New Moon Trailer – Breaking it Down! And ordering a Sleep Number Bed

Dear LTT-ers, You know one of our favorite things to do is ramble on about Twilight and Rob and have extended chats about everything in the twi-world which we dubbed “Breaking it down Vanity Fair style” in homage to our very first chat of this nature that spurred the creation of this blog. SOOOO when […]

The rest of the Billboard Film and TV Music Conference and my thoughts!

Dear LTT-ers and music nerds, I shared with you last week that I attended the Billboard Film and TV Music Conference and gave you all the dirty details on my brief encounter with my favorite man ever, Chris Weitz, but what else happened? I also sat in on the “Anatomy of a Soundtrack: Twilight, New […]

Breaking down the REST of the LA Times pics – Nude Moon

Dear LA Times- You might have heard (yes, you read us cause we’re serious journalists like you) that we broke down the pictures from your Hollywood Backlot series of New Moon pictures on Letters to Rob yesterday. And since they were so good we didn’t make it through all of them, so we’re back today […]

New Moon DVD- which one should you get?

Dear New Moon DVD, It really seems like no one gives a crap that you’re releasing this weekend. Oh wait, is that just me? I dunno, member last year how I flew to LA (okay the date was a coincidence) stayed up till 5 am eastern time to stand in line with Moon, meet Ashley […]

The critics weigh in: Did New Moon suck or not?

The critics weigh in: Did New Moon suck or not? The fans say no. The critics say…well… kind of. What do WE think? Well, did any of them see Twilight? Do they not remember how much it sucked? The reviews range from harsh to kinda true…. The movie IS for the fans, and we love Chris Weitz for it!

Waiting in line for New Moon premiere? Get your helpful tips here!

Some people wait in line for movie premieres for DAYS in advance. We aren’t those people. But we are happy to help with ideas on how to pass the time when you’re stuck next to that smelly girl and that d-list actor from the first movie in the series. Introducing: “Things to do while we wait for a opportunity to see Kristen Stewart’s bare breasts in a new sexy dress and cross our fingers that Rob may or may not look our way for 2.5 milliseconds 4 days from now on the New Moon premiere red carpet”