Billy Burke is My Boy

Worst show that I love to love and hate all at the same time

Worst show that I love to love and hate all at the same time

Dear Billy Burke,

I was watching the season premiere of “My Boys” the other day, which is the worst show in the history of the world, yet I love it and still can’t believe hasn’t been canceled.

Last season left on a cliffhanger with Bobby (the one P.J. SHOULD be with) getting married the next morning, and P.J. in her hotel room with Bobby’s brother Jack, about to do the nasty.  Bobby comes to her room and tells P.J. he thinks he’s making a mistake marrying the girl and then sees his brother in the room. Dun dun DUN!

I was torn- I liked Bobby a LOT b/c duh, he’s played by the actor Kyle Howard and was once on Home Improvement in ’97 and he’s super hot.

P.J., please have sexual intercourse with me

P.J., please have the sexual intercourse with me

But his brother Jack is charming and handsome and sooo into P.J. You can see my predicament. Who do I root for? Who do I want P.J. to end up with in this awful yet amazing show that I can not believe has lasted longer than Arrested Development did?

So I’m watching the new episode, seeing the drama go down and feeling strangely disconnected from Jack (the bro).  I can’t put my finger on it. Why don’t I want him and P.J. together anymore? Did I make my decision subconsciously and I’m rooting for team Bobby (aka Kyle Howard from 7 episodes of “The love boat: the next wave” in 1998?) And why does Jack suddenly look so familiar to me? Did I see him at the grocery store or something?

Bella, be home by 9

Bella, please be home by 9

After a quick trip to IMDB, I figure it out. Jack is Charlie Swan and you played Charlie Swan so you play Jack. I never realized it. That mustache did a lot.

So while I used to be attracted to Jack and want him to hook-up with P.J., now I think it’s all creepy and weird b/c Charlie is Jack and you are Jack and Charlie and Charlie is the father of a 17 year old, and Jack is trying to hook up with a 27 year old and ahhh.. it’s all messed up.

Hugs and Chicago loves,

Are you so intrigued by this amazingly awful show? Wanna know if Bobby wins or Charlie-Jack wins? Okay, I’ll tell you: After three seasons and lots of flirting and talk about Chicago, Bobby & P.J. finally hook-up. Then they play lots of poker, talk about the Cubs & P.J.’s guyfriends have a ‘stache growing contest (they wanna be just like Charlie Swan). That was my 3 season recap. Now you don’t have to waste time watching the show, even though it’s the most amazing badly written show that should have been cancelled episode 2 EVER!

Have you been the The Forum? Have you checked out TwiTheatre with Calli? You don’t want to miss it this week. It’s hilarious. TwiTheatre

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  1. yay! i love him. he is so hot without his facial hair. i was watching along came a spider the other day and was like damn.

  2. I love these posts! The ones that come up with some funny connection to the Twilight world we love so well. The other day I happened across “Sky High” and who is in that but underwhelming Oregano AND that guy who looks like Jacob Black but isn’t and plays him in some Breaking Dawn video on YouTube. Small (Hollywood) world we live in.

  3. @UC – I actually love this show and think it’s pretty funny. Sure the baseball analogies are enough to choke a horse, but the guys remind me of my guy friends from college and I ❤ them! Funny, that I watch the show pretty regularly and have seen twilight at least 7 or 8 times now and so did not put 2 and 2 together. Now I am extremely disturbed by the show and PJ hooking up with Charlie Swan!! Perhaps it’s because both the show and the movie put you in Bella’s or PJs shoes and once you cross the two, you realize that you hooked up with your dad! Ugg, sicknast to the Nth degree!!! Ugg, need to go watch some 7th heaven to purify my mind. (That’s one show I truly hate).

  4. UC, we are kindred TV-watching spirits. because I just recently saw ‘My Boys’ for the first time, and I thought it was pretty bad, and yet somehow I could not tear my eyes away, or turn the channel. The next week, I was flipping around, and the same thing happened! I’ve now seen 2 whole episodes! I think Charlie Swan must not have been in the ones I saw…. you would think I would recognize his voice, at least, having watched Twilight, um, a few times…….

    ALSO, I, too hold Arrested Development up as the benchmark against which shows should be cancelled. For any show to last longer than 3 seasons, and suck more than AD (which is brilliant, I own all the DVDs and watch them repeatedly) is criminal. CRIMINAL.

    • Just wanted to chime in to say Arrested Development is/was brilliant television and I, too, still watch it often. It really is a crime for anything crappy to last longer than AD. Sigh.


  5. UC! WTF?!

    I actually like this show. I hope that doesn’t make you think less of me. Sure, it’s not the greatest show in the world, and the length of its season is super damn short, but it’s a nice dose of humor before I go to bed. It’s SILLINESS. I likes silliness. Sometimes I don’t want clever or serious or whathaveyou. I just want silly.

    And Billy was on the show before Twilight came out. So when the new season started, I did the same thing! Why does he look so familiar now? Off to IMDb!! Oh crap!! That mustache DID do a lot. Yeah, and then it felt creepy that he was trying to hook up with PJ when, DUDE! It’s Bella’s father! Weirdness.

  6. Ok 1st I’ve never seen the show…2nd Billy Burke is actually quite the older hottie(minus the porn mustache)…3rd am I the only one that thinks he looks like a total badass and wouldn’t think twice to choke a hoe?!?!?! LOL 🙂

  7. I love My Boys. I didn’t watch any of Season 2 last year because something better was on in the same time slot. But I also love Billy Burke and had no trouble watching him and PJ get together. I kind of disassociated the whole 10-year age difference between Charlie’s daughter and PJ thing. My sister, who has never seen Billy without his ‘stache, suddenly found him hot.

    I had discovered he was in My Boys earlier last year, and was suddenly scrambling to find out who Jack was, and I watched the season 3 premiere and went all sorts of crazy, since Billy is awesome.

  8. I feel like I dont spend so much here in LTT than LTR. But I should ’cause its the real reason we got our Rob on the spotlight. I have never seen the show. UC,I kinda agree with you because he played C.Swan and played Jack who hooks up with 27 year old. I dont know how would I react to that situation.

  9. Did y’all also know that Billy/Charlie/Jack played the jerk-wad father of the girl Kim was baby-sitting on Season 2 of 24? I’m too lazy to IMDB his character name. He was so mean and abusive. I think he was in an early episode of Fringe too, hooking up with Olivia. He’s all over the place!

  10. So, I just thought I’d share my weird Charlie Swan connection. I had that strange sense of familiarity to Charlie when I first saw the movie…and I then discovered he played a guy Lorelei on Gilmore Girls dated for a few episodes. And he looks completely different without the stash.

    I guess this won’t mean much if no one watches Gilmore Girls, but if you do, he’s the guy who Lorelei met with Sookie at a lecture on how to run an Inn and he then took Lorelei to a coffee tasting in the next episode.

    Oh Billy Burke, you are so versatile.

  11. Yay! I thought I was the only one who watched “My Boys”!

    When I first saw Billy on the show, I thought dayam! He’s mos def on my old-man-crush list!

  12. Aww, I like My Boys. And I had the opposite thing happen… I saw My Boys and was like, Hey! That’s Alex from Gilmore Girls! And then during Twilight it was Hey! That’s Alex from GG and Jack from My Boys!!

    • Glad I’m not the only one who noticed he was Alex! He looks so different (in my opinion) without the ‘stache in GG though.

  13. OMG! i love this show too!!! ok so apparently we know why it’s still on… it’s ever LTT girls favorite guilty pleasure. this is like a glimpse into my life watching this show. good lord.

    and i totally missed that that was billy burke!! and i missed the first episode! on demand here i come!!

  14. I’m finally glad that someone else hates to love this amazingly bad show. i’ve been one of those people keeping it’s ratings above negative. i loved the mustache contest, and now refer to my friends with the ol’ porn staches as amber alert. thanks my boys! and mmmmm, billy, i like you better without that stache.

  15. HA HA…I used to watch MY BOYS when it first came out..LOL (hides head in shame) it is Amazingly Awful!!
    Love the post UC, and your right! Of course Charlie/Jack can’t mac on PJ….he’s a dad, and we all know Dad’s are ASEXUAL>>>DUH!!

  16. oooh i have a special treat for everyone! not sure if you saw this yet, but here is the jacob black movie poster 😀 !!

    *sorry this has nothing to do with the post haha.
    **and we need some rob posters :/

  17. Oh my gosh…I just read twitheater.


  18. I’m so confused, UC.


  19. Dammit UC– I love My Boys! I think it’s really cute. No matter, the Jack/Bobby storyline was a little weird– so was the whole wedding thing at the end of Season 2. Oh wells, did anyone happen to catch our man BillyB on Fringe this season?? He played a hott US diplomat or agent or something in Germany. He wanted to give Olivia a special hug, but she’s still hung-up on her possibly dead partner she was banging.

  20. I never watched the show. I should have though. In the beginning it sounded like it was about me, pretty much. I think I was afraid of what I would find in there.

    Yeah, Billy Burke is pretty much everywhere. I remember when I found out he was cast I thought, “Oh yeah, that guy. I’ve seen him in lots of stuff. Who is he again?” IMDB is a little miracle.

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