT, then LTR, then your blog roll turned me onto all these other awesome blogs and in a few days i had dropped all my design and food blogs for twilight/rob blogs. THEN one magical day someone blogged about wide awake. i started reading one friday after work and read all 46 chapters that were posted at the time that weekend. it was all over from there. im embarressed by how many i have read, even though i have very strict standards to what i will consider good. if you use a line from the books i will almost immediately stop reading. also ive only read like 3 where they are vampires. i prefer the all human stories. in any case, i havent picked up a real book in months.

    i suppose that this technically in a roundabout way you guys are my original crackfic dealers.

  7. Basically, I’m a Twilight Fan Fic hoor and have read SO many stories as my list continues to grow. I will say that I am EXTREMELY picky with what I read, though. Some of the most popular stories that everyone seems to love just have yet to impress me yet. Of course, WA is my fav, but I have haven’t read Art After 5 or the Dom or the Sub.

    Some of my favorites include: Wide Awake, What’s Lust Got to do With It, Hiding in Plain Sight, Resident Geek, Well This Sucks: Life According to Seth (funniest story I have EVER read in my entire life–I laugh so hard), oh yeah and The Office.

    • Sounds like we have similar tastes ’cause I love Seth’s story and I love WA (who doesn’t?), so you should definitely try Art After 5…it is beyond good. Plus she is doing the counterpoint to it as well…good writing and good grammar/structure/etc. all the way around.

  8. -I read the books before the movie- multiple times.
    -I had never read fanfic, although i had heard of it.
    -Mostly read Twific- I have read a couple of HP fics.
    -Do I picture Rob? Depends on the story- more often when I am reading all human.
    -I love that i love fanfic. I was ashamed at first- The one day i was talking to a coworker and let it slip. Turns out she had been reading Pride and Prejudice fic for years. We bonded. And even though he made fun of me at first, hubs now def appreciates the “aftereffects” of my obsession.

    a few of faves: A Life Extraordinary / Let your Light Shine, Tropic of Virgo, Abbracciare Il Cantante

    And, you know- not all fic is read for the smuttin. there are some great storytellers out there- I am so appreciative to them for taking the time to write and post.

  9. “He’s her pastor”….LMAOOOOOO
    Oh the sin.

    Is there really NSync fic? Wow. A little flavor for erbody!

    Brookie! Major points for bringing up Unfaithful. Love that movie! You make such valid, NORMAL points.

    • OMG! forgot to make fun of MOON. Geez Moon, your obsession over NSYNC never gets old. I didn’t even know fan fic existed for Musicians! Someday you need to send me the pic of your old bedroom. You are a mystery aren’t you Moon?

      Fluffer – thanks, Unfaithful is HOT! French dude, HOT!

      • Unfaithful IS hot. Diane Lane makes me want to go gay. That commute home is burned into my retinas as one of the hottest things ever.

      • i’ve never seen unfaithful, but when it was out, my friend–and I have no idea why–went to see it with her parents. now reading your comments, i can only imagine why she said it was “kinda weird.”

    • NSYNC ff… Really? I’ll have to look me up some. I lurv me some NSYNC

      • Wow I know this is a very old post to comment on… but I USED TO WRITE NSYNC FF!! The old went down and so did all of my stories. Very sad. But ya there are a few sites still up… google for “Jaimie NSYNC Fanfiction” her site is still up on like geocities or angelfire or something, but there is a lot of posted stories there, lol.

  10. I use to say I would never read fanfic.I didn’t want to confuse it and the real saga together.I really had no idea what to expect.One day I was on one of my twibloggy sites and a fanfic was recomended and it got a lot of good praises.So I decided I would read it and now I’m hooked.I have to read fanfic like everyday.The story that got me hooked was Dark Side of the Moon by Blondie.Its really good but its not completed yet.Only a few more chapters to go though.Its New Moon from Edwards POV.I will say that I normally only read fic that’s completed because I’m an impatient b* I only have 2 I’m reading right now that aren’t complete.

    • Ooooo. Dark side of the Moon sounds good. I’ll have to read that one.

      • You should read it.Its really good.I can actually see everything in the story actually happening.its not far fetched.Its on’s my favorite fanfic site.I also picture Rob as Edward and the rest of the cast as their characters.I can’t read Jacob and Nessie stories kinda grosses me out.Give me a few months though and I may read it just because there is nothing else to

        • That was actually in my top three that I gave to UC for the quiz. You should try reading some of her other stories, they are pretty great. I also enjoyed her version of “Breaking Dawn” , she wrote it before the book came out.

          • Oh yeah I have read all her other stories.First Light was really good.I especially liked the whole thing about penny for your was cute.She is really good.

  11. I was doing so well this year…so if you include all the times I read twilight and the rest of the series, that’s 10 books. Plus the two books I read prior to reading Twilight this year, then wanting to read the books that inspired SM, I read Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre..that’s 14! Wait, I read all of the A Great and Terrible Beauty series and that’s 17! I read 17 books this year before I discovered fan fic in late March. Since then… I’ve read chapter and chapters of fan fiction. It’s an addiction. It can be angsty, sad, moving, emotional (yes, I have cried while reading it) hot, steamy and happy. I do hate waiting for chapter updates though. However, most of the recent goodies, aren’t complete.

    PS, thank god I go by an alias because clearly i need a filter (today’s post and the post over on LTR)

  12. I just have one question…is there a 12 step program to help with my addiction to FanFic? I just discovered it a few months ago and I’m already a junkie…speaking of which I just finished one last night where Edward actually was a was weird and I loved it. I need help.

  13. I still don’t know exactly what FanFic is. And if it’s good, why isn’t it published as a book? if it isn’t good, why read it?

    • THANK YOU!!!! PURITY RINGS UNITE with you!!! You are a chosen one.

      No seriously, I agree with what you are saying completely!

    • Breaking Dawn isn’t any bloody good, and it was published in a book!!!

      FF is just another form of creative expression.

    • Fanfic is fiction based on estabished characters, people, cartoons, etc. There are fanficdoms for literally any book, movie, tv show, etc. (apparently even boy bands) that you care to think about.

      By now, the answer should be obvious about publishing fanfic — copywright laws for the fiction stuff and slander and libel laws for the real stuff.

      You can’t be a snob about fanfic. There are a good many professional writers who write fanfic as well as very talented amateurs who write at Ms. Meyer’s level or better. That’s right, I went there.

      Some of the “Twilight” writers write in response to the “Fade to Black” of BD; some write in response to a perceived flaw in a favorite character. Still others write to keep the characters alive in different scenarios — How do I love thee, Edward? Let me count the ways: Domward, Emoward, Balticward, Drunkward, Skankward, Douchebagward, Firefighterward, Fightward, Doctorward, Scotchward, Studentward, Geekward, Junkieward, Psychward, Awkward and, of course, Vampward. There’s a “…ward” for practically every taste and boy, do I have a lotta taste!

      • Oh man, Balticward…one of my faves.

        I am fanfic’s bitch, seriously. And I am a snob about it, too. I usually don’t read a story unless it’s rec’d on a blog (Fictionators, TLYDF, etc), or if I trust the author, I check her (or his??) favorite stories tab.

        I also tend toward the all-human fics, which a lot of twifans don’t understand, but it’s just easier for me to wrap my head around. I only do canon pairings, also, and I can’t STAND smut just for the sake of smut. It has to fit in with the storyline. And in AH fics, I always picture Rob (duh).

        Some of my faves: WA (obvi), The Best Man by BrattyVamp; The Office (how freaking amazing was that last update?); Age of Consent: My summer as a legal intern (this one is controversial and I thought I’d hate it, but I don’t…not sure what that says about me); and Cocktails and Dreams.

        I am semi-first-hand embarassed about my fanfic reading. I mean, I’m not gonna broadcast it, but I’ve befriended some great authors and it makes me happy, so I figure, why not?

    • First, confession: I came across some Fanfic years ago that was just smutty and appalling, and so I never thought I’d be looking for it in connection with something I really liked. But through the Forum I was alerted to the existence of FanFic connected to Twilight that was actually supposed to be good. I have now read Art after 5 and Wide Awake, and in spite of some flaws I am deeply impressed with the plot and the writing, and I just couldn’t stop reading once I started.

      Now, to the point, I partly agree with Janetrigs, being a purist at heart in most matters, and a lover of Real Books. (Oh, yes.) BUT, I still remember how I used to write my own versions of the Narnia books, of Sherlock Holmes, of the Star Wars characters when I grew up, just for myself, just because I didn’t want it to stop, I needed MORE!

      It’s a craving, an addiction. You write the best you can, mostly for your own pleasure, but frankly, if I had had access to the Internet when I was writing, and had known what Fanfic was, I probably would have wanted to share my best efforts with other addicts. So, FanFic wins. But only the well written ones. The rest can burn in (literary) hell…and probably will!

  14. I wasn’t a fan of fan fiction till someone posted a link to Wide Awake on Twilight Sisterhood. From there I was hooked on Answering Bell, Through your Eyes, Clipped Wings & Ink (I think that’s the name) and Horizons. Some of these FF are better than most books out there. I think the names for WA could be changed and it would still be a great book.

    • “I think the names for WA could be changed and it would still be a great book. ”

      I had that same thought this morning during my commute.

    • Yes, and I’ ve seen that there are speculations that it would be published, but I don’t think that is possible. Even if a good editor worked through the text again to make it publishable, the whole rights question would put a stop to it.

      A guy just now was going to get a book published in Europe that was a continuation of Salinger’s classic “Catcher in the Rye”, but it was stopped by the people holding the rights to the original, and now they are battling over it in court… So I guess fanfic will remain fanfic on the net.

      • “A guy just now was going to get a book published in Europe that was a continuation of Salinger’s classic “Catcher in the Rye”, but it was stopped by the people holding the rights to the original, and now they are battling over it in court… So I guess fanfic will remain fanfic on the net. ”

        If that’s the case, then how did “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” ever get published???

  15. I am not ashamed to admit that I read fanfic. I’m not sure that I’d admit that out loud in public, but I’ll admit it in writing. I started reading in 1996, when I was obsessed with a certain tv show in high school. I moved onto a different tv show and its fanfic in college. Waiting between Harry Potter 5 and 6, I delved into that fanfic realm. And when I got frustrated with SMeyer’s fade-to-black, I jumped with both feet into Twi-fic.

    Like UC, I’m a grammar snob – which is why I’m a beta-reader for a few people/sites. I don’t read stories that are unnecessarily scary or creepy – no slash, no threesomes, no hurting people. Frankly, since my husband and I waited for sex til marriage, I prefer fic where the couples are married. I prefer canon couples like Edward and Bella or Harry and Ginny.

    That being said, I also love fic that explores the “what if?” I love reading Jacob with Bella. I enjoy Ginny with Draco or Harry and Hermione. I think it’s the ultimate compliment for an author that people are so fascinated by their creations that we keep exploring their worlds.

    • Thanks for bringing up HP, Erica!

      Cassandra Clare is the perfect example of why FF can be so good.

      She started her career as a HP FF writer, and is now a successful author with a whole series to her credit. It would never have happened without FF.

  16. I was in fanfics long before reading Twilight (I read the book before seeing the movie) so for me it was the natural thing to do.

    My main FF topic is Smallville. I have read literally thousands of Smallville slash fictions. There are some that I like so much that I have them nicely printed and ring-bounded and I read them over and over. There are some talented writers out there!!

    My other major FF topic is Harry Potter.

    For Twilight I only read post-Breaking Dawn stories that stay in canon. I don’t know why. Well, I do. Because even when Stephenie isn’t the best writer in the world I like the way she resolved everything and I love the Twilight couples!

    Actually my favorite area of Twilight FF’s are the Jacob + Nessie stories. And they have to be romantic and with a happy ending!!!

    I’m currently following several FF in progress but my favorites in this moment are “The Wedding” by valelf and “Meet the Fosters” by YaYaGoddess.

    Oh! And when reading I always picture Rob as Edward and the rest of the cast as the other characters. For Nessie I imagine her looking as Emily Browning.

    Hugs to all the LTT-ers (but not to Summit)


    • Why couldn’t Clark and Lana just get together once and for all on the show?! 8 years of my life I spent watching that show and it never happened!

    • Oh wow Smallville – that brings me back.

      I was a L/L shipper back in the day waaaaay before they actually got together on the show (that’s Lex and Lana for the newbs). They had some HOT fanfic and Lex is the perfect Darkward, before Robward was ever born. Go baldies.

      Rob is always Edward – isn’t that the point of ff? }:>

  17. Oh moon. You are not alone nsync fan fiction. I too came to know ff this way. No seriously. It is also the reason I don’t read twilight ff. I will never be able to look justin timberlake in the eyes.

  18. I have never read fanfic and I never will. Not because I have anything in particular against it, but the first time I stumbled across it was just a bad experience.

    I have probably told this story before, but years ago I did a search for Severus Snape. I was looking for a particular photo. The first three hits brought up three different fanfic sites with three different stories about Snape bending Harry over his desk and forcing himself upon the boy. I am forever traumatized and now the thought of any kind of fanfic makes me throw up in my mouth a little.

  19. My first experience with FF was Jane Austen related. I didn’t even know such a thing existed until I was looking up an author who wrote JA spin off books and thus by descent into the world of FF began.

    It wasn’t until Twi-fic did I experience the ff could be smutalicious. I love The Sub/The Dom and The Office and of course WA. I’ve also read a few of the ff’s from EPOV.

    I hate reading ff that isn’t complete and after WA I have vowed to never read another one that isn’t done. I also won’t read a ff unless it has a ton of positive reviews or was recommended to me by someone I trust, I just don’t want to waste my time reading crappy stories.

  20. I do read Twi fanfic, but it’s not the first…no…*hangs head* Iusedtoreadhansonfanfic….AHH! I can’t believe I just said that out loud…

    • don’t worry some of us have been there. I stumbled upon some mmmboping of my own at one point in my life as well. Case in point: I do not read twi ff because in 12 years I will be just as embarrassed about it as I am about my nsync/ hanson days. yyyeeeessshhhh.

    • Don’t worry, I read Otown Fan Fic and I’m proud of it! BAHAHAHAHA

      • Phew…well, that makes me feel better! Otown? Really?! Do you play the star of their liquid dreams? j/k.

        Yeah, been a big fan of ff for a long time, twi-fic is like my guilty pleasure. After I get the kids in bed and when the hubby is hanging out with the guys @ the races, well then it’s just me and my comp until about 3am…lol.

        I have to admit that I absolutely love Bella/Jasper stories…maybe it’s the fact that I love me some Jasper and I can pretend that I’m Bella…oh, good stuff.

  21. – I saw the movie first. I knew of the books, but was a literature snob, and refused to partake in the hype. Robward changed all that.

    – My first foray into fanfic was with The Office. Jim and Pam were all angsty on the show, but in ff they were making up and making out. SOLD!

    – Hell YES I picture Rob as Edward in ff. If the hubs isn’t home to bug me, I pull up an appropriate pic on my desktop to use as reference. That’s normal, right? Kristen as Bella, not so much.

    -Am I ashamed? No one knows that it’s my favorite pastime. So I guess so. But only my bf knows I even read the books, so my shame runs deeper than smutcakes. However, within the fandom, I think it’s healthy and necessary even. Stephanie’s writing is far from perfect, and some fic authors are crazy talented and give Edward and Bella dimensions that SM did not, and not just schmexy ones.

    I think if folks are scared of finding the bad stuff (and there’s PLENTY of it out there) they need to ask for good recs. Then follow an author that you thought was good, looking at what she has favorited or recc’d and then go from there. Summaries will let you know if it’s something you wouldn’t be into … slash or whatever. It’s not that scary.

    • Wow, I thought I was the only one. Except I pull up a pic of Jackson (in a separate window of course) and just make it small enough to frame the pic. Just in case I need to get to it and close it quickly if the hubby comes in unexpectedly. He doesn’t need to know…lol

  22. I had no idea what FF was until I read a posting on here a few months ago about Wide Awake. I figured it if it was LTT recommended why not – well I was so confused initially by WA b/c I didn’t realize what FF was all about and I just jumped into the story. It took me a little while to figure out that they weren’t vampires!

    After I got into it and plowed through WA I read LYLS/ALE, The Office and Sub/Dom. I definitely don’t like reading something that isn’t finished – I hate waiting for the updates and I do find that I occasionally get the stories confused. I print out the chapters and read them so I’m not always in front of a computer (plus it looks like I’m working when I’m on the train). My husband calls them “my pamphlets”, whenever he sees me reading something on printer paper he says – oh no, not another pamphlet!

  23. OK, I only started reading FF after reading the books twice and seeing the movie. I didn’t want to give up that Twilight magnatism yet. I never even new it existed! It started with a reference to Wide Awake on a blog so I decided to check it out. Holy crow I couldn’t stop reading. Definitely my favorite. I am now addicted and constantly searaching for references to good stories. And I always picture Rob as Edward.

    Although some are very lemony (is that a word?) if it has a good story I’m hooked (like The Office). And *ahem* it has actually improved my sex life with my husband…go figure!! WHOOHOO. Am I ashamed, Hell No.

    Some other ones I’ve read, some are T rated some M:
    Innocent, Vigilant, Ordinary
    Seducing Ms Swan (not what the title implies)
    Tropic of Virgo
    Good Bella, Bad Bella
    The Submissive and The Dominant
    You Get me Closer to God

    OH, and I love your site! I have never commented before (basically I just lurk everyday) but I just had to today. You girls (LTR too) are so funny, it keeps me laughing and sane ..or should I say insane. Oh well.

    • I did the same thing. After I had read each of the books twice and seen the movie a few times I needed something else to give me my Twilight fix. I don’t even remember how I found fanfic. A lot of it does suck! I was just reading Poughkeepsie last night – at first I thought it sounded crazy, but WOW, what a great story! I also love Wide Awake, The Office, Tropic of Virgo, Mr. Horrible, Resisting Edward. (I prefer the all human stories)

      • Poughkeepsie took me soo long to suck up and read! It took like 5 or 6 people to rec’d it to me to start and once I hit the 156 smiles I was so done and that story owns me! A lot of it is REALLY bad – you really need Rec’s to find the right ones! The summaries for most do them NO justice – and All Human stories are the way to go. Art After 5 was another one I didn’t want to start (umm kinda creepy High Shcool Teacher Bella with High school student Edward…?!) But I am constantly finding myself defending this story – it is amazing and not creepy at all. Same thing with Age of Constant (if your not reading it – RUN to it!!)

        And lets just face it Tropic of Virgo is just amazing on so many levels.

        Waiting for updates sucks but theres always new stories to start!!

      • I just read Poughkeepsie last night too and loved it! So precious and the cliffhangers . . .ay yi yi!

        I prefer finished fics, because I like getting the whole story. However, I’ll wait any day for more of The Office, Clipped Wings & Inked Armour and Poughkeepsie.

        I also like Cocktails & Dreams, Barflys, Library Rendezvous (no, I’m not a big reader . . .oh wait . . .why wouldn’t I love a story about meeting someone hot in the library?).

        I like a good story. Hell, I LOVE a good story. Lemons are bonus material and should be well written with the characters, not like . . . and now for some sex! detours. Some of the dark stuff scares me a little, even when it is really well written. The Forbidden Room was excellent but really not a lifestyle I’m all that comfortable with–dom/sub stuff–so while that was good technically I’ll be screening my others from here on out.

  24. I spend most of my time now reading fanfic … and I discuss with some of my girlfriends (the ones who are willing to admit that they read it) and recommending ones that I’d like to pass on.
    I think the reason I like it so much is because it reminds me of when I was a Twi-virgin. When I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next, and most importantly, when I knew that another new book was waiting when I finished the current. one. That was the biggest disappointment with Twilight, knowing that there would be no more Edward storylines (did I FREAK when I found out about MSun!). So fan fic gives me my Edward fix without having to re-read the Twi-series for the 4th time.
    Also I daydream a little from time to time about different ways that I would have liked Bella to deal with things, or how I would have if it was me, and I have found that with many fanfics.
    I also am a ff snob, I HATE spelling mistakes (how can this happen when a Beta checks your posting for you???). I like the NON fade-to-black but some stories had no plot and I gave up after 3 chapters (ex. “the List” – hot hot hot but got tired fast).
    I highly recommend “Miss My Lion” for some canon pairings but alternate storylines post-Eclipse, and “Trust in Advertising”, whose author gives “Tweasers” on Twitter so you know when another chapter is coming up.
    I LOVE WA and hope everyone who enjoys it votes with their wallet – if it ever is published, I will be first in line to lay down some money for this great story.

  25. N*Sync FF? Really?! Ha, Ha , Ha!!!
    I don’t read fan fic, my reasons are similar to Janetrigs. I am way to impatient and grammer errors drive me crazy!
    “Call me a prude, but I’ll take a classic love-story and a story of restraint over a smutty one any day!”
    Me too UC! My re-reading of Jane Austen novels is only second to the Twilght Saga.

  26. That picture is priceless! Colin Firth is the only Mr. Darcy for me!

    I read the series four times, in as many months. And yes, Eclipse automatically opens to those particular pages in chapter eight! Which is embarrassing, to say the least. The whole fade to black thing in BD pissed me off to no end. It still does. I find myself staring at the space between the two paragraghs. So sad.

    Then, I read an interveiw with RP where he joked about fan fiction. I had never even heard of it before, and decided to check it out, because apparently, I wasn’t depraved enough. I’ve read some. Some of it is horrible. REALLY. WA is my favorite, mainly because it has little to do with the characters of Twilight. I read the entire thing, up to chapter 48 in two days, completely ignoring my family all the while. It’s probably the only blatantly sexual one that I’ve read. (or atleast that I’ll admit to) I’m very particular, so much so, that I don’t find alot that I want to read past the first chapter. I’m also lousy at picking out stuff out, so I’ll be interested to see some of the choices you’ve come up with.

    So, thanks Rob, like you haven’t made me retarded enough. Now I’m reading girl porn on the internet, like some sort of depraved motherfucker. (Did I mention I love WA?) I’ve been trying to look at the bright side. The good thing about ff is, I can just delete my history and pretend that I was looking up recipes for two and a half hours. No embarrassing page gaps to explain.

    • “So, thanks Rob, like you haven’t made me retarded enough. Now I’m reading girl porn on the internet, like some sort of depraved motherfucker.”
      Oh my God – So funny. Sad and true, but funny!!

      • That is great!! LOL!! Ya know I started reading FF because of Rob!! Because he said he read some Hardcore intense FF in his GQ interview!!

        And we all know all Edwards are a mix of Rob and Edward!

        Gosh how many Edwards are there?! windoward, darkward, hoboward (I perfer my name Meltward for Pough) Domward, Whoreward, Pantyward, Drunkward….

  27. I have only read one fanfic. It’s not that I’m against them, but I didn’t know where to find good fanfic. Like Southgirl, I’m find of a fanfic snob. I want one that sounds like it could be a continuation of the story. I found one that I really like.

    • ‘continuation of the story…’

      me too. which one do you like? These are the ones I want to read.

      • I feel like I’m always pimping this story out, however, if you are looking for a great continuation of the real story, then you need to read Let Your Light Shine and its sequel, A Life Extraordinary by LolaShoes.

        It starts at the infamous deeper-water-fade-to-black-twatblock in Breaking Dawn and goes much farther into Bella’s change and their relationship. She writes the Cullen Family dynamic beautifully and hysterically, but that doesn’t even compare to how she writes Edward and Bella. It’s perfection. Even Bella’s power (which is different from the shield thing that SMeyer did) is better, more plausible, more fulfilling to her being specifically intended for Edward. It’s just great. Even if you aren’t into fic at all, it’s such a satisfying way to culminate the series after the wedding, I would rec it to anyone.

      • The one I’ve been reading is called Edge of Night. I think it’s really good.
        Here’s the site:

        Untypically Jia is the author and I think she’s doing a wonderful job. She’s only on Chapter 9 so it’s a slow process, but worth it I think.

  28. I started reading FF a few weeks ago when it was brought up by Moon or UC (sorry can’t remember which). I, too was frustrated by the fade-to-black honeymoon, so I set off to find FF to fill the gap. I read Let Your Light Shine, which I liked, but the next part, A Life Less Ordinary, got a little OOC (that’s ‘out of character’ for you ff virgins). I don’t enjoy when the characters are completely different than the original series, so for me the ff I have read is just…Meh. I am ashamed, though. I don’t tell anybody (except for all of you total strangers) that I have read ff. And yes, I picture Rob as Edward. It does offer a pick me up for the sex life, though. Some of you have really intrigued me with Wide Awake. I think I might have to read that just to see what the fuss is about.

  29. i have a question: FF=porn?

    • no it doesn’t. it’s just that in the realm of twi-FF, most stories expand on the relationships between characters, and many are romantic and are written steamier than stephenie’s, but not all of them are like that

    • Yes! More specifically, girl porn. Meaning mental as opposed to visual er…stimuli? Is that appropriate?

      I am so glad these things are annonomus! I swear I once read regular books. Adult books, meaning books about adults with real (albeit fictional) problems. As opposed to teen fiction, stuff I wouldn’t even read when I was a teen! Will there come a time when I will return to normal?

    • Not necessarily! Some, like “The List” are JUST porn (or at least that’s how it seemed to me in the first 4 chapters or so before I bailed. Funny, I go the name off one of the top ten lists on and that’s WHY I read it (and yes, Edward looks like Rob to me in all of them) … but that particular story did not have much other in the way of plot for me.
      Don’t skip ff because you think it’s all porn. Some of them are more ‘lemony’ than others but that can add to the story and in many cases they will tug at your heart, or make you laugh out loud. I can’t believe how many REALLY GREAT authors are out there! Really, if you want you can spend all your time reading ff there are so many sites and so many stories. I’d ask around for recommendations and for sure read Wide Awake. Thanks to allryans for recommendation of the two stories by LolaShoes. Your descriptions were great and I will definitely check them out! (you can’t just say “read this, it’s great – unless it’s WA!”


      • True enough. It’s not all porn. In fact, a lot of sites will rate them, so you know what you are getting into before you start. It also depends on what your idea of graphic content is. My husband refers to Twilight the book as girl porn. Actually, his particular phrase is something I won’t repeat, but you get the idea. I try to stay away from the illicit bits myself. Mainly because it embarrasses the crap out of me, even though I’m the only one in the room. Also because, for me, it takes away from the orginal characterizations that I loved in the first place.

        But, I was curious, so I decided I would check out some of the more ‘surprisingly hardcore’ entries this afternoon. I didn’t get very far, my face is still burning red, I can feel it. Anyway, can someone explain to me why rated NC-17 Edward HAS to have a potty mouth? I mean, I get WA, it suits the character to speak that way. And I’m not a prude, ‘Holy mother of shit’ is my new favorite saying. I just don’t understand! Is there some sort of unspoken rule that I am unaware of? This is just hilarious to me!

      • You’re welcome! Enjoy.

    • hmmm ok, i get it…

      yeah, don’t know if i’ll read any ffs. i’d rather read something else, something really good, like lauren conrad’s book. i kid.

      but it’s a maybe.

      thanks for the answers : )

      • I’m reading L.A. Candy too!*

        *complete and utter lie (yes, stole that from the ladies)

  30. I think I am kinda with LImeslice why I don’t read FF. Being written from someone other than the original author, it just doesn’t seem right to me, and I don’t want to meddle with the characters as they are represented in the original books. (Now, if Stephie wanted to write some steamy extras, I would so be in!)

    But also, because I know I would probably love it and I already have too much going on to get sucked into the FF world as well!! 😀

  31. I do read fanfic and I am not too ashamed to admit it…well maybe just a little. I had never even heard of fanfic until a couple of months ago. I heard that there were some stories about the “fade to black” moments from Breaking Dawn and I was a little curious. I have to admit I LOVE FF. I started with the vampire fics, but I find I really only like to read the All Human, I think because they are really just original stories with familiar characters. I don’t like confusing my real Twilight characters with these other characters – if that makes sense. I too like Wide Awake, my Favorite is the Office, and I just read one yesterday that is so funny called “MR. HORRIBLE” – Bella is really funny, Edward is a little nerdy, but I just laughed the whole way through and there is a little smut, but not too much – a very good balance. I can’t read Rob FanFiction – just too weird for me. I started out just reading anything, but I am now a lot more selective. I am hooked…but my true love will always be Stephanie’s characters and story.

  32. am not yet really into FanFic, though have visited the site & read a small selection—have so many other things on my reading list which grows ever longer thanks to my daily Rob outings—it sounds as if Wide Awake can be read nonstop like the Twilight Saga, so perhaps i’ll give it a whack—in the meantime i leave you, ladies, with a quote from a wise & insightful man:

    “All books can be indecent books
    Though recent books are bolder.
    For filth (I’m glad to say)
    is in the mind of the beholder.
    When properly viewed,
    Everything is lewd.
    I could tell you things about Peter Pan,
    And the Wizard of Oz,
    there’s a dirty old man!” ❤ ❤ ❤

  33. I read all of the books multiple times before the movie came out, but needed more! I discovered FF when someone recommended one on the TM forums. The first one I read was someone’s prediction of how Edward and Bella’s wedding would be. It was lovely. That lead me to check out Boycotts and Barflies. Loved that one even more and I think the only one I’ve read twice. Right now some of my favorites are Trust in Advertising, Hydraulic Level 5, Creature of Habit, The Office. Obviously I like the well written ones with a plot. Geez, I’ve read so many over the past years there are too many to list here. But those are my recent favs. Do I picture the actors in the stories? Sometimes. It really depends on how the author describes them and how much the characters are like actors. I am slightly ashamed that the last book I’ve read in the past year (besides the Twilight Saga) is Outlander, but there are some really good authors out there writing FF and I so I will stand behind my addiction.

  34. You FF whores are all week. Stay PURE and strong! Stay Away!! HAHAHAHAHA

    Says the chick who loves DRUNK ROB

  35. Holy Crap!! I Love Twilight FF (and not the overly smutty ones) Art After 5 is REALLY great (love that it takes place in Philly!) I love Tropic of Virgo, Resisting Edward, and Mr Horrible is the funniest shit I have EVER read… Just the fact that Bella Swan WRITES FF in this story and Edwards makes fun of it for it makes it worth reading!! No Love for homeless Edward in Poughkeepsie?! Or how about “The Screamers” were Edward is famous and scared shitless of his fans he calls “Screamers”!!

    But Yes Wide Awake, The Office, Art After 5 all rock!! I couldn’t even pick a top 3!

    • Are you saying that you DON’T love HomelessWard?

      • OMG Hoboward is MY FAVE Edward!! I LOVE Him!! I LOVE Poughkeepsie – Although my new fave is Age of Consesnt!! Hot!!

    • OMG…in Mr. Horrible…when Bella gives Edward her 1st BJ and is all pissed because she expects it to taste like candy like in FF…I about laughed my ass off!!

      • Oh Yes in all FF’s they always taste so damn good!! That was great!! But Mr H gets totes props for this:

        “And what does a ‘temp-slash-quasi-writer’ do?”

        “Duh. It really sounds that complicated? I’m a temp. And I’m trying to be a writer. I’m just not, you know, published yet. Unless you count self-publishing on fanfic sites.”

        “Okay, first, a temp what? And what is a ‘fanfic site?’”

        “Uh… fanfic is when you write stories and shit based on other people’s shit like books and movies and stuff and use their characters and sometimes change the plot and sometimes write a whole new story but everyone sort of looks the same and whatever.”

        “So let me get this straight, Baby Swan.” (He is not going to let this die, is he?) “You make a living doing other people’s jobs and spend your free time writing about other people’s characters. And I’m the one not thinking for myself?”

        • Shit…I was crying when I read that…in fact, I think I cried through the whole thing I was laughing so hard. My husband kept looking at me a night night like i was mental. I actually just finished it last night at 2:30 am – another reason FF is bad for your health! but “Christ on a popsicle stick” this story is fucking great – it might even get a re-read from me! Seriously…Rich Kid and Baby Swan are totes fuckawesome!

          • I look forward to the updates on this story like you wouldn’t belive!! I love it sooo much!! Its so refreshing!! The Fugly Fish, White trash dinners, Tequilla of Truth, Victoria Seceretion, Take the damn Red Pill!! I could go on and on!! Who doesn’t love James as a gay drag queen?!

            I think I was crying when Edward passed out in the grocery store and was like “Baby Swan!? Where is Baby Swan?!” and the medic was all “theres no bird sir!”

            Another one that gets me with this story is how she got her nickname!!

            “My mother is kind of a flake. Okay. She’s really a flake. So when I was born, she couldn’t come up with a fucking name. I mean, how hard is it? You are pregnant for what? Nine months? You can’t come up with one fucking girl name and one fucking boy name in nine months?”

            I’m trying not to laugh, but she’s really on a tear right now.

            “So they bring me home from the hospital as Baby Swan.”

            “Wait,” I have to interrupt. “Baby Swan? They named you after a bird?”

            “No, you fucking idjit, they didn’t name me after a fucking bird. That’s my last name. Swan. Bella Fucking Swan.”

            “Your middle name is Fucking?”


  36. as an afterthought: you can see a scene where Edward hitches Bella’s leg around his thigh in the sex scene from Twilight that didn’t make it into the movie.
    It may have been the scene where Rob fell off the bed since his positioning was pretty precarious. KStew pulls Rob on top of herself & you can watch Rob tentatively place his left hand on her right buttock & slowly slide it down along her right thigh—unfortunately, at the point where he starts to lift her leg on top of his Catherine Hardwicke fades it to black—but at least part of it is visual—LOL

  37. Never heard of FF until the LOTN *nudged* me in that direction.
    I consider it to be just another way that LTT/LTR have completely ruined me.

    The good FF – Wide Awake, and especially the absolutely brilliant Hydraulic Level 5 (what, you haven’t read it?!? Do yourself a favour. It’s beyond brilliant!) – are a hundred times better than Twilight, in terms of the quality of the writing, the characterisation, the vivid descriptions, the dialogue, the story arc, the use of metaphor… there is some really sophisticated writing in FF.

    The publishing industry is brutal. Quality writing doesn’t necessarily get published – decisions are often made based on what can be marketed at the time. Publishing houses are swamped with unsolicited manuscripts that often don’t see the light of day because of the sheer volume of manuscripts received. There is a limit on the number of new fiction that is published every year.

    FF is ultimately just another form of creative expression, allowing writers the opportunity to develop their craft via a different medium. The reviews allow them to develop their writing skills.

    Imagine how BD might have benefited from the FF approach!!!

    Besides, if you met Rob, you’d be hoping that he really DID read FF and had picked up a few *secrets*. Just sayin’.

  38. Hola ! Well I’m gonna answer that survey xP

    Q1: No, I saw the movie first and then moved on with the books. Then fanfiction o///o

    Q3: Yeah, I was familiarized with the whole FF-world, because I’m so weird. Before Twilight — and cof Harry Potter cof– I was in the anime-world, in Jr. High or something like that. I knew of FF about SakuraCardCaptor (LOL) for example, but never read them. Then in High School I began reading HP, and while I waited for new books I read FF (nothing compared with the smut-FFs of twilight, I have to say lol)

    Q4: I think that depends on the FF… For example, in WA I sooo can imagine Rob being Edward. But in the Office I just can’t imagine him like that, instead I imagine Tom Welling lol, because the Edward in TO is older…. idk, lol. But what’s weird is that I can’t imagine Rob as Edward in Twilight, even though I saw the movie first.

    Q5: Dude! I’m ashamed of reading Twilight! lol xD Therefore I’m ashamed of reading FF of Twilight…. I mean, I’m really NOT that ashamed, but it’s not like I’m screaming everywhere “I LOVE TWILIGHT… AND FF OF IT!”… but, you know, wtv xD

    And I just wanted to tell a little bit of my story with FF:
    I saw the movie with a friend and immediately after went to a book store to buy the 4 books. It took me like 4-5 days to finish them? Yeah, I think so…. and then all this Twilight obsession came over me, like I didn’t know WHAT to do!
    I re-read them just once more and then I began to look on the internet for anything Twilight related. That’s where my Robsession began (but that’s another story xD). That’s how I found LTT/LTR! I remember sending you guys an e-mail asking for help beacause I was so overwhelmed. You told me there was this fanfiction, and that maybe it could help with my free time: WA … and that’s it.

    Wide Awake (by angstgoddess003)
    The Office (by tby789)
    The Submissive (by tara sue me)
    Those are my top 3.

  39. I am absolutely obsessed w/ Twilight FanFic. There are so many great stories out there. Yes,there are crap ones,but don’t let that put you off. Wide Awake of course is my all time fav,and I consider it my first real fic. I read a few ones on twilighted about the honeymoon after fade to black, but the plot was thin.. Wide Awake is better than some published books out there and so well written and great character development. Other favs of mine are The Office, Tropic of Virgo,The Ex Factor, Mr. Horrible, Resisting Edward,and Seducing Edward. Too many good ones to name for me. I like lemons/smut,but there does need to be a good plot/storyline, or its just porn to me,and what am I a guy? I have a group of lovely ladies that we chat about all the fics we are reading and comparing our opinions and theories on what will happen next. Its like a book club, a smutty book club;) If you’re on facebook there are awesome twilight fanfic groups to join where you can get links to all the great stories out there. Say it loud,say it proud-i love twi fanfic!

  40. I loved Wide Awake. I also love Tropic of Virgo, Confessions of a Nanny & Inked because Tattward is too frikin sexy.

  41. I love that u guys used a postsecret for this post! I just did a book on postsecret! 🙂 love the blog!

  42. Omg I forgot to say the office ummmm hello beautiful bastard.

    • If you are looking for really great smut with a plot – The Office is what you need to read. Her writing is so H-O-T!!

  43. “Finally, and most important to me: Maybe I’m weird, but I never saw Edward as a hyper-sexualized character”

    @limeslice Thank you, thank you! All of your points are exactly the reasons why I don’t read FF (or any FF in general).

    Twilight itself consumes so much of my existence that I don’t need anything else to suck more of my time. And I literally blogged about non-FF reading recently, because I had a scarring experience with a snip of a chapter that was posted to another Twi-blog. I totally felt dirty afterwards, and the lascivious characterization of Edward freaked me out. That isn’t why I love Edward!

    I might be the only one here, but I enjoyed Stephenie’s fade-to-black style in BD. I feel like if she elaborated it might have sounded cheap. At least from my perspective, it’s about love first, not sex. Plus, I just think that I have no business reading about things I have no experience with!

  44. um…what’s the title of the FF you referenced about Edward reading Esme’s mind? Omlet, etc?

  45. I have to admit that I said I would never read any twilight FFic but after you guys tweeted about Isle Esme one day when I was bored as hell at work, I read it. Okay it was hot. But I totally forgot about it until today.

    I tried to read Wide Awake but just can’t get into it.

    So overall my opinion of FFic…? Meh.

  46. I have read Harry Potter (Don’t Judge!) fanfic and a few were good. I actually found a really good one about what happens after the last book, but now I can’t find it. I SHOULD HAVE BOOKMARKED, gah!

    I also read Fanfic for the Isle Esme scenes we didn’t get to read. A few were pretty good, but some just got way too….nasty and I had to stop cause even I was embarassed reading it, alone, late at night, in my bedroom.
    Another fanfic I read was where they were humans, and Rosalie & Jasper, Alice & Edward, Bella & Emmett, were siblings all inter-dating (and I forgot to bookmark that one too!)

    I also read a fanfic on, called Edward’s Eclipse, and it was REALLY good. My favorite Twilight fanfic. Although it does leave out some of the scenes that are already in Eclipse.

    I only share that I read fanfic with fellow Twilighters because we all think That’s normal. Plus my acute fondness for all things Twilight scare some of my friends & family members. Sorry for the longishness.

  47. Q: Did you read the Twilight books before the movie came out?
    Yes, read them all before the movie – I have to… I can’t see a movie based on a book with out reading it first. only ones I’ve done movie first, Gone w/ the Wind, Atonement & Love in the time of cholera.

    Q: If you read the books before the movie, did you read FanFic?
    Not Twilight fanfic – that’s a recent thing

    Q: Have you read any other FanFiction other than Twilight?
    yes, for Roswell… and only one girls stories… she paired counting crows songs with the characters and did max & liz better then Jason Katims!

    Q: Do you picture Rob as Edward in Twilight FanFic?
    Sometimes, not always… if they are human it’s hard for me to see him in it. If they are vampires yes. however, Ashely is always Alice and Jackson is always Jasper. Rosalie is hardly ever Nikki… Nikki’s just isn’t Roasalie for me.

    Q: Are you ashamed of your love for FanFic?
    Not ashamed. I read two or three and like limslice & janetrigs I hate waiting for updates… I also am reading one that what they have the characters doing is crap… it’s so not what “Jasper” or “Alice” would do (elope in Vegas) Alice not have a designer wedding…rolls eyes… but what ever…

    Also, I have not read Wide Awake… I have it saved but then i saw that she only has two more chapters before it ends so I’ll wait till it’s done.

  48. Hi, I’m Jules and I am a FF addict. There I said it.
    I love all the FF that you lovely ladies mention. WA it’s my Top 1 of course, because it was my first, and it was an awesome first! AA5 is a great story too. TO and Mr. Horrible also. I think that is my Top 4.
    I read the books before the movie came out. I had read FF before but it wasn’t Twi related.
    Sometimes I can’t imagine Rob in FF, sometimes I can. It depends. Am I ashamed? mmm well I don’t think so, reading it’s a good thing right? and there are some FF’s out there that are worthy. Not everything is smut. I like me some BB a la The Office but it’s not the reason why I read. It’s about the plot and the characters. If it’s a good, developed story I’m hooked.

    • Yes I am an addict too Jules you are not alone and it is Normal! LOL!

      Who said Poughkeepsie?!! I love that story like none other! I put it up there with WA!! I will be so upset if she DOESN”T Kill someone important!! Edward and his cardboard paino just break my heart…He really reminds me of Adam from Untamed Heart

      • Poughkeepsie is on my list. Is it really good?

        • I have heard a lot of good things about Poughkeepsie. What exactly is the plot? I need some more info before I loose another week of my life to a new FF.

          • Poughkeepsie is really awesome!! Its about a lot – which if I get into it I will give away spoilers. In short Edward is homeless – Bella see’s him everyday at the Poughkeepsie train station and smiles at him (she is the only person to treat him like a person) Bella kinda saves him from being jumped by a bunch of kids and they start friendship/Romance – then she learns more about him (like why he is homeless) His family ect…. I have never loved a Emmett or Rose as much as I do in this story. Its really really amazing.

  49. I’m going to be honest here and say that I’ve written a chapter to one… not nearly finished… but.. wel… i need more half naked pictures of RP for .. uhmm. inspiration.. yes.. inspiration

  50. DrunkRub = my favorite Freudian slip of the day

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