Twilight Unicorns, Dads & gynecologists

Dear people who aren’t as excited as I am that it’s Friday but who are probably still pretty excited, Did you catch how I mentioned on last weekend’s Open Post that one day while in Mexico I was relaxing by myself in a chair in the pool & I looked to my left and saw […]

Unicorns DO exist!

I miss Twilight. I think I’ll watch it again soon- as soon as I remember who I lent my copy of the DVD to! But what I miss a ton is hearing what guys think of Twilight. This fan letter today reminded me of when we heard these stories all.the.time: Dear Twilight, You acquired a […]

All the Twilight news that’s fit to print – Unicorns and lots of BooBoo’s

Dear LTT-ers, There comes a time every few weeks or so that we have to do a news dump because there’s simply too much news and not enough letters in the day. So here’s all the news we think you should know about but couldn’t cover. Extra, Extra, Read all about it! Themoonisdown Our BFF […]

Unicorns: Where’ve ya been?

Dear Unicorns, Oh where oh where have you been? Are you in unicorn land poking all the hottest female unicorns with your horn? It’s been so long since we’ve come across one of you reading Twilight to your son on a plane or wearing an Edward Cullen T-shirt to the gym. We miss you. Come […]

Unicorns in their natural habitat

Dear Kellan & Peter, We know what was going on here. We got your secret signal: Peter: Hey Kellan, come here. Kellan: Yeah, Peter? Peter: Check this out…(whispers) Ok, see that camera over there? Kellan: Nice! Whip out the book! The LTT girls are going to go nuts! Peter: Yeah, they’re always talking about the […]

The Unicorns may not like this convo…

Dear Stephanie Meyer, We love you. Have we mentioned that? (Or is it obvious b/c we dedicate TONS of time from our EXTREMELY busy lives to blogging about Twilight?) We love your books. We love your storytelling. We don’t care that you overuse the word “irrevocably.” We don’t care that there wasn’t a major battle […]

Unicorns and Edward sightings

Dear Edward and all Unicorn lovers: Edward found in Nebraska Jena from Nebraska had a nice visit from Edward recently: (clicky pics to read captions)    I ❤ that kitty SO much! Unicorn Spotted in Australia I was at my local club  standing with my boyfriend (a non-Twilight lover who shamed me by falling asleep in […]

Unicorns and Peter Facinelli

Dear Twilight, I may have had a break with reality or two yesterday: I was thirsty, tired from too much Guitar Hero the night before (I rock Linkin Park, BTW–99%!), my flight was delayed making me worry about making my connection, and our plane was taken out of service meaning we had to run to […]

Mr. Choice watches New Moon

Dear Unicorns, LTTers & those who care about a man’s opinion of New Moon, Today is my 4 year wedding anniversary with Mr. Choice. This combined with my mention last week of not being done with New Moon quite yet really puts me in the mood to share with you an experience I had a […]

We be podcasting again Episode 4… East Coast/West Coast podcast wars challenge!

Dear LTT-ers, Guess what! We podcasted again… well White Yorkie and I podcasted because The Font left our asses for the east coast and in an effort to ignite the east coast/ west coast rap wars again we decided to challenge our east coast counter parts to a podcast-off. Only way nerdier and lamer, because […]