It’s Ashley!! Soooo meaty!

Dear Ashley-

As if I needed MORE confirmation that we needed to be BFF’s, you go and show up on The Soup, one of my favorite shows and hosted by one of my favorite men: Joel McHale! Now I just wanna go to lunch and have you spill all the details: is he really THAT tall? If he funny in real life? Did you propose marriage to him? TELL ME EVERYTHING!

Seriously, you don’t need to convince me any more, I will be your best friend.

Your BFF,

Pillow fight!

HAIR! must have NOW!

HAIR! must have NOW!

Dear Rachelle and Ashley-

Seriously girls, we should really just forget this letters thing and be best friends. I’m scheduling mani/pedi’s for tomorrow then we’re gonna come back to my place for a good ol fashioned sleepover with all the LTT/LTR ladies. We’ll eat thin mint cookies (out of the freezer of course), braid each others hair and crank call Rob to ask him if his ‘refrigerator is running.’ Then after a few too many mimosas we’ll make Taylor (our DD, we’re responsible girls!) drive us to the valley so we can T.P. Nikki Reed’s house.

Just think about it…

Best friends forever!