Some Dirt… the AnnaLynne McCord edition

and then I threw up

and then I threw up

Dear Kellan-

Could you please be a pal and keep your girlfriend/shag buddy/whatever she is outta all the Twilight news? Cause if I see her weird cat-face one more time yapping about anything Twi-related I think I’ll go nutty.

And besides I’m not sure she’s read the entire bible in 365 days. Just sayin.

Now onto the dirt!

And so it begins… AnnaLynne auditions for New Moon – ET Online

Hmmmmm hun, that guacamole tastes so good on your tongue.  – LA Rag Mag

Annie needs a break but wants to do a small role like Heidi during her hiatus – Hollyscoop

Someone considers themselves “HARDCORE” yet thinks Heidi is a “1000 yr old vampire” – MTV

annnnd that settles lil Orphan Annie won’t be playing Heidi, hot hardcore enough I would imagine: OK! Mag

Non Anna
Abandon Ship!!! – Convention at Sea

17 Responses

  1. Ick.
    That is just….
    Plain gross.

  2. She just drives me crazy ever since watching her on Nip/Tuck.
    But maybe she is a really nice girl?

  3. Hahaha I’ve had my go at her already. Proceed directly to Friday’s post if you wish to see my thoughts/comments on Sourpuss #3. 🙂

  4. ugh on Annalynne….I am LITERALLY DISGUSTED that she even auditioned. I hated her on nip/tuck. Every time I see her sour witchy-looking face I have the urge to slap that bitchy smirk off her face!

  5. @jbell who is sourpuss #2?

  6. Famewhore. She has to milk it I guess.

    Anyone else annoyed by her comments that she supported Twilight before it was famous and now that they are big she came back and said, “Remember me? I supported you when you were nobody.”


    Girlfriend, YOU are STILL a nobody

  7. I thought the receptionist was Gianna or something…and Heidi was a vampire who goes out and brings in tours for dinner…whoah…need to re-read Breaking Dawn apparently. :-/

  8. @Nataliae- I think you mean re-read New Moon. Gianna was the receptionist and Heidi is the vampire who lures unsuspecting tourists to the Volturi.

  9. I just think she would have made a really good Rosalie..ok well lets face it the ONLY reason Nikki got the role is because of her relationship with Catherine Hardwicke and her fake lesbian lover KStew….she doesn’t even resemble the character depicted by Stephenie in the series. I think she is the most miscast character out of the series. Ok stepping off the soap box 🙂

  10. @genevieve- if thats true i was totes wrong. OOPS. i thought heidi was the receptionist. time to go back and reread

  11. @moon i’m ashamed. heidi brought the ‘snacks’ for the whole gang. i hate anna but i do think she looks like heidi would prob look

    kellan- you listen to moon- she’s right- anna didn’t read the Bible in 365 days. ask her about the purpose driven life- i bet she hasn’t heard of that either.

  12. Kellan needs to get a new girlfriend. She’s gross is so many ways.

    @JBell- I think she now deserves to be Sourpuss #1.

  13. LOL…yes, thank you, that should read New Moon.

  14. Clearly trying to ride the coattails of Twilight to help her shitty acting career…isn’t he over yet?

  15. No LTT today? lol That’s okay… more ogling time over at LTR!

  16. @Brummielover You’re so right!

    Loved McCord in Nip\Tuck. Well, loved to hate her anyway. You have to admit she can play sexy bitch. I hope she’s really not that way.

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