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Dear Twilight,

It’s been over a month at our new home at LetterstoTwilight.com and we love it, but we’re dumbfounded why people still think they can find new letters to you here. You know where to find us. Now let’s help the 5,000 plus people who still stop here daily to find new letters to you!

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UC & Moon


4 Responses

  1. Hi!!! Stephanie!!!! I’m in Forks right now as we speak. I’m staying in the Cullen house. Very beautiful. I’m interested in maybe a book 5, for the Twlight Saga. Alice and Emmett never expained how they both became vampires. Jacob, has imprinted on Bella’s child. What is to become of both of them. If I’m wrong on my information, let me know. You inspired me to write my book. I’m on chapter 3. I’m making up my spooky character. Something new., for the public to read. Luv ya!!!!! Brandy

  2. Does anyone know how to contact stephenie Meyer because I have found a fault and my friends have told me to email it to her (Stephenie).

  3. dear stephanie meyer i was just wondering if you could maybe make an alternative ending to twilight. im a really big fan of team jacob and i really think that bella wouldve been happier with him and they couldve had a bunch of little black-haired children, and she wouldnt have to change herself for jacob like she did for edward.
    p.s. please dont leave this message unatendeded to because i would really like an answer so please email me at kashya@gmx.com
    liz 🙂

  4. Stephanie Meyer you have made the best books ever! I’m 18 and I am head over heels with Twilight. I really wish you would continue on with it. I can’t wait till Breaking Dawn is out in theaters. But I’m pretty sure I’m going to be sad at the end since there won’t be anymore.

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