The Saturday am Dirt

Dear Twilight,

  • After taking this quiz, I realized I didn’t know as much about New Moon as I should (but challenge me in RPattz trivia and you’re going DOWN)
  • I forgot how much I love this interview (WARNING: do not watch in front of your tiny children, little sister, mom, grandpa or Amish friends)
  • Do you think this Twilight app for the iPhone will make help me convince my husband it’s worth the $400 in fees we’d have to pay (not the mention the $400 in new phones) to get rid of Verizon? (I just read this aloud to him, and he said “no,” damn)
  • I never have as much fun as I do while watching Twilight parodies:
    Vodpod videos no longer available.
  • Breaking news: Kristen is sulking (I know, hard to believe, huh?)
  • So I’m really anti-Datkota-Fanning-playing Jane, but I feel like I’m the only one. Am I? Is everyone else okay with this?
  • Damn you France- why isn’t this amazing Twilight Special mag in English and in my hands right now?


25 Responses

  1. The NGTV interview cracks me up. I love the look on Taylor’s face when Carrie drops the f-bomb, hee!!

    And everything Rob says in that interview is just hot, shocking, I know!

  2. That interview always makes me laugh — Rob’s face when she says “it’s safe sex.” and he’s like “almost…”

    Wow, Kristen was sulking? How out of character for her — I hope everything is okay. :p

  3. a twilight app?? more reasons i need to switch. my bberry is currently turning on and off at it’s own accord. makes it hard to read all the comments here!

    “is it because i wear abercrombie clothes and i’m in no way masculine?”

  4. For some strange reason Dakota Fanning has always reminded me of Kirsten Dunst. Maybe that’s why I have no trouble seeing Dakota as a vampire. Plus she’s really nice in person. (she goes to my church)
    I’m gonna have to download that Twilight app. If I have iFart Mobile app on my iPhone, I NEED to have Twilight app. 🙂 Also… did you know you can get the Twilight book on your iPhone? That way you can whip out your iPhone and start reading Twilight anytime you need to tune out the kids, hubby or real life.

    • @journeytofamily: can i have your life? i ❤ your husband, you already have the iphone, you see ppl like dakota at church… you’re gonna soon tune out your family by reading twilight on your phone…. so jealous!

  5. Great post! DFanning doesn’t bother me as Jane, but I hope they don’t drop a bunch of cash on her — they need every penny for special effects. I kinda like that the cast is mostly unknowns. I don’t want her to detract from RPatz’s awesomeness.

  6. @UC thanks for reminding me about that interview…F#$@ing Love It!

    Why does the iPhone have to cost a millions dollars?????

    On the F&%$ing Awesome Blog Scale you guys are on the top!!!

  7. I had not seen the interview before, and it may be possible that I love Rob more (shocking, right?). He’s a dirty minded little boy…. I love it!!

    Kristen is sad. Oh life is sooo hard. The money, the fame, flying all over the country to events that only us “little people” would dream of attending. Let me pull out a box of Kleenex for you. Ugh!

    I’m not sure about Fanning, I think she looks the part but there is the concern about her aging if they decide to go through with Breaking Dawn as a movie.

  8. I am completely anti-Dakota Fanning for playing Jane. (Actually, I’m just completely anti-Dakota Fanning). I don’t think she can pull it off and I agree that aging could be a problem for Breaking Dawn. I could think of way better people to play Jane (like me) and would probably take way less money (a date with Robert).

  9. unintendedchoice – you just have to get an iPod touch to get the Twilight app. I got the 32G one for about $400, but they have less expensive ones (with less memory).

    Then you can put this as your wallpaper, like me!

  10. I clearly live on the wrong side of the country.

  11. If I could only get a hold of that sweet magazine, I don’t care if it’s in french. Let’s face it, I’m really only interested in the pictures.

  12. UIC, that’s one of my most favorite interviews!

    “I’m just a tool…a tool…..a big hard tool…….”


  13. I think Fanning would make a great Jane. She’s a good actress. UIC, did you have someone else in mind?

  14. @Rhonika – That, too, was my fave quote. Just made me think of all the different uses for that “tool”. 😉

  15. If I could have Rob for just one dayI would just ask him to say lots of dirty, dirty words to me….oh yeah and that one thing too!

  16. Woohoo! “Topaz Eyes (9-10 correct) — Congratulations, honorary Cullen, you’ve clearly sated your New Moon thirst!”

    Once again, I think Dakota would be good, but I don’t think all the vampires need to be teens. I’d like to see a better mix of ages.

    Hilarious interviews. Also, the parody even got a laugh out of OMB.

  17. @vicky…that “one” thing”…many, many times over.

  18. @Christa…I could TOTALLY see Jane portrayed as a 46 year old woman with obsessive tendencies from the ‘burbs, just sayin…

  19. I totally LOVE the interview…when Rob first dropped the f-bomb I was like “WTF DID I HEAR HIM CORRECTLY…LEMME REWIND THIS SHIZ AGAIN…OMG he sure did LOL” Then they continued dropping it throughout the interview…and Taylor’s face was PRICELESS when he heard it!!! Awesome!!!

  20. ome! I love that interview! I love when Rob says “I’m just a tool a tool…..a big hard tool” HILARIOUS!!

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