Worthy of our Sunday Praise: Stephenie Meyer

Dear Stephenie Meyer,

We spend so much time using sarcasm, poking fun of the actors, finding 2nd-hand embarrassing videos & art that it’s easy to forget why Moon & I started LetterstoTwilight and LetterstoRob in the first place.

This is it! This is why:

Your story! It’s for the vampire world you built and the connection between it’s handsome, lonely hero and the weak mortal who is the object of his affection. It’s for what their love makes us feel about ourselves- what we long for or remember about our lives and experience. It’s for the purity of their relationship- how selflessly they love each other. It’s for the bonds of friendship and family between the Cullens and for the theme of forgiveness and eventual respect between the vampires and werewolves. It’s for all of that!

So on this Sunday, we give YOU praise, Stephenie Meyer, and thank you for the amazing gift in story you have given us!

Sappy on Sunday,

Thanks to limeslice for telling Moon & I about this awesome vid!

Thanks, also, to RaggDollish on YouTube for your amazing video skills! RaggDollish made this video about books Twilight thru Eclipse. I’m hoping that she does one about Breaking Dawn! RaggDollish, I’m feeling generous so you get 13 minutes uninterrupted time with Edward in the tent in the woods from Eclipse (no dogs allowed!) xo