Nobody puts Bella in a corner

Dear LTT-ers

So the other night when I was browsing the super de dooper radical forum (the official name)  I came across a video that BLEW my mind. The lovely Calli had posted a fanmade video of Bella and Edward to “Hungry Eyes” from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack! Behold…

Can you even believe how amazing this is?? So then jokingly I said, “Next you’re going to tell me there’s a video for ‘She’s like the Wind'” and wouldn’t you know it THERE IS ONE!!

SERIOUSLY?! These just might be the best fan videos every created!

I’m thinking maybe Stephenie Meyer should just rewrite Twilight and move the location to camp Kellerman instead of Forks and Bella comes there the summer before going to Mount Holyoak and Edward is the dance instructor with a shady past. Wait a second… this is almost the same story line…

Calli also told me to look closer at the rest of the soundtrack to see how well it lined up to the movie and it got me thinking… DUDE this could be like the ‘Dark side of the moon’/Wizard of Oz (Dark Side of the Rainbow) of our OUR generation! So next time I watch Twilight I’m going to invite some folks over, light some candles, put the Dirty Dancing soundtrack on repeat and hit play on the Twilight DVD and experience some Johnny and Baby + Bella and Edward magic! Who’s with me??

I carried a watermelon!

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Thanks Calli!

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  1. i always thought edward and bella fit really well with dirty dancing. and dirty dancing is such an awesome movie. if rob ever did a remake of anything he should def. be johnny 😉

  2. Wow….the only thing that would top that would be a clip with Love Is Strange (Loverboy)…and if it was Rob and I rolling around in a ballet dance studio about to get it on until we are so rudely interrupted by his manager….or Sam Bradley.

  3. Oh, dear Jesus on the mainline….

    Please…PLEASE tell me that Solomon Burke’s magnificent “Cry To Me” would begin playing during a hot point in Twilight. Like….the “he has her backed up against the mountain” scene. Whew…lawsy…I’d have a hot fit over that one.

    It’d be better than when “Money” begins playing the second Dorothy opens the door to Munchkin Land…and she steps from from black and white into color. Awesome…

    How much do I love the DD s’track set to Twilight? A whole lot, I tell ya.

    “I’m a love man…call me a love man…oooooh baby, I’m a love man…..6 feet 1, weight 210…”
    OK, so Otis got the height part correct.

  4. Moon,

    I think you should spearhead a song of the day feature on LTR/LTT for all of us. School us. Pretty please? 🙂 Could be relating to Twilight or random.

    • i agree. this is up moon’s alley

    • OHHHHH this might just happen VERY soon! maybe i’ll feature it in the forum… will decide and DO IT.

      and i need to get going on my music for new moon post… that’s pretty inevitable for me!

      love the suggestion and your faith in me!

  5. Okay, those were totally squee-worthy! I never realized that the lyrics to “She’s Like the Wind” fit Twilight so perfectly.

    “I look in the mirror and all I see
    is a young old man with only a dream
    Am I just fooling myself that she’ll stop the pain
    living without her, I’d go insane”

    Le sigh. =)

  6. Ok – So who’s gonna write the Edward/Bella Dirty Dancing Fanfic? I heard they have a Grease one!

    • srsly?? a grease edward an bella fanfic???

      Where might one find sucht a thing…??

      did i just write that out loud?

      • Yes They did do it! LOL! and I reluctantly read it…and I liked it (did I just say that!?) Its on under the title “There are Worst Things I could do”

    • OMG someone do it… also calli and i both think there needs to be a twi/dirty dancing musical

      someone make this happen!

      • OK – I can’t really write but let me just say I have the parts all thought out!

        Johnny – Edward
        Baby – Bella
        Penny – Rosalie
        Lisa – Alice
        Neil – Mike
        Then new characters need to be thought of for emmett and Jasper

  7. oh shit i may actually have to do this right now… just to see how well they line up. why did i never think of this before!?!?

    • They line up TOO well…freakingly well…Thinks about Johnny hates what he has to do, doesn’t think he is good enough, Baby is a dork, Neil is like her puppy dog, Penny and Johnny are close – BUT Penny isn’t nice to Baby – at all – and everyone thinks Johnny is the one that knocked her up – like Carlise changed Rose so Edward has a “mate” Lisa is all “let me do your hair..” Alice and her make overs…HMMM maybe carlise and Esme could be the Shumakers! But we do need a Dr for Pennys abortion gone bad…

  8. The watermelon line is like the best line out of the entire film! lol

    and speaking of other films running right along side Twilight… TUCK EVERLASTING anyone??

    • Tuck Everlasting is the story of a girl named Winnie and a family who she meets, the Tucks. The Tucks have a secret, they’re immortal.They drank water from a spring that was actually a fountain of youth. Till the end of time, they will stay that way. Winnie falls inlove with one of the Tucks, Jesse, a “17” year old boy who shares the same feelings for her. Scared of death, Winnie must choose between being immortal and being with Jesse or following the circle of life and dying someday. The Tucks try to teach her how she shouldn’t fear death, how they would give anything to die. It teaches the importance and understanding of life and death.It shows that you should not fear death, but to fear an unlived life.

  9. amazing moon. I’m gonna do this right now. Since i wasted the day and slept until 1pm, might as well just sit around, watch twilight and go to bed early.

    • You stole my plan for the day UC! My sister has mentioned that the Colbie Calliet (sp?) cd goes along well with the entire “saga”.. Magic being my favorite.

      • it starts in my toes and i crinkle my nose wherever it goes the feelings show… you make me smile dear just take your time dear wherever you go…

        whereever whereever …

        ok ill stop!

        • just so you know….I totes quote this song in my forum signature. lol

          Great minds think alike and all that. =)

    • I had a similar plan to waste the day, but I decided that for my mental health I was going to avoid watching anything twi-related and was going to empty out my DVR. I managed to come across an episode of Criminal Minds with Jackson, an episode of CSI with Rachelle, and the MTV Movie Awards. Ahh well. Still a day well spent.

  10. Come on Ladies! God wouldn’t have given you maracas if he didn’t want you to shaaaaake ‘eeeeeeeemmmmmmmm!

    ‘Dirty Twilight Side of the Dancing’.

    love. it.

  11. Moon… You seriously are a genius, I can’t even believe how amazing this is. Two of the greastest joys of my life combined…
    Now I have ” Shes like the Wind” stuck in my head and guess what… I’m not mad at ya for that…
    I have to say that “She’s like the Wind” is the best song sung by an actor that isn’t “Party all the Time”. Thank you Eddie Murphy.

    • well you just named two of my fave songs! and seriously patrick, sing to me!!!!!!

      but don johnson i don’t need a “heartbeat” NO THANKS!


  12. =O) LOL =O)

    I’m LMAO with this one.

    But the weird thing is that in its moments (OK… maybe still now) a lot of people, especially men, said that Dirty Dancing was a totally corny and sugar-coated chick flick. BUT now, twenty years and several DVD editions later (not that I have one… or two *roll eyes innocently*) the movie is still a hit and some of the songs are still played in the radio. I really hope that the Twilight movies last that long in people’s hearts.

    Oh! I wouldn’t mind see the Cullen boys dirty dancing… I would dirty dance with them!!!

    Hugs to everybody,


    PS: Please, don’t forget to follow Peter Facinelli on Twitter. We need 500,000 followers by June 19th or he will lose his Twilight chair!!

  13. I think i just have to ask the maker of this video to marry me in a fake lesbian way…..

    Just for putting my two all time favorite movies together.. i do not kid when i say i have seen dirty dancing 500 times at least….

    i have no life….. like srsly

    “I want you girls to know if it were not for this man, I’d be standing here dead.”

  14. Moon, you missed the vital point…
    Both male leads give good Ray Ban…

  15. I’ve decided to go all the way with Robbie…..
    (but let’s pretend this “robbie” didn’t get “penny” “in trouble” and also didn’t shack up with the poker widow cougar)

    Love the post, love the movies. Looks like a chick flick night is in store.

    • but what about neil kellerman?! he has TWO hotels!

      • LOL! Yeah Neil got kneed in the pachanga when him and his busy boy friends tried something just before heading off for their freedom ride.

  16. Awesome vids. Love how you made the comparison w/ Dark Side of the Moon/Wizard of Oz. Too true!

  17. now i can´t stop imagining edward and bella dancing to hungry eyes (including crotch on crotch rubbing action)
    how easy the lift up move would be…

  18. Moon… you are brilliant to put this in writing…

  19. This made me so want to watch Dirty Dancing!

  20. LOOOOOOOOOOOVE these videos!!!
    and i absolutely don’t remember how Dirty Dancing goes. other than the fact that the dad doesn’t like johnny. lol. guess i need to go find it and watch.

  21. YES! You wrote “I carried a watermelon”! LOL! Epic!

  22. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    boo that i wasn’t around to post on this yesterday. seriously… just the titles of the Dirty dancing soundtrack line right now with the whole plot line of the twilight series. haha. clearly moon and i were very bored one night (week) haha.

  23. Seriously LOL! “I carried a watermelon,” almost made me cry!

    Months and months ago I went through this phase where every song I heard had some sort of connection to Twilight. Hungry Eyes and She’s Like the Wind kinda creeped me out, they are so perfect. It sort of makes sense. Dirty Dancy is another sort of Romeo and Juliet story. Still…the young old man part…freaky.

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  25. […] we’re on the movie/Twilight kick, remember when we posted the videos to She’s Like the Wine and Hungry Eyes and wished for a Dirty Dancing (RIP […]

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