You gotta get lost to find yourself… and other life moments

newmooncoverDear Twilighters and Twilosphy Majors-

So as most of you know I’m currently rereading New Moon (edit, now finished) and I’ve read a bunch of comments and talked to a lot of people who say ‘Oh I skip that one,” or “I don’t read the part where he leaves, it’s too sad.” And I got to thinking… You CAN’T skip that part or an entire portion of their story. The story of Bella and Edward HAS to have this pain, this strife, this separation to make it REAL. To make it last. You can’t go from zero to sixty in a couple chapters and expect a healthy relationship.

Let’s take this to a ‘real world’ scenario. It’s the same thing if you’re in a relationship with someone and it gets too physical too quick. There isn’t that history or trust that you’ve built to fall back on. It’s all based on the superficial.

Same with Bella and Edward, a lot of us think their relationship is rushed in Twilight and it kinda is. And they’re brought together, for the most part, based on the physical, he’s drawn to her scent in an animalistic way (read MS) not because she’s different or new or whatever we want to romanticize it as, it’s straight lust. And she’s drawn to him because he’s designed that way, he’s the predator. Everyone about him “draws her in.” Of course I’m not trying to downplay the other aspects of their relationship but on the surface this is how it began and that simply can’t sustain a relationship.

well, this sucks

well, this sucks

From the time Edward leaves in New Moon and says goodbye (pg 72) to the first time Bella sees him in Italy (pg 451) (and he traces her lips in the dark, SWOON UC!) it takes 379 pages to get there! 379 pages out of 563 Bella spends WITHOUT Edward. There is simply NO other way around it. She HAD to go through the darkest part of her life (her new moon if you will) to figure out, ‘yea I could live without him,’  ‘I could be happy being with Jacob,’ or ‘I can be alright being by myself.’

Chapter 4
“Time passes. Even when it seems impossible. Even when each tick of the second hand aches like the pulse of blood behind a bruise. It passes unevenly, in strange lurches and dragging lulls, but pass it does. Even for me.”

Dear God! If that doesn’t speak to people, I don’t know what could. We’ve all been through back break ups, we’ve had someone close to us pass away, we’ve been dumped, we’ve been left, we’ve been by ourselves. But time still moves on. Painfully, yes. But can you ever grow or learn things about yourself or be reborn without the pain? Without time marching on?

If Edward hadn’t abandoned Bella (and yes, he does!), if she hadn’t gone through the pain of losing him, of feeling as if he was dead,  we couldn’t have an Eclipse or all the stuff that happens in Breaking Dawn. None of it would be supported or believable without the character development, the emotional development that Bella goes through in New Moon.

sniff sniff

sniff sniff

I previously thought New Moon was a bit of a snooze, that it lacked the action that the other books have, especially Eclipse but I’ve come to realize I think the series needs New Moon to balance it out emotionally. We need to have Bella’s character fleshed out and this exposition is absolutely necessary.

If Eclipse is the action than New Moon is the heart.

This makes me beyond excited and anxious and nervous for the movie adaptation. Can KStew pull this off? From what we’ve seen of her she’s a bit of a wet blanket and flounders around in the Bella character throughout Twilight. Watching interviews of her and seeing her portray of Bella makes me think more and more that’s she’s just playing herself, she’s the KStew version of Bella and we all know how interesting THAT is. We shall see if she can pull off this level of emotional intensity.

Until next time, Class dismissed!
Me, (themoonisdown)

PS discussion topic: do you need a ‘watershed moment’ (an edward leaving/a death/a whatever) to force this kind of change or self discovery?

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42 Responses

  1. @moon–Oh, my dear…I penned an entire list called Things That Must Happen For A Better New Moon (after I had issues with some of the weaker scenes in Twilight) and near the top of that list is “Kristen Stewart–I implore you–capture the heart & soul of Bella!”

    ‘Cause everything you mentioned about her is spot-on. And I’m so glad there’s another out there who feels the same as me!

    Also–I’ve long said that New Moon is the soul of the series. We have to have it…there is no Saga without every single word of New Moon. Edward’s reemergence at the end is so much more delicious because of everything that takes place after he initially leaves. Sure, no one likes that he’s gone for most of the book. But that’s what makes the story!

    (And seriously–the movie better stick to the story, too–no fudging this one up, Summit, or there will be hell to pay!)

    So you are brilliant…if Eclipse is the action, New Moon is the heart. Well said!

  2. I agree with everything you’ve said, I just think that the separation could have played out in less than several hundred pages. And those were just the ones we read! There were several months that didn’t even have chapters. Or maybe I’m just bitter because it depressed me, and i’d spend each night reading until I fell asleep (I’m apparently not as fast a reader as some of you are!), and I’d go to sleep depressed. Night after night. I think this whole separation issue would have carried as much weight (with me, at least), even if it hadn’t dragged out so long in the book.

    Am I in the minority in hoping there’s more Edward in NM? I mean, there are plenty of ways to show what he’s up to without him and Bella being together.

    In answer to your question: yes, there needs to be a watershed moment, especially for Bella. I just wish it hadn’t lasted so long….


  3. I completely agree. Those 379 painful pages are what make us certain that Edward and Bella are Meant To Be, and not just lusty teens. They are drawn together physically and it all happens very fast, but they both grow during their time apart. They realize they could survive apart, but life will never be as good as when they were together. I think that is the definition of True Love.

    As for Kristen, when I learned she was cast as Bella, I immediately thought they were looking forward to New Moon. I wasn’t sure she could pull off Happy and In Love in Twilight, having only seen her play Moody and Angsty in other films. I’ve seen a few more of her films since then, and I think the stiffness and stammering she displayed in Twilight is a direction problem. More should have been asked of her. I hope this will be resolved under Chris Weitz. Also, New Moon’s Bella is going to be a more familiar part for Kristen because of the angst. I think she’ll be great.

    I hope that Chris Weitz recognizes that Bella is a very emotional sort. She blushes a lot. She cries when she’s angry. She lies on the ground in the rain when Edward rips out her heart and runs away with it. I hope this comes out more. Apparently either the writer of Twilight didn’t see this side of Bella or Catherine Hardwicke didn’t find it necessary. At least Bella attacked Edward when they first kissed.

  4. Damn. My avatar is gone again.

  5. @christapie–YES!!! I totally agree with your summation of Kristen in Twilight…I,too, thought it was a directing issue. My least favorite scene is Bella in the hospital, begging Edward not to leave…the stuttering, eye-blinking method just did not cut it for me.

    Now, I thought Kristen finally “found” Bella at the very end…the gazebo scene I’d love to know when that particular scene was shot (beginning of shooting, near the end, whatever), because it was the one time I was thinking, “YES–vulnerability, strength, fear, love–all in one facial expression–now THAT’S Bella!” And that’s what I want to see in New Moon. I have high hopes!

    @moon–look at all this Twilosophy you’ve got us discussing. Good job, professor!

  6. @leigh anne /christa – with each viewing of twilight the more and more i can’t stand kstews performance. like you said leigh anne, the stuttering the blinking the stammering, it was like watching a kristen interview. and the more i watch interviews with her the more i think kstew is just playing herself. PLAY BELLA.

    you could be quite right christa it could defs be a director issue, i’ve heard catherine hardwicke might not be the best at what she does and a lot of her ‘directing’ is saved by the DP and editor. but who knows. i can only cross my fingers and hope they get it right, or they will be crusified by the fans. i think the flubs on twilight were their one free pass. now it’s time to pay the piper.

    good job class!

  7. New Moon is my least favorite book in the series because of the separation. The first time I read it, it was so emotional for me because it reminded me of a time in my life when I had to move on from my first love. I was crying through Edward’s entire speech and then when the “Time passes…” began, that hit me hard. I know EXACTLY what that feels like. Just going through the motions of life until you get there again.

    I also just finished New Moon again, and I came away with a new found appreciation for it as well. It really is vital to the over all story.

    I think Kristen will do a good job in NM. I think she wants to do Bella justice, she just needs a better chance. I thought she was good in Twilight, but I really can’t wait to see what she does with this new material. I’m also looking forward to Rob’s performance (even though I’m going to bawl like a baby) and I really am excited for Taylor’s portrayal of Jacob.

    *sigh* November cannot come fast enough.

  8. Oh my, I think you could write a book about this. Twilight and Philosophy: A Journey of Romance in the Pacific Northwest.

    And I agree wholeheartedly that New Moon should be read in its entirety… the first time. Now when I read it, I do it “for fun”, which means I skip directly from chapter 2 to chapter 12. 🙂

  9. What a good topic for discussion!
    I agree that Kstew didn’t play Bella as well and it does seem to be alot of her own characteristics in the portrayal. On more than one occasion I have heard her say in interviews “she didn’t want it to be a teen movie” but guess what, you’re a TEEN playing a TEEN in a TEEN movie. I say that only because we have all gone through that with our first loves. When you are younger that first love is so intense and you feel everything so much more strongly. It seems like she is so against being seen as this stereotype but I think for this role she tried too hard and she wasn’t believable as a young person who has never been in love.

    @Leigh Anne the gazebo scene for me was also the scene that I really felt like Kstew nailed the “Bella” part. It was definitely her best performance.

    @moon, seriously, who actually watched that horrible hospital scene and said,”Okay people we got it, that’s a wrap”, seriously? I was a little second hand embarrassed there.

    Also, back to Leigh Anne’s comment. Mrs. P and I were talking about the ballet studio scene, and how we know that they filmed that first. What did you think about Rob’s performance there? I think if it would have been filmed closer to the end it would have been a lot better. I don’t think he was completely into the character yet so close to the beginning and you can kind of tell.

    Good Class!

  10. @vickybonnett–Um, totally–the hospital scene definitely qualifies for a second-hand embarrassed post! Oh, I cringe just thinking about it now.

    Here’s what’s evident…Summit just needs us on set in Canada, Italy, et. al. Clearly we are the people who could get the job done! And by the job I mean hanging with Rob. Oh, and working on the movie, too.

  11. Regarding all of this debate about “getting into character”, I think it was inevitable that Twilight, the movie, would be a bit of a learning experience for all involved. I am hopeful that in making New Moon, everyone involved will have shed their growing pains and be prepared to really dazzle us, so to speak. I don’t envy them, we are a particular lot!

    I am also wondering (and secretly hoping) if they somehow will work a few “Edward on the run” scenes into the movie…nothing major, perhaps showing us a few places where he was during his absence from Forks and the torment that he was going through. I think that might be one way they will be able to get in more screen time for Rob, without significantly compromising the true story.

    After rereading New Moon several times, I have come to appreciate it more. It definitely is a part of the series that has to be told as it is. I have a feeling that many of us have experienced the things that Bella has in this story, which is why it can be a bit sad and depressing to read. We need to know the absolute black hole that Bella was in before we can appreciate her and Edward’s true feelings for each other.

  12. Wow, I know you’ve been working on that post for awhile now Moon, and I’m so glad to finally read it! This would be a perfect time for me to add my 2cents, which are basically based on tons of quotes from the tragic beginning of the book. But, my baby sister still has my book (baby sister, please return it to me PRONTO)

    I’ve read through New Moon 3 times now (the 3rd being just last week- remember my picture waiting for the train?) and haven’t really liked it until now. I do understand the importance of it- I always have, but it was just so difficult…. and Bella’s words were so reminiscent of pain I’ve experienced that it just took me to a place I didn’t want to go. The quote you used from Ch. 4, Moon, is perfect for a synopsis of the book- and for life- for anyone who has experienced anything painful. Ah… it hurts thinking about it!

    I do hope Kstew can pull it off- and I can’t remember who said it- but you’re right… I think it’s going to be all about what Chris Weitz can help her with- the way he directs her.

    And as much as I want (and NEED) to see Edward in the film.. I think adding him in too much will make his reappearance in Italy less meaningful. The reason that is so beautiful is b/c we don’t hear ANYTHING from him for so long…

    Good class, Moon!

  13. @UC…in response to your last paragraph, about wanting and needing to see Edward in the film…the more I mull over it, the more I agree…the impact that his reappearance at the end of the movie will have would be quite powerful!

    I guess my shallow side just wants to see him in practically every scene, lol.

  14. Okay, that settles it, Stephenie Meyer is just going to have to finish writing Midnight Sun and then get to work, STAT, on writing New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn from Edward’s perspective as well.

    Too much to ask?

  15. New Moon is probably my second favorite in the series, behind Eclipse. I agree that the seperation needed to happen to provide a solid foundation for their relationship. And this is what allows them their “forever”. Obviously Bella learned that she couldn’t live without Edward, no matter how much she loved or could see a future with Jacob. But what did Edward learn? There is a huge shift in him as well…

    As mentioned, his first attraction to Bella was purely lust and animalistic. It grew and became more, but I don’t think he realized just how much until he left. Edward was being noble and left her to protect Bella. He thought he could leave her and be content to “just check in on her from time to time”. But he learned he wasn’t distracted as easily as he thought he would be. Edward even told Bella in Italy that she was surviving better than he was and he was giving up and coming back anyway. Carlisle told Edward that Bella had permanently changed him and I think that change was solidified in New Moon.

    The other thing is that both Bella and Edward had to go through the seperation and then end up in the same place: both knowing they couldn’t live without the other. One arriving at that place without the other wouldn’t have lasted either.

    And yes, I think there must be that watershed moment (whatever that might be for each individual) for that kind of change/self discovery. It’s the place where we finally are honest with ourselves.

  16. well, there is not much i can really add because how i feel about New Moon has basically been said throughout the course of all the comments.

    New Moon was definitely not at the top of my list after I read it the first time. The seperation was devastating to me. It also brought back painful memories for me. I’ve been there and thru that and it sucks. So having to read it thru someone else’s perspective who is thinking basically everything i thought, was hard. However, after reading it several times, and even tho i still cry every time, it is something that was definitely needed. They need to go thru that to come to realize how much they do love and need each other. And Bella also needed the dilemma of falling for Jacob, too, to realize that yes, she does love him, but she loves Edward more. That her love for Edward runs much deeper, and she can’t live without him.

    This brings me to Kristen. I also agree about her performance in Twilight. She was playing too much of herself. The stammering and all that really got on my nerves.. and it does when i watch her in interviews. However, I do hope that she will bring something more and better to New Moon.

    AND… about the whole thing with them adding scenes in New Moon showing where Edward is here and there… I want that, too, just to see Rob, but I also believe if they leave him out it is going to making the reunion so much more powerful and dramatic and great. because, yes, in the book we go without hearing from him at all thru the whole 379 pages, and it makes it that much better at the end.

    Anyway, I agree with who said it before.. November can in no way come fast enough!!!

  17. Wow…I can’t even add anything new to this discussion, I can only say “Ditto”–to everyone’s posts, and a special
    HEAR HEAR!! @Journey ~
    I’ve re-read NM 6 times probably, and now that I’m reading for fun, I can skip to the GOOD PART!!


  18. @cherry- YEAAAA cherry berry joins the comment crew!! everyone cherry is part of my moon family! 😀 can you tell we’ve discussed this before?!

  19. I think adding Edward scenes to New Moon would actually be a good thing. Obviously this makes the studio happy because they must be nervous not to have heart-thRob in the movie so much. They must be reading the boards and must be aware how hard New Moon is on all of us.

    I’ve read a deleted scene or two on Steph’s website that show Edward’s state of mind while he’s gone. If they put stuff like that in the movie they can definitely pull off having Edward show up a couple times (I’m thinking like once or twice just real quick), and have their reunion in Volterra be just as emotionally charged. We’ll be seeing two people’s pain, instead of just one. I don’t think that will take away from the reunion at all. They are still separated and miserable.

  20. @christapie – In total agreement.

    I have also read those “deleted scenes” and I think those could easily be added to give Rob a bit more face time. They are not huge scenes, but give so much perspective to what Edward is also going through during this tragic time. I don’t think using those would be too much different then Stephanie sharing Midnight Sun with them while filming Twilight to help give Rob perspective.

  21. BTW..If anyone hasn’t gone and read all the deleted scenes, extras, etc. Stephanie has on her site (which I’m sure you all have!), you should drop everything you are doing and read them now. Not only do they help curb the Twilight cravings, but they give some great perspectives we can’t see from Bella’s view point.

    Plus, some are just funny! 🙂

  22. @christapie, @amber…I couldn’t agree more. Plus, if they show what Edward is up to, even for brief moments, those who haven’t read the book might not just get the impression that he left and is okay with it. IMO, people will need to see that the separation was hard on him, too, or this whole Italy thing will just probably just seem confusing. Especially if moviemakers continue to leave out key scenes up to that point.

  23. Thanks for the tip, I did not realize her website had those, I will definitely check those out!

  24. I wasn’t aware of the deleted scenes, either. In fact, someone had to send me the link to Midnight Sun…I was only able to find the first chapter on her site on my own.

  25. @Amber – Thanks for the heads up. I can’t wait to read the outtakes.

    @Moon – I thought the write up was awesome. Such insight! I also believe we need those watershed moment to truly appreciate happiness when we’ve got it.

  26. There are tons of outtakes on Steph’s site. Definitely read them if you haven’t. Amber is right, some are just plain funny!

  27. Gah! Changing my name didn’t help the avatar situation. I give up.

  28. @devilish – When you get to Stephanie’s sight, click Twilight Series on the menu to the left, then click either Twilight or New Moon (they are the only ones with deleted scenes and/or extras), then on the menu to the left you will see ‘Outtakes’ or ‘Extras’.

    Hope that helps you get there! Also, ‘The Story’ and ‘FAQ’ for each book are pretty good too. They are not actually part of the story, but Stephanie’s take on the story and her answering the questions she gets asked most often when she’s signing books.

    Can you tell that read every word written on her website?!? 🙂

  29. Okay, I just read the extra “Rosalie’s News” from New Moon. Again, I must stress how badly I want her to rewrite all of these books from Edward’s perspective.

    And I vow never again to read any of Edward’s tormentuous thoughts while listening to Coldplay’s “A Message”.


  30. @Amber…thanks so much for the info! I will definitely head over there as soon as I get some downtime.

  31. @themoonisdown
    I couldn’t agree more with your post. I too found New Moon depressing/heartbreaking in the beginning but I am now reading it for the 5th time and each time I read it I enjoy it more and more. It says something when a book can move you to tears. It means that it is a darn good book! I agree, they have to go through the pain to get where they end up. Does that make sense?
    I also found KStew’s perfomance (dialogue) lacking in Twilight. I also found a few scene’s in Twilight strange like the one where the Cullen family say “here comes the human” and they all start smirking/chuckling. Or ‘get a whiff of that’. How about during the same scene when Bella mentions if she turned out to be the meal and they all start laughing. Was that weird or what?
    Hopefully we’ll get a better performance from KStew for New Moon being that she in integral to this book (movie). Thx for letting me voice my opinion. I am serious fan of all things Twilight!

  32. wow, those thoughts on kstew….it’s like you read my mind. my sister and i have been trying to think who we would want to play bella other than the depressive and stoned actress currently playing her. we are having a hard time coming up with someone. at the same time, i do kind of want to see krissy finish out the series as the character.

    • @bec when i saw your name i said “i have a friend named bec” then i realized you ARE THAT FRIEND! girls, meet bec- my friend since birth.
      and i love that you called her krissy

  33. @bec- you know what? It could be the fault of the script (writers) who did not convey Bella’s character as she comes across in the books. For one thing, she speaks more in the books than in the movie. Hopefully the writers will give her more dialogue in NM and she can perform like she’s supposed to.

  34. yeah
    i totally agreed on what u’ve said
    u can tell that it is balance.
    for me it is the most tragic but still the most romantic book
    and about kstew bringing bella to life
    i doubted, you know,
    she cant even cry
    in this film, she must cry….
    a lot
    we should see tears, not wrinkles in her forehead.
    one of my anticipated film.

  35. I find myself in agreement with most of the comments above. As someone who came to Twilight after watching the films, I was shocked by the fact that Rob’s intensity pulled me in more then KStew (I really do love her films). But I would agree that there was a lot of problems with directing, and a few cuts here and there could’ve helped the script in Twilight.

    Considering some of Katherine’s previous works (Thirteen, Lords of Dogtown), she’s not that solid at capturing characters, as she is at capturing mood; which is why after watching Twilight, I had to read the books. She’s also has a flair for finding young talent.

    I’m a little frightened, because I’m not sure of Chris as a director. The only thing I know is that he has more range with the projects he’s done previously, and hopefully that will enable him to pull emotional performances out of the actors, has well as great special effects and locations (don’t doubt him on that).

    I’m just looking forward to see what Taylor does with Jacob, because being so young, he’s putting a lot on himself for this character. I also hope that KStew gets over the “shame” of being in a teen film, and just let’s loose in this one.

    • @nikki78 THANKS for your thoughts- and for reading (and commenting) i was talking to a friend the other day who asked if they started filming yet. i said no, but they will start soon. then she asked when new moon will be released and I told her Nov. she was SHOCKED… I guess since we’ve known that for so long- we’re over that piece of news, but it does concern me a bit that they are REALLY pushing to get the film out fast… Not that I want to wait past November.. but I do hope Chris can pull it off!!

  36. Oh, this is great – fascinating discussion. I’ll try not to re-tread a lot of the same ground that others have already covered, but I agree with the main idea behind Moon’s original post – as painful as Bella and Edward’s seperation is (when I originally read New Moon, Bella going through all that she does actually made me feel sick to my stomach, to the point where it was hard to keep reading for a couple of days), it has to be there, and the story is better for it in the long run.

    @ christapie & Amber – I think the two of you made the best case for including a couple of scenes with Edward in the movie during their time apart. I can definitely see both sides of that debate, because, as the two of you said, they could potentially make the emotions on display during the last few chapters of the book much more potent, as the viewer would be able to reference what Edward went through, as well as what Bella went through.

    However – I’m still kind of reticent towards the idea, for a couple of different reasons. It’s not really fair to judge a movie that hasn’t been made yet based on one made by a different director, but I think back to the couple of scenes in Twilight where we see James, Laurent, and Victoria before they meet the Cullens during the baseball game (the scene at the factory and the scene at the boat docks). Those scenes weren’t in the book, and while they accomplished what was, presumably, the filmmakers’ main thought behind including them (to establish a threat), they still felt a bit “tacked on”, in my opinion. Since that whole middle section of New Moon is so serious and so emotional for Bella, and because the movie will hopefully be presented like that, Chris Weitz and the others would just have to be extremely careful with adding anything.

    Also, if you’re someone who believes the movie should absolutely be true to the book, in every way possible, the argument could be made that, since the reader experiences New Moon through Bella’s perspective, then the same should hold true for the movie audience. When Edward leaves, the reader feels this from much the same perspective as Bella: it’s jarring, it’s heart-breaking, it’s brutal, and it’s just nearly unbelievable. One could argue that anyone who sees the film should feel exactly the same way that Bella does, without reprieve. She doesn’t get any glimpses of Edward while he’s away, or moments with him, so why should we?

    So yeah – like I said earlier, I think both sides of that idea have a lot of solid ground to stand on when making their cases. I guess it sort of depends on just how literally you want the filmmakers to stay true to the book.

    And I can see what you guys (well, by “guys”, I guess I actually mean “ladies”, lol) mean, as far as Kristen’s performance is concerned. I also think, though, going off of something Genevieve mentioned, that the criticism that’s been voiced isn’t entirely Kristen’s fault. To me, one of the reasons so many have voiced ill will towards the way Kristen portrays Bella is because, logically speaking, some of the progressions her character makes just aren’t explained as much as they should be, and some people take that notion and link it to her performance. That’s not her fault – it’s because, and I think a lot of people forget this, there isn’t really a good way for movies to show inner monologue. In the first book, a tremendous amount of Bella’s thoughts and ideas aren’t dialogue at all, at least not in the conversations the book shows. They happen in her head, and we, as readers, are privy to them because of inner monologue. Movies, by nature, can’t really do that. The closest approximation filmmakers have is narration, but, for obvious reasons, most movies based on books don’t want the voice of one of the characters constantly talking over everything. Twilight suffered because of this, even with the narration that they did include, like at the beginning, and the “About three things I was absolutely positive…” quote.


  37. I think that the first movie was awesome, I love it so much! I hope all the movies are just as good or even better. The people they chose to play edward and bella were perfect. If the actors get changed, I’m gonna get really mad. They are perfect for their character rules. I think that anyone that thinks the movies or books suck, they must think that ,movies that are retarded are good and awesome movies suck. Anyone who loves the twilight series, rock on! You know how to pick books and movies.

  38. […] We even cried when they broke up (be honest!) and we cheered when they got back together (FINALLY 379 pages later!). We jumped up and down when Bella finally gave in and accepted Edward’s proposal. We maybe […]

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