Dear girl rumored to be shagging Kellan but then got in a fight with him on New Years Eve because you kissed some other dude while Kellan was hosting the party-

Ashley is NOT impressed.

Neither is his youth Group.

Me (themoonisdown)

*UPDATE- apparently it’s the other way around and kellan was caught by perm-head kissing some other girl. NAUGHTY! Well can you blame me? I read so much twi stuff online it’s hard to keep it all straight. Nevertheless it still stands ASHLEY IS NOT IMPRESSED*

10 Responses

  1. wait, i thought i read somewhere that it was kellan who was caught snogging another girl? oooh to be young and gorgeous. :p

  2. omg! i must have heard wrong! let me research…

  3. Don’t you love a good excuse to spend hours researching all things Twilight?!?

  4. Ooooh Twilight Research. “Husband, children do not bother me, I will be in my office doing Twilight Research!” Does that sound legit?

  5. Is that the girl? IS it? Who is she?
    Even better question: What happened to her hair?
    It looks like her “Wrap-Snap & Go” curlers turned on her!!

  6. i was thinking sponge curlers myself. god those used to hurt to sleep on.

    yes this is THE girl annalynne mccord or something. she’s on 90210 which kellan is on this next week FYI! i think the ‘real’ rosalie could snap this girls torso in half. it’s like concave.

    enlarge this picture too!! i swear it won’t be a trick and be nibelungs pictures! look at ashleys face close up! hilar

  7. Oh I did enlarge it…an Ashley is not cool with this chica….she looks like whe wants to whip out a little Alice on her A**

  8. Ooh, yeah, Ashley is not amused.

  9. I’m not all that familiar with Kellan. What’s this bible study/youth group thing you speak of?

  10. Yeah Ashley dosnt look happy with that girl

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