Suggestions to celebrate the DVD release

Dear LTT readers, Twihards & Twilighters,

We were e-mailing with one of our readers the other day, and she shared with us her plans for the evening of March 21st- the day the Twilight DVD is released, of course. We loved her Twilight DVD Release Party ideas SO MUCH that we just had to share them with you.

Celebrating the Twilight DVD Release
by RhoJo and her amazing friends

  1. We’re getting pizza because that’s what Charlie would do
  2. We’re having vampire cookies (see recipe here)
  3. We’re making vampire venom jello shots (they’ll get you loaded and pregnant!)
  4. And it wouldn’t be a Twilight DVD Release Party without a Twilight Drinking Game: (Click the images to make them bigger!)


Thanks to you and your amazing friends, RhoJo, Moon & I will be NICE & tipsy together on Saturday the 21st. Yep, you heard me right. That wasn’t a mistake. We will be TOGETHER watching the DVD and doing vampire venom jello shots everytime someone says the word “monkey.” Nothing says “I gotta jump in a plane and fly 2393 miles across the country to see my partner in Twi-crime” like the Twilight DVD release and the thought of vampire cookies. Jump on over to LTR to check out the itinerary we have planned while we’re together.
To the rest of you: what are you doing the night of the DVD release (or the night before- Midnight release party?) Let us know and SEND US PICTURES afterwards!
UnintendedChoice & theMoonisDown

64 Responses

  1. I am so excited for our DVD release party!! I’m importing some Rainier beer for our party as well.

  2. I AM SUPER EXCITED…I pre-ordered my copy with Hot Topic so I get to pick it up on fri at midnight and they are going to have a live band and some refreshments, but me and my girls are going home to have our own ‘special’ refreshments!!! An now that I’ve seen this post…I am definitely coming up with some drinking games as well!!! 🙂 WOOOO HOOOO can’t wait!!! We’re mos def getting blitzed!!!! Hope I don’t wake up naked tied up to a tree or anything weird like that LOL!!!

  3. Unfortunately, I pre-ordered my DVD from and will not get to celebrate the release until 3-5 days later. 😦

    I have no partners in Twilight IRL, so maybe some of us should plan a watch party on Twitter. We’ll synchronize our DVDs and make sexually suggestive comments all night!

  4. I think my husband is getting us a room in LA so he can go take me to the Border’s in Westwood. Yay! So excited.

  5. Yay! I’m so excited for our party too!
    How many vampire venom jello shots will it take us to do something explicit with our cardboard Edward?? Probably none.
    I’m going to Target early in the morning Saturday to get my DVD.

  6. Hey! thanks a lot for leaving a comment in my blog :]
    i didn’t used to comment around here, cause i didn’t think i had something to say. but i come in here at least once a day, and i also like reading LTR. you are so funny! i love both sites.

    great drinking game, i guess i might do something like that around here with a couple of friends.
    take care!

  7. brummielover we are soooo doing the game thing at your party so be ready!!

    • hahahha yeaaaaaa I don’t think so lol did you read the rules…be drunk before Bella slips on the ice and lands on her boney bummmm

  8. OMG that drinking game is genius. None of my friends like Twilight so I might have to play it with just me and my pocket Edward. Which I’m totally okay with doing.

    • no one will judge you playing a drinking game alone, lacey. when it comes to rob or twilight or rob, it’s okay to drink alone

      • Here here! My guess is that Rob probably drinks alone on a regular basis. So if he does it, then I definitely don’t have a problem doing it.

        • I’m guessing that while you’re watching your Twilight DVD and playing the drinking game w/ PE…somewhere in the world RPattz is drinking right along with you 🙂

          See? Doesn’t that make it more fun?

  9. I am the married mother of two children. What will I be doing for the release of Twilight on DVD? Um. Maybe watching it on Sunday. No, wait…I’ll take a nap after church. Maybe I’ll watch it Saturday afternoon while folding clothes and ironing.

    Seriously. If my head weren’t hurting so badly, or my nose so stobbed up, I might be a little more excited. RIght now all I can think is how I can blow my head off so I’ll breathe easier. Please love me through this…

    • so you’re saying your plans dont include flying to la to make it a quad train?


      tell you sinuses to ef off.

      • I would be on that quad in a milisecond…if I thought Rob were going to be there. Alas…he’s in Canada. Smoking. And wearing orange contour blush. And smoking.

        Maybe I should pick up some Salem Menthol Ultra Lights. A little menthol action might help my nasal tubes.

  10. the twilight drinking game has me cracking up! freekin hysterical

  11. So, based on the rules of the game, I may not even get to finish watching the movie as I’ll be too drunk to focus and or concentrate! Hell, I say bring a bottle and drink whenever you feel like it!

  12. OK, I’m bummed! I live in Costa Rica so…

    1. I’m getting my DVD like a week after the release.
    2. I can’t go to any release party ;(
    3. I don’t know any other twifans (in the flesh…online…that’s another story).
    4. My not-quite-Edward will probably not be up for any celebratory events since he knows he’s probably going to loose me to a DVD for about a month.

    So I guess I’ll have to live vicariously through MOON and UC, Amber that Twitter thing sounds promising though!

  13. I want to have a sleepover like we would in high school since I haven’t done the girly thing in FOREVER. And watch the dvd and all the commentary… and I had figured I would do some sort of drinking game. And maybe a btvs marathon. Alas, my main IRL twilight friend is studying abroad in New Zealand so unless I can talk my cousin into it or any of you happen to live in the Dallas area, I think I’m SOL. Maybe I’ll just chill with pocket edward…

  14. And btw, my original idea for a drinking game was to take a shot every time Edward does something thats dazzling, but then I realized I’d be totally gone within 20 mins of the movie starting. I have such a low alcohol tolerance.

  15. amazing plans!!!!

  16. Great letter, UC – sounds like you and Moon have a great weekend set up, especially if RPattz takes the advice from the itinerary on LTR and stops by for a while to “hang out”, lol

    I’ve got the DVD pre-ordered at the Hot Topic in our mall, so I’ll definitely be there Friday night for the midnight release party wearing my Alice Cullen fan club shirt! It’s gonna be hilarious, because the girl-to-guy ratio is just going to be completely absurd, and I’m hoping to get some pictures, which I will pass along!

  17. How freaking HOTTT is he when he’s drunk?

    This genius! But seriously, just drinking when she stutters will have you drunker than RPattz would have to be to enjoy his kissing scenes with KStew.

    Just facebook’d this bad boy! 🙂

  18. Well I know what (or more specifically who) I WON’T be doing…Rob.

  19. “they’ll get you loaded and pregnant!” – hysterical!

    have fun in LA!

  20. Hey UC and Moon,
    Glad to hear you will be together for this wonderful event. Me and my Twimoms are having a big party with themed dishes to share that must be named/themed for Twilight. There will be a kick ass prize for the best.. and Ill be sure to take photos and send em your way. Also, we will be playing trivia, and some other games. Bloody Bellas and Cullen Coladas are the drinks of the night.

    Should be fun!

  21. […] are doing to celebrate in fact we’re in final countdown here including our OWN itinerary and tips for throwing a twi-party… but did you know WalMart is throwing their own Twilight release parties?! Well, they are so […]

  22. […] are doing to celebrate in fact we’re in final countdown here including our OWN itinerary and tips for throwing a twi-party… but did you know WalMart is throwing their own Twilight release parties?! Well, they are so […]

  23. me and my best friend will def. be playing that drinking game! i pre-ordered it but she’ll be buying it the night of so yay 🙂

  24. I am SOOO jealous of you guys!!! The only person that I know (in the flesh, not online, natch) who shares my Twilight obsession – my co-blogger and partner in all things Twi-related – is going to be out of town that Friday and Saturday! I pre-ordered at HT, too (and we’re also getting the Target version), but I think my husband might have me committed (possibly rightfully so) if I told him I was going to spend my Friday night/Saturday morning at a Twilight DVD release party. But I did tell my bff that I am going to be sitting on her doorstep when she gets back from SXSW on Sunday. And I took Monday off. Bring on the Venom shots – woo-hoo!!

  25. Whoa! I’m no light weight but I think that drinking game would kill me!

    I honestly have no plans for the DVD release. I haven’t wanted to think about the money I can’t really spend right now. But I can’t wait to hear about all of your revels!

  26. I love the drinking game!! Here is what we have planned for our party..

    Costumes – the invites ask guests to dress as their favorite Twilight character. We’re going to make a twilight gift basket for the “best costume”

    Food – all from the book or movie – mushroom ravioli, mini pizzas (Bella dared Edward to eat and he ate pizza in the book), spinach salad, berry cobbler (from the movie) and vampire cupcakes (just for fun). We’re also having bowls of apples and Twilight Sweethearts. 🙂

    Wine – Bella Sera (white), Newton Claret, Vampire wine – The beer that Charlie drank is not available anymore but we might make fake “R” labels for our beers. And, cokes (from the Italian restaurant scene 🙂

    Decor – white lights wrapped around the trees (like Alice’s parties in the books), red roses, red candles. Black plates and napkins. (We’re doing a black/red/white theme.) Stand Up Edward – we have a life-sized Edward and will offer pictures with him. Action Figure Edward – he will be mingling with the guests.

    Paper fans with pictures of Edward – the deleted scenes might make people need to fan themselves. 🙂

    Wine glass stem markers with quotes from the movie and book.

    Those are our ideas so far… I’m sure we’ll think of more this week. I cannot wait!!

  27. so it is confirmed that me and my friends are going to have a twilight sleepover. i am kicking the husband out and we are having a sleepover and we are going to play the twilight drinking game. thanks for the marvelous idea!

  28. i cannot wait, its almost here! im so ready for the game!!!!!

  29. and i almost forgot!
    my husband is going as edward and im gonna be bella and my best friend is going as alice and our mutual friend is going to be jasper!

  30. Geez, I don’t know where to post this but hopefully you gals will see it here.

    OMFG!!! Did you all see the new announcement from Summit. The city of the surprise guests are @

    Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Dallas and Salt Lake City!!!!!!!!!!

    There is a list of the POSSIBLE places in each city. What excitement! Go to for the possible places in pdf. I printed my copy out. I’ll be all over Salt Lake City!

  31. What’s in these Jell-O shots? We’re not having our party until next Saturday (because that’s the only night all us Twi-Moms can get together) and I’m in charge of refreshments. Those sound perfect!

  32. Okay ladies – I wasn’t sure how to share pictures of the party with you – so hopefully this works. We had a little too much fun (some pictures were deleted forever) but it was worth it. Plans are already in the works for the New Moon party… we’re ready for the wolfpack.

  33. […] RhoJo and her amazing friends who created the amazing Twilight Drinking Game for a DVD release party that included instructions like: take a drink every time Bella stumbles, […]

  34. […] image to listen to the music!PartiesRemember RhoJo and her amazing friends who created the amazing Twilight Drinking Game for a DVD release party that included instructions like: take a drink every time Bella stumbles, […]

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