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Readers, they’re just like US! Have you ever gone on a YouTube binge and watched 58 straight interviews with Rob & Kristen and listen to them answer the same questions (were you a fan of the series before you did the movie? are you guys dating? what’s with your hair, Rob? what’s it like to kiss Rob, Kristen?) and come away with with a deeper understanding of Rob’s grooming habits or become more convinced that Kristen doesn’t really have a personality?? Or maybe you simple can’t stand another dumb uninformed interviewer and simply MUST share with someone?

Have you ever read a piece of Twilight news and thought WHAT THE… and had to find a outlet to share your horror/astonishment/joy/fascination?

Well this is it! We want to hear from you! Give us a break and write your own letter to anything related to the Twilight world or to Rob Pattinson, and we promise to feature the very best!*

We’re in this together people!

Now get to writing!

*We try to respond to everyone, unless you’re really crazy. Then we just FWD your e-mail to The Quad and laugh our lil’ heads off. Not really.** But you should hear back from us. We usually like to respond within 48 hours. But sometimes it takes us a bit longer. Like 2-3 weeks. If you’d like to support us so that we can quit our day jobs and blog full time, we’d be willing to go back to our 48 hour response time.

**Actually really

334 Responses

  1. go team jacob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am so ubsessed w/ Twilight that I am having a Team Edward B-day party!!!!! I love Twilight

  3. hey stephenie this is azia i just wanna say i really admire you and you books i have never actually wanted to read so much in my whole intire life ever since kindergarden ive hated readin but ever since twilight came out i have been wanting to read so much well only this series though i dont know but this book just addicts me it makes me want to be in it i dont just like thse books because of the movies and the sexy hott bodies and all the fun cool action that makes you feel so nerves haha even though i love that but i like these books becuse its so detailed and its like i get to actually specificlly make my own movie in my head and i love that feelin because i dont get that response with alot of other book so i just want to say thank you o much you like my hero o and one mre thing GOOOO TEAM JACOB AND EDWARD BUT MORE JACOB SO REALLY ITS JACWARD WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S. thank you so much keep up the good work o and u so need to make the last movie there all goin to be so interesting u just cant stop.

  4. In Russia the film has caused ambiguous reaction in us. If the first part “Twilight” had tremendous success the second part has caused delight basically in a female audience as the emphasis in it has been made on a love theme. And it would be desirable, of course, more fire, a fascinating plot, flashing shootings. But I all the same very much liked both films, I will necessarily read books. Also it would be desirable to notice that all without an exception actors have played at level, excellent, especially young actors. I especially wish to note Taylor Lotnera and Robert Pattisona, their role difficult enough and many-sided, however to young actors they have appeared on a shoulder! I transfer sincere liking and admiration of Taylor Lotnera’s talent, I am simply enamoured in it! So to hold!!! Innes in Moscow

  5. omg i love twilight it so amazing i cant live without it i have a huge wall in my room that has only twillight posters i am in love with jacob and i run with wolves i love you jacob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. omg! i went to a party last night and there was this guy that looked excatly like jacob black! same skin color, nose, face shape, everything. so so hott. omg!

  7. i love taylor lautner and his amazing acting and i am very thankfull for him bringing jacob black to life!!! but one thing that it anoying me is that i have read all the books but why in twilight dose rose eat i mean shes a vampire???? comfused .com!!!! but in my eyes if you take the way edwards romantic-nessas its discribed in the book (and his being a vampire) and taylor lautners good looks and combind the 2 you will end up with the purfect man!!!!!! (jakeward!!!)

    love shanice xxxxx i love taylor always have always will! forever and always!!!


  9. ENTER………..THE WOLF (in honour of anniversaries, wolves, abs and horrific wigs).

    As a result of the Edward love-in on today’s post and a certain person’s impending birthday I’ve been moved to write my first LTT.

    Dear Twilight,

    I love you, all of you, even the bits that I hate and find irritating, embarrassing, and just downright wrong. The books, movies, fandom – yep, all of it – and this month is my 1st anniversary of discovering you. But it so very nearly didn’t happen -explain? Why not, after all the boss is away – gotta love these golf days.

    It all started with my new job, better pay, better conditions, a boss who loves golf and a work collegue who would come into work blushing and giggling like a teenager over some emo called ‘Edward’. She would send faxes of him to her friend then call to make sure he had ‘arrived safely’. Yes, totally Robsessed.

    I was feeling low, the last HP book had been read, Snape vindicated and there was a gaping hole in my life. What better way to fill it than with an unobtainable vampire called Edward, sounded like a damn good plan.

    Hmmm. What I did find was a whiney, irritating ‘Bella’ with appalling dress sense and lame people skills. I persevered, through page after page of teenage introspection, drippy dialogoue and bad weather until I was ready to throw it at the wall and face the prospect of RL. Things were grim.

    And then, like a heaven sent ray of light, page 102, enter…..the wolf. Ok so I didn’t know about the wolf thing when Jacob 1st appeared but my heart leapt, thank you, thank you, thank you Stephanie for throwing out this lifeline and hauling me right in.

    Jacob is a sweetheart, he rebuilds old cars, spin a cool ghost story, and has a Samoan sufer living in Hawaii for a bro-in-law (still pissed we heard no more about THAT hotness). What’s more he suddenly made Dripward – sorry, Edward (thin ice, I know) kind of interesting. Jacob was clearly going to be a thorn in Eddi’s side, COOL!!!

    Finally Edward had a purpose – Jake’s rival. Finally Bella had a purpose – Jake’s BFF/ PNG *cue Dolly Parton*. From that moment on Twilight sucked me in and I’m still clinging to the beast’s innards so as never to be spat out.

    Then the movie, on DVD (dear lord that camera action made me seasick). So much wrong (pretty certain the whole ‘wigs of Fright-Light’ have been covered) but all oh-so right. And Taylor, what a cutie, all my Jacob hopes were fulfilled, ahhh.

    And then New Moon and Eddi took off – squeee. And then he came back. Dammit, what guy stops to answer someone else’s phone when he’s about to take advantage of a girl’s indecision and kiss her (I can forgive a lot of things Stephanie, but come on!).

    Then Eclipse and more wolves killing vampires and running around shirtless (at times pantless, no she didn’t write it but we all think about it) being self-sacrificing, badly behaved and generally just plain hot. And that 2nd kiss *thud*, and you know, admit it, I’m not talking any popsicle kiss here.

    BD – I died, yes literally died of joy and emotion when I realised so much of it was from Jacob’s POV. I will be taking oxygen to that movie. And thank you relentless time for when you FINALLY make Taylor legit when that one is filmed.

    And to top off my Twi-joy, thanks to you LTT, I finally ‘get’ all the Ed/Robsession, it is simply all of the love/obsession/indecent thoughts for all things Jacob/Taylor transfered to the other side (I refuse to use Taycob-bleh, and Jaylor has bad connotations re:Chris Hanson). It all makes sense, let the love flow.

    In short, Thank You!!!!

    PS. I know the whole waiting for the next 2 movies is a tad stressful (I mean for the love of all gods how long can Taylor keep up those abs or Rob hold off from a crew-cut, that hair must be so damn annoying), but hold fast, the truly great thing about Twilight is that even when it sux, it is still great.

    Squee – I just got it – Blackner! Life is good.

  10. some really good books are,
    the house of night series by P.C Cast & Kristin Cast
    the mortal insterments by Cassandra Clare

  11. I used to love reading when I was younger & stayed more towards King, Palahniuk, Koontz type books. But after Twilight I couldn’t stay away from fantasy!!! I freakin love it! I read the series in a week, & the second I finished Breaking Dawn I grabbed Twilight & read the entire series 2 more times. Well, after reading Twilight 3x then Morning Sun (which is like reading Twilight a 4th time) & knowing all the lines in the books, & catching every small thing I missed the first time around, I just couldn’t read them anymore. But I needed to find books with similar plots/fantasy/love story/love triangle type stuff. I didn’t want to stray too far away from my Twilight obsession….I’ve read like 30 books since Twilight & here are the ones I would STRONGLY suggest….

    – Harry Potter (you can’t go wrong here)
    – Vampire Academy (I freakin loved this series! I can’t wait for the 5th book to come out! I loved these JUST as much as Twilight. Seriously!)
    – Wicked Lovely Series by Melissa Marr (about faeries w/ a love triangle thrown in for kicks)
    – Evernight Series
    – City of Bones series. SOOOO GOOD! (vamps, weres, faeries, wizards THE WORKS!)
    – Percy Jackson was super good!
    – The Perks of Being a Walflower (not fantasy but this is a book everyone has to read)
    – Wings by A. Pike (a different take on faeries. There’s a quote from S. Meyer on the cover saying that she likes it a lot)
    – Night World (very addictive)
    – Blue Moon series (about immortals & magic)
    I’m reading Fallen by Lauren Kate & so far it’s really good.

    — Other random books I would suggest that are some of my favs: Angela’s Ashes, The Secret Life of Bees, The Things They Carried, White Oleander.

    The House Of Night wasn’t very good. It read like a looooong blog. The authors aren’t very talented & they make it like it’s written for young teens but then there’s a bunch of super innapropriate parts which are more for young adults…I didn’t really get it. I wouldn’t suggest reading them AT ALL. You will just be disappointed when you compare them to Twilight.

  12. Taylor Lautner’s MY man!!! I LLLUUUVVV him!!!


  14. hey kristen, rob and all cast of twighlight sagas i love you guys!!!!!! this is like the first movie that i have really enjoyed in a long time. its romantic and some funny and just down right romantic….. you guys are great and i wi0sh i could meet you guys it would be so cool. i live in a small town so i dont get to do alot of stuff. you guys have made one of the best movies of alllllllllll time. every girl love these movies and you guys are grrrreeeaaaatttt actors i love you rob you are the sweetest guy i have watched interviews about you and you seem to be the kind of guy who is so laid back and loves everything and everyone. thats so cool im the kind of person who likes to hang with tons of friends and family and i sometimes love to just sit at home in my pjs and watch movies allllll day. kristen you are a good role model you have followed your dream as an actor and i have loved evry movie you have been in expecially PANIC ROOM. you are amazing !!!!!!! kellan you are some hooootttt vampire besides rob you are in with him but you are so cute in new moon when bella asked you what you thought of her becoming a vampire and you go over to her and pick her up and say yes!!!!!! sweeeeetttttt. ashley you are so good in these movies cant wait till eclipse i love how even though you and your family are vamps you treat bella like a sister. but JASPER needs to keep his cool. lol but its cool of you to stop him before he rips bella apart. well edward did most of the work but you helped RIGHT! now like i said cant wait till eclipse comes out i dont know if i can wait till JUNE. thats to far away. it would be awsome if one of you personally could write back i would be willing to write again. hope you guys have a good summer. love always heather!!!!!!!! hope you and rob get together if your not you guys should realize how great you would be together just dont let fans find out. SOME HOW. WELL MSG ME BACK! PLEASE SEE YOU HOPEFULLY SOME DAY BYE!!!!!!!!!!!=) =)


  16. my niece christine is diabetic she loves edward if u could send her a tshirt or anything for her birthday she would love it she will be 16 on 07 19 …..she has been so sick and we almost lost her we want to do some thing special for her 16 birthday ….thank u god bless cheryl cottrell her aunt

  17. it would be nice if letters to twilight would start a facebook page:)

  18. My Dearest Stephanie,

    After 5 books I feel I know you so well. On the last pages of “The Host”, I actually hate that! Want the trip to go on forever. I’m a writer also, got a block and looked for something to read, sometimes helps, found Twilight on my reading shelf and said Ok we’ll try this. That was five weeks and Five books ago. Thank You seems so weak, but that is all I can do. THANK YOU!

    And please keep writing! BTW I can’t see the twilight series movies!!! The mind pictures I got from reading the books will suffice! BUT will see “The Host” when it comes out.

    Love Ya’

  19. HI, I just wanted to say that you are not the only one re-reading the books. I do the same and I cannot stop. These books really influence you a great deal . You want to be there and it is your family now and you want to go home faster to see them again .
    I think Stephanie Meyers did a good job and one of a kind. I read a lot and I have never ever read anything like this , it is really liek a drug:)

    I do not if I can find anyting esle to read now , but as fans we should all stick together in ansking Stephanie to write a continuation. I know she does not like to be asked about it. But who knows….. In one of the interview on you tube when asked if she has in her mind the continuation of the story , she said – definetily she knows what happended with them next- , which means she alreday knows what to write it is in her head. So, what’s the heck…. 🙂
    I think we all should really ask about it to be done.
    I hope I am not the only one.

  20. I’m a late bloomer,,,,,, just finished New Moon, and can’t wait to start Eclipse!
    I thought I was kind of older for this sort of story, but. I couldn’t help fall in love with it. Hopeless romantic I guess!!!
    I think some filming of Breaking dawn sould happen in New England, maybe the Witch city of Salem??
    Bring it on!!!!!!!!

  21. HI


  23. I just want Stephenie Meyers know that you are a great writer, and if you do not want to continue the Twilight series from where it left of you shouldn’t. I just want to say thou I think that you are a great writer, so come out with different books. I would buy different books that you write, and different series. You are the reason I started reading in the first place I did not know how great reading was untill I read your books. Now I read all the time different series, and I love it. Also I want you to know that I normally dont mess with the internet except for school work. But I think you and the other people involved in this series are being bagered. Do what all of you are comfortable with, and dont worry about all these other people they are not the ones with the talent!

  24. Hi. I’m Julia and I’m 10. My friend introduced me to the Twilight series and it’s the AWESOMEST THING I’VE EVER READ. And ive read a LOT. Edward, Jacob, Bella, and Alice are by far my favorite characters. in this order: Bella, Edward, Alice, Jacob. GO STEPHENIE MEYERS! um, and can you write another book about bree tanner-wait thats not my choice. um ok, KEEP ON WRITING!!! 🙂 🙂

  25. Twilight has changed my life. I had been very reluntent to read it becuase it was so long. My friend had been bugging me for like a year before I finally decided to give it a chance. When I read the first chapter I was like, “Wow, this is boring.” But after I read the part when Bella first saw Edward, I couldn’t put the book down. I loved it! After that I found New Moon and read it in like… three days. I then got Eclipse and read it in two days. Then I had to wait for a whole bunch of months. Then when I got it I read it in ONE day!!! This series has gotten me back into writing my poetry and I have even began to write my own stories. Granted I have been starting over again and again, I always have more and more ideas each time I start over. I love you Stephenie Meyer, I love you for giving me my hope in myself to start my writing. You are a huge insparation to me and I hope you continue to write for as long as you possibly could. Thank you again. <33333333

  26. Breaking Dawn will be 1 movie or 2 movie ?

  27. Wow!….I can’t say how obsses I am whit the book, first I hated read anything, but when the teacher leave me to read the first book I said “Okay…could be fine” but when i finish the first I can’t stopped and I read all tha sagga and part of “Midingnightsun” and I love it….I’ve a lot question like but the principal is

    why Bella don’t say her feeling to Edward? but why she say just a simple “I love you Edward” whit that power than Edward!?? I know she’s not him….but whyyy!??
    Great page

  28. Hi Stephanie Meyer,

    I’m not sure if you’re going to read this but I hope you will. First things first, I am not one of those stupid fans who expects you to proofread their books, or is begging you to audition for Twilight’s next movie. I would like to give you my comments on the first 12 chapters of Midnight Sun that you have posted on your website. I am a fan and I do respect you, however I could not believe you were going to write the same book over again, I mean wouldn’t that get boring? That’s what I thought, however after reading the first few pages I got hooked, I couldn’t stop myself from continuing, after debating with myself internally about whether or not to continue I finally decided it would be better to actually be able to read the book for the first time without having to sit in front of the computer. I also just really want a Midnight Sun book to be on my bookshelf beside the rest of the Twilight Saga and, hopefully, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner too. I know your probably feeling down about what happened, and how you don’t feel like writing the book anymore, however I am hoping you will find it in your heart to continue Midnight Sun, and eventually publish it. Being a good person, I didn’t read farther than the first few pages and I am hoping I will eventually be able to read past the first few pages sitting in my room, a nice hardcover Midnight Sun in my hands, my mind lost in the world of Twilight.

  29. i love twilight it has helped me alot

  30. thank u for creating twilight and im cofussing so i dont think ull get this. u tought me a lesson. The lesson is that no matter wat u r if ur a vampire or a werewolf. every1 is the same that if 1 person doesnt like another person and u have a friend that is freinds with the person u dont like that u should get a long because u will hurt ur friend. please try 2 get it cause my brother and my dad didnt!!!

  31. I’m writeing this letter on behalf of me and the other 90% of guys who lost there girlfriends/wifes after them reading this twilight shit you fuckers will burn for publishing this crap & who is this Cullen poofter? I’d love to plant a garlic tree in his arse so he burns the way the book made us single guys burn after loseing our girlfriends! I’d also like to make him drink his own blood and feed that fucker his own hart!!! Hopefully someone will put a stop to the rubbish that you are selling before 90% of guys looking for you find out who you criminals are cause I’m sure thay will feed you more than your harts anyway thanks for destroying my 3 year relatonship and I hope all you fuckers get deep fryed head first in a local mcdonalds kitchen!

    • Donny… I’m sorry you lost your lady, but seriously- you don’t need to take it out on those of us who enjoy the occasional word spelled correctly.

      Now go put on a pea coat & Ray-bans and tell your girl you don’t want her to come. She’ll get all worked up and will no longer be lost.

      • Donny it brakes my hart that you losted your girlfriend.

      • I agree with UC. Go get some Ray-bans…work your stuff. Get confident. Be “forbidden” and play hard to get.

        Heck, read the books. You might be surprised that you like them yourself. Then you two would have something in common and a new role playing game in the bedroom.

        This could work for you.

      • Just what UC said… totes my thoughts on this…

      • Also Donny I’m pretty bummed that the URL linked in your name won’t open. I was looking forward to seeing the content of that site

      • “Now go put on a pea coat & Ray-bans and tell your girl you don’t want her to come. She’ll get all worked up and will no longer be lost.”

        LMAO LMAO LMAOOOO!!! clearly the way to all of our hearts. I swear guys would be making girls all over the place moist if they just LEARNED THE WAYS!

    • Deep fryed head first in a local mcdonalds kitchen?

      *sobs uncontrollably*

      It will take so long to get the grease out of my hair. 😦

    • Haha.
      Robert Pattinson. Setting unrealistic standards for women since 2009.

      Sorry, dude.
      A garlic tree would be pretty sweet, though.

    • Perhaps your girlfriend dumped you for reasons other than Twilight. . . like your apparent aversion to spell check or your lack of education. I doubt 90% of the male population was broken up with over their girlfriends love for this series. Of course, if this is the case then maybe you guys should start reading this “rubbish” and take notes on how to be the perfect boyfriend.

      P.S. It isn’t the least bit appealing hearing someone say “I hope all you fuckers get deep fryed head first in a local mcdonalds kitchen!”

    • Well if I’m going to get blasted for the existence of Twilight, I better start seeing some royalty checks, stat.

      Mr. Brasco–if that is indeed your real name–I’ve noticed that the kind of guys who lose their women to Twilight are the same kind of guys who think that Applebee’s is an appropriate venue for their anniversary dinner and don’t know what their lover’s favorite flower is. Grow a romantic bone–or better yet, read the books and take some tips from Edward (just not the stalking and breaking & entering). Write her a note that says “Be Safe” when she leaves for a business trip. Give her your mom’s tacky engagement ring. Wear a sleeveless white button down.

      Also, I think you are confused: ERIC is the poofter (aka “Gaysian”).

      • A-MEN. Thanks, Tiff. 🙂

        It’s not hard being romantic. I don’t know why guys just…can’t get it.

        and hey, Donny, instead of being threatened by a fictional vampire who was written by a mormon (awesome) housewife, step up your game a bit. YOU are the obtainable one.

        Throw on some glitter and step out into the sunlight.


      • “Give her your mom’s tacky engagement ring.”

      • “Grow a romantic bone”

        I’m guessing Mr. Brasco couldn’t grow a bone period and that’s why he lost his girlfriend.

    • oww dude I’m so sorry you lost your girl, I bet you’ll find a much better one over here 😉

      so what team are you on? jacob, edward? and what you think bout the whole robsten, nonsten stuff´?

      twilight/mcdonalds loving rob lover ♥
      ps. call me!

    • Hey, Donny.

      Pity about your girl. I think your break-up may have less to do than Twilight or Bob Paddleston and more to do with your attitude. Because trust me, most men are reaping the benefits of their wives/girlfriends being enamored with sparkly vampires and shirtless werewolves. Just some food for thought…

    • RE: “get deep fryed head first in a local mcdonalds kitchen”


      Big Daddy is gonna get you for trying to slam his mecca!!!

    • This has got to be Rob playing a prank…

    • ouch…sorry that you lost you’re girl but (team edward people don’t read if you don’t like) vampires, and there just books. you need to realize that there are better girls out there who a heart broken…….. so hey don’t mess with the cullens or you’ll die!

  32. Dear “Donny Brasco”,

    Go back to cleaning the grill, hubs. I see you. This is NOT funny.


  33. i really sugest the book shiver by Maggie Stiefvater. its a really good book about a diffrent kind of werewolves than in legends and Twilight. heres wats on the cover:

    For years, Grace has watched the wolves in the woods behind her house. One yellow-eyed wolf—her wolf—is a chilling presence she can’t seem to live without. Meanwhile, Sam has lived two lives: In winter, the frozen woods, the protection of the pack, and the silent company of a fearless girl. In summer, a few precious months of being human… until the cold makes him shift back again.

    Now, Grace meets a yellow-eyed boy whose familiarity takes her breath away. It’s her wolf. It has to be. But as winter nears, Sam must fight to stay human—or risk losing himself, and Grace, forever.

  34. Dear Mr. Brasco,

    Have some pitty on those of us who can spell, will ya? Twilight is not to blame for your break up. your gf probably wanted to get away from the daily fuck outs.

    Oh, and for the uneducated loser, (talkin ’bout you man!) smexy meanse smokin sexy, like jacob, or edward. and for the somewhat educated loser,(fifteen levels higher on the grade chain than you donny. wait, i forgot! you can’t count past one!) the reason that your gf dumped you was because she had something between her ears. do you know anatomy? didn’t think so. its called a BRAIN. and well, how can you know about these things when you don’t have them? so, anyway, blaming your problems on a FICTIONAL character is not going to help. lay off of my smexy vamp. he has me. he doesn’t want to play with a little boy like you. so i have a few things to say to you:


    wait, theres more.


    Fuck you,


  35. Hello,Ok this is going to be a little emberessing.However I want to share my story.I am 31 years old.I have never read a book in all my life.I did not go to high school.I have always felt a little behind.With that being said the first book I ever read was Twlight.After I read Twlight I contuied on to read the Saga.These books have open me up to a hole new life.I have read many books now.Of course I love the movies,However I belive the credit for everthing that has happend with the movies should go to Stephen meyers.Don’t get me wrong think the actors are great.However there are still people just like the rest of us.That just happened to be blessed with looks and money.They still put on there pants one leg at time.I guess what I am trying to say is thank you Stephen for opening my eyes to so many new possiblites.

  36. […] comments from me (moon), Twilight trading cards, Twilight buttons, Lisa Frank UNICORN stationary to write you very own Letters on and an Edward/Rob journal to write all your deepest darkest Rob related secrets! Seriously, wait […]

  37. i’m so annoyed because i have to read for school and stuff then it’s like “How am i going to read all this i mean i’ve already done a book report on every book in the series…where’s midnight sun???”

  38. I LUV U!!! Taylor Lautner!!! your my hero!!! GO TEAM JACOB!!!


  39. Hey guys i love twilight my brothers think im obsessed but… there dead wrong because they haven’t seen this site and what people say i honestly hate the fact that Kristen,Rob,Nikki,and Peter smoke!!!!! it annoys the heck out of me! I wish they STOP!!!!! GOSH why would you wanna ruin your heath like that seriously guys all these people are counting on you and we dont wanna see in the news that Kristen,Rob,Peter,and Nikki are in the hospital because of LUNG issues!!!!!!! I just wanted to say we LOVE you guys and think your amazing actors/actresses but dont want you guys to get sick or be in the hospital because of bad CHOICES!!!!!!!!! 😛

  40. Taylor is the chocolate to my pudding! the sugar to my tea, the singing in my heart!!! And the thing that makes my heart beat!!!

  41. Personally I have just read the twilight books over and over again and am now reading Eclipse for the 6th time. But the Vampire Diaries books are good and I can’t wait to get them after I have watched the 1st series on T.V!!!! 😀

  42. Hi I’m Mridula from India. i read in Stephenie Meyer website that fans can meet her

    can you tell this contest is not for Indian Fans??



    PS: Stephenie Meyer are you writing any more series to twilight.

    you add few more characters to this series..

    as fans like us need more from you madam.

    Give a new found interest for jacob black.

  43. i love robert pattinson hes so fit and twilight cant wait untill breaking dawn comes out me and my bezzy are going to see it xxx

  44. I lov all the characters. There’s no need to descriminate.



  47. Please, please! Publish the book Midnight Sun, Steph.! I love it and I read it a million times.

  48. Hi, Leigh here
    I’m from Ireland and just LOVE twilight!!! I was wondering if you knew when midnight sun was coming out, i’ve only read the draft and I am starting to lose hope :/ I rushed through the books with anticipation and now i’m depressed because they’re all done!
    Does Stephanie Meyre have any other books about vampires??

    Love, Leigh xx

    P.S LOVE THE CAST!!! especially Robert Pattinson!! and Taylor! and Ashley!! – shes my favourite!!!

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