Monday Funnies AND Stuff Guys say about Twilight: other stuff mutemathguy says

Dear LTT-ers –

Another Monday is upon us and I’m in the middle of a Twilight comic/funny stuff drought, so I’ve decided to bring you a hybrid Monday Funnies and Stuff Guys say about Twilight, featuring one of our most prolific Twilight thinkers: mutemathguy. It’ll always surprise me the stuff that guys will think and say about Twilight, and I think that’s one of the reasons we love our resident Unicorns so much- they bring such a different perspective on our favorite books and movie!

So in an effort to stave off the Monday blues… here’s another round of Stuff Guys say about Twilight with our pal mutemathguy.

One day out of nowhere I receive this message…

mutemathguy: it would have been funner if their last names were “Acula”
themoonisdown: acula?
mutemathguy: then that Dad would be Dr. Acula… you know… on scrubs?
SILENCE… time lapse of a few moments
mutemathguy: DRACULA?
mutemathguy: do you want me to draw this out with crayons?
themoonisdown: OHHHHHHHHHHHHH
themoonisdown: no i havent watched scrubs 😉

Another day…

mutemathguy: kristen stewart is a retard
mutemathguy: i was watching an interview
themoonisdown: which one??
mutemathguy: i have no idea
themoonisdown: letterman was probably her low point
mutemathguy: hahaha
mutemathguy: ok i’m watching it now
mutemathguy: oh my god
mutemathguy: shes high as hell
themoonisdown: HAHAHAHA, the part about driving from london to russia!?
themoonisdown: dear god, shes so awkward to watch. it’s like watching yourself being interviewed in jr high
mutemathguy: yea
Watching another video apparently…
mutemathguy: the dude is english
themoonisdown: are you watching kristen? or rob now?
mutemathguy: rob
mutemathguy: man, those two are a whiskey cocaine bomb waiting to go off

Just say no to drugs kids! Even if today’s particularly heinous!

PS A HUUUUGE HUUUGGGEEE THANK YOU for all the birthday well wishes, pics, videos, funny comments, and to Summit for sending Rob back to LA on Saturday to be at my party. I couldn’t ask for sweeter sentiments or nicer folks to read our blog. I wish I knew you all in real life so I could give you a huge (fake lesbian) smooch and a hug… but I can’t, so just imagine me hugging the computer screen and smiling like an idiot. XO!

UC – thank you for organizing the best blog posts and birthday wishes. I wish we could have celebrated together. Just keep chanting it: “next year! next year!” You are truly the best and I couldn’t ask for a better bloggy partner in crime. No one else can bring the funny like you. XO

The Quad- thank you for helping create the raddest blog post ever ABOUT ME! Everyone should have the chance to hear their pals tell them all the things they like about you. I may or may not have printed that out and made it into a tshirt to wear on bad days. Oh and where do I send your bribe payments? SPECIAL HUGS!

Watch the Kristen Stewart Letterman interview for a laugh… or at least a few cringe-worth momets to start your week off right!

31 Responses

  1. I love mutemathguy for this: “man, those two are a whiskey cocaine bomb waiting to go off” LOL!

    • Hahaha, my fave line, too!

      I love hearing guys’ perspectives cuz, like you said, they say stuff that you totally wouldn’t expect, us being so absorbed in the series and being female.

      I had TWO great Twi convos at my party on Saturday. Random and awesome. The virus is spreading like wildfire, I tell ya.

      Poor Kristen. I still like her though. I can be awkward, as well, when having to speak publicly and such. Some people are just not great at it and it comes across badly. I still lurve her (Check out the uTube clip I posted on my blog courtesy of SpunkMe on the Forum. They say great things about her.)

      Glad you liked all our bday well wishes Moonie-Pie! We ❤ you lots!

    • the dudes got some serious one liner action

  2. I think she was very nervous and doesn’t like all the serious attention too much. May be she has lot to say but the words jumble up or it doesn’t come out right. Either way, I love her and her work. So it doesn’t matter if her interviews go right or not.

  3. We love you too Moon! xo glad to hear Rob made it to your par-tee!

  4. Happy belated birthday Moon…I was too caught up with the whole mother’s day ordeal and din’t have a chance to wish you a Happy Birthday…I’m happy it all turned out well for you!!! 🙂

  5. Glad your b-day was a good one, Moon! Especially glad that Rob could make it! 🙂

    “mutemathguy: man, those two are a whiskey cocaine bomb waiting to go off” Hahahaha! So true, but golly, at the same time, I sure hope not.

    Thanks for starting this heinous day off with a good, hearty, gut laugh.

  6. Omg… I ❤ mutemath guy and am glad he’s reppin’ philly and making us proud. he’s hilarious. and random.

    You’re welcome for your bday wishes! You should check the forum for that day too, if you didn’t…. it was special, just for you:)


    • i saw a glimpse, when i have a couple free moments today im gonna go in and read it all. The first page was tons of fun!

      NEXT YEAR!

  7. I ❤ mutemathguy! I think he’s so clever, except for the Dr. Acula line. Srsly, while it still made me smile, that was uber lame!

  8. I love Mutemath guy, too. l love that he watches Scrubs!! Mr LPB can barely stand that show, he gets second-hand embarrassed for all the characters all the time, no matter how many times I tell him they are Not Real.

    Come to think of it, he may have recently said that to me…., when I was throwing something, and totally missed, and then I said, “man, if I was a vampire I would have totally made it.” And he said “You know they aren’t real, right?”

    That’s the stuff my guy said about Twilight this week……

  9. That was awkward and I’m secondhand embarassed after watching that interview.

    • i really cant anymore… i was hoping I had the whole thing when i found this cause i couldnt make it through again.

  10. I felt awkward after that interview…yikes! I wouldn’t be able to do any better though….that would be scary but really “drive to Russia?”
    Hi I am 2nd hand embarrassed.

  11. Oh man I stopped watching Kstew’s interviews long time ago…painful….freakin painful. Yes, def 2nd hand embarrassed!

    She was nervous so she smoked a dooby was still nervous so had one more…boomerang effect kicked in a bit late…and whooooola! Letterman and driving to Russia from England hahaha

    luvin it!

  12. Letterman ALWAYS gets the awkward crazies in for interviews. And he is so witty, it makes the whole experience that much better.

    I love Moon.
    And UC.
    And the quad.
    And my mom.
    The End.

    PS…and special hugs.

  13. I saw KStew on Letterman before I’d read the books or thought about seeing the movie. And all I could think was wtf is this chick on. I’ve been second hand embarassed thinking of that interview now that the saga has taken over my life, and I’m too afraid to watch it again.

  14. oh my goodness! i love that scrubs when jd writes his screenplay for Dr. Acula!! hilarious!

    not only is kristen stewart awkward, she is boring as oatmeal!

  15. mutemathguy is my fave…because he’s not afraid to go there. Where? “She’s high as hell.” That’s where.

    And I refuse to rewatch that vid…saw it live…when it happened…and cringed. Many times.

  16. I love mutemathguy!!! lol!!


  17. It’s so funny he said that about Dr. Acula. Whenever it was written out Dr. Carlisle Cullen, dyslexia or something kicked in and saw ‘Dracula’ on the page.

  18. Awwh, Poor KStew. She wasn’t THAT bad. She just looks to me like she’s uncomfortable giving interviews. I’d be nervous around Letterman, too, since he can get pretty snarky when the mood takes him.

    On the other hand, it wasn’t that clear on my screen, and I hope I’m wrong, but was she wearing spandex pants??

  19. I would like to point out that it is actually possible to drive your car from London to Russia.

    Never heard about the Eurotunnel, have you?

    She’s still on drugs, though.

  20. love mutemathguy too (moon, is he single and at all rob-like?). fave line = “is he english?” SRSLY, mutemathguy? love that he didn’t know that our boy has the naughty brit accent.

  21. Or a ferry? 🙂

  22. he totes didnt help things with the shitty questions he asked her. he kinda mocked her.

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