Letters To Twilight DOT com!

Dear Twilight,

Can you Tell Stephenie Meyer to Tell Buttcrack Santa to tell Tequila Tomas to tell Bella to tell Edward to come over and show me the leg hitch to tell the THOUSANDS of people still coming here to read Letters to you that we no longer write them here but instead write them at:


Thank you!


Update your bookmarks: LetterstoTwilight.com

Update your feed in your blog reader: LetterstoTwilight.com/feed

Having trouble reading the new site? Comment here & we’ll see what we can do to help!

4 Responses

  1. Ummmm I don’t know if anyone else is haveing this problem… but every time I try and add (LetterstoTwilight.com) to my Google reader… It for some unknown reason saves it as (LetterstoTwilight.wordpress.com) Anyone else’s Google Reader acting all wonky like?

    • amanda…. I haven’t heard that in a READER but that happened in someone’s links to us on their blog. try this- Go directly to LetterstoTwilight.com and once you’re on our new site- look on the right hand side for this: rss and click it- that’s our feed. Depending on your browser you’re using it might let you add it to your reader right from there OR take the URL of our feed and put THAT into your reader! Does that make sense? Email me at letterstotwilight@gmail.com if not & i’ll try to explain better!!

  2. Ooops. I just came here too.

    *blushes* The shame..

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