A Not-so-secret-admirer is in love with LTT

As a Valentine’s present to ourselves, Moon & I just had to share this letter we received that made our DAY- no- our WEEK!

Dear LTT, UC & Moon,

I have a confession. An obsession confession. And seeing as it is Valentine’s weekend and all, I figure I should come clean. LTT – I am majorly in love with you. I mean, like, bad.

It all started on a balmy summer afternoon way back in 2009 (switch to black and white and play old-timey music). I was doing normal things at work, like re-reading Midnight Sun, visiting all the links on Miss Meyer’s website, and cracking up at Rob/Claudia. Then I made a decision that would change my life forever: I thought it would be beyond fun and creepy to Google image search Renesmee. Yes – that’s what did it. That click right there led me down the rabbit hole from which I would never return. The horrifying image of that bronze-ringlet-ed baby caused me to literally spit my coffee all over my monitor (something which happens on a regular basis now), and as I cleaned the screen, lo and behold what did I unearth behind my coffee-saliva sprayings other than the lovely Letters to Twilight AKA the best part of my day!

I began reading entry after entry and quickly found the “My what a difference a year makes: Taylor Lautner then and now” timeline chart, and I was smitten! I sent it to all my Twilight loving friends! Then I saw the Holy Trinity “Evangelists” singing Steven Curtis Chapman and I knew I was home! I proceeded to read every single entry that had ever been written, starting with day one. I laughed, I cried, I laughed so hard I cried. And so it has been, every single day (switch back to color and modern-day music), I read the day’s entry and ALL the comments, yet I never comment. Why? Every single day I do this. But I’m not even signed up to comment…and it feels like I am hanging out with friends, they just don’t happen to know I am there. Kind of like what it will feel like when Chris Hansen throws me in jail and I am forced to live vicariously through letters from my friends on the outside. [UC Note: Thankfully, as of yesterday that is a moot point].

Anyway, what really motivated me to come out of the LTT closet was when I was minding my own business at work AKA relishing the fact that I was simultaneously reading about blonde Stewy, Eric “Feeny Fee-hee-hee-nay” Mathews, Rob’s pants, and JTT shout-outs, and a coworker walked by and looked at me and said, “Are you in love?” This really caught me off guard, as I am definitely not in love with any (real life) person. She said, “You just look really really happy…” Then, confused, I glanced again at the screen and thought YES! YES I guess I really am in love. I’m in love with LTT and all it’s amazing harem of people just like me and it’s probably time I let the wolf out of the bag and confess my true feelings.

How can you NOT love us?

I love you, LTT, UC and Moon!!! So what if I have re-read the same 4 books over and over for over a year (or 2)? So what if I get happy when it rains because it makes me feel like I am living in Forks for a day? So what if I can’t eat a hamburger patty without thinking about life behind bars? So what if when I mend a hem on my dress I am secretly wishing I was “mending a hem” on a certain someone’s pants? So what if I’m still slightly embarrassed that I am actually typing these words for all to see but I’m also relieved to finally get it out? So what if me and several other of my almost-30-year-old friends took up an entire row (and ate 4 giant buckets of popcorn…with refills) at the theater watching a certain movie November 20th? THAT’S NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LTT, you are my true other half, my own personal brand of awesome. And I thank you. I thank you for not being too-cool-for-school and allowing us grown-ups to be the ridiculous fangirls (and fanFonts) we know we all are. In honor of my “coming out” I think I am going to throw a “No Longer Jailbait” party this weekend!


Your not-a-secret-anymore Admirer

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