Football is on? Sorry, gotta finish “New Moon”

Dear Twilight & Stephenie Meyer,

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter that the Philadelphia Eagles sucked 6 weeks ago, had their quarterback benched and are now only 2eagles-game wins away from winning the Superbowl.

If you think that all the attendees at the Eagle’s game-day party I went to today were giving Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb their undivided attention, you would be wrong.

Steph, you’ll be happy to know that my best friend got HER priorities straight and only looked up new-moon-readingfrom New Moon once when I came in to say hi to her and the teeny tiny baby in her belly (CONGRATS AP!)

Football- don’t mess with the Twilight Saga. Don’t even think about it.

In other news, I’m really trying to convince AP to name the baby Reneesme (since she’s only on New Moon she doesn’t know who that is yet) I KNOW, my very own best friend, only on the 2nd Twi book! I’ve kinda failed as a friend…

Anyway, Steph, thanks for distracting her from football and giving me some entertainment as I enjoyed her “ooh’s” and “ahh’s.” (She was on the part where Edward comes back, obvs)


7 Responses

  1. they recently added reneesme to or something in honor of the books! so it’s totally legit now! 😀 haha

    im still a bigger fan of carlie or whatever the charlie/carlise hybrid is.

    ps cardinals better win! HA, thats all i know about football right now.

  2. There was a funny forum on another site that asked you what your name would be if it were Renesmee style.
    Mine was Vivian+Rudy = Ruvian
    What would yours be??

  3. Congrats to AP for getting started on Twilight…oh yeah, and on that baby thing too.

    It’s funny you mentioned Renesmee as a name. I was thinking today, on the long drive out to Old Man Bobby’s house, “What if we got pregnant? What would people we knew say? Us not being married and all. Oh, that’s easy. I’d tell them we’re naming it Renesmee and they’d stop talking to me about it probably.” Yeah, that’s the random stream of consciousness that is my drive time.

  4. @christa- bet OMB would be really surprised when the baby tried to eat its way out of you!

    @ vickyb- OMG! i love this idea!!

    my reneesme name would be

    Margie + Lorene = Marene (kinda normal! like maureen)
    or we could go

    Lorene + Margie = Loregie!

  5. My Renesmee name would be
    Mary + Daisy = Maraisy
    Daisy + Mary= Daisry or Dairy? (that’s a GREAT! name for a girl with D’s)

    Hmmmm….none of these seem like a good way to go…What do you ladies think?

  6. Hmmm…my mash-up name would be troublesome, assuming OMB’s mother, Mary:

    Mary + Margaret = Margaryet?

    Maybe this works better:
    Mary + Peggy = Meggary?

    Kinda hard to use all the letters like in Renesmee.

  7. fun game!!! I miss so much when I’m cooped up in a seminar in Philly all day 😦 Regina + Susan

    Mine would be: Suegina (which is pronounced GEENA and not GINA like it looks!)


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