Rereading New Moon Chapters 3-6

Dear LTT-ers, I wrote last week about rereading New Moon to “prepare myself” to the premiere THIS WEEK (crazy we can say that now) and last time I wrote about Carlisle’s icicle hands but this time I think I wanna talk a little bit about fate. After I finally made it through that wretched “The […]

Rereading New Moon – Chapters 1-3

Dear LTT-ers, To prepare for the November 20th release of New Moon I begin rereading the book this week to refresh my memory on the details and such. I mean it’s been since like summer when I read New Moon last and it was time to reach for one of my favorite books in the […]

Everything I need to know about life I learned from New Moon

Dear LTT-ers and TwiHards, Remember when we gathered together some of the lessons we had learned from Twilight last year? Well, it’s time we hit up New Moon since the film version is out and we’ve (sorta) reread it again (and again) and there are a slew of lessons to be learned that I wouldn’t […]

Characters that got the shaft in the movie Vol. 1: Jasper

Dear Jasper – I’ve been thinking about this for a while now since I first saw the movie and now that I’m rereading Twilight (again). I’ve come to a conclusion Jasper: I think you got royally screwed in the movie. You (as well as some others I will cover in later posts) got screwed out […]

You gotta get lost to find yourself… and other life moments

Dear Twilighters and Twilosphy Majors- So as most of you know I’m currently rereading New Moon (edit, now finished) and I’ve read a bunch of comments and talked to a lot of people who say ‘Oh I skip that one,” or “I don’t read the part where he leaves, it’s too sad.” And I got […]