Mike Newton Appreciation Day

We received another fan letter:

Dear brilliant girls who run LTT, [UC note: okay maybe I took a creative liberty here]

It was brought to my attention that Michael Welch was quoted talking about his fans and saying,

“I get to be a part of the cultural phenomenon, but there are no riots breaking out over me.”

This breaks my heart. Poor Mike Newton doesn’t have a riot of fans after him. Is it because he’s less handsome than Rob? Let’s be frank, Newton is the reason we all love Twilight, right?

What would have been the movie without the “Arizona! How are you liking the rain girl?” or “You’re alive!”. Everyone always talk about Team Edward or Team Jacob, but what about Team Newton?


Dear Morns,

You’re right. Mike Newton IS the  reason we love Twilight. Where would we be without his white boy-dorky goodness? I’ll tell you where- no where. That’s where.

By the power invested in me as the co-owner of a blog where we make fun of Twilight stuff cause we love it so much, I hereby declare today “Mike Newton Appreciation Day.”


(Feel free to use this image on T-shirts, pins & edible underwear)

Let’s FINALLY give this boy some of the love he deserves. Not many guys would be willing to support a charity for BOOBS. But Mike isn’t afraid to say “I like boobs, so I don’t want anymore women to lose theirs” (okay so that was Michael Welch- who cares? Newton? Welch? Same guy!) Plus being THAT stereotypical guy who never gets the girl he wants is hard (that’s what she said), not to mention losing her to a sparkly vampire (even though, Mike, come on- Jessica is ten times hotter than Bella).

Dear Mike,

If I’m ever lucky enough to sit by you, I’m gonna talk to you.*


After the jump, Morn shares some Mike Newton love to help us APPRECIATE his white boy, dorky goodness today!

Who said white & nerdy was a bad thing? Mike Newton shows us how it’s DONE:

Mike Newton is a sex GOD:

Note to Michael Welch: no… you and Robward are not “very similar” Mike Newton wouldn’t make that mistake:

Celebrate Mike Newton on The Forum
tell Rob why Mike rocks MORE (Today) on LTR

*name that quote. If you get it right you get 10 minutes in heaven with Mike Newton for free…

30 Responses

  1. Lol!
    I love Mike Appreciation Day . . . or whatever it is.
    He is the heart and soul of the books/films.
    Mike, we love you.
    Happy Mike Day everyone!


  2. Oh Mike-boy, you gotta love the golden retriever! After all he’s always gots a ‘big smile’ for us! 😉

  3. Oh! I looked in the comments bc i wanted to find out where that quote is from! It bothers me…
    It sounds familiar, but also not.
    Grrr! The frustration!

  4. wow. never mind. duh. i feel like an idiot.
    can i delete comments?
    mike. duh. *hits self in head repeatedly while saying, “stupid, stupid, stupid…”*

  5. So Mike what do you think about Mike Newton Appreciation Day?

  6. oh oh oh the quotes from when in the book he says to belly woo how edward didnt talk to her in biology and hes all duuuuude didja stab him with a pencil or something
    but dont quote me on that (:

  7. What do I think of Mike Newton Appreciation Day? If I may quite the wise man himself: “Boom Boom Chicka Wah Wah”. 😉

  8. Mike Newton/Welch …….now here’s a boy I CAN bring home and make bacon sandwiches for with no conflicting emotions whatso ever …….sometimes it’s nice being just a Mum…….{with the COUGAR silently asleep!!}

  9. Doin’ the Mike Newton booty dance!!! Woowhoooo!!!

  10. My love is so much like Mike Newton that I can’t help but love him.

    We can’t all have beautiful, tall, English, sex gods.

  11. Good Job ladies!!!! Mike needs some love too!

  12. Mike’s a bit the young side, but he does have beautiful blue eyes—

  13. Who else can use the word “homegirl” in 2009 and get away with it?! Go Mikey!

  14. Totes heart Mike – thinking he’ll be looking super cute in NM – can’t wait for him to get his 😉

  15. i was like who is michael welch then i scrolled down and saw the picture. oops.

  16. who is morns?

  17. when do we get a ben cheney day since he isn’t in the movie and instead we get stuck with eric.

  18. Ha, videos are so awesome – poor Mike Newton, in that bit when Edward is in the background it’s so glaringly obvious there is no hope for him (or Bella or us for that matter, Rob’s just too hot.)

  19. Ahoy ye saucy wenches! This day be both Talk Like a Pirate Day and Mike Newton Appreciation Day? Me thinks it can’t be much better! Now raise ye pints of grog and say Arrrrrrrr!

  20. White and Nerdy?! MIke’s face photo-shopped on Edward’s body?! bahahahah! you are killing me!

    “Mike, come on- Jessica is ten times hotter than Bella”
    haha! I told the hubster this the first time I watched the Twilght movie, I was like wait, why is Jessica hotter than Bella?

    quote:”If I were lucky enough to sit by you, I would have talked to you.” -Mike Newton, twilight, p26.
    I am a twi dork.

  21. Sorry, Mike – no disrespect. But I just found this hot video celebrating the men of Twilight….you’re not on it. Yikes.

  22. This post is totally WIN.

    I love Mike. I love that his name and the character’s name is Mike. Sometimes I call him Mike Newton because I think that’s his name. Lovely. 🙂

    What would Twilight be without Mike? We couldn’t laugh at his failure to ask Bella out…or his “HEY ARIZONA!” Which is what Moon’s nickname is 🙂

    and I’m sure he’ll get a HUGE even bigger following when we see him in New Moon puking at the movie theatre and Jacob being all jealous over him being there…loves it.

    Thanks, UC!

  23. I was watching An American Crime the other day and after I saw Michael Welch in it, all I could think was MIKE NEWTON IS A MURDERER!!!
    It changed my life forever. I will not be able to see Mike Newton in New Moon or Eclipse or even Breaking Dawn without screaming ’cause I think he’s gonna knife Bella in the face.
    Oh, why Mike? WHY?!

  24. I loved in Midnight Sun how often Edward wanted to do great bodily harm to Mike while Newton was blissfully unaware of his potential demise. One of the perfect casting choices I have to grudgingly credit Cougar Cathy with. Sigh. Also, this post reminded me of my own doofus Mike in high school – I was hardly experienced but I had to teach him how to kiss right. Kicked him to the curb shortly after that but I like to think the next girl Mike dated could thank me for his improved tongue action. Just sayin.
    PS – I’ve been following you ladies for a few weeks now and can’t believe THIS is what I’m commenting on for the first time! Anyway, you’re hilarious, wise and twisted; consider yourselves bookmarked for daily Twi-contemplation.

  25. Obviously the quote is from Twi after bio class where E doesn’t talk to Bella and Mike’s all chuffed about that. I wanna say it’s one of the sunny days when E’s gone and bella’s hanging out on the picnic table/bench like an hour before school starts whenever he asks her out to dinner. But it might happen after gym one day. (I don’t have the book here to double check. Drat.)

  26. UC, total wins on the creative liberty!
    I wonder if Micheal Welch as a google alert for his name. This is the start to the crazy fan riot.
    Team Newton!

  27. Indeed, where would we be without Mike Newton?

  28. For those of you that are as addicted to fan fiction as I am…heres a little Mike lovin for you! Enjoy!!


  29. WOW!
    The guy even has fanfic!

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