Open Post: Wolf subculture (uh, one step too far)

Dear Future neighborhood eccentric,

This headline:

New subculture emerges in suburban high schools,
instead of being emo, lost tweens pretend they are wolves

Followed by THIS video

worries me. In case you were too scared to watch the video, let me recap it for you:

-Kids in Texas howl while at school. Like wolves.
-They pin tails on their butts. That’s not a game at a 7 year old’s birthday party. See Exhibit A

-They say they are not a gang, therefore they don’t want attention
-They call themselves a “pack”
-And go to each other with their problems, which is completely different than any other group of teenagers I’ve ever heard of

As you might imagine, the media has quickly blamed this teen phenomenon on Twilight.

Right. That makes sense. Cause This:


is the same as THIS:

And I know I’ve been out of high school for awhile, but the boys who wore eyeliner and had long hair, and would have gladly sported a tail had they known it was sold at Hot Topic, wouldn’t be caught DEAD watching or reading something as commercial as “Twilight.”

Then again this girl (yes, girl) is wearing a Harry Potter shirt…

Hey! She should join the Harry Potter book club on the forum

That is… if the gals in the book club wouldn’t mind if she looked like this after having a little snack….

Imma get me one of those tails,

Please read the article where I learned of this phenomenon I wish I could have been a part of when I was in my teens (um sarcasm for those of you who are stupid new) because it’s hilarious. And make sure you don’t miss my comment.

Alright- let’s all say this together now on 3, ready? 1-2-3: THAT’S NOT NORMAL!!!!!

Self-portrait UCThank you to everyone who was so marvelous to me for my birthday yesterday. I had the best day all because of you all! Here is my blurry, self-portrait thank you

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88 Responses

  1. Teenagers need to realise that fake fangs/blood and wolf fantasies should stay in the bedroom where they belong!

  2. Re: The fact that one of them said they are not after attention. Um, no. People who wear tails in public clearly WANT attention.

    Just another example of teenage desperation to be liked. They’ll all grow up someday.

    Pfft, who am I to talk? I’m still a teenager. Please be assured that I am NOT a werewolf…but I do wear jorts in summer 😛

    Btw, I couldn’t view UC’s picture. 😦 Just me?

  3. Oh god, one of these guys was on People of Walmart. I thought he was just a furry, but apparently not!

    I don’t understand why the Twilight thing got tossed in (other than parents needing to blame their wacky kids’ behavior. Rock music was already taken….)
    Obviously its because vampires are everywhere right now so therefore fashionable, and they chose to be the opposite and rebel. And mummies just aren’t cool or practical. It rains once and, whooomp your toilet paper/outfit is gone. Werewolves were the obvious choice.
    Just please, PLEASE tell me there’s no yiffing or teritory marking involved.

    • And Zombies wouldn’t work either. The smell of rotting flesh and the constant trying to eat people’s brains would really cause a disruption. Not so harmless.

  4. I effing LOVE teenagers. Hours of fantastic entertainment….

  5. Wow. Just wow. 2nd hand embarassment to the nth degree.

    If they don’t wear jorts, it’s clearly not Twilight-related!

  6. This article makes me want to homeschool my children.

  7. Ok. I get the ‘acceptance’ angle. But in 20 years, these people are gonna totally loathe themselves for doing this and all the publicity they got. I hope none of them become lawyers or public officials, God bless ’em.

    • In 20 years. . . “mom, were you ever prom queen?” No, honey, I was a fake alpha wolf in a pack, though, and that’s an accomplishment.”

  8. There is so much WTF in this, it’s hard to pin point it all. The matter-of-fact way the news anchor talks about the lost dog’s skull being found in the posession of the teen. WTF?

    There are obviously not enough extra curricular activities at this school. And by the sounds of
    it, not enough Biology classes because that kid really thinks that all humans are animal hybrids. WTF?

    The mom says she is blessed that this is all her son does…. The same son who was found in possession of a dog’s skull. WTF… btw, lady, your son is NO alpha. And I should know because I am sometimes Team Jake…. Which IS totally normal.

    We are so going to be China’s bitches… And soon. Ugghh!

    • “The matter-of-fact way the news anchor talks about the lost dog’s skull being found in the posession of the teen. WTF?”

      I KNOW! Why the hell isn’t someone freaking out over that? If some punk ass little teenager had killed MY dog and was hanging on to the skull, I’d be all over the effing news screaming “CULT!!!!!!!!!!!”

      Otherwise, it’d be totally fine with me. Wear fake fangs if you want. Just don’t bite people.

      • Kids killing animals is a bad sign. I thought they underplayed that here….it’s really a marker of something being wrong, not just whacky kids, but properly wrong. And if some kid killed my dog…there are no words.

        • Ok, I’m so glad is not just me. I really thought that was going to be the story after that. But then they cut to the school counselors saying the kids are totally normal. Btw, as an educator, I totally feel for those school officials being seen on tape saying this is totally normal…when it includes teens possibly killing dogs.

          Ok, I’m going to go there. You’ve been warned. This story about the dog would be completely different if it had been on the news in say, New Hampshire…. Is it because it’s Texas?

        • ‘Properly wrong’

          Yes school counsellors, I’m pointing the finger at you now for future Texas based incident involving usurped ‘alpha’ wolf and swords/guns etc down at the mall.

          • Eatmyjorts, Xy, Sj:

            I knew a kid who was really into torturing frogs and he was only 13 years old. He ended up attempting suicide and trying to kill his mother. He’s locked up now but I think that if people paid more attention to these early warning signs, we’d be able to help these kids before something tragic happens.

            I feel very serious. But I’m only wearing a tshirt and jeans. Not a stitch of tweed in sight. 😉

      • IKR

    • Somehow I missed the part about the kid killing a dog. I agree, that is not normal and not something that should be ignored.

      • I’m sure someone local with half a brain will clock this aspect & do a bit of checking. I know I would if an article like this came up within my work jurisdiction. I’d probably have heard about it way before it went to press.

  9. As long as they don’t hurt anyone, I don’t see what the problem is.

    Then again i grew up in a giant suburban public school, so this is sort of boring to me… I’ve seen it all already. Ok not quite, but close.

    But imagine being one of their mothers. “Hi, honey, how was school? Can you please go clean your den? Try not to drip any blood on the floor from that squirrel you killed earlier, and please if you have to go to the bathroom, for goodness sakes, go outside behind the trees! Oh and supper will be served in your dish in about an hour. Do you feel like Alpo or Kibbles n Bits tonight?”

  10. This makes the clothes I wore in the 80’s seem pretty tame right about now. And MY mom thought I was weird.

  11. Their styling is just wrong. They are not emo yet they look like emo with vampire fangs and wolf tails. Pick a group and stick with it., kids. Invent a new hairstyle, use different makeup technique. Think of a reason other than “wolves are cool”.

    I like this story and this guy:

    • Wow, a ‘Twilight’ tattoo that’s actually nice and not creepy! And has a good, aka NORMAL story/reason behind it!

  12. We’re pretty chill in book club, so TweenWolf is welcome. Just so long as she agrees to act out all the werewolf parts while we point and laugh.

  13. Am I the only person who thinks the only thing truly weird about this is the tail? I mean, kids wear and act on some really strange things. It’s probably a harmless phase. Well, other than that dog missing thing. But wearing a fluffy tail? That’s so not normal.

    • You have clearly never been to a renissance festival. They have entire booths set up to sell the things. I don’t get it but you see tail everywhere.

    • I agree, the tail is what did it for me.

      My cousin went through a really weird stage in high school and had full on vampire teeth made…

      This tail thing is somehow weirder.

  14. I just had to watch it again:
    – “we’re not posers, we don’t want to draw attention” – really – that’s why you hang out in the mall instead of it the woods
    – omg, the self leash, Wolfie Bklackheart, the Buffy style sword,
    and the KENS5 journalists didn’t mention the ultimate vampire/werevolf movie, UNDERWORLD???

    • “that’s why you hang out in the mall instead of it the woods”


      I love how we totally normal girls are all up on Alex Meraz’s… err, I mean wolves habitats. 😉

  15. And I thought UC’s question was totally pertinent. Totally.

  16. Thank goodness I read LTT every day or I would never have known about this phenomenon! My world is that much richer today.

  17. It looks like she had her period out of her mouth.

    Just sayin’.

    I LOVE this video, btw. <3.

  18. I promised myself in high *not* to be like my mom. When I would be a parent, I would totally GET my kids. This was like a couple of years ago.

    I don’t get it and I’m going to be a terrible mom! And that’s ok as long as my kids won’t turn out like that.

    • Moan – you and I talked about Vampire Diaries, right? If not, just ignore this. 🙂 I’m about 150 pages in. Srsly…how can ANYONE criticize Steph’s writing if they have read that. I’m literally forcing myself to read it. But besides the story/writing not being very good so far it is also remarkably different than the tv show. I’m glad the show people made it better.

      And sorry this is so far off topic, but that was the original intention of the weekend open post, right?

      • Sorry to butt in on this convo, but I totally agree with you on the Vamp Diaries series of books. They are really pretty bad. I had to stop and say “no more”. I hate not reading to the end of a book, or even to an end of a series, so it was really hard for me. I do really like the Vamp Academy books by Richelle Mead though. They are much better.

        • Butt in anytime. ha! Do you watch the tv show? The differences are astonishing.

          • I had only watched one episode and then children got in the way, so from what I could see the only thing that is the same are some of the names of the characters. The show looks to be a lot better than the books, which doesn’t happen to often. I will have to catch up on the show. It sounds like it is pretty good.

      • Speaking of forcing yourself through a book, anyone read “Evermore” by Alyson Noel? It is pretty much a Twi rip-off, but less well written. The boy is *surprise* a vamp and the girl doesn’t know it. To top it off, the second book in the series is called “Blue Moon”…

      • I have no idea why, but I really wanted to like it, so I made myself read all 3 of them. The second one is the most coherent. But still pretty bad. I hate to diss somebody’s work like this, but it’s the truth. I generally like books more than the series/movies, but this has been a very pleasant surprise.

  19. … in high school that is

  20. UMMM not sure what to think of this, but I just have to say that they don’t hold a candle to Michael J. Fox. He was the only ‘teen wolf” for me.

    PS. I love the fat teenage wolf with the cool black glasses. He may have to hit the treadmill if he wants to keep up with the pack. Sorry I know its mean and they are children, but teenagers can be really silly sometimes.

  21. Did anyone else notice the comment after UC’s?
    WHAT is he saying?

    • I just looked…I would have said he has the munchies.

      Read the rest of those comments…I now feel totally linguistically isolated by a whole bunch of subcultures. Man, they harshed my buzz.

  22. Your comment was hilarious! Thanks for making me laugh hysterically today 🙂

  23. oooh man. Lets all please get tails to wear to Eclipse with our LTT shirts. anyone? yes?

    • hahaha – I was thinking more along the lines of cute wolfy ears & paint little upside-down brown/black triangles on the tips of our noses. You know, we have to put our own little spin on it. Our reputation for originality is at stake you know.


      • Oh..shifts uncomfortably…doesn’t everyone here do that anyway…when they get home from work….erm…

        • You’re talking about cuddling up in the hoodie with ears, right? You’re fine EMJ. That’s normal.

          *strokes ears on hood*

  24. Wow. We had some stuff like that going on in my high school, but nothing to that exteme. My husband is worried that our three year old wants to be a ballerina/pirate when she grows up. He should consider himself lucky if she sticks with that plan.

    Now if the story was that these kids were going to school wearing only jorts, that might be kind of fantastic.

  25. Random Thought: For the record…. LTT/LTR totally kick ass on the iPad. You can practically smell the funny on it.

  26. Ok the good news about this entire story is that the Alpha female has stated on video she has NEVER read Twilight. She said she’s seen about 25 mins of the first movie and that’s it, and that was after starting her pack. She has has video on Youtube proclaiming this. I don’t want to post it here to give her more hits, but she goes by the name Wolfie Blackheart in public and obviously on youtube

    CullenBoysAnon posted something about this about a week ago which made me go digging to prove it wasn’t twilight related. This young female has apparently been caught up in a major battle

    Her neighbors dog goes missing. Wolfie Blackheart has sick friends, who find the missing neighbor dog, kill it, and then bring the dead dog to Wolfie. So the good news is that she didn’t KILL the dog herself, just did the horrific cutting off the head, and boiling it to get the skull. So normal right?

    She’s blamed for killing the dog and it goes National in a hunt against this super freaky young girl. As a result of her fame and manhunt, she attracts young emo kids, and they form a “pack” and call themselves hybrids, half wolves

    Thank God she’s on video stating it has nothing to do with Twilight

    • Phew, we keep our normal. Thanks Lauren for the sleuthing, I was getting jittery.

    • That is so completely disturbing. I’m glad they were on the news so that the local police can keep an eye on them, although they probably already were. There’s a big difference between just wearing weird stuff, and going around hurting animals. That kind of thing almost always escalates to more violence.

      Definitely NOT NORMAL! (And we would know!)

    • Nice work Lauren! Now if you’ll just track down the names of the ‘sick friends’ for me, our work here will be done…

      • Actually yes! I can give you those names as well. It’s such a big deal in the news down here, that it’s extensively covered and has it’s own WIKI page

        You can read the names of all the kids involved in this one, and read even more than you ever cared to know

        “Claims that two friends brought her the body, claiming it was their dog (assumed to be Raz and Chelsey”

        Here is the video of her proclaiming she knows nothing about Twilight. You can also hear talking about NOT killing the dog, but about cutting off the head. But anyways, she’s very very specific about 20 seconds in that she has no interest in Twilight at all

        She is the leader of the “Crimson Blood Wolfpack”

    • Yes, thanks for getting the rest of the story. It was disturbing how the anchors breezed over that “found a skull of neighbor’s missing dog” detail. Creepy, but I guess that was the lead story on a previous broadcast and this was a follow up feature. Good to know Texas is on top of important news: teenagers are idiots.

  27. oh my oh my oh my

  28. i think the tween wolf is cute. he kinda looks like my best friend austin

  29. Wow. I am thoroughly disturbed.

  30. “There are no words” for this.

  31. In the words of My Chemical Romance:
    “Teenagers scare the living sh*t out of me”

    And I’m only twenty!

  32. This was disturbing in so many ways, but the adrogyny was annoying. I mean, werewolves should be buff and jorty with short hair.

    At the risk of dating myself, their look reminded me of when I was in HS (class of ’89, TYVM). The long hair, chains, eyeliner — totally 80s poser metal look. Just throw some Poison in the background and make the kids smoking cigarettes, and I would have thought this was vintage footage of the Chicago suburbs circa 1987. Sorry, guys, it’s all been done before and we didn’t even have Hot Topic 20 years ago.





  34. I guess UC wanted to post this photo

  35. After going through all the articles I found about this, and looking at it from every possible side, I have to say that there really isn’t anything wrong with what these kids and teens are doing. They are using fantasy and creating a support team for themselves during a difficult age.

    What does concern me however, is that the girl who started this, “Wolfie Blackheart” is 26. That’s WAY too old to be spending time with all these teens. Apparently she has a 15 year old girlfriend. Even more concerning!

    The animal skull? That doesn’t bother me really…. if she didn’t kill the dog. I know someone who collects animal skulls. He’s a funeral director, and a great family man. He just has a strange collection, which he started while studying to become a doctor, and then switched careers.

    Just something I was wondering, and thought I’d ask in case there are any vets out there, how did they identify the dogs skull? Do they use dental records to match teeth etc. like with people?

  36. No she’s only 18. Any report that says otherwise has fact wrong. She’s young, just like her friends. Odd, but young.

  37. I super hope this doesn’t become trend in my neck of the woods. The last thing I want to do when I return Tito school in August is start a “special group therapy” session on animalistic confusion… lord help us all

  38. I second the statement that a lot of these kids will look back on this in probably under a decade, and be super first hand embarrassed about this whole phase.

    I’m embarrassed that I was punk in high-school, mainly because it was the late 90s and punk was, well, over. I am also embarrassed at many of my previous hairstyles, but not of my taste in music, which was and still is pretty good.
    I now know that I was Normal, unlike this lot, and that my mid-20s obsession with a poorly written vampire series is totally Normal as well 😉

  39. Ummm, wow. I’m pretty much speechless. Sad. I feel that with each new generation we are just going down the drain.

  40. Wow, ok, that report that she was 26 was WAY off then. I guess I don’t really see an issue with it. They are strange kids, but they aren’t doing anything illegal or really dangerous.

  41. …..this has to stop like im 17 nd i party nd do drugs etcc and am a long practiceing wiccan(5yrs)….but cant u see the blood shed thtz gna come outa this?? what happens wen the “packs” get bigger nd start fuckin wit ppl nd then they form the “hunters” nd itll start with fist fights and jus get bigger untill there r shootings and ritualistic killings……to further my point i kno 4 a fact if i was at school nd sum kids came up ta me callin themselves wearwolfs nd askin me to join or tryin to fucki wit me id starrt swingen like wud anyone else nnot do the same?? i jus dont see y those lil emo/goth kidds(cuz thtz what they really are) cant jus dress how ever thyd like go out nd throw partys nd get laid lol y the wolf shit ? like idrec abt tht honestly i jus dnt wna c the blood shed…

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