Stuff guys say about Twilight – Mutemath & Buttcrack Santa

Bringing good music to the twi-masses

Bringing good music to the twi-masses

Dear MuteMath –

Your music is converting men to Twilight… well maybe not converting them but at least making them ask questions and spread the LTT/LTR love! Your song “Spotlight” is part of one of my favorite scenes in the movie. You know the part where Edward and Bella arrive at school and Angela says “Oh My God!” and boom! CUE MUSIC!? Yup, that’s it. Seriously, one of my favorite moments that I’m going to be writing about in the future… Breakin’ All the Rules! Below you’ll find a convo I had with a guy friend who will be called “mutemathlover*” in this post who found out I co-wrote this blog by accident but then sent it along to his boss/admin (what a good guy!) who is into Twilight and apparently very cool… well you’ll see… 😉

We love your music!

twilightsoundtrackmutemathlover: the spotlight remix is terrible but Clockwork and earlylight are good
mutemathlover: its so weird they ended up on the twilight soundtrack
themoonisdown: mutemath is like one of the authors FAVORITE bands, so not terribly surprised they were on there. and they got a big push from the movie
mutemathlover: well, they are my fav. so….i guess I should see the movie
mutemathlover: have you seen them live?
themoonisdown: yes! and you should see the movie but you need to see it with someone who KNOWS the books
mutemathlover: everyone who has read the books has seen it already. LADYBOSSFRIEND* is reading the incomplete book right now i forget what its called?
themoonisdown: midnight sun!!
ah, yea
shes my admin
themoonisdown: cause midnight sun is like in my top 2 of the saga even thought it’s not complete.  so good, send her to our sites!
mutemathlover: i did, she loves it. she shit out her lunch laughing over buttcrack santa. I had no idea what she was talking about. she called me laughing. i was like “buttcrack santa????? LADYBOSSFRIEND, what the hell are you taking about?”
themoonisdown:  obviously this woman is a genius

*names have been changed to protect the innocent/slightly embarrassed

Listen to Mute Math after the cut

35 Responses

  1. @ moonisdown…

    Love the fact that S. Meyers has great taste in music and that mutemath was on the soundtrack lets hope they don’t lose the plot with New Moon soundtrack..and btw

    You seem to have one of the coolest lives ever. Ok ..cause you meet really cool people and you live in la la land and you are obviously uber smart and insightful cause you ❤ Rob hmmm starting to feel great insignifcant…oh wait NAH my life ROCKS too! lol

    • ahhaha you are way too kind. i need to print this off for when i have bad days and remember a lovely brit not named rob thinks im kinda cool.

      • yes well I am sure JAG loves you so technically a brit does…However, I am a Yankee Girl..I am just married to an Englishman lol..but you are still loved!

    • Twilight is great and in Poland this book is very popular. I like it too, and i like MuteMath.
      ps. Sorry for my English but I’m not good for this.

      A teraz coś po Polskiemu, jeśli jakiś rodak czyta to się cieszę, jeśli nie to tego nie przeczyta.

  2. Ditto brummielover. The Twilight soundtrack is perfection– reminds me a lot of how much I loved the Garden State soundtrack.

    I saw MuteMath a few years ago, and they are crazy impressive muscians– if you have a chance to see them live, go. Just go.

  3. moon DOES have the coolest life ever, i agree 🙂

  4. The Twilight soundtrack really has turned me onto some groups I really knew nothing about, MuteMatch, Muse, Paramore…

    But not Perry Farrell! The biggest flaw with the soundtrack!

  5. MuteMatch…seriously Amber!?! Stupid fingers….

  6. @Moon

    I absolutely agree, hottest scene

    Especially when he says that line

    ps. so when are you guys going to petition to help compile the New Moon soundtrack? Your suggestions in the comment section on the JoBro commentary are awesome.

    • we have a friend ‘praying and fasting’ for a better new moon- including soundtrack… so maybe when she posts her blog about all her ideas and hopes, we’ll hope on board and start our petition! seriously.. moon is the best mix maker EVA. i have a worn out mix from ’05 in my car to prove it…

  7. Hehe how does one shit out their lunch? The expressions guys come up with never cease to amaze me. I liked a lot of the music on the soundtrack too. And many of the songs Stephanie lists on her site. OMG- the insurance adjuster just got here and when she walked through the living room, she saw my Pocket Edward, and went “I love Twilight!!!”. My roommate was like shoot me now. ha!

    • hahaha “shoot me now!” love it! your roommate must be friends with my husband! last night he was trying to sleep, I jumped on top of him and this is the convo that followed….
      DH: ugh! Im trying to sleep, please get off me
      Me: I neeeeed pocket Edward! pleasepleasepleasepleeeeeease!!??
      Me: OKAY! Im gonna get a Pocket Edward! right now! here I come!
      (then I proceeded to list all the fun things P.E. and I will get to do together…)
      DH: zzzzZZZZZ …NO… zzzzZZZzzz …I will take him down to front street and give him to a drunk bum! *snore*

      sad =(

  8. I love y’all. You know I do. And I love that scene.

    But Mutemath? Wrong. Wrong song for that scene. Too peppy, too vocalized. But hey, that’s just my opinion, of course.

    The minute Edward sported those Ray-Bans and mentioned “Hell.”, all I could hear was New Young Pony Club’s “Ice Cream.” As MY personal soundtrack for that scene (not for the movie):
    “Let me give you what you’d like
    I can make your mouth run dry
    Drink me like a liquor,
    come on and dip your dipper,
    show me what you’re here for, guy…”

    For real.

    • i loved mutemath there so i disagree with you, however, i love your suggestion cuz i love you. the end

      • Leigh Anne,

        Just checked out the song on and guess what?

        The huge ad on the side of the screen was a twilight quiz.

        It’s a sign from the Twilight gods. I’ve been more in tune with Cullenism lately.
        It’s definitely a sign, just of what I’m not sure.

        I digg the song.

    • Leigh Anne,

      Just checked out that song on and guess what?
      The huge ad right alongside of the screen was a Twilight quiz.

      I think it’s a sign from the Twilight Gods. I’ve been more in tune with Cullenism lately.
      Definitely a sign, just of what I’m not sure 🙂 ha

      • @malia–I think Heaven itself virtually lowered a mirrored disco ball over Edward’s head during that scene…
        I saw it. I did. And I heard “Ice Cream.” I did. In my mind’s eye/ear.

        It is Cullenism. Indeed!

    • point, counterpoint!

      disagree. i feel it was the right song because it NEEDED that tempo change. i distinctly remember feeling like WOW this is dragging. but when the song drops in it’s an immediate change in pacing for the movie, helped propel it. it also helps convey a mood shift in edward too. this is one of the first times we see him smile. it had to be an up tempo song like this and the strong boom at the beginning helped echo the car door, etc.

      of course it could have been a diff song but im saying the tempo was right on and it works.

      • damn the wordpress ghost…

        Did you guys see the new onset pics?

        Why is taylor ALWAYS flanking Kstew and Nikki now?

        and, man, they all smoke like chimneys

        • my thoughts EXACTLY! i used to smoke so I kind of get it, but still it makes me sad to see these beautiful people sucking on those “death sticks”!

          Taylor needs to back away from the SUCCUBI! those chicks are TROUBLE!

          again…Kellen? Those kids need the BIBLE!

          speaking of Kellen…his outfit with the vest…..HOT!
          and Jackson ALWAYS looks GOOOOOD! Hale yes!

          • preach on it kdgrimmer! hahaha bring the TRUTH to them kellan!

            and malia i think he’s tagging after them for ‘bonding purposes’ or at least thats what im making up in my mind cause i cant figure out why else he’d wanna hang with them

          • How old is he? I don’t think it’s any mystery why he would want to hang with them. They’re older, hot, and the potential for deposits in the old spank bank is unlimited.

  9. the Twilight soundtrack is pure genious (give or take a song lol). Its really turned me on to some bands that i hadn’t really ever gotten into. I also LOVE the scene when Mutemath plays! Its awesome!

  10. I so agree with you! Midnight Sun is my second favorite in the series and its not even completed! Wonder if it will ever be…

  11. My home boys rock–MuteMath that is! They are from New Orleans, LA, just down the road from me in South MS.

    I agree they rock live, if you get a chance to see them–don’t pass it up!

  12. I was pleasantly surprised with the choices on the Twi soundtrack. I had heard some of the bands previously but never bothered to delve in deeper until I heard the soundtrack. I too LOVE Stephanie M.’s song lists on her website. I have most of those already. I love hearing other peoples suggestions for the soundtrack though b/c it gives me new ideas for downloads. Of course I will jump on board with the petition if Madonna or Vanessa Hudgens comes anywhere near the soundtrack…ugh!

  13. […] looked. I couldn’t resist Edward’s shit-eating grin or those ray bans, or how perfectly the song worked at that moment, or how I felt like I totally wanted to be Bella. Then he delivers the line “…breaking […]

  14. […] all remember Mutemathlover right? Well he’s back again. When he told me last week he was going to watch Twilight the […]

  15. Ha… I love mute math, but will never watch a Twilight movie. I do like your Screen Name, reminds me of when Further Seems Forever was great (Chris Carraba is genius).

  16. so i’m over a year late to this post, and the site isn’t even hosted here anymore…but i’ve been going through all the archives because I heart LTT/LTR.

    just had to say that mutemath is officially my favorite band and i have twilight to thank for introducing their wonderfulness into my life. it may be slightly embarassing but they are SO awesome and it doesn’t matter how i found them just that i found them right? RIGHT??


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