One picture, Two takes: a blogger divided

kswhipTake 1 –

Dear Kristen –

I’m usually not your biggest fan (as you might know, if you read these other letters, seriously they’re for your own good!) but I saw this picture on TMZ (gross i KNOW!) and I had to stop and give you props, cause dang girl you’re keeping it real with that car. You could waste mad money on some car you won’t ever drive cause you’re on location making movies or just to keep up a fake appearances like so many other Hollywood dbags, but you don’t. A refreshing move in a city full of facades.


KStew riding dirrrtay

KStew riding dirrrtay

Take 2-

Dear Kristen-

You don’t need to show us how “real” you are. We get it, you’re down with “the people” and you’re not enslaved to “the man,” by such superficial things like cars.

But honey, you might think about investing some of your weed money into a safer ride instead of smoking it up. Just a thought.

Oh and can you please move your shit-whip, it’s in my way and I need to fill up.