The Dirt

twilight_movie-promoDear Twilight,

Seriously… we need some new news. This is all I’ve found in the past few days. Can’t we get something great like an announcement from Steph that she’s gonna release some juicy scenes she cut from Breaking Dawn that took place on Isle Esme? Come on now…

  • Wanna role-play your Edward/Bella fantasy this valentines day? Subtly hint to your lover with these bite me Twilight candies (I will be doing this in my bedroom which will be remodeled to look like Eddie’s)
  • This is what life would be like if Stephenie Meyer was the creator of Facebook: Meyerbook
  • Now you can make your 4 year old obsess about Twilight with these Twilight inspired cupcakes!
  • Do you think you might be a vampire? Take this quiz to find out (and then go straight to the crazy department at your local hospital b/c you’re crazy.)

That’s all.

Me (UnintendedChoice) xo