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  3. i think robert pattinson is a gifted musician as well as a actor i loved the movie but to be perfectly honest i loved your music first .see i to play piano and guitar music for me is an escape from it all it gives u hope and joy and love all in one and i think your music speaks all 3 just wanted u to know that bye hun keep up the good work even though i don’t know u personally lol

  4. hey robert,

    im a big big big big big big big…more…fan of urs and i have these words to say to u I LOVE YOU! IM UR NO.1 FAN NO LIE…!!!! UR SOO SPECIAL AND THE HOTTEST VAMPIRE. u may think im really strange and weird and a obsessed freak! but im not really i just wish one day i could meet u and become friends but that will never happen will it!? 😥

    Please Reply Rob x
    Love Eve x

    • hey ur just like me.I’m obsessed with him too.And i wish i can meet him too.Well i don’t think that’s ever going to happen.

  5. seriously! LOL i thougt i was onseesed eith R-PATTZ,guess i was wrong!
    he’s so dwn to earth its really unbelievable.

  6. wo0o0o0o0o0o0o00ola solo kiero decirte ke eres un gran actooooor ike estas muy guapo

  7. Dear robert pattinson I am twilights biggest fan.I know alot of girls say that but youll just have to believe me.I have noticed lately you have not been the happiest person sence you have started NEW MOON because of the script, and because mabe you feel left out .I might be right and I might not be right, but if its true I want you to know how that makes your fans feel.I know you may not care at this point but, its causing me and alot of people pain and agony.Also I dont know if you have read the twilight boks but I want you to know that in the movie eclipse you will have your lead part back the only thing is that more than the first and in breaking dawn its the same.I know your thinking theyll change the script so much it wont be the same as the books but trust me stephenie meiyer wont let that happen.So fror me and your fans just be happier and know the twilight movies get soooooooooo muuuuuuch better.

  8. Dear rob,i love u.u r the cutest guy in the world.I even have a poster of u.Listen i know u have trouble finding a gf but if u never find the right one i will always be here for u.I will do anything for u.Except stop talking bout u.I cant help it.I also have the movie.And i am getting the book too.I hope u never stop making ur movies.They r awesome.I love the way that u love Bella but i hope its just acting because if its real i will tear Bella apart.Naahh.Just kidding.U two r good together.Although i still wish it was me that plays Bella and not Kristen.I have a collection of magazines with ur picture on it.Well i love u Edward.

  9. Dear Rob,

    You are a great actor. I love Twilight and would love 2 see u in many more movies.i also think u r totally cute!!!!!!!!

  10. Hi Robert
    I`m from Switzerland, so my English is not sooo good. =) but well i hope you’ll understand it…
    i think you are the greatest actor i have ever seen, i mean you are able to play so different characters and that’s really something…. and i really love the song never think but i have to tell you that when i first listened to the song i couldn’t undertstand a word, but it was cool.
    your fan (or something like this, but not a stalker!!!)

  11. I totally agree. Rob was the best and was incredibly hott in the movieee!! Even if he’s not Edward, hes stilll sexyyy and seemms like a cooll guyy. <33

  12. Hi Robbie. I love you…marry me.


    BUBBA: Are your legs tired? Cuz you’ve been running through my mind all day…keep up the good work, sunny bun!

    UNCLE BOBBET: I love you in a homosexual way.
    mhhhhhhhhhhmhh. When I unlock my wife from the cellar, imma be thinking she be jealous of you. She should be. Yall youguns be crazzy, gollawaggin, spifftacularly ‘mazin! Love you, yours truly, (call me Clarnice) Bobbet.

    WE LOVE YOU…never die.

    • What the buck? your a funny pervert and whats the wole JANICE: IN MY PANTS, LOVE YOU ROBERSON! thing?

  13. Rob you so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love u !
    your so sexy

  14. Dear rob…
    Don’t let the haters stop u from doing what you love.
    LOVE ya…

  15. omfg i frgin love u Edward Cullen ur the best babe;]]] u hella rock my sokzzz hehe and ur super super super duper Hot!!!:]

  16. I’ve noticed that all the coments are about twilight , not that its a bad film because i tought it was bluddy fantastic ,
    but your fit and lush and no ones said that
    i would 😉

    lovee beckie x

  17. Every one! Hes not ever! NOT ever going to read this so stop! Do You think that writing these letters will help you? How about writing about his life , but like me you could be out living one instead! Like he cares what you think! Hes terrified of you! I’m not the LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE person! I’m the real person who’s not obsessed. My cousin and my friend agree that you only love him because hes the most beautiful thing alive . But bisides that If he didnt wake up one morning and say ” I think I will be an actor,” The only place you’d see him is half naked on the wall at abricrombie! Get a life, get a job ,watch DOCTOR WHO!
    xoxoxo ,
    Ali ro

  18. Dear Robert Pattinson,
    My name is Mariah and i love your acting. And i love to sing.when i heard you sing Let me Sign i started to cry because i made Twilight me and my sisters movie and her and i love that song.But she’s in Germany with her mom.But my dream is to become an ACTRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I would really like to meet you but you cant so I’ll have to deal with it.But i think you are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I lov u Edward Cullen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • don’t call him Edward Cullen…okay? His names Robert Pattinson get your people sorted out from human to non realistic.

  20. robert, did you come to indonesia before ?
    hehehe ..

  21. by the way

  22. Dear Rob: hola! te escribe Cecilia de America latina..
    hi.. i´m from Southamerica, I´m writting you to say you HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Robert.. LOV YA! so much.. you really don´t have any idea of what you´re for me.. you`re the most pretty thing I´ve ever seen.. I´m in love with you since the first time i saw you! I don´t care Twilight or anything, I mean, the movie doesn´t matter!! you´re the most important for me.. i wish you to have a happy life and that you can enjoy all that life give you.. and.. i pray god that someday i could meet you.. just see you in front of me.. that would be great.. LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

  23. Please Read–>Dear Robert Thomas Pattinson, I bet thats a bit weird to you that I know that, but a lot of people do. First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I’m writing this now on your birthday. Ha, anyways. I can’t believe you might actually be reading this..I love you so much! Like it’s not even funny. You’re soo sweet and amazing and I admire everything you do. I love seeing you smile, I watched every interview you’ve been in and you always make me laugh. I’ve watched everything (I think) you’ve been in (movies) so far and you’re great. You play Edward amazing too. I love twilight. I don’t think they could have picked anyone better for the part, well Kristen chose you right? Speaking of Kristen, I’m sure you’re sick of all the rumors of you and Kristen, but I just want to say, I know the way you look at each other and I feel like you kinda fell for her. If you didn’t i’m sorry, but if you did I just wanted to tell you, you shouldn’t give up on her anytime soon. You have 3 more movies with her. Things can happen! (: Moving on..I just really admire you as an actor and a person. The whole famous thing and paparazzi isn’t your thing, is it? Well, it’s all worth it. Because if you didn’t become an actor you wouldn’t have all these people who love and care for you so much! And you love acting, so it is worth it. Your an amazing singer too, keep up with that. I live in Pennsylvania, and when I heard you were in Phillidelphia I got so mad at myself for finding out days later. Be sure to come back again soon! I don’t know much more to say but I love you! Good luck in everything you do in life, have fun, don’t party too much, fight for Kristen, good luck to your career, be good, stay healthy, and remember we love you!

    Thank you so much if you took the time to read this! Your fan, Jaime.

  24. Uhh well dont know what to say but yea happy birthday and i feel really bad for you with all you “adoring fans” so im not gonna be like that but yea

  25. sorry jaime above i didnt know that was you dont be pissed at me and if you read this its kind of embarrasing putting this on in front of thousands of people. yea i agree with everything jaime said were best friends so if you happen to be in pennslyvania come to allentown (i promise i will be the one not screaming)

  26. guys this is rob not edward

  27. Did you guys know that there is gonna be a breaking dawn movie? well im pretty excited!:):0

  28. no dah ,some of us know that. first rob isnt a vamp and edward is a vamp, so get your story straight.

  29. Robert Pattinson…
    tequiero eres la luz que ilumina mis dias….
    cuando veo tu cara,,, me dan ganas de llorarrrr
    I love you Robert, you’re very special for me….

  30. Hey Rob!!
    OMG OMG!!! You are soo hot hot hot in twilight!!! gosh i wish i could be bitten by edward!! ugh i luv luv luv luv luv luv luv twilight and harry potter.. i luved everything in twilight but you are so so so so so so so hot!!!!!! Gosh really i wish i could date you :/ well your such an awesome actor! but i gtgn

    OMG your luva,

  31. is it ture that u dont belivwe in showers? if u see ashly aka alice tell her i think she is the best

  32. dear robert,
    I think its pretty clear that everyone that has seen you play in twilight LOVE you. 🙂
    i’d like to say that you are an super actor. i love the way u play edward and i know a lot of people that love u for it to. we all want you to no that you do a great job and not to change the way you act.

    Love Suzan. S2

  33. Robert Pattinson,
    will you Marry me??
    You were Fantastic In twilight,
    Little ashes may have been a bit weird,
    but you are so handsome :):)
    I love you

  34. rob you are the best person for edward you and bella are perfect for each other you and her look soo goog together and your sooooooooooooooo cute

  35. Dear Rob,

    Three words about Twilight: Best. Movie. Ever. Twilight is my favourite movie and I can’t wait for New Moon to come into theaters! Just one thing: First of all, I read that you’re done filming New Moon (I READ it. I’m not exactly one hundred percent sure). If you’re done filming so early, why does it have to come out such a long time afterwards? I mean, November 20? Seriously! No offence.
    Anyway, you’re an awesome actor, and I hope you’re having a great time!

    Forever Devoted Number One Fan,

    P.S. One more thing that’s awesome about you is that you totally blow my mind. 😉

  36. Hmm…Nobody seems to be replying…

  37. Why isn’t anybody replying? 😦

  38. …:’-(

  39. Sorry. I’m the impatient type. :-O

  40. Rob,
    Your an amazing actor,I couldn’t stop reading the books either!New moon was great to because jacob rocks to,but it was pretty boring without Edward.I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing Edward,your the perfect person!I think your AWESOME!I’m really glad you got the part!Keep up the great work rob!I love you x100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ,Your # 1 fan!!!!!!!! i love you!!!!!<3

  41. you guys are silly… you are all writing to robert? yeah right,like he is going to read that… I must say that i laughed 3 hours after this all posts tipe: I live you,I’ve would like to be your girlfrined,I’ve could be better bella then Kirsten is…and so on… pepole,grow up! and God help you,cause you really need it…

    • That’s not funny, Hokla. Seriously. It’s actually not very nice. >:-(

    • Hokla sucks balls
      yu idoit every1 knows hes not gnna read this its just a place for people to have there say and say what thy would if thy could actully write him a (semi-creepy) letter

  42. I love you*

  43. Heyy!!! Rob y don’t u just take Kristen w/ u 4evar and keep her then everybody will be happy and the rumors would be true and I’m pretty sure you’ll make her happy!!!! K+R=♥

    Reply to me I♥U!!!!!!

  44. dear rob
    i hope u got my messages and i hope u will email back my friend said she was going on cruiz with the twilight crew but she lied i hate her shes a bully anyway tell everyone i said hi I LOVE EDWARD CULLAN AND ALICE CULLAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. I can’t believe that I am writing to R-Pattz ( I don’t really know if he will get this message anyway) but hopefully he will. You are such a great actor and I can’t wait for NEW MOON to come out .


  46. hey Rob! I’m going to keep this short and sweet ’cause i don’t want to bore you! (if you read this) just wanted to tell ya, you blew my mind right out in keeping the edward image intact..brilliant acting so fairplay to ya and your fellow cast for making this film good. guess I should tell you i’m an irish fan. anyways keep up the good acting and best of luck to you and kristen in the future! i’m sure ye will do great as already.
    love from ciara and i guess i should put down the other folks..katie. please come to Ireland..you won’t regret it.;) xxxxx

  47. oh yea and too other fans..lads please keep the stalkin and screamin down a notch. rob may be successful but he is just doing his job like..in reality he is a normal person..not edward. ..just wanted to get that out there!

  48. dear rob,
    you are the most amazing actor in the world! i love how modest you are about how you look and that you are not caught up in fame. i hope you get this message. and if yoou were wodering im pretty young. good luck on remember me.

    lots of love,

  49. I love you!! Don’t ever quit your work. Even know us fans always hug you, and tackle you, and everything is because we love you and the work that you do to help movies be, well….. awesome! Don’t ever change anything that you do! We love you for that. If you ever think about quitting acting…. DON’T! We all love you and your acting. And I love reading magazines with cool stuff in it. But, if it makes you feel good, i don’t EVER believe those nasty dirty rumors and lies they write about you, or kristen, or anything about that, that will never be true. So remember, we all love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    much. Don’t ever quit your work and dedacation to Twilight and other things.

    Love forever and always,
    Your biggest fan,
    and future wife, (lol)
    Avery ♥♥♥♥♥ :))

  50. Hi Robert I am a great fan yours I wanted to say that you are one exclente actor but you are not so pretty as all say.
    In the paper of Edward you are pretty, because of the maquilhagem, etc. But normally you´re not pretty.

    Sorry for my English, I´m Portuguese!!


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