All I want for Christmas

Dear Hot Topic (and other fine Twilight retailers),

borders-twilight-calendar-twilight-series-1705147-400-800All I want for Christmas is a Twilight Calendar. I even wrote a song about it (enjoy below). My husband says (yes, I have a husband and want a twi-cal, so what?) that when he asks for them at your store and other calendar stores, the clerks literally LAUGH at him. Why don’t you stop laughing at my husband and just give him a twi-cal to let me open Christmas morn?

It’s a bummer.. I saw tons of calendars last month.. he should’ve bought one then. Oh well, it’s his fault if I divorce him when I don’t get my only Christmas wish. Or it’s your fault. Or amazon’s fault for selling a calendar made by a poor 7 year old boy in a third world country for $49.89

twilight calendar on imeem
PS: I’d also take Rob, naked, wrapped in a bow under my tree. xo

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It’s taking over…

Dear Twilight, Midnight Sun & Alice,

I’m going on date #5 with Brian this week. Sometimes when I look at pictures of Brian’s sister, I think about how I know we’ll be friends. I think tomorrow when I see Brian I’m going to urge him to let us meet. I’ll say “but I’m going to love her Brian.”

It’s taking over. The lines are blurring. Sometimes when I clench my jaw or my heartbeat quickens, I wonder if he is picking up on it like Edward would.


*received this morning via Facebook. Has Twilight taken over your life like it has for LL (and us?) Tell us about it. Send us a letter to or comment below! xo

She finally saw it…

dear twilight the movie,

i finally saw you! and i LOVED you!
yes, i had my issues with you… how rushed bella and edward’s relationship was, (although i did feel it was rushed in the book too), how you could have done so much more with edward’s vampire abilities and attributes, how choppy the story was and how you just threw so many parts of the book randomly into the movie… and overall could have adapted the screenplay much better and told the story in a more cohesive manner….

but you know what? i didn’t care. i enjoyed myself the entire time and was excited to finally see the story and characters in my head… in real life. well, in movie life.
of course, the casting of edward and bella were pretty much perfect. also perfect? JESSICA. omg, like, omg so totally perfect!! *giggle* i also fell in love with alice and wish i could throw a baseball as gracefully as she. surprisingly, i found mike endearing and kinda funny (i found him pretty annoying in the book). i was also surprised at how disappointed i was with jacob. i guess i like him better in my head…my jacob. and rosalie was not the drop dead gorgeous model she could/should have been. oh, and i did not realize how ethnically diverse Forks high school is? i mean, come on now… but actually, i’m glad that you decided to use diversity (hollywood is always lacking). i do have one question though…. eric? really?

oh, and the song choices! its like you were speaking right to my heart. and i read somewhere that kristen stewart was the one who chose the iron and wine song for the ending of the movie. mmm…yes. i had such a good time and i will definitely watch you again. i am excited for what you will do with the sequel… can’t wait.

edward’s one and only (Charissa)

*note from editor: I was trying to find a great video for the end of this post, and I got really distracted looking at vids of the kissing scene. I was so annoyed b/c most of them were from the trailer (why didn’t any little girls use their iphones to record THAT scene in the theater?) and to the song “Kiss me” by Sixpence none the Richer… but I found this. And at first I laughed, then I swooned… sigh

It makes us happy when we find others just as obsessed…

This conversation happened via AIM chat and e-mail with my college roommate:

Dear UnintendedChoice,

11pm 12/14 via AIM chat: i know you understand this, but i just spent the last 40 minutes googling twilight because i don’t want to do my [grad school] final.

i want to go see the movie again, i think i might go one afternoon this week by myself

We discussed her thoughts on Breaking Dawn (which she just finished) and I told her about Midnight Sun– WHICH SHE DID NOT KNOW ABOUT! (oh- do YOU not know about it? Stop what you’re doing. Must read now) We said good-night.  I awoke this morning to this email:

4:03 am 12/15 e-mail: if i do bad on my final it’s all your fault because I just finished reading midnight sun.  And thank goodness it wasn’t the whole book or I probably wouldn’t go to bed and wouldn’t study at all.

darn twilight and it’s irrestible plot.  darn edward cullen for being so darn attractive and perfect.
Yes, Lucy, darn ALL of it… Sigh…
Edward & Bella Kiss

Sometimes Twilight IS worth losing your job over..

We received this message today via Facebook and just had to share:

Dear LettersToTwilight bloggers,

i have spent each of my prep times (45 mins- we have to prep things each day) this week reading the 5th twilight [midnight sun]. so if anyone finds out and fires me, i’m hoping you can possibly hire me to be a full-time blog writer on your blog. benefits and retirement included. just something comparable to what the [school] district is giving me.

Leanne, we’d love to have you. We understand that sometimes you lose your job because you just.can’t.stop the obsession. (Currently I am about to lose my husband if I don’t join him for dinner in 10 seconds..)

A lesson for all of our readers- Twilight and all things Twilight (like Robert Pattinson) require sacrifice. But it is oh so worth it…

Oh no! That was 47 seconds…

I am 25, going on 15…

Dear Twilight,

What have you done to me? I am a married 25 year old, and I went into Hot Topic tonight.

Hot Topic

Hot Topic

The worst part is… I bought stuff..

Thanks a lot…


P.S. will someone please tell my husband to buy me the Paramore/Black Ghost songs they have on vinyl? Gracias

Renesmee Cullen

Dear Renesmee,

When the movie studios decide to tell your story after Stephanie Meyers is over her feeling of “not going back to Forks” and realizes she must write your story, can I star as the grown-up you?

Renesmee Cullen

And if that’s okay, will it be okay if I try to seduce the man who plays your father?

Thanks for considering me. (If it helps, I’m a vegetarian too)

P.S. your boyfriend kissed your Mommy and wanted to do more. Ask Daddy

For moms just like you…

Dear Twilight,

Today my mom’s best friend from college posted on my Facebook wall (What? Yeah, my mom’s best friend from college has facebook and yeah, I’m friends with her despite not seeing her since I was 12. Is that weird or something?) Anyway, she posted on my wall asking this very important question:

“okay, I am curious…what is twilight? and why is it all the rage?”

You know as much as anyone how much I love to talk Twilight. But, um, I like to discuss the intricacies of the chemistry ON the set between Rob and Kristen vs the non-existent chemistry we find NOW in promo vids. Is she really asking what Twilight is…? Now??

I’m sorry mom’s best friend from college whom I haven’t spoken to in 13 years, you’re going to have to use GOOGLE or something instead of wasting MY precious time asking me such simple, obvious questions.

Actually, I’m not a biatch, so this is what I really wrote:

Oh Amy *hugs* I miss you so much. Remember that one time your son and I kissed when we were 3? What good memories! HA! Anyway.. Twilight is a story about a mortal teenage girl who falls in love with a VAMPIRE. And not just ANY Vampire- but Edward Cullen- a “vegetarian,” animal-eating, INCREDIBLY HANDSOME vampire who steals her heart. Stephanie Meyer is a Morman with great morals who wrote the books (Yes, BOOKS! There are 4 in the series- go get them now!) and the first one has just been made into a MOVIE! It stars Robert Pattison *swoon* and Kristen Stewart. I know you’ll JUST love it! It’s not just for teen girls- it’s for real people like me and MOMs just like you!