ATTN: Angela may not be as dorky as she once appeared

Dear Christian Serratos,

Edward’s gonna want to get his freak-on with YOU instead of Bella if you’re looking this hot for New Moon.

daaang girl

daaang girl

Daaang girl,

If you’re interested in buying this the 40’x60′ version of this photo to hang above your fireplace, you can get it here for just a mere $1,000 US

16 Responses

  1. OMG! I had no idea! She is gorgeous!

    I much approve of her over ol’ sour puss

  2. Don’t you just LOVE that Latino Heat!?!?!?! Work it chica!!! 🙂
    @Amber…I am totally with you I too approve of her over sour puss…LOL

  3. See the first thing I thought when I saw that pic was… why is she on the floor when there’s a perfectly good hammock right there?

    • That is the funniest thing I have heard in a long time… I actually thought that was ALice and the caption was wrong I really had to stare for awhile… She is super cute… she… are you sure thats her?

  4. $1,000?! Is it framed in 24k gold!? Good Lord.

    But um, yeah… Who knew?? Smokin’! I think we all agree – Angela over Sourpuss any day!

  5. Why couldn’t she have been Bella! Bet she blinks less too

  6. Hmm…Edward secretly bangin’ Bella’s BFF…I like it.

  7. Love your blog! Hope you don’t mind — I’ve blogged about your post and told people to visit your site!

  8. SOB.

    Quick Bella, grab your man!
    1,000$!? Whoa, you weren’t kidding on that one…Yay, there was a magnifying glass option! ^^


  9. work it angela!!

    @futuremrsp – blinks less!! AWESOME!

    @twicrackaddict – not a problem! love the site!

  10. @twicrackaddict – Did I see a picture of Kristen smiling on your blog? And not a fake one, but an actual smile! Amazing!

  11. if edward saw this he would probably go ” umm…bella who??”

  12. She has i Bangin body…. i saw that pic and i was like “whoe the hell is that?” then my bro looked and he was like “I am in love” lol i only knew it was her when i saw the name

    Daaang girl

  13. Miss Christian got OMB’s attention. He asked, “WHO is that THAT?” When I told him all he could say was, “W-O-W.”

  14. I thought Angela was quite pretty in the movie. She is a true friend to Bella. This pic is nice, but I need to see her face better. Thanks.

    • @Dal, I’m glad we get to see a lot more of Angela in the next few movies- I love her. Finding more about her mind in Midnight sun just really made me love her so much!

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