Fanmade Video of the Week:

Dear Twilight fans,  fan vid watchers and Jasper fans,

For this week’s Fanmade video I’d like to introduce you to probably my favorite Twilight fanvideo maker, Jenbona. I stumbled upon this Jasper video a while back and just had to share with you all. Usually fanvids are cheesy and involve a lot of still pictures and crappy music, but Jen (can I call you that?) takes it to another level altogether. She mixes images, movies, tv shows and music to bring to life stories about each character. For this week I’m going to include her Jasper tribute because first of all I’m a Jasper fan and most of us seem to be Rob fans around here, so identify yourself Jasper lovers so we can swoon together and secondly it’s just pretty much freaking awesome! It’s like you actually get a glimpse of what his human life was life. So without further adieu and gushing…

Check out more Jenbona videos! For what it’s worth she’s the best and probably most prolific of fanvid makers in the Twilight YouTube world… at least that I’ve come across. She has videos about the Denali clan, the volteri, you name it.

And since last time we gave out a fake prize,  for Jen we’re giving you one hour of ‘mood altering’ time with Jasper. Use it wisely. Ifyouknowwhatimsayin’

Jasper Love,
Me (themoonisdown)

4 Responses

  1. Cool find! I am going to look these up especially the Denali Clan I am tres curious!

  2. I’m going to have to agree! That was really well done! The fan videos like this are normally so bad, I feel that 2nd hand embarrassment about a quarter in.

  3. @amber NO JOKE, this is why we want to post all the good ones for everyone to see.

    feel free to send us ones that are good/2nd hand embarrassment!

    still can’t believe i havent found another jasper fan on here. COME OUT COME OUT wherever you are! like alice says “youve kept me waiting a long time.”

  4. I have to agree with you…I mean Rob is sexy…can’t deny it but there’s just something about Jasper…I’m lovin’ it!

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