We’re 2nd hand embarrassed v3

Dear Crazy Insane Twilight Fangirl-

Get a freaking grip. You are the reason why a lot of us feel ashamed about liking this series, or have to preface any declaration of Twi-love with “but I’m normal” or “seriously, it’s a really great series” or “it’s not JUST about vampires.” You losing your shit after finishing Breaking Dawn isn’t helping the cause any.

The fact that you’re all snot faced and unintelligible for like half the video is mind blowing… did you really think your friends at school wouldn’t see this? Or people like us?! We’re sooooo 2nd hand embarrassed right now.

Please seek mental help… or a good tissue company like Kleenex

Love (i guess)
Me (themoonisdown)

If you dare…  watch her follow up video titled “Still crying two hours after Breaking Dawn” after the jump

“It’s the end people, it’s the end!! This is it! This is it! This is the last book! This is it, this is it! They’re over…”

You don’t say!

Dear god.

44 Responses

  1. OMG…..
    I mean I think I felt the same way but I didn’t feel the need to record myself and put it on youtube!
    And I think I was over it two hours after finishing Breaking Dawn…….um……okay, maybe three hours:)

  2. Holy cow, is this chick for real? I mean, I was possibly like that during chapter 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 of New Moon, but after Breaking Dawn? Weirdo.

  3. What is it about video cameras that make people lose all sense of….self respect? Is that the word I’m looking for? I feel a little bit better about myself I cried too, but in the privacy of my own home/bathroom/closet/laundry room like most normal people do.

  4. @Vickyb,

    Totally…pleas have some self-respect people!! hide in the closet, or in the downstairs powder room, don’t film your snot face and send it across the airwaves (note to self: forward all such videos I can find along with a detailed list of usernames, and actual names whenever possible, to Rob’s agent, therefore cutting the competition in 1/2 for Rob’s affection…God I’m sooo smart

  5. Mrs. P!!!! I have missed you. Are you finally done giving Rpattz his bath??? You are one smart cookie…eliminate the competition. First the crybabies and then the blondes….oh wait that was Edward (sorry blondes!)

  6. I always get second-hand embarrassd for people. This one sounds like one I’d just laugh at, though.

  7. And…I’d be surprised if she can find love after everyone sees that little stunt.

  8. There. Are. No. Words.


  9. She made a comment about “hope for losers like me” and I thought she hit the nail on the head… with the “loser” part. Yikes!

    @vickyb – I’m happy to dye my blond hair if necessary!! Don’t rule me out yet!

    Okay, I had the same reaction as the girl (crying), but damn, I did not feel the need to record myself & post it on youtube. Did this ever make it on “best week ever”?
    But, I do give the girl kudos for doing so.


  11. Oh…so that’s what Oprah means when she talks about the Ugly Cry.

  12. @Amber 🙂 That is true dedication right there.
    What we need to do is weed out the weak ones (i.e. the ones who vid themselves crying). The rest of us, like the TW newborns, will probably destroy each other if we ever do get close to rpattz. Especially if we keep working ourselves into a frenzy over these old pics. Geez!

    Rpattz if you can read this….Show Some Mercy….Show Yourself! Now!

  13. sure we’ve all sobbed like a baby during new moon and maybe 20 other spots but did we take it to the airwaves of the most popular video sharing site? no. we save that for here or in the bathroom. like vickyb said where normal people have a private moment.


  14. @moon, did you just call me “normal”. Good, I was starting to think that my obsessive love, for an unattainable male species so far out of my league that even if my husband did let me have one of those “list freebies” I’d still probably get shot down, was getting out of hand…whew!

  15. I cried like that all through New Moon and the wedding in BD, but GEEZ. I don’t tell many people that, you know some people just won’t get it. And even if you do get it, you still laugh at this.

    Second hand embarrassed is (one of ) my favorite things on here! Keep them coming!

  16. No wonder Rob’s hiding…..he probably saw this.

  17. This is a train wreck. I can’t look away.

    You know, I was almost too embarrassed to call OMB and tell him that I couldn’t go gaming (a Saturday ritual) because I’d been up all night reading and Edward was still gone and I was exhausted and worried because Edward was still gone and I didn’t know where he was and Bella might be falling in love with someone else! Yes, I sounded that tired and panicky, and yes he laughed at me. But I didn’t take video of the phone call and post it on the internet for all to see. Except in cases of needing to let loved ones know what I’m up to so they don’t put me on a milk carton, I try to keep my crazy to myself.

  18. @DevilishSouthernBelle–You called it. Completely. It’s looney fans such as this (and the creepy TwiMoms–you know, the ones who ask “Boxers or briefs?” in front of 6000 people) who make Rob and the rest of the cast want to flee the continent. I don’t blame ’em a bit.

  19. Dear crazy girl- you’re right.. there IS love out there for everyone- for average plain Janes’… but i promise you… none of the “love” available looks/thinks/acts like Edward….

    • Hey there everyone. I am a latecomer into the Twilight Saga, but I read all four books during the course of 6 days (sneaking chapters in during work – good thing my boss was okay with it – she wanted me to hurry and finish them so she could borrow each one! LOL)

      I just wanted to say here that sometimes us “losers” are not really losers, just blind to positive aspects (unless we youtube ourselves bawling over a frigging BOOK).

      I used to be a ‘loser’ but now my own dreams are on the path of coming true. And oddly enough, I have the most wonderful husband now – 6 feet tall, dark brown hair, brown-green eyes, and adores the crap out of me. And his name is Edward. No joke. (Although he hates being called that, it’s always Ed, or Eddie, or in my case, Babes.)

      Anyway, point is, ‘fantasy’ can, and does, come true sometimes. It just isn’t going to be in sparkly vampire form. LOL

  20. @vickyb – Dang, you don’t have a freebie list?!? I actually officially cleared it with the hubby to have Rob fill the void left by Heath Ledger. His exact words were, “Ugh, if its one of those guys from Twilight, I don’t care.” Now, all I heard was the part about not caring.

    I even wrote a letter to Rob about him being added to the freebie list, but haven’t sent it to uc or moon. Maybe I was first hand embarrassed…

  21. @christa- train wreck indeed! and thank you for knowing when to say NO when there was access to a video camera

    @amber – we’re waiting! 😀 a freebie list letter would be very good!

  22. @leigh anne – i cant stand those Q&A’s with fans, i cringe everytime i HAVe to turn them off especially when it dissolves into ‘bowers or briefs’ and ‘will you marry me/go to the prom with me’


  23. @moon – I will definitely send it to you guys! Right now, I’m too busy reading Breaking Dawn again and crying privately in my home whilst creating zero evidence of my obsession.

  24. @Leigh Anne…I heard something (not much) about the Twi-mom and the boxers or briefs question. Is there video of this somewhere, too? Poor guys. Or was it just poor Rob?

  25. This can’t be for real. Seriously! Why would anyone film themselves acting this way unless it was a joke?

  26. The Freebie List! That’s funny! I call it the Laminated List (Friends reference). OMB and I were discussing ours just the other night. Hehe.

  27. Just found this, although it is more WTF?? than embarrassing:

  28. wow. thats really all i can say.. is wow.
    yeah, i cried too, because it was a great ending, but also sad that it was ending.. but really? you have to post that on YOUTUBE with yourself bawling your eyes out and snot going everywhere?! theres just no words to explain how nutso that girl is!


  29. @sass, OME! Is that girl serious? First, I know she’s busy becoming a doctor so shouldn’t she be spending her free time studying anatomy or something instead of putting together lame videos to actors, or was that some sort of tourist time share video?
    I can’t believe someone would put there email out like that and expect a response.
    I think I am going to send Rob a vid of me and my kids and my husband hanging out in San Diego, at Sea World, The World Famous San Diego Zoo, eating Mexican food in Old Town and stuff then write something like, “I know we’re kind of different but still kind of the same…call me!” Wish Me Luck!

    @Amber, Oh I have a freebie list I’m just wondering if it will hold up in a court of law. When I put Rob on there I had to concede and let my husband put Megan Fox on his. I have to admit, he got me there. Whatever…if that’s the price I have to pay so be it! 🙂

    • @vickybonnett & @Amber: Mr. D and I have freebie lists too. It has room for 5 celebs (although Mr. D likes to say it’s 10 people- it’s not) Currently Rob has places #1-4 on mine and Adam Brody is #5. Mr. D has Megan on his too!!!! He’s even threatened to start a blog lettersto(naked)meganfox and I say GO AHEAD 🙂

  30. LMAO! Oh My God! That girl is a nut job. No wonder the poor man is in hiding. I feel so bad for him sometimes. Although, I will admit to a morbid fascination of watching these videos, lol. It’s kind of like the American Idol auditions… some people are so unbelievably disillusioned that it’s actually entertaining to watch, hee hee. But I still feel bad for Rob for having to deal with people like her in person. YIKES!

  31. @ christipie – In my letter to rob I totally referenced the Friends episode you speak of…”The One with Frank Jr.” Great minds think alike!

  32. Unintendchoice…hmm, I’m sure my husband would be on that blog in a heartbeat. Naked Megan Fox….pfft! If it keeps him busy so I can Twilight, whatevs!

  33. Hey Ladies…That video was hilarious in it’s sincerity…I hope Rob isn’t keen to EXPLODE….and I’m not sure, but does he have a thing with WATER(waterfalls/lakes/underwater caves)?? just wondering if she knows something we don’t! LOL 🙂

  34. dude what is it with boys and megan fox?! seriously, thats all i hear about. sure she has a nice body but she also kinda has a tranny face, no?

    @sass- WHAT is that video? she’s a doctor and doesnt have much time but writes out a letter and puts it to music that says shoes in spanish on youtube? so confused.

  35. @moon, she must have paused her Tivo during ER (everything I learned about medicine, I learned from Jon Stamos) to compose her letter and put it to music. See, and i thought Tivo was just for lazy people like me!

  36. Ok this is the sort of video that gets you restraining orders…seriously…LOL what a dumbass!!! I cried like a baby…scary face-snot nosed and all during NM but there is NO WAY in hades i’m posting that ish up…not if i ever plan to meet rpatz and have him not call the cops on my ass LOL

  37. It’s a shame Twi-crazies like this are giving us all a bad name.

  38. Seriously, don’t they realize that obsession is a form of art? Practice, people, practice!!

  39. *starts laughing hysterically*

    ….lol I’m sure a lot of pple cried reading the books but actually posting it up??….. she has some guts huh….or maybe its something else but seriously ROFL
    watching that almost made me want to start bawling too…. …. poor girl..she was in her sis bathroom crying for like two hours….haha … this is over … this is it… its the end…they r together forever and ever with a beautiful kid….erugh….PLEASE….

    *weirded out*

    thank god for Bella and Edward (and Rob of course) and normal sane people….

  40. The first 5 times I read this post, before I even saw the video, I was laughing hysterically in my living room by myself. And then I showed it to one of my TwiHoes and we were dying and crying it was so funny.

    Thanks for drawing the line between those of us who are obsessed with Twilight and those who are cah-razy nasty psycho. Yes, my husband may have been malnourished in the four days it took me to read the saga and my house may have been a mess and I may have spent enough on movie tickets to pay off our mortgage, but I can take pride in the fact that I am not THAT girl. Cause she’s crazygonuts. In a bad way.

  41. i just saw it and that was sad. i mean really….wow. wtc is her problem? i mean the book and movie is phenomenal but GOSH u don’t have to freakin cry about it. stuff like this makes me mad. see this is wat u get for being a twihard. u get ticked off cause of someone else’s foolishness. the crap? THE CRAP?

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