Ode to Jacob & Bella

Dear Edward,

I know you struggled greatly with your decision to reenter Bella’s life. You felt it was selfish, but you wanted her so badly. You felt she would have been better off with Jacob, yet you wanted him nowhere near her.  In the end, you win, of course, because the best guy always does. But I’ve been wondering lately, and I wonder how often it crosses your mind: What if Jacob and Bella had ended up together?

I jotted down a few Pros and Cons of that situation:

Pro: Bella wouldn’t have had to be so careful with her crazy hormones and wouldn’t have had to hold back
Con: On the other hand…Jacob is technically human and wouldn’t last all night when they were finally intimate

Bella & Jacobs lil pack of rugrats

Bella & Jacob's lil' pack of rugrats

Pro: Bella could raise herself a little WolfPack of her own.
Con: It would be hard having blood relatives this hot (I don’t know how Clare Pattinson does it). Plus there’s always that fear that your child might someday go shape-shifter on you.

Pro: Jacob’s a pretty dang good friend- really laid back & funny & likes to live a little on the wild side
Con: That ‘wild side’ means he turns into a smelly, dirty wolf, and Bella’s clearly more of a cat-lover

Pro: Bella would have always been safe, warm & comfortable with Jacob

Pro: Jacob would have made Bella happy.

Pro: Being with Jacob would have meant she could have stayed human- kept her human life and family and friends, without fear of hurting them

So let’s add it up: 6 Pro’s vs. 3 Cons…..Uh oh, maybe Bella should have ended up with Jacob? Oh wait… I forgot a con:

Con: In choosing Jacob, Bella would love him. She would! But she would always… always.. ALWAYS be loving you, Edward. And wondering what might have been. And as a result, she would be slightly miserable all of the time. It would be like that old song, “If you can’t be with the one you love, honey, love the one you’re with.”

So now, recalculate- 6 Pros, 4 Cons. Hmm.. that last con was a pretty big one, wasn’t it? Let’s make that count for 4. So…. 6 Pros & 7 Cons.  The results are in! Bella chose correctly!

Bella loved Jacob at one point, you have to know that… we all do- she even admitted it. But she never loved him as much as she loved you. If she had chosen Jacob, she would have always wondered…all the time.. what would have been? When her child grew older and looked like Jacob, she would have wondered what a child with you would have looked like. And as she aged and grew more wrinkled, she’d remember how gorgeous, beautiful and YOUTHFUL you’d still be….

My wondering is over. This case is closed. Bella chose you- Bella made the right choice! So today I’ll celebrate the wonderful friendship of Bella & Jacob!


(Thanks EastFriend for saving my ass xoxo)

17 Responses

  1. Pro: She can actually show him off in the sunlight.

    Con: She can have Edward all to herself in the sunlight … and he’s prettier.

    Pro: Jacob doesn’t stalk Bella.

    Con: Unexistent. Edward does stalk her. He oils her window in Midnight Sun so she won’t wake up to him climbing in. He gets possessive more than just once (preventing her from going off alone in Midnight Sun after the blood lesson because he’s not *done yet*; in Eclipse he prevents her repeatedly from getting to Jacob). If Bella wouldn’t accept and often even like that Edward is the way he is, it would be CREEEEEPY.

    Pro: Jacob’s got a whole pack of good-looking, hunky, SHIRTLESS pack wolf guys as friends.

    Con: … who will get to see every little saucy detail of what is happening between Jacob and Bella

    Pro: Bella’s child would never have been named Renesmee.

    I’m Team Jacob btw, even though I think it’s the right thing for Bella to chose Edward. (No, that’s not a
    And I’m Team Rob, even though that’s a bit beside the topic.

    • Oh, that in the end was suppossed to say “No, that’s not a contradiction”

      like the video btw. It’s really well done, considering that all the scenes are from the first movie, in which Jacob had like, what, 5 minutes?

  2. I think SM said it best…everything about Bella was created to be a perfect fit for Edward.
    Her stubborness, Him not being able to read her mind. She being his “La Tua Cantante”.

    They were meant to be together 🙂

    and Oh yea…

    Con: On the other hand…Jacob is technically human and wouldn’t last all night when they were finally intimate.

    You are just keeping it real UC…keeping it real 😉

    • yeah … I’ve been wondering about that …. because technically, Jacob’s not human, and as long as Bella is, he would definitely outlast her. Meaning, yes, he could do it all night, but he would have to lie down next to her and actually sleep too.
      Which is another pro (or a con for edward) because edward can never sleep. He can only watch her all night. But the sleeping together thing is kinda nice too, in my opinion.

  3. I think that Rob said it best on ET the other day…

    “Edward’s richer”


  4. Nice math, ha. I do agree with the assessment. The video mad me sad though, because that Snow Patrol song fits so perfectly. I never used to feel bad for Jacob, but I def do now. Until I think about Breaking Dawn. And how he ‘s happy now. So I’ll be happy now! 🙂

  5. The biggest Pro: Living forever and the whole doing it all night thang. Lots of happy unicorns in the end!!

  6. i love me some Jacob, but you’re so right. A part Bella would have always been miserable and longing for edward. It was so clear in New Moon. it’s so funny because when thinking about the pain of that book i would have never thought RICKY MARTIN. But a little while ago an old song if his came up on my shuffle. he recorded it with some girl named La Mari de Chambao. As i listened to the lyrics my OCD kicked in and all i could think about was new moon, bella and edward. and how this song (even though its in spanish) is perfect for them! i even felt like translating it =P

    Ricky Martin(aka EDWARD):
    Your memory remains here
    like a heavy shower
    it rips strongly through me
    yet its like a slow fire
    Soothing and Burning equally
    I don’t know what to think anymore
    if your memory does me good, or does me bad.

    a gray kiss, a white kiss
    it all depends on the place
    i know its clear that i left
    but your memory does not leave me
    i feel your lips in those late summer nights
    they’re always here, taking care of me in my loneliness
    but sometimes it threatens to kill me

    Your memory remains here
    like a heavy shower
    it rips strongly through me
    yet its like a slow fire
    Soothing and Burning equally
    I dont know what to think anymore
    if your memory does me good, or does me bad.

    Mari(aka BELLA):
    Sometimes grey, sometimes white
    it all depends on the place
    You left and thats the past
    i know i have to forget you
    but still i lit a candle to all my saints
    praying that you still think about me
    please don’t stop thinking about me.

    Your memory remains here
    like a heavy shower
    it rips strongly through me
    yet its like a slow fire
    Soothing and Burning equally
    both: I dont know what to think anymore
    if your memory is does me good, or does me bad.

    mari: think about me
    ricky: its like antidote and venom to my heart
    mari: think it over well
    ricky: that soothes and burns, that comes and goes
    mari: where are you?
    ricky: trapped between these verses and goodbye

    Your memory remains here
    like a heavy shower in may
    it falls so hard that it burns my skin
    soothing and burning equally
    i don’t know what to think
    if your memory is does me good, or does me bad.

    Your memory remains here
    ripping strongly through me
    but its ripping, ripping my heart
    i know i have to forget you
    because your memory does me good, or it does me bad.

    ugh SO new moon! here’s the actual song if anyone knows spanish =P

    random i know, just thought i’d shareee lol

  7. I love Jacob. I do.

    But Bella was meant for Edward.
    End of story.



  8. I never liked Jacob. He’s great… but not Bella-great (or Lore-great?), I guess.

    Cheers to Bella.

  9. haha. texts from last night

    (210): Hahahaha do you think bella ever gave edward head?

  10. This is one of the best posts ever because it is so totally spot on. I love Jacob, too, but he just wasn’t meant for Bella. I linked back to you on my blog on this one and professed my love for LTR, particularly the wonderful Rob porn….LOL.

  11. Another great one, UC. How do you keep doing it?

    You know, I don’t think Bella would have been even a little bit miserable if she’d chosen Jacob. I think if she’d made the choice Jacob would have imprinted on her and then he would have been her perfect mate.

  12. You do know he’s not real, right?

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