2nd hand embarassed- it’s getting worse, ya’ll


Dear Edward,

I’m sorry. This is weird.


And Rob, babe….seriously you need a new lawyer. Don’t let your contract be allowing this kind of nonsense.


Special thanks to JBell for finding this gem!

If you love this and want more, this special link is just for you- you can create your very own Twilight-inspired bedroom. But be sure to send us pics of the finished product so we can either laugh behind your back, or, if you’re lucky, post it on our site for all the world to laugh at.

Some crazy Twilighter got married

To the person who thought it would be cool to put a Breaking Dawn quote on their wedding picture,

Bella would never have those nails. And Edward’s perfect hands don’t look like that. I promise.


I’m not going to tell you who this is from b/c I’m so 2nd-hand embarassed that I’m hiding under a tree.

Big shout out to M-Styles for sending this to us! XO

25 Responses

  1. I am thinking whoever that is will be sleeping in that “single/twin bed” for quite some time with that lovely ensemble 😉

  2. This beautiful love story is being cheapened…daily…and it truly disturbs me. I love Twilight. We all love Twilight. But the tacky, over-the-top merchandising makes me cower in shame and second-hand embarrassment.

    Somewhere in Arizona, Stephenie Meyer is curled into the fetal position, slightly rocking herself while humming Jimmy Crack-Corn. She is NOT covered with an Edward comforter. And yes, she’s a bojillionaire…but that wouldn’t make me feel any better if I saw my creation moving far beyond the limits of accecptable commercialization. So she rocks…and she hums…

    The title y’all gave that picture is appropriate: Some Crazy Twilighter got married. Crazy…indeed.

  3. I mean is her father’s name Charlie? Her new husband Edward? Does he have some type of vascular disease or carpal tunnel that is making his hands cold..if not then this is disturbing…and if so please stop by my place of work..I have 5 surgeons who can help!

  4. LOL @ Leigh Anne!….so true!

    @ Brummielover – I was totally thinking the same thing…the quote is so ridiculous!

    Pocket Edward does not approve of the bedding. He hangs his head in shame. And whatever he says, is what I say.

  5. OMG, this is HILARIOUS!!

    Love your blog, ladies!

  6. NO, but seriously…if I walked in the room and I saw that bedding I would feel a little piece of me die. Rob is not meant to be part of cotton/poly blend stuffed with fiberfill.

  7. @Lauren…please tell Pocket Edward…”Look Away Edward..Look AWAY!

  8. @ Brummielover….already on it 🙂

  9. I’m thinkin’ that a person who owns this bed sheet set won’t be seein’ a whole lot of action. Ha ha. Alone yes- with s/o else, no.

  10. yeah, they are totally marketing to the teens with this one.
    i’m with Lauren, poor Rob’s face on awful fabric.

  11. If the owner of this bed set is an 8 year old girl, I have no qualms. She will be over it and on to something else in 4 months… hopefully.
    If the owner of this bed set is an 18 year old girl – and I make this assumption because it looks almost to be a dorm room – then…

    Dear Twilight Obsessed College Student,
    Get well soon.

    Lots of love & well wishes,

  12. *quietly cancels order*

  13. Can we discuss why it looks as though her ring has strategically placed stones so that it looks like they make the picture of a face? Or is it just me…

  14. Haha- I’m with you on the bedding. Unless they’re a mentally ill shut-in, no one over 15 should have that heh. OMG- would be hilarious to have that in a guest room, like as a shrine..then when people come over be all ‘This is your room…’

    @Brummie- my thoughts exactly. Unless by some coincidence her dads name is Charlie and her fiance is named Edward, this is kinda disturbing. Dude is totally whipped if he lets her get away with it too.

  15. @JBell- Haha! I didn’t notice that until you said something! I think it looks more like a pawprint.

  16. Ok, I love Twilight and all… I really do. But that wedding photo with the Breaking Dawn quote is just all kinds of wrong.

    But when it comes to cheesy Twilight merchandise… the more the better. I’ve got to get myself some of those new Twilight sweethearts!

  17. Oh yes, the bedding reminds me of the NKOTB stuff that was out when they were big. (Note, I didn NOT own the stuff, just saying it was out there) I can understand buying Bella’s bedding, that’s gorgeous, but Edward’s face the size of a blanket??? That’s just creepy. And the pillowcase, I realize he doesn’t have to breath unless he wants to, but I don’t see the enjoyment of laying your head on his face “suffocating” him.
    If I was going to have a “Twilight-inspired” bedroom, I’m thinking more something from Isle Esme…
    As for the wedding pic, that is just really crazy. Unless, like you’ve said, her dad is Charlie, her new hubs is Edward and he has some type of circulation problem…lol. Just weird. If she wanted to use a Twilight quote there are much better ways to go.

  18. I am allllll over the twilight sweethearts! lol

  19. […] 2nd hand embarassed- it’s getting worse, ya’ll « Letters to Twilight […]

  20. @Brummie I thought about her dad being Charlie and her husband being Edward too. The other thought I had was that they tought their wedding ring photo was so beautiful, and their love is so like Bella and Edward’s, that they thought we’d all like to use it as wallpaper or an avatar or something.

  21. :-/ 2nd Hand Embarrassed Indeed.

  22. LOL to ’86 Rabbit. They for sure think their hands are model-esque.
    ❤ M-styles

  23. I wonder if rob was aware this kind of mirchedice would be made and if not, does he realize what it means. People sitting on is face. masterbating, having sex on him. Haha!
    Even sweating, snoring, farting on him all those nasty thing some people do. eeew!

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