Thanks, but we already know we’re fabulous

Dear Twilight,

I don’t understand who is reading this when I write “Dear Twilight.” Is it you, Stephanie? Or the CEO of Summit Entertainment? Don’t tell me it’s just an intern at Little, Brown and Company publishing because I’ll quit right now. It better be the entire cast of Twilight- seriously.

We appreciate all the “Your Blog is Fabulous” awards, but we already know this- Rob tells us every night.

Fine, we’ll play along:



The way this game starts is with sharing our top-addictions in life. This is so that you can learn more about your fabulous bloggers UnintendedChoice & theMoonisDown. We have the following 5:

  1. Champagne with Lizzy Pattinson while watching Pattinson family home videos
  2. Listening to Rob say “hamburger” and “underpants”
  3. Washing our unmentionables on Taylor’s washboard abs
  4. Backcombing Robert and Jasper’s bouffants
  5. Going with Daddy Lautner to Mcdonalds for Filet-o-Fish Fridays

Now, to share the fabulous blog love around, here are our picks for the top 5 fabulous blogs:

  1. Lauren’s Bite: Cuz she’s adorable, hilarious and would kill us if we didn’t give her the #1 spot since we talk to her on a daily basis. (She would get our #1 spot even if we didn’t live in fear of her wrath because we love her that much. Plus she invited the term “Pocket Edward.” Seriously. You can Google it. See if anyone said “Pocket Edward” before she did. They didn’t. While you’re there see if anyone took pictures with Pocket Edward before we did. They didn’t. We win)
  2. Robsessed: Because NO ONE brings us better or faster Rob news than Gozde & Dani. Plus Gozde is Turkish, and we like to refer to her as our “Turkish Delight” (which is where the named “Sat. am Delight” came from for LTR). We actually just thought of that right now. Awesome.
  3. Rob Pattinson Loves Me: Because they have video versions of our letters but funnier. And next time we’re in NYC we’re having drinks with them. And drink-talking about Robert Pattinson is amazing. They also promised Lizzy would show up with a bottle of champagne
  4. Confessions of a TwiCrack Addict: Cuz this girl’s GOT IT and DOES IT perfectly every time (plus risks getting fired and/or losing her husband over it)
  5. Cullen Boys Anonymous: Cuz they talk about the Cullen Boys and Robward is a Cullen boy and they pretend to spread the love equally but in real life focus more on Rob… so they win

We hate doing these things because we don’t like choosing favorites. And we could only chose 5, but we wanted to shout out to these amazing sites that either mentioned us or are just so freakin’ delightful. They are in no particular order (except best to worst- JK): The Danger Magnet, Pillow Biters, Twilight-Headed, ’86 Rabbit, New Moon Movie (dot) Org


UnintendedChoice & theMoonisFabulousDown

What are your top 5 addictions related to Twilight? Do you sing Perry Farrell at the top of your lungs (please stop if you do)? Do you count Rob Pattinson’s locks of hair instead of counting sheep? Share your Twilight-related addictions with us in the comments and we’ll pick our fav for an awesome fake prize.