Breakin’ all the rules – My First Time

Every ticket comes with a free pair of earplugs

Every ticket comes with a free pair of earplugs

Dear LTT folks-

When I first saw Twilight in the movie theaters, it was the Saturday (22nd) after it came out. I was trying to wait till I went home for Thanksgiving so I could beg my mom and cousin (lilcrazycow) to go with me. But I woke up that morning and couldn’t take it anymore, all I could think about was Twilight all day, every day. So I gave in and went by myself. This was before I knew about a million Twilight fans and my only other Twilight contact in LA was my coworker who first lent me the book. I showed up at the earliest screening expecting to sit in an empty theater by myself and have my personal Twilight moment.

Nope, WRONG! I was packed in with all the Twi-hards and the Twi-moms and everyone they dragged along. I knew the second the lights dimmed and people started screaming at every little thing: the title logo, the first time Bella was on screen, the first time the Cullens walk in, heck when ANY character walked in they screamed, I knew this thing called Twilight was something big.

I’m not gonna lie, the beginning was rocky for me… the dialogue seemed a bit flat, Kristen was boring to me, it felt rushed and it was getting awkward but then THIS happened…

and I knew that I would forever love this movie saga… however cheesy, and cheap it looked. I couldn’t resist Edward’s shit-eating grin or those ray bans, or how perfectly the song worked at that moment, or how I felt like I totally wanted to be Bella. Then he delivers the line “…breaking all the rules now anyway… since I’m going to hell…” and I was sold. I had broken all the rules of being a hip 20 something, I liked Twilight, I was about to start a blog about it and I didn’t care I was “going to hell” so might as well enjoy it.

And here we are now 4 months after the movie was released, a week after the DVD and now 8 months out from the next movie and I can’t help but think, what will that first time be like? What scene will be the one to grab me like this one did?

Only time will tell.


PS what was your first time (twilight screening*) like? What was the scene that hooked you for life?

*yea like how i had to qualify that?! i KNOW you people too well!!

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  1. I saw it on 11/21 at an afternoon viewing (before school let out so I didn’t have the screaming teens) and it was pretty quiet. I was sold as soon as Edward walked into the cafeteria. The scene you referred to is definitely one of my favorites of the movie. Her smug look as if to say “I snagged THIS” coupled with his careless abandon. It was well played.

    I am looking forward to so much with respect to New Moon — Alice mostly. I love her character. I also REALLY want them to get “The Vote” right on screen.

  2. I didn’t see the movie until the second weekend in December. I didn’t even start reading the books until AFTER the movie came out. I picked up Twilight at the airport on my way home from NYC on 11/22. I read about half of it on the flight. My 13 year old cousin had been reading them too and wanted to see the movie, so I took her on a Sunday afternoon.
    The scene that hooked me was the restaurant scene. At that time I didn’t know that Rob had songs in the movie and I clearly remember making a mental note to myself that I needed to Google the lyrics from whatever song was playing at that point. I’ll admit it, I let a couple tears come out during that scene. The song mixed with the lighting and Rob’s gorgeous face and dialogue just took me over…

    • I couldn’t agree with you more about the resturant scene!!!!

    • JBell, I always wonder if seeing the movie first and not having specific expectations made it a better movie. Then when you read the books you could see how much more was involved in the story and added to your view of it all. Because when the books came first and so many details were left out there was a sense of frustration about it. You wanted everyone to understand the reasons behind every little thing. Also, did you naturally picture Rob as Edward at all times?

      • from what some of my friends and family who saw it before they read the books say, it’s definitely better! there are no expectations and it’s a fun movie.

        • This is true. My husband saw it with me and actually really liked it (I was shocked)! I have broken this movie down and compared it to the book and what was missing and blah blah blah but he seemed to really get all the plot points and subtext and it was b/c he wasn’t all bogged down with the book version and the expectations of someone like me who had so much invested in what they would do with the characters of the book that I had come to love.

          My sister JUST saw the movie on itunes this weekend, never read the book, and came away with the same feelings… she thought it was a good movie too.

    • I have the same questions as EyeC.

      I have been watching the movie since it was just released on DVD, but I have yet to read the books. How did that work for you?

      I know that, for me, with books read before movies, I can be happy with how they turn out but pretty much always prefer the books more and am disappointed in some of the adaptations. I have this movie-then-book reversal with Twilight, but I’ll have read all the books by the time New Moon comes out, so it will be my standard book-then-movie.

      For example, Harry Potter. I read all the books before each of the movies came out. Once you hit Book 4, it’s so hard to compress into movie format. I did appreciate what they did, however. I really do enjoy seeing the characters I love come to life and that’s why I appreciate those that get these films made. It just adds a whole nother level to the love that we have for them. A 3-D version, if you will.

    • I see where I got into a little gray area there – I did read the books before I saw the movie. Actually, I was only half way through Eclipse when I saw the movie, but it never changed my views because I was so set on what they looked like in my mind. My infatuation with Rob and the Twilight didn’t start until January-ish… though I have followed Rob’s career since HP.

  3. I am someone who hates going to the theaters. I will wait for the DVD release. It was Friday Nov 21st at 3pm. I couldn’t handle it anymore. I called my hubby and said ‘You’re taking me on a date tonight! I have to see Twilight’ My hubby trying to earn brownie points had read Twilight and was excited for two things, one to see the movie and two because I was actually getting out of the house and going to a freakin’ movie!!!

    We arrived at the theaters at 7 to get tickets for the 9pm show, stupid me… always the planner didn’t plan this spur of the moment adventure and all the shows except the last show of night was sold out. So we got tickets for that show and went and got dinner

    We arrived about an hour before the movie and go in line…. I could not believe my eyes to see the amount of people in line already and the length of the line. It was pure and utter chaos and all for Twilight!!!! I was loving it!

    The movie started, I smiled and went to my happy Twilight place. The moment for me where I was lost forever into the world of Twilight (the movie) was the resturant scene. Everything about that scene was just right.

    It didn’t matter to me that we got home from the movies around 1:30am… and my kids always the early birds would be up before 5 am. The things you do for your Twilight obsession!

    I will be more prepared for New Moon… I will plan ahead with pre bought tickets for the movies, I will gather my girlfriends together to keep me in company in line at the theaters while we wait for the first viewing of New Moon! I will go back to my happy place the moment New Moon starts… I will have wide eyes when Jasper tries to attack Bella at the birthday party. I will cry when Edward leaves Bella, feeling like he is breaking up with me. I will like what I see when Jacob Black walks around with no shirt on. I’ll jump for joy to see the Wolf Pack in action! I’ll cry again when Alice returns and I will be excited at the end of New Moon only because I know the Eclipse is next and the fun starts all over again!!!

  4. I love reminiscing about the day I lost my Twilight movie virginity! Twas a spectacular day! It was 11/18, 3 full days before the movie would be released. Some friends of mine were able to snag a few early screening tickets and I beat them down until they said I could go with them. The theater was filled with tweens, twimoms and critics. It was a nice mix!

    There are 2 moments that make my heart go all aflutter. 1. Where we see Edward for the first time making his entrance in the cafeteria. SWOON! and 2. The scene in the car after Edward saves Bella from the douchebags in Port Angeles. The tone of his voice, the emotional state of Edward and his dreamy looks made my ovaries go into overdrive. **le sigh**

    I’m still wearing the Twilight bracelet they handed out at the theater!

  5. Red and I went to the theater at lunch time on Friday 11/21 (don’t tell our bosses) to the “megascreen.” The theater was 1/2 full with all adult women and 2 random dads w/ little girls.

    The lights went out. It was silent. The woman behind me says loudly and gruffly, “LET’S DO THIS THING.”

    I couldn’t agree more.

  6. I was late coming into this whole thing – I didn’t start reading Twilight until right around Thanksgiving. By the time I went to see the movie, on New Year’s Eve, I was halfway through Breaking Dawn. The DH and I went to see the movie, as a last minute thing, because the kids were at a sitters for an overnight. The movie put me in a trance, almost like a stupor, and I don’t think I’ve yet recovered.

    The scene that got me was the unexpected funny moment during the scene Moon mentions, when Bella says ‘everyon’e staring’ and Edward says “not that guy … oh, he just looked” and then puts his arm around her. My heart melted! I fell more in love with Edward at that moment and henceforth started the love of Rob, and henceforth I discovered LTR and LTT and all of the other sites.

    When NM comes out I think I will implode.

  7. Sigh…
    Just not going there. Still fasting and praying for a better New Moon.

    p.s. Well, OK…I was digging the scene when he backed her up against that mountatin. I said, outloud, “That’s Hot!” And half the movie theater applauded.

  8. I saw it at the midnight screening…and like you I thought we wouldn’t have much company…but I was waaaayyyy wrong…we got to the theatre around 9 to purchase the tickets and there was already a ginormous line LOL…my guy was like ‘what the hell is all this??’ So we decided to wait in line instead of going home just cuz we were so curious(at that point I still hadn’t read the books yet I didnt even have a clue what this movie was about. It was total chaos especially because you had people with Team Edward and Team Jacob shirts on talking smack to each other…When the lights dimmed it was like we were at a freakin concert or something LOL and the scene that REALLY hooked me was…when Rob walks in the lunchroom….BAM…there was no hope for me after that…LOL I knew it was my destiny to read the books!! The next day I went out and bought the paperback of Twilight read that in like 2 days(no sleep/no eating) and then after that I went to barnes and Noble and bought the 4 books box set….LOL and well you guys know the rest…here I am and I cant wait to see what scene they start with…hopefully the dream scene!! 🙂

  9. Preparing for New Moon… To avoid the massive line ups , is the trick to go the afternoon the movie is released so that you beat out all the kids who are still in school and the people who are still at work??

  10. Well let me back-track a little by saying that I didn’t see the movie or read the books till this year. My mom had gotten hooked a little before the movie came out and had been buggin me to read them. So she works part time at a movie theatre and when the movie finally did come out she saw it like EVERY DAY [for free] and I’m really not exaggerating that. She’s seen it a BILLION times before the DVD [ok, a little exaggeration there].

    So around Christmas time, when my hubby and I come down to visit, she decides to sneak off EVERY night we’re there to see Twilight. My mom and I are super good friends, so I decide to go with her the first night we’re there [hubby doesn’t go, he’s too much of a cool kid to see the squishy-vamps].

    Now at that point my mom is reading Breaking Dawn and honestly can’t be separated from the book [not even in church where she sits up on the stand and directs the music]. So all throughout the movie she’s tellin me what’s going to happen to everyone! She tells me about Jacob, Bella’s “demise”, Victoria, EVERYTHING! Even what happens to Bella’s leg later in the movie! lol

    The moment I’m hooked is when Edward walks into the cafeteria and he smiles when Jessica says “I guess nobody here is good enough for him. Like I care.” God, that smile!!! Then when I get obsessed is when he comes back [from Denali] after seeing Bella for the first time and he says “Hello, I’m Edward Cullen…” Ah, just the way he says hello and that look… I think I imprinted on him right there! >.<

    Needless to say, I read the books IMMEDIATELY afterwords and have been obsessed ever since. ;3

  11. I had really never heard of Twilight until my sister-in-laws asked me to the 11/21 midnight screening; I figured why not, I’d probably be up ’til 2:30 anyway and I might score some brownie points with the girls. I was halfway sold on Twilight when Edward walked in to the cafeteria with the strong forearms and smirk. I was completely sold when Bella and Edward had their “date” at the restaurant. (@JBell: I also made the mental note to google the song.)

    With my thoughts of vanpires and hottie Rob swirling through my head for a week, I had convinced myself to read the book after some Black Friday shopping and I didn’t stop until I read the final book a week later. Now, just over 4 months later, I saw the movie 4 times in the theater and now own my very own DVD, am on my second jaunt through the series, convinced my husband to read them, had my husband take me to Forks for my birthday (in my defense and as an excuse, my dad and his family live in the area), and now I send one of my sister-in-laws a DDR (daily dose of Rob) email.

    I thank both sister-in-law for introducing me to Twilight and even more my husband for understanding (kind of).

    P.S. I bite my lip evey time I watch Edward walk into the cafeteria…

    • P.P.S. Thinking about it all morning, I have come to the conclusion that the Ray-Ban scene was in fact another readon why I fell hard for Rob.

    • Have you read Midnight Sun?

      • Yes I have and I loved it…Edward’s POV was the thing I wonder most about while reading the books. Now I try and read any canon fanfics from Edward’s POV that I can; there are some pretty good ones out there?

  12. Okay, I’m in my late 20’s. I was still living in Phoenix when the premiere of the movie happened. I had no idea about Twilight then. I saw a news clip of the Vanity Fair shoot on E and I thought wow those are a group of hot looking actors…Then I saw snippet of a trailer and I told my husband I wanted to go see that movie cause it had vampires in it and I’ve always liked the vampire genre. He blew me off. I went back to the midwest for the holidays and instead of taking me to Twilight we went to see Valkyre…couldn’t get my husband to go again. So then I finally ordered the books on Amazon. I picked up twilight and read it for 5 hours straight This was hard to do with a 6 month old baby. I read all 4 books within a 2 week time period. Then comes march, none of the theaters in my area were playing Twilight anymore. I googled and found a place in Madison, Wi a discount theater across from a hotel I was going to stay at for a biz trip. Perfect! I could go by myself incognito and not get caught by anyone. My 2.5 hour car drive flew by in my anticipation for the movie, I was imagining myself having real life conversations with Robert the whole way there. What the hell was wrong with me? Anyway I got to the theater and popped down my 3 bucks for the movie. I know cheap! It was an old school theater with no stadium seating. I took a seat 3/4’s back. Then a bunch of older women and girls starting to roll in and then there were a few odd ball men with their gfs. The theater was almost half full. long has this thing been out yet? The movie starts and I see clips of Phx…my old hometown…ahhh reminisce… Blah blah it starts along…then the cafeteria scene happens HE walks in with that smug on his face then when he walks by he gives a half smile to the comment Amanda makes….swoon….I think my heart started to race.

    Favorite scene is actually the hallway scene between Robert and Bella when Bella confronts him and he tries to deny it and gets frustrated with her. His look his cockiness, there was something about it that I found irresistable.

    I walked out of the movie disappointed though. I did not like the movie for many reasons people have blogged about. Acting was mediocre, even with Robert. The movie felt cheap and like a tV movie. I was also distracted by the stupid girls and women whispering throughout the movie…I had a feeling some of these psycho’s have seen it a million times. I think I will give the movie a try and watch it in the comforts of my home.

    I am so looking forward for New Moon though. I think with a new director and more of a budget this movie can be much better.

  13. went with my sister-in-law and had a great time (we both whispered and giggled together) . the best part for me was the biology scene, both. the worst part was the bedroom kissing scene where edward says stop, don’t move. i know its really essential in the book but, my sister-in-law could not stop laughing, “could you imagine my husband saying something like that to me?” and that sorta ruined the moment. bad sister-in-law, bad, bad, bad.

  14. My mom got me and my siblings tickets to the midnight showing way in advance, and I hadn’t even read the books yet, even though my mom and my sister had been begging me for months to read them. I was kinda “meh” about going to the movie, but out of curiosity I decided to read the first book to see how the movie was different. I had it read in 3 hours, and Twilight was the first book I ever read that I wanted to start over and read again once I was one. I WAS HOOKED.

    The next day, the day of the midnight showing, Twilight was all I could talk about. I had to squash the urge to grab total strangers and ask, “Have you read Twilight?!” just so I could talk about it with anyone! I was now dying for the movie and I didn’t understand how people had waited for this movie so long when it was killing me to wait a day.

    The midnight showing was crazy. So many people at our huge theater they had to open up other screens. Everyone screamed and cheered at their favorite parts, and I screamed right along with them. It was the most fun I’ve had at the movies, EVER!

    Jeremy (the bf) knew I had to have a blog when I couldn’t shut up about Twilight for months after. I read the rest of the series that week, and was full of things to talk about. I tried to work it in every conversation, talked endlessly about Bella, Edward, Jacob and anything else that came to mind.

    I’m just glad that I am not alone. Sometimes I have these moments like, “I’m 20 years old, a grown woman and I write a blog about my obsession with a book series.” But I am not ashamed, it makes me happy!

    Love you guys!

    • Jonette, I know what you mean about this being the only book you wanted to start reading again as soon as you finished it. Same here. I have NEVER done that before. It was that way with the whole series and now I lost track of how many times I’ve read and listened to them. It can be frustrating when people don’t want to hear about the obsession, huh? I have no shame.

      • I feel the same way…I’m in my 4th read through. The deal is I never set out to read the whole series again…I just think I want to read Twilight again ,cause it’s my fave…but then once you read Twi how can you not read NM , and then when you read NM how can you not read Eclipse…………..u get the point!

  15. ok ill admit i was totally against twilight for so long. i had seen all those bumper stickers and flair on facebook and i was like “omg what is wrong with these crazy highschool girls. vampires, ugh give me a break” then i graduated college and had all this time on my hands to read. i started reading classics i had been putting off for years, mainly austen stuff, and then at a gathering of my bffs someone admitting they were planning on reading twilight and it snow balled. we all read them in one week together.

    i saw the movie for the first time with once of these friends. it was in january so the theater wasnt totally packed. the first time i thought it was sooooo horrible. honestly i did. we both laughed through it the whole entire time at the acting and the weird stuff they threw in (ie. buttcrack santa). despite my constant laughter at twilights expense, when i walked out of the theater the first thing i said is “lets go see it again!” i didnt that day but i did see it 3 more times in theaters and downloaded it as soon as i could find a decent copy, and my bffs and i had a twilight dvd party and we talk about it nonstop.

    i dont know what scene it was for me, because overall i still think it could have been better, i think overall it is the fact that its the embodyment of these characters that i was so engrossed in. even if what im watching doesnt live up to what i imagined, the delicious eyecandy makes for some great jumping off points for my imagination.

  16. I first seen the movie in late December, I had just started reading the books in early December after the movie was out. Read all 4 in one week, then had to see the movie. I went the first time in a near empty theater, which was great! I did not love the movie at first, I was still on my book high. So a week later I went again, and it is then i realized i loved me some Rob. I like the caf part when he walked in a had that little smirk, but then I loved when when he saved her form the drunk frat boys “get in the car” and took her to dinner…swoon! *dies*

  17. That is my favorite moment in the movie.. but I have too say!

    My version of Twilight is better.. well if I was Bella, this would be my perception.. *Bella the NoDoze* addict. Seriously, if Edward were in bed with me every single night, I would be abusing NoDoze, Caffeine and all illcit narcotics, just so I can keep staring at him. How the hell did she sleep? Then Edward would look at her one day, and go..

    “Umm, Bella. You’re looking a bit rough around the edges.”

    A girl can dream.. a girl can dream

  18. @kt …My first thought was also “that was horrible!”

    I put off watching the movie for a very long time (I am actually impressed, with how long I held out) …I was sure I was going to be disappointed with it. Esp seeing part of the meadow scene in the trailers, I knew my fav. parts of the book were going to be pretty badly cut up. I finally gave into my need for something/anything twilight related on the 23rd of January …see I told you I held out!!!

    I went with a GF who had at that point seen the movie 3 or 4 times. She fore warned me about a few things she knew would really bother me …I guess to soften the blow, maybe? I roared with laughter and shook my head the entire way thru it. I was most disappointed with KStews portrayal of Bella …she’s not at all how I pictured her in my head …too cocky, confident and not nearly vulnerable enough. I went home in tears telling my husband it was the worst movie I had ever seen!!

    after sleeping on it, I decided that maybe I had just thought too much about it …I expected way too much from a movie that was based on a book (the movie will never be the same as the book) and it was pretty low budget. So I decided to give it another shot and went the very next night with my much yonger cousin …it was better this time around. While I still don’t think it compares to the book, I love the movie for it’s own unique qualities and it’s quickly become one of my favs.

    My absolute fav. part of the movie is the baseball scene. Maybe because this is exactly how I would have imagined a baseball game with the Cullens, or because it just looked like so much fun …I love it!! I have to disagree with some of the other posters though about the restaurant scene. I totally thought it missed the mark. Sorry ladies :$

    I can’t wait for New Moon to see all my fav. characters again and to feed my need for all things twilight 😉

    • Yeah I didn’t see the movie till March and I felt exactly the same..I thought it was horrible. hahaha kinda like losing your virginity..sorry I had to make the comparison…haha

      Maybe my second time will be better. I actually thought Kstew’s portrayal wasn’t bad. In Twilight the book I didn’t see Bella as vulnerable. She was just older for her years and didn’t feel like she fit in. She had a magnetic draw for Edward and he did the same for her. I think she actually is pretty stong just minus her clumsiness. She always seemed sure in what she wanted and that was Edward and nothing was going to stop her to be with him.

      That’s my take on it.

  19. When I went to see the movie I had not read the books. Both of my daughters had and I WAS NOT going to read about some teenage vampires.

    Then it happened the movie started and there was “the kiss” and it was all over from there.

    I am now on my way throught the series for the second time and am now totally addicted to Twilight. Its to the point that my 14 year old has said, “Do you have to make everything a reference to Twilight!”

    Oh I just love it!

    • EVERYTHING can be related to twilight!!


      • Ha Ha so True… everything can be related to Twilight!
        That’s why I got my hubby to read the books, so he would understand my new view on life!!! *LOL*

  20. Hi all,

    Just wanted to say hi! I just found your site a couple days ago. I actually was not part of the Twilight mania at all until this weekend. I knew nothing about the books, and I remember thinking when the movie came out, “Just another tween movie based on tween books.” (I’m 28 btw, oy). Oh, how I was wrong. Should have known I’d get sucked in. It’s the hopeless romantic in me, haha. I actually haven’t read the books yet, but I ordered the hardcover set that’s being delivered today! Yeah, that’s ALL I’ll be doing this weekend. My eyes’ll feel like they’re bleeding for the next little while until I’m finished. Can’t wait! haha.

    Watched the movie with a friend this past weekend on Blue Ray. Also my 1st Blue Ray experience! Oh Lord. So good. I don’t know what exactly pulled me in. I love movies like Twilight where the general overtone is moody and artsy and dark. I really loved the scene where the Cullens are introduced in the cafeteria. Something about the way that was shot. Of course, I loved the scene in the forest/meadow where they say the line about the Lamb and the Lion. Oh! And I really love the scene in his bedroom. A silent scene that speaks a thousand words. So good!

    Can you tell I’m already super obsessed? It’s bad. My brother is concerned for my mental state, haha.

    Ok, I could write so much more, but I don’t want to make this first post a novel. Just wanted to say, so glad I discovered you! I spent almost my whole work day the other day reading all your posts and cracking up! Keep up the good work girls!

    • A NEWBIE!!! i love it… you are so fresh right now. please read the books immediately you will be in love.

      ps watch out for spoilers our blogs are full of them!

      • Yeah, I’ve been totally spoiled already. Oh well. My insatiable curiosity always gets the better of me. I don’t think it’ll be a problem though. I know I’ll become absorbed in the books and have my own thoughts on them. I am wondering since I did see the movie before the books, if I’ll be picturing the actors as the characters…

  21. i will not answer this question b/c i don’t have time. but i will say great post moon, i miss you already and hello to all the new commenters on this post! i’m so glad you posted b/c we love meeting new friends! (Cuz now we’ll never have to see twilight alone!) yay!

    i will answer this question for reals when I get to san diego, into my own room, where i will stay locked in all day long to catch up on what i’ve missed while being in Cali 🙂

  22. I had a VERY persistent best friend. She never gave up. I purposely avoided the “apple book” forever. My excuses: It was in the wrong section. I’m a classics lover, so it takes a REALLY good story to pull me away from my favorite novels. No way the “apple book” can do that! Her and the other crazies were reason enough to stay away.

    So, when the movie came out, she begged and begged for me to go with her! I figured, “Fine, we’re besties. It’s what we do…support each others convoluted obsessions. Plus 90 minutes shouldn’t be too bad.”

    The theatre wasn’t too packed. And there weren’t any die-hard tweens there?! Seriously?!…I thought this thing had a cult-like following? Ok, the movie starts and it’s tolerable. I wasn’t expecting much.

    The scene that hooked me: biology class. I wanted to know what was wrong with him? Then the questions kept coming. I was intrigued. Why can’t he stay away from her? My bestie was getting very annoyed with the constant questions. I was curious, especially after my she said there was alot more to the story….ALOT. Really??

    So…I went home, broke down and finally bought the “apple book.” Ended up reading all 4 books in 3 days. And the rest is history. I added the books to my collection of favorites that I re-read over and over. And they’re slowly starting to match my other worn out novels.

    • me too, i picked it up and put it down every time i went to the book store for like 6 months. avoid avoid avoid was my motto.

      then i gave in! HARD!

  23. The first time I saw the movie I had already watching bit and piece and every trailer like a million times. I went to the theatre and literally melted into my seat when Edward entered the school for the first time. But my moment when I loved the movie was when he jumped off her truck and popped the dent, like it was so normal, and he tells her he is going to take her to “his palce”…it was all so normal and happy. And I knew I would never be the same. *sigh*…

  24. I had been obsessed with Twilight since last spring and was eagerly anticipating the release of Twilight, the movie. Me and 13 friends went to the midnight screening. I purchased some of the tickets two weeks in advance. My mom ended up going as well after starting the series. The scene that got me hooked to Edward Cullen was when the whole Cullen clan walked into lunch. Hotness! I also enjoyed when Edward was waiting for Bella outside her house to go to school. Also – I love the look on his face when Alice meets Bella when she meets his family. It’s great.

    I’m trying to convince my husband of two things: to drive more like Edward (i.e. when he totally saves her life – or purity) and to think more like Edward. The motto in our house is w.w.e.d. Totally!

  25. Hello everyone,
    I’m new here, I have to say I loooove your blog. You ladies are amazing. The first time I saw the movie was 11/23. I had heard about twilight, but never got around to reading the books. My little brother (my very own unicorn who insists on quizzing me about the books everytime I see him) had already read Twilight and Eclipse and wanted to see the movie, so I decided to take him. I was hooked the first time I saw Edward walk in the cafeteria. I love the restaurant and prom scenes and the scene in his bedroom, ok I loved the whole movie. After the movie I read Twilght and the available chapters of Midnight Sun. I made my husband take me to see it again 2 days later . It’s not his thing, but he is such a sweetheart that he got me the entire book set for christmas and had already preordered the dvd before I had even told him I wanted it.

  26. Remember how the opening date was changed from 12-12-08 to 11-21-08? Well, that’s my birthday! It was a sign from above. I ordered my movie tickets online the first minute they were available. I planned to go to the first showing Friday morning come hell or high water. I called to see what time they opened their doors so DH and I could be there plenty early because it was going to be so crowded. We got there 45 minutes before showtime and waited. Then about 5 minutes before it began DH got sick and left me there to watch it alone ’cause I wasn’t going ANYWHERE! As it turned out the seats were only about 1/3 full. But nothing dampened my enjoyment and I eventually saw it 4 more times. Moon, you have my favorite scene there too. It’s always that short little scene with the Ray-Bans when he throws his arm around her shoulders with that big ol’ grin that I crave. I call it the James Dean moment. Cooler than all the rest.

  27. I went with my mom and SIL Sierra and we were already HUGE fans, so we were excited. I am not gonna lie…we were cringing at some of the parts…but it was fun.

    And that was the night I fell in love with Rob. Like…srsly.

    • girl most of it was cringe worthy! i was way unimpressed the first time around. but of course it grew on me and ROB… oh ROB! 🙂 what a dreamboat.

  28. My spouse took me to opening night (I warned him!) – he was by far the oldest male in attendance at 32 and I might add, the best sport in the world about the whole thing! While I was mildly annoyed at missing the first 10 minutes of dialogue because of the hundreds! of screaming!! 15 year old!!! girls there!!!! he thought it was really hilarious. I walked out disappointed, but loving the soundtrack and he thought it was pretty good (he hasn’t read the books – I’m working on it y’all) and loved the soundtrack even more (he made his brother listen to it). I have since then snuck off to the theater 2 other times by myself, picked up the DVD at 8:00am last Saturday and watched it twice with the commentary (laughed. so. hard.) and all the behind the scenes stuff. Though I did not like it the first time (which was a combination of my high expectations and general embarrassment of being the only 30 year old couple in the audience), I love it a little more every time I watch it. The scene that hooks me every time is when she sees him at school, and he sees her, and he knows that she knows that he’s a vampire and there’s that cheesy 80’s electric guitar going and they walk off into the woods – oh yeah, hooked. The fantastic look on his face right after he stops the van, pretty much melts me every time too. Yummy. For New Moon, I plan to take Monday after opening weekend off work and go to an early matinee when all the screamers are hopefully in school – any non-screaming Twi-fans are welcome to join me at the Minneapolis Southdale Theatre. 🙂

  29. hangs head in shame i didn’t go see it until late january. there were only a hand full of people there i and i left feeling disappointed. i am going to give it another chance this weekend when we play the twilight drinking game. i ordered the dvd from amazon so i just got it yesterday.

    • first times always a disappointment from what i hear from other friends and my own experience. 2nd time you’re over it and just wanna enjoy the story and ROB 😀

      see it again, i bet youll love it!

      • Yes, you’re always trying to fit the whole novel into the movie and you see how much is left out. Second time + it’s much more enjoyable.

  30. i saw it at midnite on thursday the day it came out and my fave scene was all of three seconds..its the scene in bellas dream where edwards all pale and emo and bites her in bed..i even said outloud, “that was my fave part so far”, in the theatre..LOL..

  31. The first time I saw it was a friday and my husband went with me too, there was a group of teenies with their twishirts but mostly just people who wanted to see what all the buzz was about. Thank God cause it really let me concentrate and I loved it…by the time Robward walked into the cafeteria I couldn’t even remember I was sitting in a movie theater…it was just me and the screen. As soon as I walked out of the theater all I wanted to do was walk right back to the ticket counter and see it again. My husband wasn’t too thrilled so I waited until wednesday and then say again expecting it to be less magical….I was wrong it evoked the same strong feelings….and then saw again 2 more times.

  32. I went to the midnight showing that Thursday before opening with two of my friends, and it was mass histeria, but I had so much fun. I was sitting there going “these teens are not going to shut the hell up during the film and it’s going to drive me nutz and they’re all probably going to kick my chair” LOL! I was surprised at how sucked into the film each and every teen was, nobody uttered a word except the squeals of delight when characters came one, cheers, claps at certain parts. But none of that annoying teen thing in movies theaters where they get up and down, and talk on their cell phones and talk during the film when they’re not suppose to. They talked when they were suppose to and squeeled when they were suppose to and that I could handle and 100% understood! There were moments I felt like I was at a concert because the cheering at certain moments was huge! Before the film started they gave away trading cards and I had the most fun watching parents trying to get the “Edward” cards for their kids. A father infront of me won points with me when he went up and down rows desperately trying to get an Edward card for his daughter and actually came back with one. Awwww, that’s devotion. (I got the Bella card) Moment that totally won me over was Edward’s walk into the cafeteria and when he smiles while overhearing Jessica. HOLY SHIZZLE! SOLD!
    Then the part where they show his eyes in biology when he’s talking to Bella. I remember moaning outloud. I was mesmerized by those eyes. I was smacked instantly with the “you’ve got it bad for Robward now” fondness.

  33. p.s. I saw the film 9 times in the theater after that.

  34. What I love is during the restaurant scene when Bella says “you gotta give me some answers” and Edward moans before answering. Anyone else pick up on that? Yeah….love that part.

  35. I’d heard all of my friends talking about Breaking Dawn coming out last August. I thought, so?
    I finally caved and read Twilight Thanksgiving day. I couldn’t find New Moon anywhere and I went looking in all that Black Friday mess. God Bless the neighbor who gave me all the books Friday night. I finished up on Sunday morning.
    The same neighbor went to the movie with me on Monday night. I really didn’t like it. I was dissapointed as many of you seem to have been. But I still couldn’t get it out of my head.
    I asked my mom to come and keep my kids so I could go Christmas shopping. I lied. I went and saw Twilight again.
    I was really hooked during the prom scene the first time I saw it. Rob did such an excellent job with all the pained expressions. And that kiss on the neck?! THUD
    I ended up seeing it in the theatre 9 times. My husband was getting pissed but I only paid to see it 6 times.
    I can’t wait for New Moon. I think it will be soooo much better because they seem to now understand how important it is to all of us.
    Smooches UC and Moon

    • *LOL* I loved that you lied about Christmas shopping and went and saw Twilight. That is totally something I would have done!!

    • “I asked my mom to come and keep my kids so I could go Christmas shopping. I lied. I went and saw Twilight again.”

      Oh em gee. i think i love you.

  36. The first time- That friday night. I begged my husband to go with me, he finally caved and I’ve been “owing” him ever since.

    The scene that hooked me was the scene when Edward walked into the cafeteria. It was just too perfect. The way they didn’t really focus on his htrough the window, the way he looked around the cafeteria, and the way he gazed over and say Bella sitting there. Perfection.

    New Moon- most looking forward to ‘The Vote’…and of course, Jacob cutting his hair! =]

  37. WOW
    That’s my fav scene too and that’s what totaly, irrevocably grabbed me in (and about) the movie. Of course, Robert, Kristen and the soundtrack had a lot to do with my fascination.
    I saw it on Jan 2nd, when it came out in Greece -hadnt read the books yet then.
    Read New Moon on a flight from New York to Athens, Eclipse the next day and then Twilight.
    Then I saw the movie again.
    Then I read Midnight Sun (the chapters on SM’s site).
    THEN I read Breaking Dawn which in the beginning I hated, but then loved. Now I am a pretty obssessed twilighter anonymous and cant wait for the new movies and Midnight sun to be finished.
    Love to you all,

  38. I’ve been reading this site (and the hilarious comments) for months, but this is the first time I’ve left my own comment.

    I did not know anything about Twilight or Rob when I went to see the movie. It was a random day (or at least I thought it was random-but it changed my life, lol) which happened to be opening night. I didn’t even realize it was opening night until I realized there were three theaters for one showing!

    And then, madness. We were filling up the 2nd theater and my friend and I looked at each other like “What the fuck are we doing here” when we saw random groups of girls jumping up and down with their “I HEART E.C.” shirts on. I was like, “Who the hell is E.C.?” and my friend shrugged. We had to sit very close to the screen because there were no other seats. As soon as the lights went out, everyone screamed. My friend and I just gave each other “that look” again, and then when Rob came on the scream and all the girls behind us screamed, I decided to take it upon myself to figure out why the heck this guy was so special. I kinda fell in love with him too, as the movie progressed. I loved the way he looked at Bella. I’m not sure one particular scene sold me, but I did laugh when he said “Yeah. I had an adrenaline rush. It’s very common; you can google it.”

    Afterwards my friend and I were gushing about how good it was, and I went online to look up this Rob Pattinson guy. I watched interviews on youtube, realized how stupid I was for not recognizing him as Cedric, and quickly fell into place with the rest of the Twihards when I purchased the book and a poster of Edward.

    And then read the whole series twice.
    And then began counting down the days until Twilight came out on DVD.
    And then finding LTT and LTR, and reading it religiously. Lit’rally.
    And then came the FF obsession.

    I could keep going…..

    Thank you awesome ladies for creating such a great site! Love you long time!

  39. Let me just say, I love seeing how enthusiastic all these responses are, and how obvious the connection is that so many have – just fantastic.

    I discovered the first book about a week before the movie came out – I had been catching wind of all the buzz around it, and had gotten really curious. I hadn’t actually finished reading the first book when the movie was released – I was about halfway through. Still, I was completely hooked, got an advance ticket, and went to see it, by myself (as I hadn’t converted any of my friends yet, lol), on opening night.

    At the time, I had become fairly aware of the following that the Saga has – since buying the first book, I had found myself on fansites and blogs all the time, wanting to know more – but I was still AMAZED at the scene, when I got to the movie theater that night. I got there fairly early, expecting a line, and when I arrived, the line for my showing was already out the front doors of the building, and people were waiting outside! I actually worked at this particular theater back in high school, so I knew how rare it was for lines to get that long.

    Anyway, so I got in line, and I could immediately just feel the energy in the air – there was so much excitement and electricity, and I just loved it. When we actually got into our theater, I found a seat near the back, where I could see most of what was going on, and I continued to be amazed. Girls, unsurprisingly, made up the overwhelming majority of the audience, and there were big groups of teens that were taking pictures of EVERYTHING – there were groups getting their moms to take pics of them together, they were taking pics of the other groups of girls that were taking pics, and they were taking pics of the theater screen, even when it was just flashing slides! I also found that I wasn’t at all put off by any of it – I loved seeing everyone that excited, and that ready for it, and when the trailers ended and the Summit logo came up, it was like the collective volume of everyone in the theater had had the “Mute” button pressed. I mean, SILENCE, other than lots of gasps and muffled “Yeah!”s and “OHMIGAWD!”s.

    As far as the movie itself, I loved just about everything, but, as others have said, what really did it for me was the restaurant scene. I’ve rambled about it before, so no need for that again, lol, but yeah – it’s amazing.

    Like I said, I went by myself, and after the movie ended, there were tons of people standing around outside the theater talking excitedly about the movie, and I found myself wanting to go join in on a conversation, because I wanted to talk about it too! I didn’t want to just go home!

    CAN’T WAIT for New Moon opening night!!

  40. I am a Barnes & Noble junkie and I needed something new to take on vacation. I found Twilight, read a few pages, and I have never looked back. So I lost my Twilight book virginity on my annual vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC the summer of 2007. I refused to speak to my family until I had finished, and recieved quite the sunburn as well. Then I tossed the book to my cousin. Who then gave it to her mom, who gave it to my Aunt, before it ended up back to me at the end of the week.

    When I heard of the movie I refused to see it. I thought that Catherine would rip my precious story into Jacob kibble. Until, December 15 rolled around and my movie virginity was taken. My best friend, as well as my cousin, convinced me to take a sick day at work and we had a Twilight day. We had lunch, bought some memorabilia, and finally ended up at the theater. Despite it being a Monday our theater was jam packed but I wasn’t too surprised.

    I was absolutely terrified in the first few minutes. It became more tolerable when Bella knocked the beejezus out of Jacob with the truck door. I had tears in my eyes from the laughter.
    Then it happened. Like a beacon of light come to save me….
    Kellan, in all his Emmett sexiness, stepped into the cafeteria. I believe my gasp echoed brilliantly over the silence in the theater. I thought I would melt from my seat into a puddle of drool. From that point on I was hooked. It sucked me in and would not let go. For all of the awkward moments, Kstew’s (bless her) annoying half laugh every six second, and baseball bat twirling vampires, (btw if a vamp plays baseball, during a thunderstorm, with metal bat, could they be struck by lightening?) I loved it!

    My favorite parts were the baseball scene, I hate to say, that I loved the cheesy “I’m the one with the wicked curve ball” line, and when Edward had Bella against the rock. I loved the tension of that moment. Oh and of course when Edward saved Bella from becoming Tyler’s road kill.
    Afterwards, a few of us hung around inside of the theater to chat about the movie. We ended going to dinner, and have since created our own little group. It’s so amazing to see these stories bring so many people together. Now we are creating our battle plans to see New Moon. I can’t wait!

    Anyhow, allow me to say, that you ladies do a fabulous job here. I read throughout the day and tend to lurk. However I needed to come out of hiding for this topic! Keep up the great work!!

  41. ahhh….Twilight. I was so uninterested when the whole Twilight phenomenon first started…I’m an 8th grade English teacher and all of my students were reading it. I kept hearing my kids gush about Edward and they kept begging me to read it…i just kept telling them “I don’t do vampires”. But then about a month ago they wore me down and I was like…fine!…if you’ll shut up I’ll read it!!! SO I picked up the first book and I was finished within 24 hours…same with New Moon…I actually called out sick to stay home and read the next book! …I finsihed the whole series in under a week! I was so absorbed I would sneak reading during class and give my kids stupid assignments so they had to be quiet and I could read! They alll knew what I was doing, but they were so funny throughout my whole Twilight experience, anytime I looked up they would all scream…”What just happened!!! What part are you at????” I was so sad when it was over…I think I could read about Edward and Bella forever and ever and never get bored. Since I waited so long to read it ,of course, I had to wait to see the movie b/c it wasn’t out yet! It was the longest 3 weeks of my life! I couldn’t wait to see Edward and Bella on screen…but, I was so afraid they wouldn’t meet the expectation I had built up in my head. I was sold the moment Edward walks into the cafeteria and while overhearing Jesica’s thoughts reveals that crooked half smirk…ah…bliss. I think Rob Pattinson is the perfect embodiment of Edward…absolutely perfect. He has that touch of old world class like Edward would have, he’s gentle and soft spoken, and he’s effortlessly handsome as Edward would be. And Kristen was a perfect Bella…plainly beautiful, awkward in the most endearing way. I thought the others were cast wonderfully also…love Alice’s character…Ashley Green..she’s a perfect Alice!

  42. I had friends who knew what I was going through about Edward Cullen. So when we all did our twilight research we found out about the movie. We were all so stoked, promising each other that we would watch it on the first day. November came, so when we were able to pre-order tickets, we did that in a second. We then booked off work and skipped lectures just so we can go to the movie.

    Of course, like with many book theme movies I lowered my expectations knowing that they only had limited budgets and so much to say in such a short period of time. When the opening credits popped up on screen, the tween filled room exploded in screams and applauds. I was getting annoyed because I couldn’t hear Bella’s dialogue but thank goodness the hormones started to subside. When I was finally able to hear the dialogue I settled in my seat for an exciting ride.

    The moment that STOLE my heart was when Robert walked into the cafeteria as Edward and gave his little smirk as he walks by Bella. My heart was fluttering a million beats per second and I literally melted in my seat, not knowing how to put myself back together again.

    The rest of the movie seemed like a very good blur after that. There were flashes of cute awkward father daughter conversations, angry Edward with his little bouffant and pea coat, talks of various monkeys-, bat twirling , floor wrecking fights and the hottest PROM EVER!

    I was totally satisfied and was already anxious to see it again. Now that the DVD is out I am ready to move on and start the countdown for New moon… BRING IT ON!

  43. @ therealrobzilla My kids almost didn’t get anything for Xmas b/c every time I left the house to “go shopping” i’d end up at the movies 🙂

    I went to the midnight release. I didn’t start reading the books until right after Breaking Dawn had come out. Good thing, b/c it seemed like an ETERNITY before the movie was going to come out and If I would have started reading them before that I would have been died!

    The theatre was packed and my neighbor went with. I was so psyched. I had even taken a nap the night before b/c I knew I was gonna be up the rest of the night after the movie (and I was) looking up anything I could find about Twilight. The tweens were a little loud but overall everyone pretty much laughed and squealed at the same time (including me). My favorite part is the “what if I’m not the superhero…” b/c when Bella says she knows it’s just to keep people away he totally gets this look like, “wow, she knows”. I loved it. And then of course, the baseball scene.

  44. I saw the movie on 11/22, I had heard about the books but I didn’t really care for them. I had missed the free screening my school had =( but then I suggested a movie outing when my friends and I were bored. I wasn’t expecting the theater to be so packed, I went at 10:30pm (I go to school in a tiny conservative town).

    I’m a sucker for cheesy so I was pretty much hooked from the beginning, plus I had an awesome crowd in the theater. The scene that had me was the one in the restaurant as well as the “lamb, lion” one. =)

  45. I didn’t have the same Twilight moviegoing experience most people blogged about. I saw it for the first time by myself on Thanksgiving night. The theater wasn’t empty, but it was nowhere near packed. The next several times I saw it, same deal. Then I went to an earlier matinee with a friend some time after the new year, and THAT particular time slot (same theater) was packed. Still not with any obnoxious people, though.

    I guess my town didn’t take it as seriously as the rest of the world!

  46. My first time – it was only two months ago…I don’t remember the date. I went to Borders to find something fun to read that I actually didn’t have to think about…the lady (10 years older than me, I’m 34) said “OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE GOT TO READ TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!” literally that loud and enthusiastically. I thought I was talking to a woman that needed serious help for being so excited over a freaking teen angst book.

    Well, I bought ALL 4 books cause even if I didn’t like them I hated not know what all the ‘fuss’ was about. I honestly….HATED…Twilight (please don’t hurt me)…it was too slow and just made me want to slit my wrists. I was cussing Borders Lady…but then it picked up and I was not hooked but interested.

    Finished it and then googled where I could see the movie…30 minutes away from my town on a Thursday. It was the 7:30 showing and I went alone…prior to the movie I stopped and had three Cosmos…I admit, the cocktails made the movie THAT much better for me.

    I felt the movie had what I thought the book lacked…speed. I found I giggled through parts in the movie cause Edward was so nervous or Jasper was so constipated or Bella just was not woman enough to handle a man like Rob, I mean Edward. But the scenes that I like more than any, that got me hooked was him leaning into her against the rock and then again when he bent over to kiss her on the neck at the prom.

    I’m still not 100% sold but almost there.

  47. Amazing how everyone has the day, date, and time down to mere seconds…ie: “It was a foggy evening, the sun had just finished setting on our small coastal town. The date, December the 4th… the time was a little after 7 when my husband and I strolled into the theater”. LOL!!! I can’t tell you the date or the time or what the weather was like out, but I did go see the movie with my hubby (only after I had read the book). I enjoy reading books before movie watching… and to be completely honest I think the movie is good, I really like it and I’ll continue to watch it but only for aesthetic enjoyment (Edward). BUT, there were parts of the movie that annoyed me! My least favorite line of the movie “You better hold on spider monkey.” Who freaking says that?!!! That is the cheesiest line ever in a movie…

    I just felt it was kind of slow…I understand the correlation between the nomad vampires and the killings in Forks had to be drawn, but I would have been happier if the movie just focused on Bella and Edward the whole time. I fast forward through the part where the refinery worker gets killed and also where buttcrack santa gets killed…also, I wish Edward talked more…but, that’s just my opinion.

    My favorite part of the movie was in the restaurant with his song playing in the background. That was what did it for me…Love it, love him!

  48. I didn’t know anything about Twilight at all. I was watching all sorts of vamp films to get other ideas from, because at the time I was writing a new Vampire Trilogy. I would go out and all i saw was Twilight books everywhere. I was like ” What is going on here” i was clueless of the series and the film. When i checked up on my favorite actors i came to IMDB and saw that Kristen is in it. Then of course i had to watch it, she is one of my favorite actors. I read the books and watched the first film the night before it came out. People were dressed up in different shirts supporting the film. It was awesome seeing how stories hit people in a hard way. The film was pretty descent for a new vamp film. Some of the lines were a little cheesy, but they made it work out well. The colors they used was great. The nature scenes “The Meadow, and the woods part” were excellent and so strong. It’s hard to look someone straight in the eyes, but us actors can do that. It’s so strong. I like the different approach of the characters. In my films i have a little more complication for my characters. My vampires have crazy hot colored eyes not reg. colors. I’m a fan of the series and soon I hope other people will be a fan of mine. My vamp films are different in the sense of more blood, but not overdoing it. I’m recreating the Horror genre, and starting with Vampires and Werewolves first. they need to break away from the old ways. If your talented, Facebook me: Christina Rueda. Creative people are needed.

  49. moon, you really nailed it (the line, not robward, unfortunately). it was the movie trailers and pics of rob that caused me to read all the books over christmas vacay before i saw the movie. so i was ready and waiting for rob the minute he walked into the cafeteria and “smiled the crooked smile that is my favorite.” but it’s the ray bans, the shit eating grin and – more than those – the casual, non-edward way that rob throws his arm around k-stew that had me at hello.

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