Another Unicorn sighting!

Guy at airport, rockin' a Twilight book

Guy at airport, rockin' a Twilight book

Dear Twilight,

On my way to Canada via Edmonton I saw this guy sitting reading Twilight. Of course, I was in shock.

He was alone. There was no girlfriend next to him reading New Moon. I really wanted to ask him who introduced him to Twilight and how is he liking it.

I finally got my boyfriend to read Twilight and now he’s on New Moon. He isn’t impressed but promised to read all books so we can talk about my favorite topic- Twilight:)

Twilight forever!

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20 Responses

  1. Faux-Unicorn! Notice he isn’t reading. He’s posing. It’s bait!

  2. Oh no not bait!!! Now it’s going to be even harder for the single girls to weed out the losers and find their real Edward! We are gong to have to come up with some sort of method, perhaps a quiz to see if they’ve actually been reading it or just using it to get some booty!

  3. hahaha! No he isn’t posing:) I have other pics of him actually reading but you can’t see the cover of the book very well. This was the only pic where you can see the cover.
    I wish I wasn’t so shy. When I finally got enough courage to go ask personal questions to a total stranger my flight was ready to board:)

  4. ANOTHER!!! i love unicorns!

    yea i think we all need to form the unicorn millitia and start asking these mythical creatures questions. Like… “what do you think about the juxtaposition between edward’s ‘cold’ descriptions and physicality vs jacob’s hot body and descriptions?” Is this Stephenie Meyer’s use of the archetype ‘light vs dark?’

    and if they answer that, then they can get admission into the club.

  5. I’m so tempted when I see someone with one of the Twilight books to go up and start talking to them about it. I want to make sure they are Team Edward (because how can you not be? It’s madness to be otherwise) and discuss various aspects of the books.

    Is it obvious I don’t have many friends? : )

  6. I love how he has one of the mass marketed ones that came out AFTER the movie. That mean’s he probably went and saw the movie, fell in love with it and just HAD to read the book!!

  7. Well moon if they can answer that then you should probably get their number and hook him up with one of your single female (or male) friends!

  8. Also, are airports just a breeding ground for unicorns?

  9. @wicky b – I AM SINGLE!!! hello ROB are you listening?!!

  10. @moon—my new mission in life: You+Rob=Happiness.


    I mean, he would love you. Longtime.

    And he would love me. And UC. We’re back to a menage a quad. Woo-woo!

  11. @leigh anne – omg you just made me a little light headed. i must lay down. you are my new hero. please fulfill your life mission and i will think about loaning him out for special occasions. aka our every other weekend menage a quad.

    i mean come on what could he NOT LOVE about me?? im around his age, i like GOOD music, i live in la la land where he can make his movies, i write a sometimes funny, semi creepy site about him ANNNNDDD i can quote CCM artist lyrics. this is like a match made in heaven.

  12. @moon, a match made in heaven indeed! Since he is always complaining about not getting any love we should start our own little for him. Of course we would make sure he got matched with you b/c you obviously are open to sharing. Now, if I could only get my husband to agree!

  13. @moon–Oh, my…we may need to rapidly age you just a bit. Because he never mentions anyone under the age of 30 in interviews…Tina Fey, Patricia Arquette…them gals is older than me! Well, he did mention Natalie Portman recently, but hello–who doesn’t want to make out with her?!?

    At any rate, I’m very happily married, but when you throw out traits such as great taste in tunes, a la la land locale, an awesome blog, AND the gift of quoting CCM lyrics…well, I think I may want to marry you. In a non-lesbian kind of way, that is.

    Where is UC tonight? I feel incomplete.

  14. @Moon – It’s official. It’s our mission in life to hook you and Rob up. And live vicariously through you. And hope you share, at least ocassionally.

    Wait…never mentions anyone under the age of 30? Hmm…maybe we should make it our mission to hook him up with me.

  15. i like where our heads are at people. let’s make this happen! 😉 and i will definitely loan him out for special occasions/birthdays/anniversaries/Hanukkah/arbor day… you know!

  16. @ moon I call dibs on Groundhog Day!

  17. Ooohhh… over 30? YES! I’m in like sin, lol. But I’ll share him with you Moon. 🙂

  18. I live in Edmonton and have yet to spot a UNICORN. Guess I’ll have to hang out at the airport or something?

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