UC & Moon: Bring it on

Dear LTT readers,

I know it seems SO romantic. Two girls meet at music school and don’t become friends. Years later they reconnect randomly online. Their friendship grows slowly and then intensifies over a shared passion for a vampire love story and its leading man. One day that passion turns into a blog to be shared with “one or two close friends.” And ten and 1/2 months later we’ve become UC & Moon- former frenemies turned creative partners. Countless hours, laughs & tears turned an idea from a boring December day at work into a community we both love & are proud of. Great story, right? Yeah, it’s not that perfect. You see, Moon & I clash. We fight. We stamp our feet. We throw temper tantrums. We act like kids when we don’t get our way. We aren’t former frenemies for no reason. We don’t want to hide this from you. We feel like we’re painting a picture of perfection that is so untrue. So today we bring you: UC & Moon: Bring it on

Brooke: Are you guys excited that your teams are playing each other today?
UC: duh of course. I’ve been texting “Bring it” to Moon every 5 minutes
: And my auto response I’ve set up is “OH it’s already been broughten!”
UC: it’s getting pretty intense up in here
Moon: Just the way we like it! Can you feel the tremors of my teams rage?!
: But we all know at the end of the day, my team wins
Brooke: so who do you think will win? What’s your team got that the other doesn’t?
UC: Duh. Mine sparkles
Moon: Eff the sparkles! We can play any time of the day! All your team throws are glitter bombs, we’ve got heat
: Ugh, guys.. wait a sec—
UC: Well, mine has a PERFECT body (not to mention is of LEGAL age)
Moon: We’ve got social security cards and birth dates that were issued within the past 2 decades
: We don’t die
Moon: we won’t break!
UC: We make tweed look HOT
Moon: We mend in like 5 minutes
UC: We don’t need to mend
Moon: We ROCK JORTS like no ones every rocked a pair of cut off denim shorts
UC: We don’t need to BATHE
Moon: well thats just gross

You should see us in Jorts

You should see us in Jorts

Brooke: UC? Moon?
: At the end of the day WE get the girl. ON isle Esme. We DO it with her. MANY TIMES (wow. I am a girl and i just said that) Uh….scratch that
: we have tattoos!
: We have a crest and the girls get it dyed on their hoo ha
: you are gay
: You are small and smell like a wet dog
: small? We’re like 6’7″
: Yeah whatever
: you look UP to us
: You hang out with a pack of BOYS and a potentially lesbian girl. YOU’RE the gay one
: YOU’RE A VIRGIN and have been for 100 years
: YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH A CHILD and should be thrown in jail. Not to mention it’s MY Team’s Child. That we made. When we BANGED your former love

Brooke: GIRLS

Find out who wins the fight (I do) after the jump!

At least I WASH my lucious locks

At least I WASH my lucious locks

Moon: Girls BEG you to get it on with them and you refuse! WHO’s the closet case?
: You’re the FRIEND who gets the snuggles and to cheer the sad heart… but at the end of the day, I see the expensive French lingerie.
: you LEFT her in a forest! and ran off to beg some old ass vampires to kill you like a lil’ bitch
: You drive a VW rabbit. Who’s the lil bitch?
: I built that damn car with my hands!
: You’re a dude who works on CARS and will be on the ‘res’ his whole life. I went to HARVARD. SIX TIMES
: and you’re STILL a VIRGIN. Harvard doesn’t make you cool- it makes you a nerd

Moon: Dude it was YOUR nomad freaks who killed our town santa claus! Nevermind that he often showed a little crack. Who the eff are we going to get our little bottles from now?
: I don’t NEED a Santa to give me little bottles. I can walk into a liquor store and dazzle the clerk into giving them to me for free!
: but you DRINK BLOOD so it’s a waste
: You eat Animal carcass RAW- the MEAT!!! I throw out the meat, and look hot doing it
: F*CK YEAH! We’re red-blooded American MEN (and one potentially lesbian female). Throw that meat on the grill

Brooke: I’ll just be here.. waiting for you to stop
: You’re all pansy, soy-eating vegetarians
: The guy who PLAYS the lead on MY team may or may not be effing a really hot chick (who your Team jacks off to thinking of)
: The dude who plays the lead on MY team, Taylor may or may not be effing a chick with the SAME first name! Talk about AWESOME
: And by EFFING I’m sure you mean dry humping b/c he doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s a child who is is dry humping in the back of a VW Rabbit
: sex can wait, masturbate
: They’re humping like rabbits in the back of a rabbit!!!
: at least she won’t have a tabloid cover about being pregnant! Plus- dry humping to “You were meant for me” is romantic

Whos your daddy

Who's your daddy

UC: My teams’ real life dad is named Dick. Talk about a Manly name. Yours bought out all the Vancouver area’s McDonald’s fish filet sammys
: it’s called preserving the ECONOMY! If McDonalds stays in business we ALL win
: Uh, I think my Team preserves the economy by it’s sale of sexual paraphernalia. Yours uses up all our country’s resources with Chris Hansen busting down doors and throwing people in jail.
: We breathed new life into the denim market. Jorts in October, WHO KNEW?
: Well, when you’re a sweaty dog it makes sense

Brooke: OKAY I’M GONNA STOP YOU RIGHT THERE. Cuz you’re driving me insane
: WHY?! I was just getting warmed up
: Seriously.. pick a side Brookie. This is fun
: yeah, it seems great. but you’re idiots
: Today.. the Philadelphia Phillies play the Los Angeles Dodgers in LA. Moon- you are from LA. UC- you are from Philly. What is wrong with you girls?


Go Phillies!

Go Phillies!

Brooke: Don’t you care about America’s favorite past-time?
: I like Vampires. And Rob
: So you’re saying Team Jacob and Team Edward aren’t playing each other??
: I’m mad at Moon now. I’m all worked up. Why didn’t you interrupt us, Brookie?
: Oh it’s being brought
: Your fans are moms and crazy single chicks. Team Jacob’s are teen girls and internet pervs! Never underestimate the power of a screaming 14 yr old and a person named itslegalifitslove69
: Um.. they’re called MILFs for a reason. They’re Moms you wanna EFF
: are you SURE about that?
: Hell no. Some of them scare me and my team
: me too!

Boo Dodgers!

Boo Dodgers!

UC: Fine you win. Teen fans are so much better
: Really? Screaming delusional young girls who think men just want romance are better than screaming adults who know they just want sex and are okay with it?
How about we call it a truce.
UC: And run for cover because we just offended EVERYONE in the Twilight fanbase!!!

Go Phillies!
Love UnintendedChoice

You only WISH you could hear our trash talking through texting during the game today!

To clarify, Moon & I weren’t frenemies. Just not friends. And we DON’T fight like this. But we DO disagree. And then we figure it out. It’s basically the most healthy relationship I’ve ever had! AWWW Love you Moonie!

And thanks Brooke, for telling Moon & I that our teams are playing each other today. And seriously. Isn’t the LA team called the Angels? I’m so confused…….

Talk about baseball, Jasper holding the bat or fight with your friends on The Forum
I can’t even express the epicness of what Moon did over on LTR

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286 Responses

  1. DODGERS for the win!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh and for the record im not team jacob (most days). i just had the pleasure of arguing for his team.

    for whatever reason this made me laugh really hard:

    “I know it seems SO romantic. Two girls meet at music school and don’t become friends.”


    oh and are they REALLY playing or did brooke just make that up?

    • haha. i hope you’re kidding. even I know they’re really playing

      • TODAY??

        • Yes TODAY! 8pm EST – Prepare for my texts – You are going down. (even though you don’t care)

  2. ROFL!!!!
    You chicas are effing hilarious.
    Seriously, I’m soo tired and dying to go to bed but I HAD to stay up til now (10pm) to read the latest post.
    Cos it’s awesome.

    Love love!

  3. You guys would so rule at debate team. Those arguments were absolutely flawless.

    And both of your lack of sports knowledge astounds me.

    Moonie, please ask UC about who she THINKs plays for the Phillies. *shakes head* She kills me.


    PS. I love the Philly Phanatic … from a distance (up close it’s very scary!)

    • What is the mascot supposed to be?? Is it just someo kind of critter from the manager’s imagination? It’s like a giant muppet gone terribly wrong…

      • it’s a phanatic, Katie S. Don’t question the Phanatic

        ( he blows this thing (like a birthday party blow thing) in your face when you’re a little kid and freaks you the heck out. I’m still afraid of the thing. seriously)

      • He is only the best mascot in sports!?!


        Seriously, I can watch the phanatic for hours at a time. He does this belly roll this… omg… giggling just thinking about it!

        Just watch this and tell me how you can resist??

        • TECHNICALLY, the San Diego Chicken is the BEST* mascot in sports…but I personally like the Phanatic better.

          *apparently there is an independent voting board, like the Nobel Peace Prize that votes on this.

        • Phanatic FTW…I ❤ him!!!

          Go Phils!!

          PS – I'm a total bandwagon jumper. I do love the Phils but don't pay attention 'til the end.

        • He reminds me of Stuff from the Magic. Who creeped me out when I was a kid, too.

        • LMAO@ the belly roll.

          btw – my two cats are named after Detroit mascots. Roary and Hooper (from the Lions & Pistons)

          Check out their cuteness: http://www.twitpic.com/hslxy

          • i love them so much

    • phanatic = lamest mascot ever


      • Clearly you did not watch the video. Not only can he dance (and do the belly roll), he taunts other teams. He was even tackled once by Tommy Lasorda. If you don’t know who that is, you cannot route for the dodgers at all.

        • i guarantee she has no idea

  4. “And seriously. Isn’t the LA team called the Angels? I’m so confused…….” SRSLY?? lol

    See I picked the most random part of that entire article to get all offended by….hahahahaa


    • no i’m serious.. WHO are the angels!?

      • Anaheim

      • When I was a kid, I remember them being called the California Angels. Then they were the Anaheim Angels. Now they’re the L.A. Angels??? And wasn’t there a really bad Disney movie about them?

        • Yes, Angels in the Outfield.

          The Dodgers started out in 1890 in Brooklyn and won the pennant their first year playing. On Aug. 30, 1900, Bill Dahlen sets a club record with two triples in the eighth inning of a 14-3 win over the Phillies. On Sept. 3, 1906, the Dodgers enjoy a lopsided, 18-0 victory over Philadelphia. The Dodgers played an exhibition game against New York on April 5, 1913 for the unofficial opening of the field. On April 9, the Dodgers dedicated 18,000-seat Ebbets Field in a game against the Phillies. And so forth.

          The Dodgers moved to LA in 1958.

          • Wow! I knew the Dodgers started in Brooklyn, but I had no idea this was such a big rivalry… this is what happens when you grow up in the Midwest. Crosstown Classic, anyone?

            Wait, did Angels in the Outfield involve Christopher Lloyd in some capacity?

          • I don’t know. I blocked that movie out.

      • Anaheim Angels. LA Dodgers. As a born-and-raised Bay Area Gal, I must part ways with Moon here. I’m a Giants Fan, and under no circumstances can I cheer for the Dodgers. So today it’s Go Phillies for me!!

        • Well said, lapushbaby! I can only cheer for the Dodgers losing. Oakland is my one true baseball love, so I hate Anaheim too, all the more so since they beat the Giants in 2002.

          Go Phillies!

      • Technically, the “official” team name is the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim which is bunk because they are from the OC. The owner wanted to draw in a larger fanbase by tacking on the LA to it, even though LA has its own team (the dodgers) and it’s just wrong. Seriously, there was litigation.

        Sorry, I’m from Anaheim, so go Angels (they play the Yankees tomorrow), but this post wins hard! 🙂

        • They were founded by Gene Autry right? Now owned by Disney?

          • Yep, Gene Autry was the first owner. Then They were owned by Disney, hence the movie Angels in the Outfield, but then the team was sold to Arte Moreno a few years ago. Same thing with formerly Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, not owned by disney anymore.

          • Right with the Mighty Ducks. And thank god because now their jerseys don’t majorly suck. Plus, seated eighth, they kicked the first-seated San Jose Sharks’ butts in the playoffs last year. I was all, “I can’t believe the Sharks lost to a bunch of quacks!”

            And while the Flyers didn’t get past round one of the play-offs last year (Go Penguins!) they still made it in, unlike that group of kids some people call the Kings.

  5. That whole effing thing was hilarious.

    “You’re a dude who works on CARS and will be on the ‘res’ his whole life. I went to HARVARD. SIX TIMES”


    Btw, I met a unicorn on FB last night when I posted the cheesiest HP joke ever. I went to Elementary school with him! Who knew?

    • ‘SIX TIMES’ – my fave bit too.

      That was effin hilarious ladies.

      We all know Edward OWNS. Cullens for the win!

    • Are you going to leave Mr Fang for him? Could be worth it…

      Last night I was driving me and my SO to B&N to go read NM and I passed the $3 theater and saw the HP6 is finally being played there and I yeslled “Oh my god!” so loud that my SO thought I’d just witnessed someone dying. I didn’t realize I was going to be that excited.

      • Nope. No leaving Mr. Fang today. It is our 6 year dating anniversary! Together since we were 16 and oh so naive. 😀

        You have not seen HP6 yet? Blasphemy!

        • love the idea that at 22 you are no longer naive!

          • I love it too!


          • Mrs. Fang, this is when you pull out that line from Juno: “I have a four year old, what other shenanigans could I be getting into?”

            ps-your daughter is so friggin’ cute (if she’s the one on your twitter bg, otherwise, that girl is so friggin’ cute!)

          • Yes that is my little girlly. She is cute, huh?

            I am not one to pull pictures of random children and place them on twitter. Not my style. 😉

          • Oh & Juno is my life story. (except I kept the baby!)

            Crazy. I know.

        • Of course I’ve seen HP6! PUH-LEEZE! I was at the midnight showing! I squeed and grabbed my SO’s arm when the NM trailer came on, even though I’d already seen it like 50 times.

          But now it’s in the $3 theater that serves good beer and delicious tater tots. And I can walk to it! I’m jobless, so I’ve been putting off seeing it again until it was only $3.

          • Good. I didn’t want to have to “unfollow” you on twitter!

        • happy 6 years btw!

  6. And it WAS broughten…with this right here:
    “UC: YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH A CHILD and should be thrown in jail. Not to mention it’s MY Team’s Child. That we made. When we BANGED your former love ”

    Game Over Mario. The princess is in another castle!

    And in 5 minutes my Blackberry is going to blow up with words from Brooke. The Philly Phanatic scares me. I wish they’d come up with a new something. Maybe give him an Extreme Makeover. I have one that was handmade like 35 years ago(yes, I’m serious) and he sits in a closet. Because he looks like he has a parka…on his NOSE….and it scares me. He will never go in the ‘pet net’ on display. Ever. (Even dissing the mascot I’m still a Philly girl so don’t break BBM, Brookie…Fluffer loves you.)

    • I did just send you a BBM and i can’t be angry cause you quoted Super Mario Bros.

      “Game Over Mario. The princess is in another castle!”

      FOR THE WIN!

    • i’m so confused. who are you in real life? have we met? did I know you were from Philly? you BBM w/ Brooke? Why don’t we do brunch?


      • You haven’t met fluffer.. she lives in the south now and she’s also a midge, but I still ❤ her.

        She's got that southern sass now.

      • “Why don’t we brunch?” LOVE IT.

      • The ‘who are you in real life’ made me laugh.
        Brooke’s a ho. She gives me a porn name and calls me midget. It’s so hurtful. I’m not a MIDGET…I’m ‘pocket sized’, I’m ‘fun sized’…hell, I’ll even take elfin over midget! I can ride without a booster seat!!!
        I married a Philly boy. I’m from the South. When I get up that way we shall brunch! And yes, I do BBM with Brooke. Sounds so torrid. I’ll BBM with you, too. I’ll give you my pin. ;o)

        • i can’t wait to brunch.
          and i don’t have a bbm 😦

    • OMG- Group X, I love it!
      PS- I go to Harvard and it’s true…if I wasn’t a nerd I wouldn’t be typing on a Twilight blog! (An effing awesome Twilight blog)

      • We are so not nerds, thank you very much 😉

      • harvard? for real? i’m impressed!

  7. uhhh…i’m from pittsburgh. therefore i have to shout out to the dodgers. it’s an obligation.

    otherwise, team edward. helloooooo. he sparkles. and he drives a silver/charcoal/black volvo sedan/suv.

    • booooooooo
      (i so don’t care but i gave you a thumbs down for fun)

    • Ugh, poor Pgh fans…..you get these great players for like, a minute, then off they go! Fab new stadium though! It nearly makes you forget about the sucky team! PS thanks for Jason Bay! 🙂

    • GO PENGUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ps Dani-loved your stupid shiny silver/charcol/black volvo hatchback/sedan/SUV shout out there 😉 (yeah, I added a couple details, that’s normal.)

  8. Best face off ever…

    Laughed my butt off – EPIC!

    PS – No contest, Sexward for the win!

  9. Hahaha, this is priceless!

    “I throw out the meat, and look hot doing it” –> imma print this on a tee and be a proud vegetarian!

    • Haha! Love it!

    • I bought my SO a shirt from Omaha very early on in our courtship that reads “Omaha: Vegetarian Hell”

      • Oh Nice! I’ve been to Omaha… and it’s true!

  10. you should fight more because it’s very funny!

    (and there is a pic of the Phillies Phanatic on LTT – my life is now complete!)

    • Brooke just IMed me and said this is “Brooke’s dream day”

      • hahahah posting about sports AND twilight! so a perfect brooke day

  11. That was fricking HY-STERICAL!!! I almost lost it with the “McDonald’s is preserving the economy” 😀

    • it is!! BUY LOCAL!

  12. You girls fight like the average married couple. Except you are a million times funnier …and more entertaining …and less emotionally charged …and, well, not married. Ok, not like a married couple at all.

    • haha!

    • And unfortunately their hot make-up sex is all fake lesbian style. “Digital digital get-down!”

      • N*Sync! Yes! I can always count on you to make a reference to something I heart… ❤

        • As usual… my dude is wrong… Grrr.. Why must I always type in the wrong email address?!?!

        • I’ve had that damn song in my head since the big BSB blow out day on LTT.

          Also, I like your new dude…he looks kind of sassy with his arms on his hips. And he’s totes yodeling.

      • digital digital GET DOWN!!! dude youre speaking my language!

        and is it “like we’re already married?” ahem OK MAGAZINE

      • That totally came up when my iPod was shuffle as I driving down the road the other day and I was jamming hardcore! And maybe giggling at the line “I see you on the screen I get to freakin.”

  13. I think calling this “EFFING PHENOMENAL” should cover most of my bases…

    I have to go with the Phillies cause I’m an East Coast lady. But really? Yankees!

    • Boooooo Yankees!! Red Sox!

      I almost had to break up with Rob for wearing that hat while in NY.

      • Hush! I went to college in the Boston area so have had my fair share of people harassing me for my choice in baseball teams. Let us rejoice in our shared love of Team Twilight and forget the divisiveness of baseball.

        That said, the Yankees are still going to win 🙂

        • The Yankees totes remind me of Chelsea, who totes reminds me of the Red Wings. Triple ugh.

          • GO RED SOX!!!

          • Red Wings! Ahahahaha, now that is a team name I know – my last douche ex-boyfriend was from Detroit.

            Which is funny in itself because I live a *very* long way from Colorado…

  14. You guys should SO get on the TwiTour! I’d get your autograph. Seriously… you should set that up. Call Steph, she’s got connections.

    I am totes getting fired for all the hysterical laughter coming from my office this morning. LOVE IT!

    • noooo don’t get fired! we don’t want to get sued..

      • 🙂

        • a smile from our probono lawyer!

    • I’d totally go to Twi-Con if Moon and UC were there in their LTT booth by the dumpster!

      • FTW JodieO

    • I completely agree Moonjenn. I was all feeling betrayed that they were frenemies, but now that I know it’s not true, I can totally fangirl them again. Thank god.

      I mean, wait, er, don’t get creeped out UC/Moon!

    • oh lawd we’re way to “controversial” for a twicon, though i just told UC the other day i would LOVE to be on a twicon panel!!! LOVE

  15. “You should see us in Jorts” under the wolf picture made me lose it. Hilarious!!

    I lived in Philly when the Eagles lost the Superbowl, so I might have to go with the Phillies for your safety, UC. Then again, L.A. is kind of known for its riots, so Moon’s not safe either. Hmm… actually the risk of a riot is probably the same in both cities whether their team wins or loses. So, stay inside girls!!

    • seriously. Philly is crazy when sports teams lose & LA has gangs.. I’m not leaving the house

      • That’s because your team is a bunch of pussies who keep Bella in the dark about everything.

        • And some of them leave right before the big non-confrontational confrontation!

    • that jorts/wolves caption was my favorite part!

  16. Absolutely hilarious!

    ” I built that damn car with my hands!”- I don’t know why, but this made me choke on my coffee. Poor Jakey, overshadowed by an effiminate, veggie vamp that sparkles. He must be the shame of the rez 😦

    • “…overshadowed by an effiminate, veggie vamp that sparkles.” FTW!!

    • 🙂

      I built my first car with my hands. Do I get 7 in Heaven with TayTay in March 2010?

  17. I feel like it is Brooke’s dream day on the blog because its combining hilarious UC and MOON with the phillies. I think that I can now die happy.

    • And you made me read FF. It is your Dream Day!!

      PS how many more days…..exciting

      • You just admitted to reading fan fiction!! Popped your cherry! Now can I give you the good stories to read? please?

      • jane trigs loves FF now 😉

  18. Going to Harvard doesn’t make you cool, it makes you a NERD!


    Coffee, meet keyboard. oops.

  19. EPIC. that is all. (can’t type, laughing too hard.)

  20. As much I as totally heart both of you…and I’m so Team Edward (like ALL the smart kids are!)….Moon wins the debate for throwing out my throwback insult first.

    You’re gay!


  21. The visual of you two in a high school gym on the southside (ATL, it’s neutral ground) facing off…Moonies wolf pack getting ready to Krump and UC’s vamps stretching for their broadway remake of “Singing in the Rain” makes me really want to rent Bring It On: All or Nothing (yeah, the one with Hayden Pantyerrrrr…whatever)

    PS..Since today we are talking baseball…I was at a red light in my tiny little sub of ATL beside Hank Aaron two days ago. He was singing in his car like he was on American Idol. He drives a Jag.

    • Um, that PS is awesome.

    • ATL? Since when were the Braves neutral? Growing up I always thought the national anthem said “Home of the Braves” because we watched Braves games that much in my home (in Florida). Wait, who are the Marlins? Eff that. I hate Miami.

      What kind of jag does he drive? The newer models are pretty hot.

      • A silver one.

        • Love the attention to detail there.

    • Also, Bring It On 4?! My SO’s best friend worked on that! I used to walk past the filming everyday going to my waitressing job at Universal in Orlando. I can’t believe that chick from Heroes was the lead! Ridic. I always associate her with Raising Helen.

      Bring It On 1 was the best. Kirsten Dunst and Eliza Dushku?! Bring that fake-lesbian goodness on! Plus Dushku in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back when she’s wearing that cat suit…ME-OW!

      • This is a cheer-ocracy.

        That movie was just bad enough that it crossed the line into brilliant.


        • My fave line is when she is trying to get her dad to bankroll their entry fee and she’s all, “This is an important cause” or whatever. God I haven’t seen that in ages.

  22. I don’t think I could care any less about baseball, but I am glad they are playing in LA today. If they played here in Philly the game would totally be delayed thanks to this really-not-right-for-mid-October weather we’ve got. The faster these series finish up, the sooner this whole debacle will be over. I just hope they don’t ruin Halloween with a parade again. Stupid fans flooding the city making actual worker’s commutes impossible… grrrr.

    • Um, the parade will be of epic proportions. Mainly because I’ll actually be IN philly this year. My coworkers told me you could see the parade from our windows. I’m psyched!

      don’t be bitter. support the team!

      • the parade for when you LOSE???!!!

        • Lame.

  23. BTW, all this baseball talk makes me want to puke.

    Just saying.


    • me too

      • stop giving me thumbs down brookie.

        • FUDGE! It was me.

          I’m dying laughing….. OMG


    • Oh whatevs, we could be talking about golf. How would that be? You’re so Great Plains!

      • I am proud of my Great Plains roots! 🙂

        No golf either. I only like basketball. And going to football games to ignore them. 🙂

        • Well now you have Seattle’s old team right there in Omaha. Not that Omaha is in OK, but you know, close enough. 😉

          • I’ve definitely driven through all those states, so yes I do realize how far you are from Omaha.

          • I was getting ready to be offended by the Omaha thing. I was like WTF?

            But I am okay now. 😀

    • me three… this is a lot of sports talk!

  24. Fab – you gals brought it. Waiting for incorporation of “Hey, ladies, wanna see my spirit stick? ”

    Are you absolutely certain this time on the ten and a half months? Just sayin’

    • That what she said.

      Someone had to say it!

    • 100% certain

      okay 0% certain
      10 months and 1 week to the DAY!

      • You know, it’s never too early to start planning your anniversary…

  25. crickets…………..PERFECTION!!

    • You’re alive! (wow, unintentional Mike Newton quote right there)

      • LMAO…believe me…just barely…. 🙂

        • You should’ve said “False alarm, I guess.” 😉

          • Shitz…so right…never can remember those one liners..
            ok..can’t remember most of the lines..DAMN…:)

  26. “Well, mine has a PERFECT body (not to mention is of LEGAL age)” (giggle, giggle, snort.)
    How can two women verbally sparring over two fictional characters cause so much hilarity?
    And why do I feel like I need to hone my fighting skills in case UC needs back up?

    • “How can two women verbally sparring over two fictional characters cause so much hilarity?’ FICTIONAL CHARACTERS….HUH…are you trying to imply they are not real!!!…..never mind honing your fighting skills for UC.**..Imma gonna have to take you on just for just saying that……lol….

      **Personally I wouldn’t wanna mess with either UC/Moon…I can’t type fast enough….

      • Sorry, my bad. I haven’t had my coffee yet. What I obviously MEANT to say was ” While wolves are out howling at the moon and peeing on trees, Vamps are on exotic islands having HOT ocean sex” Do you really have to debate which team you’d want to be on?

        • Ok we are friends for sure…You had me at Exotic Isle & Ocean sex for sure over peeing on trees….no debate there at all…. I heart you !

        • No contest!

          • No kidding Ang…I will be “stuck” on exotic island and ocean sex all DAY!!!!

          • @MidSin – And what a great place to be “stuck” all day!

          • @Ang…oh yes it is especially when its 32 here..brrr…was thinkin..I do that once in a while…how fun would it be if we all get together as TEAM LTT on some warm sunny shiny island and have our own Twilight miniconvention !!Of course if Robward wants to come that is fine too…(.this from someone who never leaves the house)…see what happens when I allow myself to “spend time on an exotic Island for even a short time”??

          • MidSin – If you can get Robward to your house, I’m sure we’d all brave the cold for that visit!

          • @Ang…Ahhh Ang…Yah know I luv ya all…..BUT if I could get Roward to come to MY house…There is NO WAY I am telling ANYONE….till after….. 🙂 Will take pics tho…lots and lots of pics…tee hee

          • @MS – Someone will have to pick him up from the airport for you… I volunteer.

          • Shoot – I’ll volunteer to drive him from Vancouver. I have an suv. If we get stuck in the snow, we can camp out in the back.

          • @Ang & JodieO…I am so TOTALLY ashamed of myself….WHAT HAVE I BECOME? ROBWARD OBESSED???..I cannot believe it possible that I could become so selfish…If NOT for Twilight, if not for my LTT lifeline….I would not be smiling/laughing and enjoying what lil life I have…so plz forgive…YOU ARE ALL INVITED to my house anytime with or without Robward….MUCH MORE FUN with him here..but I would do my best to entertain!! Should warn you tho..we do have a ghost in the house..and its not Buttcrack Santa.RIP..sorry… :but I am sure I have lots of those lil bottles)

          • MidSin – I luv u! Seriously, thanks for making me smile. Now, back to “work.”

          • @MS Um what? you have a ghost? I don’t do that.
            And 32? I don’t do that either…I mean, I’ll have to now that I live in the north, but…

            The issue with Robward coming over is that he’s actually not any warmer than the snow…

          • MS – I’ll come over anytime as long as Rob’s in the house!

            I just logged here and wow so many comments already! I’m lost!

          • @SouthernBelle….Your welcome to come to my house anytime….at least YOUR not afraid of a nice lil ole lady ghost….ummm like SOME ONE we know….and don’t worry about feeling lost…..I am always lost and I will keep you company!!!

          • Why Ang!? Did you just say what I thought you said?

            Forget you all, Rob’s driving w/ me. I got a minivan, we got more room for whatever he wants to do.

            I ❤ you all though!

        • Ocean sex hurts. All that salt gettin’ up in there. No thanks.

          • WHAT?? DO NOT Ruin this for me…Team Seth……I want to live the fantasy…..

          • Just sayin’…I’m a one and done on the ocean sex. But you keep the fantasy alive!

          • @Team Seth…MS Um what? you have a ghost? I don’t do that.
            I live in a house built in 1820-and my ghost is very nice, she is a woman and is well behaved…DEAL..

            And 32? I don’t do that either…I mean, I’ll have to now that I live in the north, but…
            Better get used to it if you live in the north and its ALWAYS at least 75 in here…I HATE THE COLD..

            The issue with Robward coming over is that he’s actually not any warmer than the snow…
            BUT we can have some fun trying to warm him up..ever heard of electric blankets??AND if Bella can deal well then so can’t I…..
            WHAT ELSE YA GOT??? HUH????

          • Uh oh, MS. You just brought it.

          • @Team Seth…awwww I’m sooooo scared…(oh wait your the one afraid of the ghost!) LMAO….

          • TS and MS – SMACKDOWN! TS – leave MS standing for when I arrive with Robward.


          • MS – Oh, I’m so scared, I’m shakin’ in my boots.
            I’m not sure what we’re fighting over though. I don’t actually find RPatz attractive. There, I said it. Actually, I only find billy burke attractive in the cast (okay, and Cam and occasionally Jackson) and not when he’s playing Charlie. I’m a one and done on the copstache too…

            And the whole you weren’t planning to be in a standing position when he arrives…CLASSIC! Virtual high five.

          • @Team Seth…..LMAO..I had to go back and read everything to see what we ARE fighting over….I believe it was when you said:
            Uh oh, MS. You just brought it.

            And if isn’t reason enough……..”I don’t actually find RPatz attractive. There, I said it.”
            Now THOSE are fightin’ words……….!!!

          • @MS – who says Rob is going to be in the standing position when h arrives. Yeah, I just said that. 🙂

          • D’oh! Darn my sticking “e” key for messing up that reply! Should have been when “he” arrives.

          • @Ang…Well of course not…he would have been sitting all the way on that long drive….that is what I was thinking….and you??

          • MS – I’m thinking we might need to make a few stops along the way. ou know, just to rest. wink, wink

          • @Ang and MS: Why are you driving him again? Did you forget that he runs super fast and you can spider monkey on his back?! HELLO!

          • TS – I HAVE to drive him there. Otherwise, MS might not let me be there. HELLO! However, the running and spider monkey ride would be fun.

          • @Ang…ummm even I remember that Edward doesn’t need to rest….let him drive…NO stopping for nuthin..and he gets inpatient and prefers to run…you can come anyway…later much much later…yup thats what she said….

          • “you can come anyway…later much much later…yup thats what she said…. ”


          • That was an amusing conversation. 😀

  27. UC: “Uh, I think my Team preserves the economy by it’s sale of sexual paraphernalia.”

    So this is why single girls and moms are all Team Edward. The MILFS and single ladies restoring the economy one purchase at a time.

  28. My face hurts from laughing..

    And.. um.. I’m in loveeee with the nm soundtrack.. yeah that rights, I listened on youtube cause I couldn’t wait til tomorrow.. I still plan on buying it though, obviously, cause its amazzzingggg..

    • my husband dl it illegally (Edward frowned) and I’m of COURSE buying it tomorrow. AMAZING!
      Even HE was impressed!

      • Imma guess that my SO will be impressed too. I’m not gonna tell him that it’s the soundtrack…

  29. Yo can’t imagine the pain you caused me for laughing so hard. you should videotape next time to see your faces while you are writing/fighting :p

  30. Sorry guys, I guess I’m in the minority this morning. I don’t care for baseball at all.

    The last baseball game I watched was between the Cocky (hehe) Cullens and the Forks Fangs. I was too busy watching them handle their bats to pay attention to who might have scored, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the Edward guy, even though his cheerleader did look like she was offering a hand job at one point. Not to mention I closed my eyes while they ran around the field, because I haven’t seen such an awkward approach to first base since the second boy I kissed stuck his hand in my shirt through the collar instead of from the bottom. But I did cheer a li’l when the outfielders did a mid-air shoulder check and collapsed in one hot pile of mancandy. I did think it was weird, however, that instead of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” they played some song about a supermassive black hole. I suspect it was a tip of the hat to the timesuck that I was powerless against while contemplating if the blond, curly-haired player took full advantage of the pitcher’s ability to lift her leg that high.

    I take it back. Maybe I do like baseball, after all.

    • I love you.

      • Teehee. Right back atcha.

    • I’m sorry, who actually does like baseball? Besides the World Series it’s like this long boring dull awfulness. And I’m someone who loves soccer, so you can’t call me an impatient person who just thrives on high scoring.
      GO MANU!

      • I only like baseball when Jasper is handling the bat.

        • Me too. That or Rob.

          • I hate sports too..luckily the hubs only watches the Nascar races…
            I do love that scene with Jasper and the bat.. Alice kicking ass pitching…and really love the smash in the air with Edward/Emmett especially when he gives him the finger! Wonders if that was in the script???

          • Nascar makes me want to jump off a cliff Bella style.

            Round and round. Round and round. I just don’t get it.

          • MS – my hubby is an avid Nascar fan too! I tolerate him as long as he tolerates my Robsession. He’s got a lot of gear too. Sigh.

            But oh hey I do try and dress him up like Edward. I try.

          • @fangbanger06 & southernbelle…I too want to jump off the cliff “Bella style” (so long as I am seeing Edward as I go) during the races…and my hubs collects EVERYTHING Nascar especially Dale Earnhart and Rusty Wallace, but I endure because its the only time he doesn’t work and after 32 yrs..it was either beat him or join him so I fake enjoy the race..when I am actually writing in my journals or now go on LTT…which he doesn’t know about…tee hee..btw I got married when I was 5…I’m just saying…

          • MS -hey you changed your avatar! Nice!

            Ok I believe you honey, you got married at 5!

  31. ok ok
    first of all DoDGERS FTW!!!

    all the rest suck, esp the GiANTS!!

    BOOO the PHiLLiES and their homo mascot


    • um that’s lame

      • lmao.

    • kinkykiss is my people!!!! go doyers!

      and i was at a giants game recently! was ready to see some fights! hahaa

      • thank you :]

        what i ment to say is that the
        Doyers are going for the win…
        The End

        We might fight alot or have gangs…
        But thats cuz they Represent all the time :]

  32. Fantastic. I have nothing more to add, but…..

    Everything is different, but the same… things are more moderner than before… bigger, and yet smaller… it’s computers… SAN DIMAS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL RULES!!!!

    • If I didn’t love you before, I do now.

      Anytime a Bill and Ted’s quote gets out there the world is right.

      • Love you, too!!!

    • Hmmmm. Now I’m going to spend the rest of my morning fantasizing about “Ted” Theodore Logan. Wyld Stallyn smile.

      • Don’t forget his sidekick Bill S. Preston, Esquire!

    • He also loves… billiards!

      • Truth: I ❤ So-crates.

    • YESSSSSSSSSS you win! san dimas high school football rules! whenever im way out there driving and see san dimas signs i yell that out!

      only cool people get it

  33. ROFLMAO!!!!

    YOU GUYS RULE!!!! But cant we all just be friends and be TEAM VAMPWOLF or sumthin?

  34. EPIC post! This made my morning. In fact, one of the things I love best about this site is how we can passionately “discuss” our opinions, but we are ALL on Team LTT!


  35. The Phillie fanatic is cool. So are the wolves They look cool. Go Phillies. Maybe use him in Moon as well too. http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/

    • Bobbygee, I knew there’s a reason that I like you. Unfortunately, UC and Moon have no power over who will be in New moon. If they did, I’d be starring in it.

      • Wait did he say use him in Moon? You jumped to New Moon, but I jumped to the Phanatic being up inside Moon…and with that horn mouth he has. Just sayin’

    • Yay! Bobbygee loves the Phillies!

  36. Ya’ll might win over Mr. Holly today with all the sports talk. Sports is his Twilight and he LOVES the Phanatic….

    ….on the other hand, the mingling of sports talk with Edward Cullen might enrage him. He thinks that Robward is a douche. On second thought, maybe I won’t share LTT with him today. He’s missing out though, b/c today’s post was EPIC!

    P.S. You guys are a lot my BFF and I. We went to high school together and never really spoke to one another. Then we went to college and re-met through our boyfriends (now husbands). We’ve been BFFs for 11 years now and I hate that we missed out on the years in high school. She is the fake lesbian love of my life.

    • awww! That’s like US! We totes regret not being friends for all that time. All the sex & the city we could’ve watched with our gay friend, Moon!

  37. You ladies are seriously two of the funniest people ever. And who could doubt your friendship? I never believed this “frenemy” stuff. It’s totally obvious that you two are FRIENDS.

    • actually i totally thought Moon was a bitch. And she thought the same of me.

      Good times, Moon!

      • we totes did! hahaah


    • Janey, I think its time for you to change your avi pic. spice it up!

      • Hmmmmm….will look into that. I’ll find somethin somethin

  39. Can someone help me with my forum issue. I’ve signed up but it won’t send me the activation email – SO frustrating!

    • i just resent the email. it’s to the same addy you commented w/ ! email me if you don’t get it in the next little bit

  40. I can’t read anything from this website anymore while I am at work, you know… “working’…I laugh at the computer like a damn hyena and feel almost as embarrassed as Catherine Hardwicke was at the premiere of Twilight when Edward’s hairy chest “sparkled” in the forest. Oh man.

    • I love to “work” too:)

      • Ahaha “working’ is awesome. This websites great. I love the Monday Funnies. I found out about it at Stephenie Meyer’s official website.

        I love how you abuse them ALL. Hahaha. A little fun fact: My best friend is related to Oregano (I couldn’t breathe when I read that for the first time LOL). He brought Kristen to the fam New Years party a few years ago and to a dinner I attended. She’s as awkward as you guys make her seem LOL. I shook her hand and when I asked her how old she was (she replied 17) I told her to “shut uppppp” (like OMG, shuttup) and she looked at me like I had just flung her pet coyote/wolf/dog from the Chrystler building.

        • OMG.. best.story.ever!
          SO glad you found us. And you’re right. we abuse them ALL .. and ourselves too… cuz.. come on. it’s weird that we like it this much….

          • No, no, it’s normal! 😉

        • Hahahaha! Thank you for sharing this! “…she looked at me like I had just flung her pet coyote/wolf/dog from the Chrysler building.” I love it! Confirms a few suspicions…

        • “Shut uppp” AWESOME. Wait, how old are you?

  41. I throw out the meat, and look hot doing it
    (that’s what he said…)

    Thanks once again for making my husband look at me all weird while I laugh at the computer!!

  42. So, I’m not coming back till later ‘cuz I have work (not “work”) to do. I don’t get paid, so I can’t call it “work”. Sad. So sad.

    Briefly, as I’ve already posted like 20 comments, my sister just moved to Philly in July. She has a dog that looks like a mini coyote (no joke) and has a snaggle tooth (so friggin’ cute). His name is Rocky (which is unfortunate for their move since they didn’t name him after Balboa at all). Anyway, for her going away gift, I got her a Phillies World Series Champions bandana for Rocky. I rock.

    Also, what has happened to Kristen, Kristin, and dazzledtodeath? Total MIAs.

    • @TS – We already knew you rock. But now there is proof.

      • I just realized that I wrote “Rocky” and “I rock” right next to each other. Writing fail. Speaking of writing…I have to get off this blog and do writing for my novelist group and for my website which I’m hoping to launch tomorrow.

        • Hey, I wanna see your website! I hope your background is 2nd-hand embarassing.

          • How rude! It’s not like when I was 12 and making tiled bitmaps of Scott Foley! (Actually I never did tiled backgrounds as they are heinous. I did however have a fan page for Scott Foley. I was so TeamNoel and am still TeamJJAbrams).

            Here’s a sneak peek of the website, just the “writing” page layout (no content up yet). Don’t bother clicking the links, they don’t work. Also, tell me how long it takes to load. I have to add some preload images code (which means I have to figure out how to add some preload images code…hehe) Also, please let me know if the tabs cut to the background image when you hover your mouse over them. I need to fix that error. If you hate the layout, tough crap. I like it and I’m not redoing it.

          • TS – I was always Team Noel!

          • Yes! Team Noel! I always thought Ben was kind of a douche.

            P.S.- Very lovely layout! It loaded in a few seconds, and my computer is painfully RAM deficient and on a shoddy wireless connection.

            P.P.S.- Sorry if that posted twice.

          • Love Noel. Do you remember the episode when Noel had the allergic reaction to the beets in the study powder he took? Best. Episode. Ever.

          • Really liking the layout. Took just a few seconds to load. Tabs did cut to background image. Umm. Is this Felicity? I wasn’t a Felicity watcher. Didn’t it have Scott Speedman? Would I be kamikaze to say that I’m sure I would have preferred him?

          • OH, and, haha – the “2nd-hand embarassing” remark was meaning “covered in Twicrud and revealing an astonishingly intimate portrait of a girl’s descent into fandom.” Totally kidding, and not at all what I expected from you. What happens on LTT stays on LTT, right?

            JJ Abrams rox my sox.

          • StothP – Yes, it’s Felicity. So, you would have been Team Ben.

          • TS – BTW I love the layout too. Everything loaded quickly and the hovering worked on the tabs for me.

          • @StothP Yeah, I thought you were heading in that direction, I really just wanted to bring up Scott Foley.

    • I usually see them, especially dazzledtodeath on LTR. Because like me, she’s also in love with Rob :-). Haha, had to insert that there!

      Hey I got work too…well unpaid work like you said. Crap.

      • Ah. I don’t do LTR.

        • @TS – We ❤ you anyway.

        • Yup, we luv u anyway! More Rob for us!

  43. This post was fraking Fork-tastic!

    I swear, reading your blog everyday is one of my favorite things to do during my day! It’s probably number 3, behind getting to leave work for the day and drinking fruit punch 🙂

    And just cause i’m Team Jacob:
    Go MOON!!! (though to be fair UC made some wicked good points! :))

    • Fruit punch FTW.

      ps- wicked? You from Boston?

      • Got love ya some fruit punch! 🙂

        No i’m not from Boston, I just work with 3 Bostonians! It really rubs off!

    • did you say Fork-tastic!? That’s so amazing I’m gonna forget you said “Go Moon”

      • Oh yeah, I embarrass myself all the time in front of nonTwilighters by saying fork-tastic – it’s quite sad actually 🙂

  44. That is the most epic debate in the history of debates, at least in the Twilight world it is! I could not stop laughing…
    : )

  45. This is great and so funny! Great job!

    You know some of my good friends were former frenemies, so never give up! 🙂 Haha.

    My BFF and I argue all the time, like we’re sisters. In fact we didn’t speak for 3 months straight! Then all of a sudden we’re friends again :-).


  46. Hey guys! Check out my new LTT-inspired Twilight blog!


    I love you LTT ladies – you’re hilarious!

    • so glad we inspired you!

  47. “OH, it’s already been broughten!”

  48. Oh no, I just listened to Hurricane Bells’ “Monster”. It’s so bad. Poor band…it was their big moment.

    Sea Wolf is rockin’ it!

  49. OMG. This soundtrack is sooooooooooooooo good. So excited to buy it tomorrow.

    • No fair your listening to it already… 😦 I am so jealous…

      • It’s on Youtube (sort of), MS

        • I looked and didn’t seee it? Believe me I looked…

  50. You girls both “brought it” today – an epic win!

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