Best New Moon review EVER! LOL cats, 3 wolf moon, it has it all!

Dear LTT-ers, Remember how we said we were going to stop beating a dead horse by reviewing the crap out of New Moon?! Well, JUST KIDDING! Actually this is a review done entirely in LOL cats so that alone means it’s the best review ever… A Preview… Just wait till they get to the Volturi […]

New Moon: The Hits and the Misses, Moon’s review part 2

*Missed part one? Read it here* Dear LTT-ers and anyone every having to do with New Moon, Today we continue on with beating a dead horse aka our reviews of New Moon and this is my part two since I was so long winded the first time around. Wednesday, I started this review by posting […]

New Moon: The Hits and the Misses, Moon’s review part 1

Dear New Moon, LTT-ers and anyone ever in the world involved with this, After seeing New Moon for the third time (obviously I’m not a true fan as my viewing number is not in the teens at this point) I think I can safely start to review the film with a discerning eye. I’m finally […]

The New Moon Soundtrack, preview and speculation

Dear LTT-ers and music nerds alike, Yesteryday’s the day I had been waiting for with baited breath… the Soundtrack track listing for New Moon was released. Would Alexandra Patsavas, Chris Weitz and team knock New Moon’s soundtrack out of the park this time? Would they avoid the pitfalls of the Twilight soundtrack? Mainly the inclusion […]

We’re not quite done with New Moon yet…

Dear Twilight New Moon, Before we jump full swing into Eclipse mode, I feel we need to revisit New Moon & address some things we left out when discussing it incessantly over the past, oh, I dunno, year or so. While watching the movie with my hubby this weekend, (THAT review will be shared soon!) […]

New Moon in 15 minutes

One of my fav things about the craziness of Twilight’s release last year was all the amazing spoofs written and recorded afterwards. Moon brought you the brilliant LOLCats version of New Moon yesterday, so today I bring you my favorite parts of New Moon in 15 Minutes by Cleolinda! Make sure to check out the […]

UC gets real about New Moon

Dear New Moon, First, let me preface this by saying I love New Moon the movie even with it’s sometimes cheesiness, occasional flaws (the R&J book on the bed there one minute, gone the next) and Jacob calling Bella “loca” even though he doesn’t speak Spanish. I love it because I love the book- I […]

New Moon rumor patrol

Dear New Moon, So the movie has been our for a week and 1/2 now and you’ve made a gazillion dollars, and there are rumors floating around EVERYWHERE. I thought I’d take a little time today, dig into the news and gossip, contact my sources and really do some research into the stories out there […]

The critics weigh in: Did New Moon suck or not?

The critics weigh in: Did New Moon suck or not? The fans say no. The critics say…well… kind of. What do WE think? Well, did any of them see Twilight? Do they not remember how much it sucked? The reviews range from harsh to kinda true…. The movie IS for the fans, and we love Chris Weitz for it!

I saw New Moon and I LOVED it….

I know many of you haven’t seen the movie yet. GO GO GO GOOOOOOOO what are you waiting for!? Of course you know I’m writing about it today, but don’t worry- I’ll warn you before there are spoilers Dear New Moon, A story to sum up the night: After remaining in our seats until the […]