Oh where, oh where is my Twilight book?

Today we present another posting of “Where in the world is the Twilight book?”

Dear Twilight book,
Although I am now reading Breaking Dawn in the Twilight series (for the 3rd time), I must say YOU hold the most of the special places in my heart outta all 4 books!!
Thank you for coming to work with me today, it’s sure to be more bearable during this test taking time…I’m sure most of the 5th grade tweenies in my class are just green with envy that I have you in my possesion!!
MUAHAHA…Anyway be reading you soon…Ciao!
H’s & K’s,

8 Responses

  1. I’m jealous of those 5th grade girls, since they get to stare at the Twilight cover at Rob during their tests. I would surely fail if it were me….much too distracted.

    Side Note: During cleaning, I found my EW with the Twilight cover. I was too excited, because I thought this had long gone into the trash (it was before my obsession began). Now to find a plastic sleeve and keep it safe forever…

  2. Twilight should be taught in schools around the world.

  3. Um…what’s the Vaseline for? 🙂

  4. OMG, christa, yes, the Vaseline!


  5. LOVE it krazykidd – now i wanna see your twilight lesson plan!

    @leigh anne- we’ll be guest lecturers! 5th graders MUST understand the importance of the ancient relationship between vampire and werewolf.

  6. @Christa Good Eye!

    @KrazyKidd….what subject do you teach exactly??? 🙂

  7. Hey guys I know everyone has been asking about the Vaseline…I keep it there for the kids who come in with chapped lips and don’t have chapstick…it sucks watching kids come up to ask a question and their lips are all bloody…LOL
    @themoonisdown…you guys can come and guest speak in my classroom anyday!! Trust me i’m giving them as much Twilight knowledge whenever possible…I’ve hooked my class on reading the books LOL
    @vicky…I teach Math and Science….:)

  8. I agree – Twilight is my most favorite book in the whole series… although Breaking Dawn helped me through some pretty tough times, Twilight will always be one that I can keep on the side of my bed when I run out of stuff to read

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