Kellan Lutz Appreciation Day

Come on ride the Kellan train and ride it!

Come on ride the Kellan train and ride it!

Dear Kellan-

Most people might not know but you were the very first person we ever wrote a letter to so you hold quite a special place in our hearts. But it seems as of lately Letters has been ruled by the holy trinity of: The Jailbait, the Sourpuss and the Holy Rob with little time left over for that hot brother. So since we declared yesterday Mike Newton Appreciation Day I’ve decided to declare today, a Sunday (of course!) Kellan Lutz Appreciation Day. I know a ton of our readers are HUGE Kellan fans and heck, we love your face and your love for life affirming literature too!

So let’s talk about the reason I heart you Kellan…


One of my favorite things about you is your ability to “whore yourself out” for lack of a better phrase and that means that you’ll show up to any Hotel Ballroom within the continental US if there’s a Twilight Convention banner hanging over head and then gladly pose for pictures with total whackos and cute girls for hours on end. And not just any pictures you really get into it with hugs and prom poses and kisses. I gotta say I love you for it cause not everyone would do it or even feel comfortable with that kind of attention. But like any good fame whore/teddy bear you man up and smile!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

You were in a Hinder video. While I can’t personally stand Hinder or music like this, it makes me smile to see you as the High School Jock cause it’s pretty much you playing yourself! All they needes to add was a Bible Study scene and this could be a video of your life circa early 2000’s.

Follow the cut to see what else we appreciate about Kellan!

You went to the Barbizon school of modeling. Ok, maybe not but where else do these poses come from?

Your Tyler Shields video… While doing on of these types of videos seems to be “the cool thing” apparently, you make taking off your suit jacket to flight of the bumble bee not seem completely retarded. Kudos. Too bad they didn’t just forgo the “art” and make you take off your shirt to Right Said Fred’s “I’m too Sexy” but maybe that’s too obvious.

Save the horse, ride a Kellan

Save the horse, ride a Kellan

You posed for this photo shoot with Ryan Eggold for People Magazine. The same magazine that had a crusty old Rob picture in it. I’m sure you know which one I was more interested in. Yea, the Rob one. Sorry. (I kid, i kid!)

Ya man, we be jammin'

Ya man, we be jammin'

You wore this disguise at Comic Con so you could hit the convention floor. You didn’t go for a baseball hat, or a hoodie you went ALL out with the hobo, lumber jack, Jamaican me crazy – chic look. At a place with a bunch of nerds wearing Star Wars costumes and tshirts that read “May the source force be with you.” You stuck out like a sore thumb. Poor poor Kellan you are not a nerd my friend embrace your jock status and ask the nerds what to wear next time.

You walk around looking like this minutes from my home… life is cruel sometimes.

And last but definitely DEFINITELY not least you look like this………….
Yowza!!! What were we talking about again??

Besides all the above stuff I think I love you most for your personaility and joi de livre Kellan. You even said it yourself you want to laugh and have a good time and I can appreciate that for serious. So know that you were our first (letter virgin popper!) and we’ll alwatys love you, even when the holy trinity gets in the way.


So what’s your favorite thing about Kellan? Who out there loves Kellan more than the trinity? Is he anyone’s favorite Cullen? Discuss…

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61 Responses

  1. What an awesome idea.
    Kellan Lutz Appreciation Day? Yes.
    I love Kellan!
    He’s such a cutie and he’s soooooo sweet to the fans.
    3 cheers for Kellan!


    • This is a perfect day to Celebrate Kellan 🙂
      I love Kellan because he’s so free spirited and fun loving, not to mention HOT, and talented too! it shows when he plays Emmett (& other characters too), in photos he has taken with fans, and in interviews he has done.
      I am so happy that he embraces us fans so openly and allows us to come say HI and get a photo. Its too bad that not everyone can embrace their fans the way that he does, but hopefully we all can let our Kellan know how much it means to us that he’s like that 🙂
      I hope to meet him one day!
      xoxo Kellan!

  2. HAHA HE MODELED FOR BARBIZON?! that just made my day. wtf was he on some late night sex hotline commercial too?

  3. I love that he doesn’t try to act all complex, tortured, and/or complicated. He knows knows what is going on in his life right now is special and he is jumping on the bandwagon to enjoy it while it lasts.

    Hooray for Kellan Appreciation Day!!!!

  4. I have Kellan Lutz appreciation day everyday…. right after Rob appreciation day…. I ❤ me some Kellan.

    But you did forget to appreciate f*ckhawt Stalker Kellan in Hilary Duff's video:

  5. He is so lovable because he really does seem like that totally hott, Bible-thumpin’ jock that we all went to HS with.

    YAY for Kellan!

    My love can’t know about this day bc while he knows of my love of Rob, he handles it by saying he is a skinny, gay (HE’S SO NOT!) Brit. If he thought I liked this giant, muscled man, it would def. crush his fragile ego.

  6. Im all for Kellan Lutz appreciation day because hes the reason i found this site.
    If i hadnt googled Kellan Lutz going out with Annalyn something a rather, I probs wouldnt have found LLT/LLR which would have been devastating!!!!
    So THANK YOU Kellan ❤ for your horrible choice in whores, i mean girlfriends….

  7. Day-um! That last picture was jailbait hot. I love me some Kellan because he’s such a departure from some of the other Twilight cast. I do feel a little 2nd hand embarassed by some of the pics he takes at the conventions with some fans. But I love all the hot ‘working out’ pics. It’s like he’s trying to beat out Matthew McConaughey for celeb most photographed shirtless. FTR, I’m NOT complaining!

  8. Aww Kellan – sometimes we just need someone with a hot body, cute smile and an uncomplicated, care free attitude to life for a while. I’d love to spend a lifetime working out Rob’s complexities and a dirty weekend of animalistic simplicity with Kellan!!

  9. WOW love the post, but please can I get stuck in a lift tooo……

  10. I love Kellan!! He’s SUCH a perfect fit for Emmett (who just so HAPPENS to be my favorite Cullen!); even SM said so! And its cool because its not like there’s Kellan and Emmett like there is Kristen and Bella (or example), Kellan just IS Emmett. And thats what I love about him! Plus he’s so adorable in photoshoots and with fans and stuff. looove him! GO KELLAN!

  11. Okay, that one pic of him walking his dog about turned me into a puddle!

    Is it bad that while I think Kellan is a total hottie, I don’t really take him seriously? I’d ask him to help me move and/or carry something, but I’d never ask him to sit down and discuss the national debt. Why oh why do I assume that underneath his rather boyish smile, and rather drool-worthy body, is a dumb meathead? On this Sunday, I repent for being judgmental, and going forward will give Kellan the benefit of the doubt in the brains department. =)

    Thanks for pushing this handsome young man back into my periphery. The Trinity does tend to block out the rest of the cast… ❤ you, Kellan. Happy You Day!

    • If you had Kellen to yourself, why oh why would you ask him to help you move or sit and discuss the national debt? I can think of much better things to do! 🙂

      • LOL, excellent point. But I just never thought of him as anything other than eye-candy. And I need just a bit more in life…

        On a separate note, as I type this, “Stick It” just came on tv, a gymnastic movie which our dear Kellan stars in. Coincidence? Oh, I think not!

  12. Thank you for not including any of Kellan’s Blue Boy work..

    And in that last photo, WTF is up with Kellan’s ear? It looks like there are a few disembodied fingers on it..

  13. I’m a Rob lady myself, but something about Kellan is adorable and endearing. He’s good to the fans, which is all we can ask… But the fact that he’s rather easy on the eyes and always seems to be loving life is definitely an added bonus.

    I’m not sure what I find more bizarre at this point: the fact that I just watched an entire Hinder and Hilary Duff video, or the fact that Kellan went all American Psycho on his suit jacket with a chainsaw… This is a strange morning.

  14. Yeah, not a very good disguise at Comic Con. Especially considering it was July in San Diego and probably about 80 degrees! So funny.

  15. Where’s the love for the Cullen girls? Can we have a Ashley Greene Appreciation Day please? I wanna be her BFF.

  16. I love Kellan because:

    1. He’s SO SWEET to his fans. We can all agree on this. I would buy a photo OP with him JUST so that I could do things to him/he to me!

    2. His ROCKIN’ body.

    3. His sense of humor. He’s one of the “cool” celebs…unlike *ehem* you know who.

    4. He IS Emmett. Perfectly cast.

    ❤ Happy Sunday!

  17. Im not sure if you guys have seen this, but do yourself a favour and go check it out 😉

  18. I usually don’t have the urge to touch men in creepy ways but if I were in a room with kellen I don’t think I would have control of my hands. The same way I would be most def putting my hands in Robs hair if he were around. I might just need to give it a little tug. (that’s what she said)

    • “I usually don’t have the urge to touch men in creepy ways”. LMAO!

      Sister, aint nothing creepy about it. It’s just mother nature blessing us with a beautiful man with a spectacular body, and it is NOT your fault if he is subconsciously asking for it…

  19. […] over on Letters to Twilight it’s Kellan Lutz Appreciation Day, LTT style of course. Click HERE to check out their post dedicated to Kellan. This is one of the Kellan videos they have up, […]

  20. […] to Twilight it’s “Kellan Lutz Appreciation Day”, LTT style of course. Click HERE to check out their post dedicated to Kellan. This is one of the Kellan videos they have up, […]

  21. He has a really cute dog. Moon, did you take that photo 😉 If you don’t already have a dog, you should get one and then be running with your dog (you know, in a sports bra, WalMart cami, and hoochie shorts, of course) right at the same time he is, and just happen to go at his pace and do one of those cute smile, bats for lashes thing (not their creepy furries video yipes) and say some clever/lame line like, “Hey, you run here often?” or “Can I jog with you? I’m trying to get in shape for my sultry hot tub date tonight.” I’m sure he’ll oblige you and let you run with him, and his cute dog, and maybe he’ll even let you have some water/gatorade in his house after that. Maybe even take a shower and wear one of his shirts…and a beanie. That’s normal.

    Give a whirl. I double dog dare you. (pun!)

    • Give it a whirl. (no whirltub pun intended, but, well, it fits, sort of.)

    • “in a sports bra, WalMart cami, and hoochie shorts, of course”

      OF COURSE, what else would i wear?!

      and i may just have to borrow a dog to do this and report back

  22. Oh, and I found this yesterday. It makes me so glad I don’t live in LA. People really do this?

  23. Yeah, I got to love Kellan. I usually go for the spray-on abs type though. I do find it funny that the chick who plays Vicki in the Vampire Diaries was in the Hinder video with Kellan.

  24. Not my type, but I wouldn’t kick him out of Rob’s bed.

  25. […] Kellan Lutz Appreciation Day Dear Kellan- Most people might not know but you were the very first person we ever wrote a letter to so you hold quite […] […]

  26. Funny you wrote Joi de livre instead of joie de vivre.
    Livre means book in French and when I look at him I don’t feel much like using a book …or maybe only the kama sutra 🙂

    • HHAHAHAHA i rule obviously. i swear i cant type or apparently spot check my posts. OOPS

      but he defs does have that joy of books

  27. i heart kellan SOOO much! my roommate (who despises my twilight obsession and threats to stage an intervention very often) thinks kellan is hot so i google lots of pics and try to lure him in that way.

    what’s funny is tonite i was watching the family channel (for some odd reason) watching cheesy movies and an old movie “stick it” came on… during my break from studying i looked up and who is on the screen? none other than a hot younger version of the hotness that is kellan lutz… weird!

    thanks for the great day devoted to him!

  28. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Kellan has a great personalality, seems pretty gorounded, enjoys a having a good time, not sure anyone looks better running in the morning with his dog, has a great laugh, I adore Kellan.

    He’s got a thousand watt smile and I hear he gives great hugs.. although I’m kind of an expert at hugs so I’m kinda thinking I might need to prove that one myself rather then take others at their word.. Kellan.. call me we’ll work out the details 🙂

    He’s that gorgeous guy friend most of us has had in our lives. You can hang out with him, laugh with him, be yourself with him and when life get you down you can get drunk with him and wake up the next morning the the same bed, not knowing or caring what really happened and how the hell he ended up wearing your panties.

    Kellan, I can appreciate you every day!

    • thumbs up for being a self proclaimed expert hugger and for this:

      “when life get you down you can get drunk with him and wake up the next morning the the same bed, not knowing or caring what really happened and how the hell he ended up wearing your panties.”

      you just spelled out my life girl!

  29. Awesome. I will probably dream about Kellan with the chainsaw tonight, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing right?

  30. TMZ had a shot of Kellan on Friday night, labeling him as a “VILF” and I mean, the shot was smokin’ hot. I think it was a shot of Kellan at the gym in VC. I had to laugh because first they showed the pic of Kellan totally buffed and then went to the shot of Rob in the plaza with his “abs”…LOL…

    Absolutely no comparison. But I’ll stick with Mr. Adorkable any day…Kellan’s sweet, so is Jackson, when Rob is unfiltered and free-flowin’, there’s nothing can take his place.

  31. KILLER SMILE, RIPPED ABS, GORGEOUS, THE SWEETEST PERSONALITY….. What more do you need to say He is my favourite after Rob and might i say Hilary Duff is a VERY lucky woman!!!!!!!!!!! We all love you Kellan!!!

  32. kellan is by far my fav! hes so cute and such a good ol boy if you know what i mean… lovs his dog and his truck…who doesnt love tht in a guy! love you kellan!

  33. there’s a Team Edward and a Team Jacob. WHY ISN’T THERE A TEAM EMMETT?!?!?!?!?

    just wonderin…cuz there really should be one.


  34. Kellan is almost perfect!!!!!!!!!!!

    He has a DAMN HOT body, a great smile, a great sense of humor, He loves animals, he is always wearing his smirk/smile that can bring me to my knees with how attractive he is, and he’s REAL. He’s not all like “Yeah, I am a big star” he is down to earth, and he appreciates his fans. He is the type of guy I always saw myself falling in love with a marrying

    Kellan Lutz Appreciation day? It is not not enough….we need Kellan Lutz Appreciation YEAR! Who is with me?????

    Notice I said almost perfect, he does have one single flaw….he smokes. But I have to say, if he didn’t smoke he would be perfect, and then I would think he wasn’t real because he would be too perfect…he is already damn close to pure perfection, and if he could just stop smoking, he would be completely and totally, flawlessly perfect in every way.

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