UC & Moon: Bring it on

Dear LTT readers,

I know it seems SO romantic. Two girls meet at music school and don’t become friends. Years later they reconnect randomly online. Their friendship grows slowly and then intensifies over a shared passion for a vampire love story and its leading man. One day that passion turns into a blog to be shared with “one or two close friends.” And ten and 1/2 months later we’ve become UC & Moon- former frenemies turned creative partners. Countless hours, laughs & tears turned an idea from a boring December day at work into a community we both love & are proud of. Great story, right? Yeah, it’s not that perfect. You see, Moon & I clash. We fight. We stamp our feet. We throw temper tantrums. We act like kids when we don’t get our way. We aren’t former frenemies for no reason. We don’t want to hide this from you. We feel like we’re painting a picture of perfection that is so untrue. So today we bring you: UC & Moon: Bring it on

Brooke: Are you guys excited that your teams are playing each other today?
UC: duh of course. I’ve been texting “Bring it” to Moon every 5 minutes
: And my auto response I’ve set up is “OH it’s already been broughten!”
UC: it’s getting pretty intense up in here
Moon: Just the way we like it! Can you feel the tremors of my teams rage?!
: But we all know at the end of the day, my team wins
Brooke: so who do you think will win? What’s your team got that the other doesn’t?
UC: Duh. Mine sparkles
Moon: Eff the sparkles! We can play any time of the day! All your team throws are glitter bombs, we’ve got heat
: Ugh, guys.. wait a sec—
UC: Well, mine has a PERFECT body (not to mention is of LEGAL age)
Moon: We’ve got social security cards and birth dates that were issued within the past 2 decades
: We don’t die
Moon: we won’t break!
UC: We make tweed look HOT
Moon: We mend in like 5 minutes
UC: We don’t need to mend
Moon: We ROCK JORTS like no ones every rocked a pair of cut off denim shorts
UC: We don’t need to BATHE
Moon: well thats just gross

You should see us in Jorts

You should see us in Jorts

Brooke: UC? Moon?
: At the end of the day WE get the girl. ON isle Esme. We DO it with her. MANY TIMES (wow. I am a girl and i just said that) Uh….scratch that
: we have tattoos!
: We have a crest and the girls get it dyed on their hoo ha
: you are gay
: You are small and smell like a wet dog
: small? We’re like 6’7″
: Yeah whatever
: you look UP to us
: You hang out with a pack of BOYS and a potentially lesbian girl. YOU’RE the gay one
: YOU’RE A VIRGIN and have been for 100 years
: YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH A CHILD and should be thrown in jail. Not to mention it’s MY Team’s Child. That we made. When we BANGED your former love

Brooke: GIRLS

Find out who wins the fight (I do) after the jump!

At least I WASH my lucious locks

At least I WASH my lucious locks

Moon: Girls BEG you to get it on with them and you refuse! WHO’s the closet case?
: You’re the FRIEND who gets the snuggles and to cheer the sad heart… but at the end of the day, I see the expensive French lingerie.
: you LEFT her in a forest! and ran off to beg some old ass vampires to kill you like a lil’ bitch
: You drive a VW rabbit. Who’s the lil bitch?
: I built that damn car with my hands!
: You’re a dude who works on CARS and will be on the ‘res’ his whole life. I went to HARVARD. SIX TIMES
: and you’re STILL a VIRGIN. Harvard doesn’t make you cool- it makes you a nerd

Moon: Dude it was YOUR nomad freaks who killed our town santa claus! Nevermind that he often showed a little crack. Who the eff are we going to get our little bottles from now?
: I don’t NEED a Santa to give me little bottles. I can walk into a liquor store and dazzle the clerk into giving them to me for free!
: but you DRINK BLOOD so it’s a waste
: You eat Animal carcass RAW- the MEAT!!! I throw out the meat, and look hot doing it
: F*CK YEAH! We’re red-blooded American MEN (and one potentially lesbian female). Throw that meat on the grill

Brooke: I’ll just be here.. waiting for you to stop
: You’re all pansy, soy-eating vegetarians
: The guy who PLAYS the lead on MY team may or may not be effing a really hot chick (who your Team jacks off to thinking of)
: The dude who plays the lead on MY team, Taylor may or may not be effing a chick with the SAME first name! Talk about AWESOME
: And by EFFING I’m sure you mean dry humping b/c he doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s a child who is is dry humping in the back of a VW Rabbit
: sex can wait, masturbate
: They’re humping like rabbits in the back of a rabbit!!!
: at least she won’t have a tabloid cover about being pregnant! Plus- dry humping to “You were meant for me” is romantic

Whos your daddy

Who's your daddy

UC: My teams’ real life dad is named Dick. Talk about a Manly name. Yours bought out all the Vancouver area’s McDonald’s fish filet sammys
: it’s called preserving the ECONOMY! If McDonalds stays in business we ALL win
: Uh, I think my Team preserves the economy by it’s sale of sexual paraphernalia. Yours uses up all our country’s resources with Chris Hansen busting down doors and throwing people in jail.
: We breathed new life into the denim market. Jorts in October, WHO KNEW?
: Well, when you’re a sweaty dog it makes sense

Brooke: OKAY I’M GONNA STOP YOU RIGHT THERE. Cuz you’re driving me insane
: WHY?! I was just getting warmed up
: Seriously.. pick a side Brookie. This is fun
: yeah, it seems great. but you’re idiots
: Today.. the Philadelphia Phillies play the Los Angeles Dodgers in LA. Moon- you are from LA. UC- you are from Philly. What is wrong with you girls?


Go Phillies!

Go Phillies!

Brooke: Don’t you care about America’s favorite past-time?
: I like Vampires. And Rob
: So you’re saying Team Jacob and Team Edward aren’t playing each other??
: I’m mad at Moon now. I’m all worked up. Why didn’t you interrupt us, Brookie?
: Oh it’s being brought
: Your fans are moms and crazy single chicks. Team Jacob’s are teen girls and internet pervs! Never underestimate the power of a screaming 14 yr old and a person named itslegalifitslove69
: Um.. they’re called MILFs for a reason. They’re Moms you wanna EFF
: are you SURE about that?
: Hell no. Some of them scare me and my team
: me too!

Boo Dodgers!

Boo Dodgers!

UC: Fine you win. Teen fans are so much better
: Really? Screaming delusional young girls who think men just want romance are better than screaming adults who know they just want sex and are okay with it?
How about we call it a truce.
UC: And run for cover because we just offended EVERYONE in the Twilight fanbase!!!

Go Phillies!
Love UnintendedChoice

You only WISH you could hear our trash talking through texting during the game today!

To clarify, Moon & I weren’t frenemies. Just not friends. And we DON’T fight like this. But we DO disagree. And then we figure it out. It’s basically the most healthy relationship I’ve ever had! AWWW Love you Moonie!

And thanks Brooke, for telling Moon & I that our teams are playing each other today. And seriously. Isn’t the LA team called the Angels? I’m so confused…….

Talk about baseball, Jasper holding the bat or fight with your friends on The Forum
I can’t even express the epicness of what Moon did over on LTR

PSSST: Our fav RobPorn creater Zephyersky entered a Jasper FanFic contest along with LTT/LTR pal Pange. See Zeph’s page here. Click on “VOTE NOW” at the top right and then search for “Zephyersky” and “Pange” and vote for them! (3 stories total!) You have to have a fanfic account to vote.  GOOD LUCK GALS!

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  1. Hope you don’t mind me giving out awards of my own accord, UC & Moon, but I think TeamSeth deserves an LTT-Dork-of -the-Day award – She accounts for 19% of the comments on this post!

    And yes, I counted them. Then worked out the percentage. Because I’m like that.

    • LTT Dork of the day award

      @Team Seth GIrl who got NO work done today award

      • Thanks for that guys. 19%?! First hand embarrassed. So after I got off of LTT finally, I tried to do my work, but then I ended up fading and taking a nap then getting a shower.

        Oh, I didn’t mention that I have swine flu, did I? Yeah, now you feel bad. (It may or may not be swine flu. But it’s definitely the flu.)

        Enjoy the game, it’s starts now!

        • WHAT TS!!! I am so sorry your sick!!!! I would so go kill a chicken for you and make soup…but it would be cold by the time I got it to you…unless Edward would “run” me over there ..hey maybe he would get the chicken for me too…just thinkin….I am almost feeling sorry that I was picking on you today..even tho it was so much fun and you did ruin my whole sex in the ocean on the exotic island fantasy….seriously tho feel better fast….xox

          • PS..tried to hit cancel…THAT NEVER WORKS…but I also wanted to say love the website!!! I never had a doubt!!! So proud girl…so proud!!! Also if it helps any I really look like half a chipmunk today…not a good look for me… 🙂

          • Wow, you would kill a chicken for me? That’s pretty intense dedication right there.

            Anyway, no worries, I had minestrone instead and have been pumping myself with liquids all day (yeah, make the joke. I double dog dare you).

            Sorry to ruin your ocean sex, but you lived in Florida, I thought you would’ve known…ps-did you say you lived in PSL or Pt Charlotte?

            Thanks on the website. I dig it. I dig it even more because the photo album Imma put up is soooooo cool (not the photos so much as the format of the album, but I did sell a couple of the photos, so I guess that makes them cool too.)

            And now that everyone knows my name…I have to say to GayAnn that I’ve been wanting to say this forever, but haven’t, OMG you have my mother’s name, but her last name is Gay. So, I thought maybe you were my mother at first, but your comments were all not how my mother is (age, location, job, etc.). So you are either her and lying about yourself, or not her. Either way, HEY! I’m so glad I could finally share that.

            Back to you MS:
            I’m not sure the chipmunk look is good on anyone.

          • @Team Seth….” have been pumping myself with liquids all day (yeah, make the joke. I double dog dare you). You asked for it…perhaps if you hadn’t been pumping all day you would not have required the shower and nap…and liquids can only make you better if they are the right liquids and in moderation…

            Port Charlotte Fl..and NO I didn’t know about the Ocean Sex…was hoping to find out..but YOU blew that for me….

            Hurry and get well…so glad I don’t have to kill a chicken..I am a very passive person…

          • MS – I left the board for awhile. When I left you were talking about a rendezvous with Rob. Now, I am left with an image of you looking like half a squirrel and killing a chicken for Team Seth. What happened? 🙂

          • @Ang…LMAO…alot I guess..found out TS was sick so I was gonna go knock off a chicken and make her some soup..have Edward help me with that and the delivery…but she is all good w/minestrone….then I mentioned that I looked like half of a CHIPMUNK not squirrel as my face continues to swell..not pretty I might add and then I was telling TS I was not happy that she ruined my day long fantasy of having sex in the ocean on an exotic island….I think your up to date!!

          • @MS – Ahhh, a chipmunk! I had my cheek stuffing rodents confused. Sorry you are so swollen! Glad you didn’t have to kill a chicken though.

        • Wow, if you’re sick you should be resting/sleeping. We had flu-like symptoms last week too and we’re all better now, thank God. We pumped myself with vit. C and D, probiotics and lots of water.

          • Glad your feeling better Southernbelle…by the way..I don’t know if I have asked you and you don’t have to tell me but what part of the south are you from?

          • @Ang…me too…I just wasn’t sure how I would make chicken soup without the chicken and I don’t go to the store..so I was going to improvise…actually it woulda been a turkey…that’s all we have roaming around here….lol

  2. Seriously funny! Between the dyed-on crests and the six rounds of Harvard, I was about to shoot tea out of my nose.

    And… for the record, I will be rooting for the Phillies (even though I’m just a bandwagon fan from the upper-middle class suburbs)!

  3. I love you both… and Brooke… hilarious!!


  4. […] UC & Moon: Bring it on Dear LTT readers, I know it seems SO romantic. Two girls meet at music school and don’t become friends. Years […] […]

  5. i heart you both. this was win. you were frenimies. don’t lie. go phils.

  6. You girls are hilarious.
    “Uh, I think my Team preserves the economy by it’s sale of sexual paraphernalia. Yours uses up all our country’s resources with Chris Hansen busting down doors and throwing people in jail.’
    lol! Go Team Edward!
    Oh, and I think it’s the Anaheim Angels.

  7. awww ur like miley and demi with your lil fake fights.. haha

  8. U guys are effing hilarious!!!!

    You should see us in jorts!!! ROFL

    kept my BF and cat awake for hours by snort laughing…Bf wasnt amused… :p

    thanks so much for making twilight fun again….i used to be so ashamed…like a lonely sock in edward’s closet…but now i am finally free

    ❤ u guys!

    • um..i LOVE your name!!!!!!

      • THANKS!!!

        We dont have Chris Hanson over in NZ or Sri Lanka (im from both places) but if we did he’s be at my door with a medieval battering ram….

        I realise i should have said werewolf lover…oh god..now ppl will think im into THAT kind of luuurve….
        *hears the pitchfork-carrying villagers outside*
        im so sorry…im such a wierdo….

        if i never make an appearance again(due to the jail sentence for child and animal loving)…i love ur site!!!

  9. tuesdaymidnight and teamseth
    Re: Omaha is Vegetarian Hell
    It’s not so bad as it used to be – there are some lovely restaurants that are veg. vegan friendly, McFosters Natural Kind Cafe, Blue Planet Natural Grill and host of Thai and Indian places that have lovely tofu selections. 🙂 Please give us another chance! Of course, prob. not the variety you are used to!

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