Move over Rob, I’ll take Kellan

Robert Patti-who?

Robert Pattin-who?

Dear Kellan,

So, I’ve met you 3 times and I’ll stand in line for days to meet you 3 more times. I don’t get the whole hype on Rob. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the guy is amazingly gorgeous, but you are one of the sweetest people I have ever met. Is it totally crazy to think that someone’s kind personality can make them cuter than a so-called RPattz?


People out there need to realize that just because you don’t have greasy hair and a British accent doesn’t make you any less attractive. Oh, and I’m sorry, but I don’t think Rob’s body even compares to the one that you’ve got.


I’m all about Team Edward, but when it comes to the actors that play the characters in the book, it’s Team Kellan for me.

Someone needs to get that boy some oil blotting sheets pronto. He's start to grease up like Robbie

Someone needs to get this boy some oil blotting sheets pronto. He's starting to grease up like Robbie



*about TIME someone gave Kellan some love!

Interested in joining Kellan’s Bible study? Yeah, we are too

19 Responses

  1. Oh this is blasphemy! Well that leaves more Rob for all the rest of us.

    But yes, Kellan is a cutie too.

  2. Awwww! Kellan! I love me some Kellan, but he’s too much of a “dude” for me; too jock-ish. His girlfriend is Sourpuss numero 3 also, but I won’t hold that against him. it’s not his fault he likes high-maintenance Sourpuss’s. lol

    And to go with the caption on pic 2 – I
    present Kellan with: BLOT FILM!
    30 sheets, only $12.50 and they work like a charm! Got some in my bag right now. 🙂

  3. @Joleena – I meant to comment you too! As I was gonna say, that’s really awesome that you’ve met him THREE times! Are you stalking him? I mean, I wouldn’t judge you, I’d do the same thing for Rob if I had the ability and the resources…

  4. I just wanna ask him about youth group. And songs by Jars of Clay.

  5. @JBell – Agreed! Kellan is a hottie, but not my type at all. I like the rock star types, which I think Rob falls into.

    That greasy hair and accent just makes me even hotter for him. I love my boys dirty, both literally and figuratively speaking!

    That’s just one less girl I’ll have to fight off of him later, so kudos to you Joleena. I judge you not!!

  6. Forwarded this to my daughter because he’s been her fave since day one.

    Have to admit his attitude about the whole thing appeals to me, and it’d be nice if Rob took it all in stride, and with the same excitement about it all, as he seems to.

    But I’m good w/ the tortured, shy thing, too.

  7. @Valerie.. sucking wind while I was reading the letter I was trying to remember how to spell blasphemy!!!

    Joleena, watch out for lightening bolts

  8. @JBell. Kristin is Sourpuss 1 and What’sherface is Sourpuss 3. Who is Sourpuss 2??

  9. @JBell, I think I have grown into a habit of stalking Kellan, I’m not gonna lie. He’s pretty easy to find. Maybe that’s why I like him a little more.

    Oh, and people don’t get me wrong, I love me some RPattz, I just think some of the other Cullen boys need some love once in a while too.

  10. @JBell- LMAO! I love your comment ‘high maintenance sourpuss’s’ and ‘if I had the ability and resources’! So good- yeah, I think I’d do it too- so I’m right there with you.

  11. @Rhonika –
    Sourpuss #1 Kristen
    Sourpuss #2 Nikki Reed
    Sourpuss #3 Kellan’s GF
    But honestly, I kind of like Nikki Reed. I like her more than I like Kristen… and yes, I do like Kristen somewhere deep down in my cold and blackened heart. I only make her Sourpuss #2 because of her “acute fondness” for being fake lesbians with Kristen. Guilty by association as it were.

    @Joleena – LOL! “He’s pretty easy to find. Maybe that’s why I like him a little more.” hahahahah AMEN. I totally get it now!

    @Gen – I mean, I just sayin’. She’s so… plastic and fake looking. It looks like she takes 4 hours to get ready to go out somewhere. I’m all for looking great and I will admit that I can be slightly high maintenance, but I just like nice things and have high expectations. I don’t treat every day as if I were walking out the front door and down the runway at fashion week, but if I were in the spotlight (if you can call it that) like her, maybe I would be the same way? Who knows.

  12. I’m a Rob girl and will always be a Rob girl, but I do like Kellen. The way he plays Emmett is perfect!


  13. @Joleena- Love this post! He does look like a really nice guy and a cutie-pie. Lucky you to have seen/met/randomly bumped into/ stalked Kellen. Haha! You’re right- the other Cullen boys need our support (lovin’) too!

  14. what a stalker.

  15. @Joleena – I recognize your pic from the premiere with Kellan bc you sent it into our Cullen Boys Anonymous valentine video. It was awesome. Thanks for your submission. You are so right all the Cullen boys need some love!!!

  16. @JBell- I like Nikki, sometimes. She is guilty by association though.

    @Genevieve- Thanks! Yes ALL of the Cullen boys need their love.

    @Claracakes- Doing what I do best.

    @CBA- Yes I did! You guys rock too!

  17. LMAO !!! i love how you ladies call kellan’s gf sourpuss no.#3.yes,she does look high maintenance urgggg!!!!!

  18. Joleena, I’m all for your declaring your independence and signing up for Team Kellan, but all these pictures could be used against you in a stalking case. Just sayin’.

    I talked to him on the radio once(kiss fm) and that’s the closest I’ve gotten…..I have three pictures of him in my room and every day the first thing I see when I wake up is him!!! HES AMAZING

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